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I've made two screensavers for the Macintosh, both work only on PowerPC's. To install, just download these files and double-click them (if you have a problem just drop them on Stuffit Expander). Copy the screensaver control panel into your Control Panels folder in the System folder then restart the computer. After rebooting choose the proper control panel from your Apple Menu to configure it.

The Xena Desktop Makeover for Macintosh

Original Windows Version: Tom Simpson
Mac Version:Blackfell
Macintosh Xena Conversion: Version 2.5


This is a Mac conversion of the Windows '95 Xena Conversion by Tom Simpson. I have included many enhancements and new material in the package since converting it to the mac. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks!

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NEW! This was sent to me by alpha:

1. Desktop Picture Changer Bundle 1.1.1

With the new operating system (MacOS 8.0 or 8.1), there is a program that is already built into the system which allows the user to randomize the desktop picture. Unfortunately, this only applies itself for each startup. However, if the user likes to change the desktop picture every so often without having to restart their Mac each time, there wasn't any integrated function available.

Fortunately, there is a freeware Applescript program which takes care of this problem. It's called Desktop Picture Changer and it's available at the Hyperarchive site:


It is really easy to utilise and configure.

With this program, you can take your favorite screen shots or pictures and place them all in a folder. They are then picked in random order and you can have your faves set to show up more often just by making aliases to them and placing them in the same folder. There's also a neat little tool which allows the alignment to be altered for each separate picture. The program also allows the user the option to set the actual duration between desktop pictures.

2. JPEGView 3.3.1

Another great freeware program is JPEGView (System 7 and higher), which is available at http://mac.org/graphics/jpegview/. It has rapid decompression of images and a slide show option. This is great for viewing screen shots that other Xenites have provided of complete episodes. This allows one to see their fave scenes straight from image files and since there is also an option for setting the time between slides, depending on the actual images, it can look quite smooth. It comes with a great help file, which I recommend reading to familiarise yourself with the program.

  1. Download the following programs: Decor, Cursor Animator, and Sounds4Fun. Decor will let you have a picture as your desktop, Cursor Animator will let you chose new cursors for standard finder cursors, and Sounds4Fun will let you specify sounds to play at certain times. These are all shareware programs so you will ahve to pay for them if you use them after the initial 30 day trial period.)

  2. All of the afformentioned programs are linked to below:

  3. You can download all the programs from the InfoMac HyperArchive located at:


  4. Decor can be downloaded from the Decor Homepage:


    Some people reported that Decor was giving them problems so try Desk Picture this is an Altarnate program you can use. Desk Picture can be downloaded from:


  5. Sounds4Fun can be downloaded from here:
    - NEW

  6. Once you have downloaded all the programs you should download the Xena Sounds file, and the Xena Icons file, both of which are linked to below:

  7. Download Xena Icons. (135K) - Previw the icons here.
  8. New Chakram Icon
  9. Download Xena Sounds. (2.2Mb)

  10. Once you have done all this, follow the directions that come with Decor, Soundmaster, and Cursor Animator to install them and put the sounds, cursors, and pictures in the right places.

Startup Screens

The pictures are not useable in their present forms as startup screens. (They are in the JPEG format, which the mac can't read by itself.) To convert the pictures, use a program such as Graphic Converter to convert the picture into the Startup Screen format. Then drop it into the system folder in your system folder. To prevent confusion you should only have one startup screen at a time.


To use the icons use the following process:

  1. Click on the Icon you wish to copy.
  2. Shift-Click on the file/folder you wish to copy the icon to.
  3. From the file menu select Get Info (Apple I)
  4. In the Get Info window for the icon you wish to copy select the icon in the upper left corner of the window.
  5. From the Edit menu select copy.(Apple C)
  6. In the Get Info window of the file/folder that you would like to copy the icon to, select the old icon in the upper left corner.
  7. From the edit menu select paste (Apple V).
  8. Close both Get Info windows and the icon should have been replaced.

To go back to the original icon get info on the icon you want to modify, and select clear from the EDIT menu. This will return the icon the standard apple one.

Xena Sounds

This is the sound conversion utility that you will need to use to convert the sounds to Mac format (to change .wav or .au files to System 7 format):

Brians Sound Tool 1.3
from Xenafan.com

This converts between .wav and .au files and System 7 sound files. Just set Netscape to SAVE x-wav, ULAW and .au files in the helpers preferences window (from the General Preferences window), and then once you have downloaded the files drag and drop them onto Brians Sound Tool.

Xena Navigator Patch

Mac Version ONLY

Becasue Netscape has taken to ditributing Netscape Navigator in so many different form, I am placing the source files for the Xena Navigator Patch online so you can make the changes to whichever version of Netscape you have.

Just download and expand this file. Then get ResEdit from here. Just open the source file and the Netscape Application with ResEdit and copy all the resources from the source file to the Netscape Application. Say yes when it asks you if you want to replace some resources. Save the changed Netscape and hopefully everything should work.

Version 1.2
Download the 68K version of the Patch.

Download the PPC version of the Patch.

This patch will change Netscape Navigator into the amazing Xena Navigator!

(OK so it's not so amazing, but what do you want?)

It replaces the 'N' animation in the browser with a spinning Chakram and the startup screen with our favorite Warrior Princess.
1. Double-click on the Patch application
2. It will ask you to find Netscape Navigator 3.0
3. Select a fresh version of Netscape (i.e. One that you just downloaded)
4. Let the patch do it' s work.

Warning: The Patch is not reversible. Do not use it on your only copy of Netscape if you are unsure if you want to keep it. I am not responsible for your computer taking a running leap into oblivion because of this patch. I haven't had any problems because of the patch, but again if you have any problems send me an e-mail.

1.0 Initial Release
1.1 Fixed Little Chakram Animation
1.2 Cleaned up some of the patches
New Splash Screen on start up
New PPC Version

Resources Edited:
The entire icon family in the Netscape program has been replaced.(icl4, icl8, ICN#, ics#, ics4, ics8)

Both the color and Black and White splash screens have been replaced. (PICT ID's 128 and 129)

PPob ID# 2891

WIND ID# 2891

Preview of the Xena Netscape Conversion.

Besides putting a new startup picture in Netscape, the patch will also change the way the animated N looks in the upper right hand corner.

This is the small verison...

And this is the big one.
Last Updated November 24, 1997
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