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If you see this text, it means that your browser does not support Java. To get a Java-enabled browser, be sure to download the latest from Netscape or Microsoft. AOL users: Type in Keyword "upgrade" and download the latest AOL 3.0. Even if you have AOL 3.0, if you are seeing this messag then you don't have the latest version with a built-in Internet Explorer browser.

I personally like the guy, but here you can vent your frustrations.

Instructions: Wait for the image to load and then choose your weapon and start shooting! There will be a slight delay while the sounds for the guns load, but just click away until the explosions start. Hit reset to do it again!

If you like this, be sure to check out the "Joxer Invaders" game I have on my Xena Games page.

Java code by adapted from his page.

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