Images from Better Off Dead

Lane Meyer, our hero. After his girlfriend breaks up with him, he'll go to any extreme to get her back.
Monique, a foreign-exchange student from France.
Charles, Lane's best friend. He's been in high school for seven and a half years, he's no dummy.
Beth, the girl of Lane's dreams. Lane got a wee bit obsessed with this fine little helper.
Lane's family, a very interesting bunch. His mother likes to cook with raisins, his father always has an answer and his little brother is a master of mail-order supplies.
Ricky and his mom, Lane's neighbors, occasionally drop by for dinner. One would be wise not to upset mother.
Lane's school has a very fascinating geometry teacher and other interesting inhabitants.
The racers. One speaks like Howard Cosell, the other speaks not at all. Which is better?
Roy Stalin. With a name like that he had to be captain of the ski team!
Johnny the paper delivery boy. He doesn't want a dime, he wants two dollars, cash.
Pig Burger. Everybody wants some.