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Disclaimer: They don't belong to me..they belong to Universal...I am only borrowing them to..ouhm....get this story, that is chasing me since who knows how long, out of my head and be able to sleep again without hearing it call to me every free minute to finally write it ...*g*

Note1: This is a story about two woman in love and doing something about it.
AAAAAND: this "doing something about it" is described clearly,, if you're too young to read stuff like that, or you're in a country where it's against the law or it's just not you're liking, then..what in Tartarus are you still doing here?? (I warned you..don't hold it against me afterwards *gg*)

Note2: Okay, we're back in the "the little Gabby-maiden"- time line, which means Gabrielle has no idea about anything'll see...*eg*

Note3: Thanx to my editor. (You know who you are *s*.) Your help gave me the courage to pass "The wedding night" to some friends.

Note4: And another great thank you to my second editor RlRoc. I wasn't so sure to post this story in the net, but your help gave me the last kick to do it. Thanx!!! *great hugs*

Note5: I'm new at putting my stories into the net and letting others read them. So, well, I'd be happy about helpful criticism or comments to my story. Flames will end in the garbage can without further comment... You should better use your free time for something more useful. *g*
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(April/March 1999)


The Wedding Night


Gabrielle stumbled through the forest, holding the blanket to her naked body. Only the moon cast some light into the darkness around her. She ran, tears streaming down her face, her heart aching from her pain.

She ran and ran, like an animal chased by unmerciful hunters; she raced over stones, branches and the soft moss on the forest floor. But where to? "Xena...must find Xena..." Her mind repeated over and over again.

Somewhere out there in the dark forest near Poteideia the warrior, her friend, would have her camp, somewhere. How could she find her, if, at all was she still nearby? She didn't know, but nevertheless she kept on running.

Somehow she could feel herself getting closer to her goal. It was as if something was pulling her in the right direction.

Gabrielle nearly fell to the forest floor when her naked feet hit a root hard, but she caught herself and continued on. Then suddenly, she could see it. There it was!

In a small distance she could see the light of a fire shimmering through the trees. Not much further, just a few more steps and she would be in Xena's arms again.

Gabrielle slowed down and halted in the darkness of the trees that surrounded the small campsite. Argo was dozing nearby and beside the fire she could see the warrior. She was lying with her back to her, her head nestled on one arm.

Xena seemed to be asleep and only the crackling of the fire could be heard in the silence of the night. Crack! Xena opened her eyes slowly as she heard a noise outside of her camp.

Her warrior instincts searched around but she kept her body still. One night ago those instincts would have made her grab her sword, jump up and get the intruder without further thought. But tonight was different.

There was no bard lying nearby. No bard to protect, no bard she would give her life for. There was nothing, only an emptiness she had never felt before.

Not even after the death of her brother. There was no reason left for her to live.

The moment Gabrielle had left hand in hand with Perdicus after their wedding into their new life, everything Xena was and felt had gone with the wind. The bard had taken it all with her and had leaving nothing.

So, why bother to grab her sword and fight? Why should she try to protect her life?

Perhaps she should just lay here and hope the stranger outside her camp would end her misery with his or her weapon. But, how would Gabrielle think about it if she heard the warrior hadn't even fought back and was killed by some stranger?

Wouldn't she feel guilty for the rest of her life? Why torment the woman she loved more than anything else with that, only because the bard had followed her feelings?

Was it Gabrielle's fault that her love wasn't meant to be for the dark warrior with the worst past one could think of, but for the handsome Perdicus?

All those questions formed themselves in Xena's mind and made her grab her sword in the end. She would not give up on herself and let the bard feel any guilt about her broken being, her broken heart.

If this emptiness was the torment for her past deeds she would carry it.

In one swift motion she rolled around, jumped up and faced the forest ahead of her. Her blood shot through her veins and carried her into the familiar warrior readiness.

She felt all the anger and hurt of the days events, of Gabrielle leaving her to marry Perdicus boil up.

Whoever had chosen to stumble around her camp hadn't made a very good choice.

"Whoever is out there should better come out and face me. I'm not in the mood to come and get you!" she warned in a deep, dangerous voice that made Argo whinny softly in protest.

Gabrielle forced her tears to stop and brushed them away with one hand. She could see the warrior standing in her full height, scanning the forest.

Gabrielle's heart ached and holding the blanket tightly around her body she stepped out of the darkness into the circle of light the campfire was creating.

She searched Xena's eyes and when she saw the warrior glare she knew so well in those ice blue eyes it was too much for her to take.

She whispered softly "Xena.." before new tears splashed over her face and her voice broke.

"Gabrielle?" Xena gasped in shock. Seeing Gabrielle's tear-filled eyes and hearing the soft, breaking voice her heart stopped only to resume in double speed.

She let her sword fall to the ground and reached out for her friend. "Oh, sweetie...what is it?" Gabrielle flew directly into the warrior's arms, throwing her own around her neck and burying her wet face into the black mane she loved so much.

"Xena..." she choked under her tears.

"Shh, it's okay...I'm here, sweetie." Xena held Gabrielle close to her, stroking the strawberry- blond hair softly.

"Please hold me, was so awful..please hold me..."

"I'm here, everything is okay, Gabrielle." Xena murmured nonsense words into the bard's ears to quiet her down, holding her friend as close as possible.

After some minutes when Gabrielle's tears had stopped, she moved back a little and looked into the bard's face. Slowly she stroked some strands of Gabrielle's hair out of her eyes.

"Gabrielle, what happened? Where's Perdicus?"

Gabrielle looked into Xena's eyes as new tears formed. She sobbed and whispered, "He's our bedroom. Oh, Xena, it was"

Again she buried her face against Xena, pressing herself against the familiar warmth and the smell of leather, sweat and Xena. There were no words that could describe how she felt after her stay with Perdicus.

But in Xena's arms she suddenly felt all safe and loved. The warrior squeezed her eyes shut for a moment. She was confused. Whatever had happened must have been horrible to frighten Gabrielle so much.

And it seemed as if Perdicus had to do something with it. If it was his fault she would go and kill him! How could he dare leave her Gabrielle like this?

Whatever he had done to her bard, he would pay for it. "Oh, stop that, Xena! She is NOT "your" Gabrielle anymore. She has never been!"a dark voice in her mind reminded her.

"Come on." Xena put one arm around Gabrielle's shoulders and led her to the fire and her blanket. "Sit down and tell me what happened." Gabrielle sank down on Xena's blanket and looked up at her friend. Xena smiled softly at her, trying to comfort the bard somehow.

"Let me make you some tea, okay?" she offered and turned around for her cup by the fire.

"No! No, please, sit beside me, Xena. Please don't leave me alone."

Xena dropped the herbs she had been holding and placed herself beside her friend on the blanket. She sat nearby but didn't touch Gabrielle.

"Gabrielle, I will never leave you." Xena told her sincerely.

Gabrielle looked into Xena's eyes and smiled sadly.

"I want to help you, Gabrielle. But you need to tell me first."

Gabrielle nodded slowly. She then stared into the fire and brushed some tears from her face. She was a bard, so why was it so difficult to find the words to express how she felt? To tell Xena not only about the pain she felt after Perdicus lovemaking but about the emptiness she felt after leaving Xena.

Well..that was another story and she had made her decision when she agreed to become Perdicus' wife.

"I..Perdicus..he...he" she stammered helplessly. Xena held her breath and squeezed the bard's shoulder to encourage her. "He was so awful..he just..."

"Gabrielle, what did he do? You know you can tell me. It's just the two of us here."

Gabrielle searched her friend's eyes and held them for some seconds. Then she looked back into the fire. She was just too embarrassed about it all.

"He just...took me. I felt like....I dunno. When he was lying on top of me...inside of only wanted to run away..from him...but he was there, on top of me..panting and he's my husband and I knew it was my fault and that I had no right to turn him away. Oh, was so horrible."

The words suddenly splashed out of Gabrielle's mouth like rain in a hard thunderstorm.

Xena swallowed hard. Had Perdicus really forced Gabrielle? What had happened? She couldn't believe what she heard.

Perdicus had seemed like such a kind young man. But if he had forced Gabrielle to sleep with him she WOULD kill him. No matter what!

"I'll kill him!" Xena muttered under her breath. She stared into the fire feeling the hate against Perdicus growing with every beat of her heart.

How could he do something like that to Gabrielle? The warrior reached out for her sword that was still lying nearby where she had dropped it, but a small hand on hers stopped her in mid-motion.

"No, please, don't."

"But, Gabrielle, I can't..."

"Please??" The plea was so soft and the pain in Gabrielle's eyes so great that Xena stopped moving immediately.

"Please, just hold me, Xena, please." New tears streamed over the bard's face.

"Oh, sweetheart, come here." Xena reached for Gabrielle and placed her on her lap, holding her close and waiting for the bard's tears to stop.

She stroked Gabrielle's back gently. The young woman closed her legs around Xena's waist, pressing herself against the warrior.

"Shh, it's alright. It will be alright. You'll see. You will be fine, I promise."

They held on to each other as if for dear life. It seemed as if an eternity had passed when Gabrielle quieted down enough so Xena could talk to her again.


The bard moved and looked into Xena's eyes.

"Gabrielle, you need to tell me if he...if he has forced himself on you. Did he hurt you?"

Xena kept her voice as softly as possible though her heart was pounding with the rage she felt deep inside. She searched the bard's eyes for an answer.

The bard shook her head *no*and then spoke, her voice not more than a whisper.

"No, no he didn't force me. It was just that....that I felt so bad."

"He didn't hurt you?"

"No..yes...I mean, yes, in the beginning it hurt a little, but that's normal, isn't it?"

Gabrielle blushed a little before speaking on. "It wasn't about that hurting...the girls in my village had talked about it, so I knew...but..then it was more like...hurting here."

Gabrielle laid her hand over her heart and stared at Xena. The warrior reached for her and again held her close.

So, Perdicus hadn't forced himself on Gabrielle. He just had been too rough. But still the warriors heart ached from the rage against Perdicus and the pain she felt for Gabrielle.

She rocked the bard slowly, stroking over her back and her hair. There were some minutes of silence when Gabrielle's shy voice suddenly broke it.



"Is it always like that?" Gabrielle moved back a little to be able to look at Xena. Then she placed the blanket over her naked shoulders, holding it close tightly in the front. She searched Xena's eyes fearfully.

"Oh, Gabrielle, no. No, it' can be wonderful. It can be the most wonderful thing."

"But why wasn't it like this? Why did it hurt so much in my heart? Why did I feel like.." Gabrielle shrugged her shoulders helplessly. " he didn't see me. Like he only pushed and pushed and satisfied himself? Like I was just one of those whores who follow armies around?"

Gabrielle looked down embarrassed.

"Maybe,...maybe because he was a soldier. They don't know it differently."

Xena remembered the soldiers of her armies who had, after fights, taken the whores who followed her army without much feeling, only just to satisfy themselves and still the battlelust.

She herself had sometimes taken a slave to her bed, taken her or him and hadn't cared about them, about their feelings or if they were satisfied.

She had taken them and then shoved them away. But to imagine Gabrielle lying under Perdicus who acted like oneof her soldiers was too much for her.

Xena shook her head to clear her mind from the horrible pictures and then looked at Gabrielle. It seemed as if, after Xena's answer, the fear in the bard had increased. Immediately Xena rushed on.

"But you will see, Gabrielle. He will learn how to make love to you. You have to show him and tell him what you like and that he hurts you with his....behavior. Perhaps he just didn't know."

How could she find the right words to comfort Gabrielle when all she wanted to do was jump up, take her sword and run to Perdicus to punish him for what he had done to Gabrielle.

Never would she have done anything like this to the bard. Whenever she had dreamed about seducing Gabrielle it had been slow and full of love and passion.

"I'm so afraid, Xena. I always thought that my first time would be wonderful. Something that I would always be able to remember as special."

"I'm so sorry, Gabrielle. But I'm sure it will be different in the future. It can be different, it can be wonderful, you'll see."

The warrior pulled Gabrielle into her arms. She didn't trust herself that she wouldn't cry. She could feel Gabrielle's pain deep down in her own heart.

Oh! And what she would've given to show Gabrielle how wonderful her first time could have been. What she wouldn't have given to be Gabrielle's first and only, to pleasure her, to make love to her, to show her her love.

"Xena?" Gabrielle whispered in Xena's ear after a little while, still holding on to her friend.

"Yes, what is it Gabrielle?"

"Show me."

Xena pushed Gabrielle back softly to be able to look into the green eyes. Had she heard right?


"Show me how it feels. Love me..."


Gabrielle searched Xena's eyes and locked them together.

"I always wanted YOU to be my first. Please show me. Make love to me."

"No..I mean...I can''re a married woman, Gabrielle. I can't do this."

It wasn't only the fact that Gabrielle was married now that made Xena refuse her. It was the fear that had grown with her love for the bard.

How could she now take Gabrielle's offer, now after so many struggles she had had with herself, when she so many times had been so close to telling her bard about her feelings. But always the fear had been there. The fear that Gabrielle would be too shocked about it all and leave her. The fear that she wasn't worth the bard's love. She, the ex- warlord who had killed more people in cold blood than one could count. And, to all those fears that had held her back from Gabrielle in the past, now came a voice in her head warning her that it wasn't what Gabrielle really wanted.

What the bard wanted was a happy life with a man, in a village, perhaps many kids at her side.

But that offer right here wasn't true. It only happened because Gabrielle felt lonely and hurt after her night with Perdicus.

Xena tried to push Gabrielle off her lap, refusing to look into her friend's eyes. But Gabrielle used all her strength to hold Xena down.

"Please, Xena."

"I can't, Gabrielle."

"Forget about him, Xena. I don't love him like I love you. I want you so much. I want to feel your skin on mine. I want to feel you. It always has been you."


Xena wanted to say the name with emphasis but it came out as a soft plea. Here she was, her Gabrielle, the woman who had stolen her heart so fast she had no chance to fight against it, sitting on her lap, only a thin blanket around her nude body, telling her she loved her, wanted her.

"Don't you love me, Xena?" Gabrielle asked the hurt swinging in her voice.

"'re confused....I don't want you to do things you'll regret later." Xena said seriously.

Gabrielle used one finger under the warrior's chin to raise her bent head.

"Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't love me, Xena." Two green eyes melted into two blue, searching, full of love and desire.

"I can't Gabrielle. I can't do this. You have to go back to Perdicus. He will look for you when he wakes up and finds you gone."

Again Xena tried to push Gabrielle off her lap, but the bard held on tightly, seeing the answers to her questions in the blue eyes already. They showed as much love as she felt deep inside her own heart.

Gabrielle pushed the blanket off her shoulders, revealing her naked body to Xena's eyes.

"Gabrielle...don't ...." Xena pleaded softly, her voice thick from her love.

and desire. Her eyes traveled over the bard's skin. Over her shoulders, to her chest, to her beautiful breasts, to her flat stomach. Unconsciously she licked her lips with the tip of her tongue fighting for strength to hold back.

Gabrielle used her now free hands to push down the straps of Xena's leathers. She smiled before leaning forward and placing her lips on the naked skin to suck slowly.

"By the gods, Gab, don't do this...please." Xena gasped desperately.

Gabrielle's lips wandered to Xena's ears where she whispered in a hoarse voice, her hot breath on Xena's skin raising the gooseflesh all over the warrior's body.

"I want you, Xena. I need you so much. Please, it has always been you. It should've been you. I love you so much."

Gabrielle began nibbling on Xena's earlobe, pressing herself against Xena.

The warrior whimpered at the sweet contact of the bards breasts against her own. And with Gabrielle's words in her ears and hungry lips on her skin all the walls she had built to hold back her feelings for Gabrielle crashed down in a rush.

She slipped her arms around the bard and pressed the smaller body against her own.

"Oh," Xena stroked Gabrielle's hair off her shoulder and pressed her lips to her neck feeling the bard's pulse. Gabrielle gasped softly and threw her head back to give Xena greater access. A lightening bolt shot through her body right to her center settling there in a burning heat she had never felt before.

No touch, no kiss of Perdicus ever had felt so good. She closed her eyes and dug her hands into Xena's black mane.

"Yes, Xena...oh...that feels so good."


Xena let her mouth travel to the other side of Gabrielle's neck. Then she leaned back, putting her hands on Gabrielle's shoulders.

She looked at the bard with pure love. Gabrielle bent her head and regarded her questioningly.

"By the gods, please don't stop, Xena. Please, don't!"

"I won't...I just...I just want you to know that....that I .." Xena smiled nervously. Suddenly she felt like a little child, not like Xena, the strong warrior princess. Gabrielle smiled back.

"What, Xena? Tell me..."

"I love you, Gabrielle. More than anything else in this life. More than my own life and that...that I want to make you happy."

"Oh, Xena. I love you too. And, you make me happy with everything you do."

Xena felt Gabrielle's words wander right to her heart. But suddenly their faces turned serious and they stared at each other in silence as if they were seeing each other for the first time.

Xena lifted her hand and lightly touched Gabrielle's lips, following the line.

"Kiss me, Xena."

Gabrielle whispered against Xena's fingers, never looking away from the blue eyes that were transfixed to her lips.

It was an offer the warrior couldn't refuse. Slowly, ever so slowly like it would take her an eternity, Xena leaned forward, softly pressing her lips to Gabrielle's, she lingered there, waiting. When she felt the bard pressing back and opening her mouth just a little, she pushed her tongue out and into Gabrielle's mouth.

Neither women were prepared for the fire that exploded in their bodies when their tongues touched for the first time.

Small shudders ran through them making them moan deeply. Xena's tongue fought with the bard's but then slid over the Gabrielle's teeth only to disappear into the warrior's mouth.

But Gabrielle was too eager for the contact to just let go so easily. She pushed her tongue into Xena's mouth taking control over the kiss.

She could hear her lover whimper and she deepened the kiss as an answer.

But the warrior had her own mind and pushing the questioning tongue back she closed her teeth over Gabrielle's bottom lip nibbling lightly. Then she switched to the upper lip, this time her lips closing over it and sucking intensely before she, again, dived into the hot cave of the bard's mouth.

Somehow they kept their control and Xena broke the kiss first gasping for air. Gabrielle held her eyes closed, her tongue sliding over her lips where Xena's had been some seconds before.

"By the gods, Gabrielle, you are so beautiful." Xena said in wonder.

Gabrielle opened her eyes and responded in a deep, thick voice.

"Make love to me. Touch me. Let me feel your skin, Xena. Let me feel everything."

Xena reached behind her and opened her leathers. With Gabrielle's help she freed herself from them. Next followed the thin skirt she wore underneath.

Gabrielle gasped and stared openly at the bronze body. She licked her lips hungrily as her eyes traveled over the erect nipples.

The warrior smiled, reached around the bard and pulled her close against herself. The moment their naked bodies touched both gasped and held on tighter.

Xena's hands caressed Gabrielle's back gently. Her lips were fastened to the bards neck. Gabrielle threw her head back and moaned, the noise not much louder than a whisper in the night air.

With Gabrielle throwing her head back and arching her chest, Xena had the perfect opportunity to bend down and drop featherlight kisses onto one of Gabrielle's breasts. The bard dug her fingers into Xena's hair. She nearly screamed out when she felt hot lips close around one erect nipple, sucking deeply.

"Arg....Xenaaaa,yes...don't me....oh yesssss..."

Gabrielle encouraged her lover, begging not only with her voice for more. Xena closed her eyes and swirled her tongue around the nipple in her mouth. When Gabrielle's hips suddenly pressed her hot center into Xena's stomach, she let the nipple go and threw her head back too, her mouth half open, her eyes still closed.

"Gabrielle..yes...that feels so good..."

Xena looked down to find Gabrielle's center pressed to her midrift, pushing into her over and over again. She let her calloused hands wander over the bard's back then down to her hips, holding onto her, encouraging her movements.

She heard moans of pure pleasure escaping the bards open mouth. The girl bent her head and nipped at Xena's strong shoulders. She didn't know exactly what her hips were doing, but felt exquisite shudders running through her body.

She wanted to melt into Xena, to become one with the warrior and never let go again. Xena held Gabrielle tighter to her and moved over until Gabrielle was lying down on the blanket. She used the short moment of separation to free herself from her wet breeches.

She stared into the bard's lust-filled eyes and then lowered herself on top of her, placing her arms on either side of Gabrielle's head. Slowly, very slowly, she let their bodies melt together, careful not to hurt the smaller bard under her with her weight.

Both held their eyes locked and Gabrielle threw her arms around Xena's neck to pull her down closer to her body. Xena used her knees to spread Gabrielle's legs further apart until she could lie down between them.

She groaned when their centers made contact. The bard only wanted to come still nearer to her warrior. She closed her legs around Xena's hip and pressed them together.

Xena closed her eyes and concentrated on the exquisite feeling of her lover beneath her. There was no place between them where the air would have had a chance to separate them. They fit together as if their bodies were meant to be melted together into one.

Again Gabrielle began rocking her hips unconsciously when Xena leaned down and captured Gabrielle's lips in a deep kiss. The warrior sighed and buried her face in Gabrielle's shoulder.

"Yes, Gabrielle. Feel it. Push against me." She whispered in a husky voice into the bard's ear.

Then she began answering her lover's thrusts with her own, their hips joining in a hot dance of pure pleasure. The warrior sucked her way down until she could again close her lips around one nipple.

The other one she took between two fingers rolling and squeezing it until Gabrielle arched her back further and dug her hands into Xena's hair, holding her close to her chest.

Her hips had stilled and her feet were planted on the ground beside Xena's thighs.

" sweet..." Xena moaned against the hot skin, then moved up again quickly to capture Gabrielle's mouth with her own.

Her lover answered the kiss as if in ecstasy. She pushed her tongue into the warrior's mouth and with her hands on Xena's head she pulled her closer as if to crush them together.

Xena's free hand now slipped between their bodies and roamed down Gabrielle's stomach to her curls. She laid her palm flatly against the hot center and broke the kiss to look into the bard's eyes. Gabrielle stared at her, her eyes filled with hunger and desire.

"Gabrielle....I don't want hurt you after Perdicus."

Xena slowly moved her hand away from Gabrielle but was stopped by a small hand.

"No, please...don't leave me, Xena. I want to feel you. Touch me."

Xena kissed her softly on the lips, growling and then slowly moved one finger between the folds. She was greeted with more wetness than she thought would be there and gasped in pleasure.

Regarding the bard's face closely, she moved her finger up and down, exploring. Then she stroked the hard nub watching Gabrielle close her eyes and throw her head to one side, her lips parted slightly. Her small hands wandered over Xena's body to her butt where she pressed the warrior down.

"More...I need me....fill me...Xena..."

Gabrielle gasped and squeezed Xena's cheeks softly. Her lover groaned deeply and let one finger slip to Gabrielle's opening. Xena waited. Gabrielle still had her eyes closed and her head thrown to one side.

Afraid of hurting her bard but remembering the wetness down there, Xena decided on a different tactic.

Pressing soft kisses on the bard's body everywhere she could reach, she slid down the small body and placed herself between her lovers legs.

Gabrielle shot up, looking down at the face between her thighs, so close to her center.

"Xena? What are you doing?"

Xena grinned up but when she saw Gabrielle's eyes showing wonder but fear too, she moved up again and looked at Gabrielle.

She kissed her tenderly on her lips then spoke in a soft voice, "Sweetheart...I never would hurt you, you know that, don't you?"

Gabrielle nodded and smiled at Xena. To assure the warrior she stroked the broad back in long strokes.

"I just wanted to..." Xena let her tongue travel sensually over Gabrielle's lips, then went on a small grin playing around her lips, "...but if you don't want me to..."

Gabrielle's mind searched for possibilities of what Xena could be doing down there. She blushed a little and answered embarrassed.

"No! I mean...I just don't know what exactly you were going to do."

"It's alright, Gabrielle. Promise me you will always tell me if you don't want something I'm doing, okay?"

Gabrielle nodded.

"Please, promise me that, Gabrielle."

Gabrielle's heart melted from Xena's soft words and she gave her partner a love-filled smile, "I will. I promise."

Xena kissed her gently and stroked some hair out of her sweaty face. "Xena?"


"What did you....uhm...what was it you wanted to do down there?"

Xena grinned, "Let me show it to you, okay? I promise I won't hurt you and if you don't like it I will stop immediately, okay?"

Xena waited for the bards nod, grinned and again kissed her way down Gabrielle's body, taking some time at sucking on her breasts.

Her hand cradled one breast and she sucked as much of it into her mouth as she could. Gabrielle whimpered softly but kept on watching her warrior's face. Xena had her eyes closed and made soft noises playing with the bard's breasts.

Her face showed so much contentment and love that Gabrielle let her head fall back on the blanket. Her heart ached from the love she felt for the woman who was ravishing her body.

Then she felt Xena between her legs.

The warrior placed the bard's legs over her shoulders and took a deep breath. The smell off her aroused bard made her mind spin and her heart beat in double speed.

She then blew against Gabrielle's center which made the bard yelp in surprise and pleasure.

"Ourg...gods..Xena..what are you doing to me??" Gabrielle asked, her hips shooting up, inviting Xena to more.

The warrior smiled. She could smell and see Gabrielle's excitement and felt it settle down in her own center. Slowly she parted the bard's folds further and then stroked her length one time with her tongue. The sweet contact made Gabrielle scream out.

Before she could totally relax again, Xena began exploring her center with the tip of her tongue. She found the spot she knew would take Gabrielle even higher and circled it.

"Xena...ouhm....oh, please, don't stop...arg....Xena....."

Xena hesitated for a moment but then pushed her tongue into Gabrielle's opening. The bard again shot up, her fingers of one hand dug into Xena's hair as the fingers of her other grabbed a fistful of the blanket.

She pressed the head closer to her center, wanting and needing more of the sweet torture. Xena now placed her finger over Gabrielle's clit and played with it, pushing her tongue in and out at the same time. When she felt Gabrielle's muscles begin to contract she quickened the motions of her tongue and fingers.

Then suddenly Gabrielle arched her back again, her legs closing around Xena's neck and screamed into the night.

"Xenaaaaaaaaaa, oh yessssssssssss....." She then collapsed back on the blanket. Totally powerless her legs and arms fell to her sides.

Xena licked all the wetness away from Gabrielle's center, kissed it one last time and then moved up again. She stroked Gabrielle's damp face and kissed her softly on her lips.

The bard had her eyes closed and was still breathing hard.

"I love you, Gabrielle." Xena whispered and covered the bard's body with her own.

She hid her face in Gabrielle's shoulder sighing deeply. Gabrielle opened her eyes slowly, closing her arms around Xena's neck, she held her close.

"Oh, Xena, I love you so much." She whispered back and stroked the black hair and broad back. Xena sighed again and relaxed against her bard.

Although she didn't have had a release herself she felt wonderful. Never before she felt so secure and content. Never before had she been so happy.

She wanted to lie there with Gabrielle for the rest of their lives and all through eternity, never letting her bard go away again.

Then suddenly she felt a small hand slip between their bodies. Xena slowly opened her eyes and looked down at Gabrielle questioningly. The only answer she received was a shy smile of her bard.



The small hand wandered over Xena's stomach to the curls. There it stopped.

"You don't have to do this." Xena said and watched Gabrielle closely. . "But I want to. It felt so wonderful and I want to give it back to you. You just need me." Gabrielle said with a shaky voice.

The warrior leaned down and kissed her bard softly on the nose, then on her upper lip before closing in on her mouth with her own.

They kissed deeply for some time until Xena broke the kiss again and her lips wandered to Gabrielle's neck. She sucked deeply but suddenly Gabrielle pushed her away.

"No, Xena! It's not me this time. I want it to be you."

Xena leaned down again and resumed her sucking. Only this time she placed her own hand on the smaller one above her curls. Closing her eyes and fighting for strength she guided Gabrielle's hand between her hot folds.

Before one finger came near her center she knew it would take all her power not to come directly at the first touch. So, when the bard's finger slipped into her wetness she groaned deeply and stopped her sucking.

Gabrielle didn't dare move her hand. Still the warrior's was placed on her own and she was sure her lover would guide her when she was ready.

Although she was sure that Xena WAS ready. The wetness on her fingers surprised and scared her a little but the deep groan she heard come from Xena assured her again.

Then she felt the warrior move their entwined hands against her center. Small shudders ran through the body on top of hers and she placed her lips to Xena's neck where she could feel the strong pulse beating quickly. It became faster with every moment like their hands did at the same time.

Gabrielle closed her eyes and dug the fingers of her free hand into Xena's hair to hold her head close, nestled in her shoulder. She could hear small whimpers from her lover right beside her ear which made every nerve in her body send shockwaves to every place on her skin and in her body.

When Xena guided one finger to her opening she wasn't exactly sure if she should dare it, but immediately the warriors deep, husky voice filled her mind and pushed away any doubt.

"Gabrielle, move..inside me....I need to feel you deep inside me."

Gabrielle slowly pushed one finger into the hot cave, answering Xena's moans with one of her own. Like Xena had done before with her tongue, she began a steady rhythm with her finger.

"More...please...gimme more..." Xena begged and moved her hips against Gabrielle's hand. This time the bard didn't wait a second. With the next push she inserted a second then a third finger.

"Look at me, Xena. Look at me."

Xena slowly moved her head until she could look down into Gabrielle's eyes. Her own where shining with desire and she had to fight back the impulse to close them again.

"Yes, look at me. See me...loving you." Gabrielle encouraged and hastened her fingers.

"Gabrielle...." Xena whimpered, before all her muscles went rigid, one lone tear slipped out of her eye and splashed onto Gabrielle's cheek.

The warrior was smiling but then threw her head back and screamed her bard's name into the night.


After the last waves had shot through her body, Xena collapsed on top of Gabrielle, breathing hard and again burying her face into the strawberry-blond hair of her lover. Gabrielle moved her fingers out, which drew another moan from Xena. She looked at them for a moment before slipping them into her mouth. She groaned when she tasted her lover and pressed Xena closer to her body, waiting for the warrior to recover again.

She had her eyes closed and was still sucking on her fingers, so she didn't see the blue eyes looking down at her after a moment. Xena reached out, took Gabrielle's hand at the wrist and pushed the small hand away.

Before Gabrielle could protest she closed her lips over the bard's mouth and kissed her deeply and with all the love she felt for the woman in her arms.

Xena could taste herself on her lover's lips and stroked her soft hair slowly. The kiss lasted, it seemed, for an eternity until Xena began placing featherlight kisses all over Gabrielle's face and caressing the small body under her with long gentle strokes. The bard was a little surprised about this.

After Perdicus had found release he just rolled over and had fallen asleep, not even taking her into his arms. So she had thought Xena would do the same.

But it wasn't like that.

Like so many other things that were different in the warrior's arms, this was different from Perdicus' lovemaking.

Now she understood the word. It was love, Love that they had made. True love. She could feel it deep down in her heart and it replaced all the bad memories of Perdicus.

It was as if her wedding night with Perdicus never had happened, but instead it had been Xena who had been her first. Gabrielle answered Xena's kisses by caressing her arms and back.

When the warrior looked up and searched her eyes she smiled happily.

"Oh, Xena...."

"'s okay, honey." Xena kissed her lightly on the lips, then again looked her in the eyes. Both women could feel tears of love come to their eyes. Gabrielle laughed happily and wiped them off Xena's cheek.

"I love you, my warrior."

"I love you too, Gabrielle."

Gabrielle not only heard those words but felt them diving into her soul, completing it. She had found her other half at last. No, that wasn't right she had found her other half when she had first looked into the warrior's eyes, but tonight the two halves were joined, completing themselves to become one.

Xena slowly slid off the bards body and rolled over taking Gabrielle with her. Without having done it before, the two bodies at once found the right positions to fit together, with the bard lying half on top, half beside Xena, their legs entwined and the bard's head nestled above the warrior's breast where she could listen to the steady heartbeat.

It was a miracle, it seemed as if their hearts beat like one. Xena wrapped her arms around Gabrielle, pulling her closer. She placed the bard's blanket that was lying beside them over their bodies. She kissed the top of the bard's head.

The soft snores told her that Gabrielle had fallen asleep. Listening to her new lover's breathing she let herself be lulled into the land of Morpheus too.

If only for a little while , because she knew that morning would come too quickly, and that this would mean giving up her dreams. But tonight she held them all nestled in her arms.....

(To be continued in part II...)

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