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I always used to laugh at the people who became so wrapped up in the lives of the characters in the daily soap operas that they treated them as real people. I can't laugh any longer because I now know exactly how and why they felt, and feel, as they do. After finally watching Ides of March I can't help but feel as though my two best and dearest friends have been suddenly and brutally ripped from my life. I know this is just a TV show, a story, but the hurt and pain and sorrow are as real as any I've ever felt. The emotion and emptiness will take some time to heal. The poem below is part of that healing process.

For Xena, Warrior Princess and especially for Gabrielle, Amazon Queen and Bard

I wrote this poem with shattered heart
It hurt so much to make a start
Stained with tears you cannot see
So that they both would live in memory

The Good The Bad Finale


by Warren D. Serkin

The vision came to my only friend
Of how we both would meet our end
And though she tried with all her will
To save me from death on that snowy hill

She had to follow her Warrior Way
To go find Caesar and then to slay
I tried to follow and with her go
To help my friend but she said no

So off to Rome to complete her mission
To try and avoid that terrible vision
We stayed behind, Amarice and I
And went to Greece to find Eli

We found him in a grassy field
Teaching of love and how to heal
We stayed with him through the day
But Romans came to take us away

They marched us to a dingy prison
That was the same as in the vision
The crosses were lying all around
The wind did make a mournful sound

In Rome, Xena snuck into the hall
Where Caesar was and with her all
Threw her Chakram with anger and hate
But Callisto saved Caesar from his fate

Xena had to leave to save her life
But she had learned of our strife
She rode to Brutus to find out where
Her friend was held, she'd find us there

She rode as fast as Argo could carry
To save us all she could not tarry
When she arrived she did her best
To free us from that terrible test

I stood at the gate and turned around
To see my friend stand her ground
I lifted my gaze and to my chagrin
Saw Callisto there with an evil grin

I heard her scream NO! and then I saw
The Chakram fly from her craven claw
It sped fast and true on it's track
And struck my friend in the back

I saw her look of complete surprise
And saw the pain come to her eyes
Time slowed down as she did fall
A soldier was going to end it all

I couldn't stand by and watch her die
I grabbed a spear from where it did lie
And threw it with all my heart and soul
It ran fast and true and took it's toll

I screamed to Xena to arise and flee
While I fought hard to keep us free
Many Romans died by my sword
I had forsaken my peaceful word

In a blind rage I stabbed and wailed
Killed many Romans but to no avail
Suddenly I realized what I'd become
I couldn't believe what I had done

The bloody knife slipped from my grasp
I gazed around and let out a gasp
At the destruction I alone had caused
I couldn't continue and had to pause

They took us then to a prison cell
I felt as though in a deep dark well
And cradling Xena there on the dirt
She looked up at me and I saw the hurt

She said "I'm sorry you lost your way"
I said "The choice was mine, I did not stray"
I did what I had to save my friend
I couldn't stand by and watch your end

They came to take us to our fate
And on the cross, before too late
I told Xena that I loved her so
We faced the end with a ghostly glow

If someone finds these scrolls of mine
That tell the story of that time
Please translate them so that all will know
Of how we did lived, how it all did go

We're angels now, full of grace
Ascending to paradise to take our place
Don't cry for us, we're gone it's true
But our memory will live in each of you

The Gabrielle's Memories scrolls were translated from the original and
transcribed, with admiration, respect and love, by Warren Serkin on the
14th and 16th of May in the year 1999.


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