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DISCLAIMER: Xena and Gabrielle are not mine. Ephiny and Solari and Argo are not mine. I didn't make them. It took a lot of people a lot of time to make them. They belong to those people, the great folks at Renaissance Pictures and belong to MCA, Universal, and Studios USA. I'm just borrowing them.

SUBTEXT: Kinda. But not much.

WARNING: This story is mine. It's mine, dammit. Though I can't copywrite it because I don't have the rights from the previously mentioned corporations, I have sent it to myself by certified mail and have it, unopened, in my desk postmarked 3-30-99. So, I can sue your leather clad butt off if you steal.

-SJ Bross (


Gabrielle lifts up the chakram and rubs her thumb on it's smooth surface. She crys, again, as she has uncountable times today. The whole camp is quiet. All it still. Smoke still rises from the center of the camp, but gone are the drums. Gabrielle sits on a tree stump and crosses her rust colored boots at the ankles.

"Xena," she begins and chokes on her tears. "I know you can hear me. We...we both knew this was how it would end. You, the warrior, and me, your sidekick." She smiles a bit. "The gods know I wish I went with matter how violent it was. If we--" Gabrielle pauses and giggles a little "--if we found ambrosia again, if there were a way to get your body back, I don't think you'd want it."

Gabrielle shivers and holds up the chakram so she can see her reflection in it. "We--me and Ephiny and Solari--went up to the cliff. The wind was strong. We let your ashes go in the wind. I figured that all of the land was your home--" She pauses, and a tear falls on the chakram, warping her reflection. Gabrielle inhales deeply and wipes her face. "We sent a courier to your mother. She'll tell her the news and give her you belongings. She's taking all of it, even stuff that belonged to both of us. Our blankets, frying pan, and Argo's saddle."

Gabrielle lifts her head and looks in the direction of the stable. "Argo...gods, I feel sorry for her. She knows somethings wrong. She wonders where you are, I can tell. I tried to let her free, but she just followed me. I don't know what we're going to with her. I don't dare sell her and I'm sure none of the other amazons would feel right riding her."

Gabrielle slides off the stump and lies on the ground, using her mask as a pillow. "The only thing left of what our life was is my clothes, tucked away in the trunk in my tent, and this," Gabrielle kisses the chakram.

"The others treat me with honor. But we all know that Ephiny is the queen. Maybe in a few months I'll help her."

Gabrielle sobs and exasperated sigh and hugs the chakram to her chest. "I miss you, Xena! You were everything to me. I was a part of you and you were a part of me. When you died I felt this surge of ice and fire all through me. I was enraged, sad, confused, and suicidal all in one big burst. But now it's gone. It's all gone, replaced with this hallow emptiness like a part of me has been carved out. You're inside of me, Xena. You always will be. No matter what happens. When you died, a part of me died too, but it's still there. I love you, Xena. I always will. Through the good and the bad you were always a vital part of my life. You were there when Perdicas died, you were there when I lost my blood innocence, and you were even there when both our children were taken from us. Death was teh only thing that could part us; Illusia proved that. You stood by me through every adventure, every betrayal, every crisis of faith that I had. The good times outweigh the bads. The warmth in your arms could always settle my fears. No matter what happens, I will love you, and think of you."

Gabrielle slowly rises to her feet, carrying her amazon mask in one hand, and Xena's chakram in the other. "We will meet again, Xena. Someday."

Gabrielle walks to her tent and steps through the flaps. She places her mask on the table and kneels before her trunk. The chakram slides on top of her green shirt, and glimmers one last time as she closes and locks the trunk. Gabrielle's cushy bed calls to her, and she gives in. She buries her face in the soft pillow and falls asleep.


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