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These pictures were graciously donated by Catherine M. Wilson ( and remain under her copyright ©1997.

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Pictures of Robert Field

(Editor, aka Avicus)

avicuscon01.jpg avicuscon02.jpg avicuscon03.jpg avicuscon04.gif

Pictures of Bruce Campbell


brucecon01.jpg brucensal01.jpg brucensal02.jpg

Liz Friedman


friedmancon01.jpg friedmancon02.jpg

Hudson Leick


hudsoncon01.jpg hudsoncon02.jpg hudsoncon03.jpg hudsoncon04.jpg hudsoncon05.jpg hudsoncon06.jpg hudsoncon07.jpg hudsoncon08.gif

Lucy Lawless


lucycon01.jpg lucycon02.jpg lucycon03.jpg lucycon04.jpg lucycon05.jpg lucycon06.jpg lucycon07.jpg lucycon08.jpg lucycon09.jpg lucycon10.jpg lucycon11.jpg lucycon12.jpg lucycon13.jpg lucycon14.jpg lucycon15.jpg lucycon16.jpg lucycon17.jpg lucycon18.jpg lucycon19.jpg lucycon20.jpg lucycon21.jpg

Ru Emerson

(Author of Xena Novels)

rucon01.jpg rucon02.jpg rucon03.jpg rucon04.jpg

Sandra Wilson

(Renee O'Connor's mother)

swilson.jpg swilson02.jpg

Robert Tapert

(Executive Producer)


Robert Trebor


treborcon01.jpg treborcon02.jpg treborcon03.jpg

Steven Sears

(Producer, aka Tyldus)

tyldusandliz.jpg tylduscon01.jpg

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