Lucy Lawless's Wedding to Robert Tapert

On Saturday, March 28th 1998 Lucy Lawless and Robert Tapert were married in Santa Monica, California. Entertainment Tonight ran a 2 minute story about the wedding that I've digitized and posted here. For screen captures of this clip visit ADITL's Image Gallery by Kieran.

You can read articles about the wedding at TV Guide Online and at Mr. Showbiz. Kieran has posted a transcript of the People Magazine article with photos from the magazine. You can see the same article at People Online, sans the wedding photos.

To view the clip you'll need either the RealPlayer version 5.0 or Quicktime 3 (earlier versions of either program won't work). Just click on the button below the links to download the free player and/or Quicktime 3.

There are two versions of the RealVideo file you can view. You can click on the streaming version to watch the file as it downloads if you have a good connection to the Internet, otherwise I'd recommend downloading the .rm file by saving it on your computer then viewing it once it's downloaded.

The Quicktime version will play in your browser (once you've installed Quicktime 3) but unless you upgrade to the Pro version you can't save the .mov from the plugin. To save the Quicktime 3 version right-click (or control-click on Mac OS 8) on the link to the Quicktime movie and choose "Save link as..." then save the file to your computer. Once it's downloaded view it locally by double-clicking the file.

Download the wedding video
 28.8 streaming version 
 28.8 .RM file - 380 KB
 ISDN streaming version 
 ISDN .RM file - 1.5 MB
Quicktime 3 version - 15 MB

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