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Disclaimer: The characters Xena and Gabrielle,et. MCA/Universal owns all, and they own all rights to them.

All rights reserved. This story is intended as fan fiction and not intended for commercial profit. This story however is mine and I retain all rights attached to the creation of such works as well as any and all independently created characters.

Warning: This story may contain, explicit graphic scenes, and descriptions of sexual situations including those of two women making love to each other. Some parts may also contain scenes of physical and emotional violence. Some of the language may be a little harsh If this offends you, or is not what you were seeking, please do not read any further. Please proceed at your own discretion.

Authors notes: Hello this is very new for me I have never written fan fiction before. This is my first story in a long time and my writing might be a little rusty but please bear with me. I would like to thank everyone that help me with this. Thank you all. Also to all the people that took the time to proof read my work and my spelling mistakes, and I know there were a lot thank you. A special thanks to the person in my life, I love you. And to Fox thank you for being my other set of eyes. All comments are welcomed, but please be kind. PLEASE EMAIL ME AT




Part 1: Waiting

Chapter I

She seemed so familiar to her, It was a sense of dejavu some undeniable connection. She couldn’t think of what connection they had or why her stomach did flip-flops every time she was near. All she knew was she liked the feeling that this woman gave her. Their brief conversation that morning had made Lisa smile and to be quite frank made her entire day. She found herself thinking about Kate more and more each day and she couldn’t help it and she didn’t want to. Kate had made a lasting impression on her from their first meeting two weeks ago in the cafeteria when Eve had clearly pointed out, the dark haired vixen that was to be her new boss and employer.

"Oh you’re in luck, that’s her." The voice of Lisa best friend and soon to be coworker chimed in. "Kate Santino, boss, financial tyrant and the worlds most royal bitch."

Lisa watched as she crossed the cafeteria to the waiting trays. She passed through the line with the air of confidence and the walk of invincibly. She was taken by surprise, by her beauty and her intense blue eyes. From all the horror stories that she heard about this woman from her coworkers, it made her out to be a true bitch. Dark hair flowed around her like a shroud everything about her radiated beauty and perfection. Her eyes seemed to draw you into its depth almost drowning you in stony blue gaze. At a distance the short cut of her bangs hung from her forehead and complemented her eyes given them an appearance of being even darker than they appeared to be. Her high cheekbones and her sturdy chin made her seem unapproachable yet desirable.

"Tina, I am sure that she’s not that bad, she doesn’t look that bad." Lisa Eyes were transfixed on the blue eyed woman that at the moment was dominating the cafeteria and Lisa’s thoughts. The blonde had forgotten about her food and the fact that a few minutes ago her stomach was throwing a fit. "Tina, does she look familiar to you, she looks like.." Her voice trailed of and she stared hypnotically at the blue eyed beauty.

"Yeah your right she does look familiar." Tina squinted her eyes as if trying to focus. She looks just like ...aaah... aaaah.. The wicked witch of the west." She laid down her spoon that was being subjected to the soup in front of her and busted out in a fit laughter.

"Tina, I am serious. For some reason she look like someone I have met before."

"Don’t worry you’ll have your chance today at the interview." Those were the last words said until Lisa had to meet the infamous Kate Santino. She slowly pulled her eyes from the raven haired woman with a feeling that she was sure they had met, but where?


"Lisa, If you could, when your done can you join me in my office for a moment." Kate popped her head in to the main hall were her new secretary sat. The Strawberry blond had only been working for her for about two-weeks and she some how got accustomed to her sitting there. Kate was never a person to get use to anyone. In fact she made it a point never to get on a first name basis with anyone that wasn’t family, but Lisa was different there was something about her. She looked so innocent and seemed so unaware. Kate almost felt like she needed to protect her watch her somehow. These feeling came on as a rush she didn’t understand why she felt this way after all, she didn’t know this woman, they only met two weeks ago.

Kate found it somewhat amusing when the blond showed up with her little black folder demanding that she get the job. She was soft-spoken but very firm in what she was trying to get across.

"Miss Santino I am the right person for this job, I guarantee that you won’t find anyone as efficient as I am. I give you my word, if I get this position you won’t be sorry.

"I won’t, uh. Is that so." Kate was trying her hardest to keep her composure. She was rather impressed with the fact that Lisa hadn’t shown any fear towards her when he was called in to her office. Kate knew the rumors that went around the office, and she was very aware that they thought she was a bitch. She didn’t care, it kept fear in her employees and made them a little bit jumpy when she entered a room. Lisa Dugan was different she was some how fearless when she stepped into her office, or may be the rumors hadn’t bothered her one bit. Whatever the case was with this woman, Kate knew that she had to hire her, she was definitely different.

"So you think you would be good for my company. You think you have what it takes to be the personal secretary of a financial manager, and not just any financial managers secretary, mine." Her blue eyes scrutinized the green-eyed woman that sat in the seat directly in front of her. "Miss..." She raised her eyebrows as if forgetting her name

"Dugan..." Lisa chimed in trying not to lose her temper. She was getting rather frustrated, with the fact that this woman was taking her for a joke.

"Yes, Dugan. Right now I don’t see any difference between you and my last receptionist, look at you. In fact I think just by looking at you I should have kept Miss Larson." Her blue eyes held green for just a moment. She stood and walked over toward her hoping to strike some fear in to her. "Now I have read your resume and nothing in it impressed me. Nothing struck me as outstanding." She had completely closed the gap still hoping for some kind of reaction.

Lisa realized that this wasn’t going too well. Her Breath caught in her throat when she noticed that the wicked witch was standing inch from her. Her first thought was to run but then decided against it. She knew what Miss Santino was trying to do, intimidate her and it was going to work. Lisa quickly grabbed her briefcase, and stood directly in front of Miss Santino, in a daring face off. "If I am that bad then I think I should go, thank you for your time Miss Santino it was a pleasure." Lisa slowly pushed back the leather chair that was blocking her exit, and began to walk to the door.

Never in her life had anyone stood up to her in that way. A small smirk formed at the corner of Kate’s mouth. "Miss Dugan, I must admit that I like the fact that you know what you want. I guess I have no choice but to reconsider. You start Monday 7:30 sharp."


It was now two weeks later and they had become friends as well as coworkers. Kate realized that when Lisa was around she was calm and not too much on edge. Her phone message was put on her desk every morning as well as her coffee and her morning paper. Anything she wanted done, was done on time and on her desk without her asking for it. So Lisa had been right, she was good, at her job and other things Kate tried not notice. Like smelling like cinnamon and mint at the same time, or just plain looking irresistible. Lisa was starting to have an effect on her and it made her feel uncomfortable and a little worried. It had been a while since Kate had felt anything. She tried not to feel much of anything after Stacey. She was everything to her. It nearly killed her when she heard the news. Her heart sank into her chest and nearly threaten to take her life away too.

"Yes Kate, was there something you wanted." Lisa slowly opened the door and peeked in. Kate sat at her large wooden desk staring at something that made her blue eyes flare. Her brows were wrinkled and her eyes stared intensely at what ever it was that was on her computer screen. Her hands rested on the keypad tapping lightly in frustration.

"Lisa, come in. Please sit down. I need a favor from you." Her gaze was suddenly turn from her computer screen. Lisa sat where she always sat directly in front of Kate with her note pad ready to take any notes the raven haired woman wanted her to remember for later. Her face lightened when her eyes rested on Lisa. She couldn’t help but smile. Their eyes met in a silent gaze; Kate felt herself being swallowed up by remarkable green eyes and scent that followed her every where. "Uh.... Uh.. I need you to call Chuck for the central files. He pretty much knows what I am talking about. If he tries to give you, lip stress the fact I am your boss, I am sure he’ll get the point and do as he is told."

Lisa heart was beating a hundred miles a minute and her palms were beginning to sweat. This woman had an effect on her she couldn’t explain and gods help her, she liked it. Her eyes where an endless pool of blue. The little moment that they shared gave her goose bumps. She shivered a little bit when their eyes met. For a second Lisa felt like she was the only person that mattered to her. More than this job, the phone calls, and who ever Chuck was.

"Kate." Lisa’s voice was almost a whisper. Here goes. She thought. "I was wondering if you weren’t busy on Saturday maybe," her face was turning bright red from embarrassment and little bit of fear. " Would you like to stop by my apartment. I’m having a house warming and I would love it you came." Lisa lifted her head to see a pair of blue eyes accompany by a brilliant smile. Her heart almost stopped. "You don’t have to come if you don’t wan.." Her voice trailed of and her eyes drifted where they felt most comfortable, to the varnished floor. She felt like such an idiot what was she thinking they might have been friends, but only at work and anyway this was Kate Santino she was talking to. When she didn’t hear a reply she started towards the door still not having the nerve to look up.

"Lisa." Kate voice sounded a little distant and unsure.

Lisa stopped, letting go of the brass doorknob "Yes."

"Uh... What time is the party, I could help you set up if you like." Kate swallowed feeling somewhat like a teenager agreeing to a date. A slight blush came across her cheeks and she hoped Lisa hadn’t noticed that. Just in case she had, Kate turned her head back to her computer and began to type.

Lisa’s face lit up and she couldn’t believe it Kate Santino said yes. " That’s fine you can be over at 4:30. That should give us enough time to set everything up." She started towards the door again almost forgetting what her task was.


"Phil, what fucking time is it." Lance Downins voice bellowed into the receiver. The Clock on the nightstand read 2:45 am. Lance rubbed his eyes trying to make sense of what Phil was trying to tell him. He sounded tired, and out of breath as if he had been running, but knowing Phil walking up two flight of stairs was enough to make him sweat like a pig. "Hey, what the fuck, slow down, slow down." His temper was rising and he did have time for this shit. He ran his hand through his dark curly hair and took a breath.

"Boss, Boss... uff.. You need to.. ufff... get out..." Phil had been running for four blocks what

was he thinking? Running had never been on his agenda. He had tried working out once to lose the weight, but who had time for exercise. When there was other thing to do, like eat, fuck, and smoke. Right now the way he was feeling if he got out of this, running was definitely going to be on the other things to do list.

"Phil, what the fuck are you talking about, out of what.

"The house, the..." Phil’s voice was cut short. He was done, there was nothing he could do other than die. The cold steel slit his throat he didn’t even have time to take his last breath.

Lance heard the phone go dead. He hung up a little worried but not stressing. What did he have to worry about he was Lance Downins no one in there right mined would fuck with him. " ‘Tis... Uh.. Phil must have fell, fat fuck." A small smile lit his face as he thought about fat Phil tumbling around on the ground. He glanced over at the Clock once more. "2:50, Shit he must have been out of his mind." He wiped the remainder of sleep from his eye. He couldn’t sleep now, the best thing for him to do was get a shot of whisky, and see what was on TV. He reached for the lamp that rested on the nightstand next to the small alarm clock by his bed. His hand didn’t make it, there was a sudden crack followed by a sharp pain flowing through his arm.

In the dark the shadow waited, for the right time. 10 years had passed and now the shadow had the chance. In the mind of the shadow nothing mattered, why should it. Everything the shadow knew was taken away, by Lance Downins. For 10 years the shadow planed, and waited and here was the chance. It’s true what they say revenge is bittersweet. The shadow waited and now here was the chance.

The pain was unbearable, he felt as if he was about to pass out. "AHHHH! What th.. Shit, your dead you hear me dead you son of a bitc.... " His last words were muffled by a hand, and a cold sharp edge of a blade against his throat.

"Remember me, Lance." The voice was a low ruffle, and stain with hate almost spiting the word.

What, was he kidding, how the hell was he supposed to remember a voice, he had a hard enough time remembering people he worked with, and this bitch wanted him to remember a fucking voice. The pain in his arm was ripping through his body causing him to shake. "What do you want money, Uh.., drugs, women, what ever is I got it... just.. don’t k...

The shadow applied pressure to the broken arm stopping his sentence. He yelled out in pain and the blade was push down further in to his throat. "What’s that.. you sound a little uncomfortable let me fix that." With a swift flick of it hand the blade was brought to the side of Lance’s Cheek.

Warm blood streamed down his face, more pain was added to already existing misery. Why did he just kill him? The Pain was being increased and he could no longer contain him self there was nothing left to do but beg. " PLEASE, ... Anything you want. Money, I got some in the top draw you can have it all.

"Oh I see the tables have turned, you bastered I don’t want shit from you, but your life." 10 year of waiting was about to be over, in one quick swipe of the blade. "Mr. Downins guess what? Time to die. The blade pulled slowly to one side, and the blood flowed. This was better than what the shadow had imagined. Cries of pain were music to the ear, sweet music.

Chapter II

The week had drag on, but finally Friday was here, and tomorrow was the party. There was so much to do and Lisa hadn’t even started. The decorations needed to be bought, not to mention her apartment was a mess. She had put off the cleaning of her apartment for weeks, and now there was no avoiding the fact that she had to get started. She rested her briefcase in the middle of the clutter that layed on her living room floor. "UH... where to start." She quickly ran into her room and changed. She slipped into a pair of her favorite jeans and a pink sweatshirt that had "Life’s a Bitch, and I love It." written on the front. She pulled her blond hair into a ponytail and decided that it was time to get down to business. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed the unused cleaning supplies she had bought two weeks ago. With a reluctant sigh she pulled the pale and filled it with cleaning agent, and decided the place to begin was the bathroom it needed the most work anyway. She switched on the radio and turned to her favorite, station. She dip the harden sponge in the pine water and began to scrub.

She looked at her watch and realized that 30 minutes had passed and finally, it looked like she was making a dent in the filthy bathroom. "Just the bedroom, living room and the kitchen left." She sighed. In her distress she didn’t here the phone ring, it was on its third ring when she finally said "Hello."

"Hi." Came the hesitant reply. "I am sorry did I disturb you." Kate’s voice was shaky and shy. She didn’t know why she was reacting this way. She had just seen Lisa a few hours ago, but her heart was pounding when she heard the gentle voice on the other end.

"No! No you didn’t" A smile formed on Lisa’s face when she realize that the executive was on the other end. She tried to think of a reason Kate would be calling. She never expected Kate to call her, not at home anyway. "Uh.. did I forget to do something Kate."

"No, uh, I just want to make sure that were still on for tomorrow afternoon. I was just making a confirmation." Her voice became very professional. She tried to keep the conversation brief but found herself wanting to stay on the phone with the receptionist

"You’re confirming with me! That’s definitely a twist of events. Of course we’re still on. Oh! I almost forgot to give you my address.

"Uh... there’s no need, I have you on file I could just check for myself." She fumbled with the file that was already on her desk. "I had better let you go I know you have a lot to do."

"No! that’s ok I don’t mind, you don’t have to go. I like talking to you."

"O..H, I didn’t know that." A slight blush was creeping up the executive’s face. She tried to keep the uneasiness out her voice the only way she knew how, and that was by talking business. " The stocks were up this morning. Four percent I believe." She looked down at the newspaper that was resting on her desk. She was trying to distract herself from the voice that sounded like a soft purr.

"I guess, I don’t know much about stocks. All I know is that they’re good to have. Kate I can’t wait to see you tomorrow."

Lisa’s voice grew very soft. Kate knew it was time to get of the phone. "I... uh... I better go Lisa. I’ll see you tomorrow, around 4:30. She didn’t wait for a reply she hung up the phone before Lisa protested.

"Wait.." She heard the soft click of the phone being returned to the receiver. After a few seconds pass she replaced her own phone.



The shadow looked over the water. Dark eyes watch the boats drift in out of the dock taking in the salty sea smell. A few days had pass sense the death of Lance Downins, but the job was not completed. There was one more person that had to be taken care of. It was just a matter of time. "Did you get it?"

"Yes it’s in the van. The Dark figure looked at the lanky man. He was the only one that the shadow trusted, but if needed could get rid of him with no remorse.

"Good, just a few more days and the plan will be complete. The bodies, what did you do with them?"

"Just as you suggested, taken to the dump and burned." He often wondered what turned the shadow this way. Crazy, was the only way to describe the shadow. He had worked for many dirty, filthy ruthless people before, but nothing had compared to the evil that he worked for now. He often wondered how he got to this stage how he ended up with the Shadow. The shadow’s time was consumed with nothing but hate, and revenge. There was nothing left in shadow’s world other than hate, and justice was going to be dealt with the shadows way or no way at all. " Boss are you sure that, Uh... they won’t find out."

"Are you telling me that you have no faith in me, You ungrateful piece of shit..

"NO! NO! I just want..." He quickly realized that he had over step his boundaries, when the cold hand griped his throat.

"Don’t you ever question me. You got that...." The dark eyes flared, the words came out through clenching teeth... I should just dispose of this thing, and be rid of him.

The thought ran through the shadow's head more than once and this time, it was about to be done.

"Boss, I ‘m ..." There was no air getting to his lungs and the more he tried to talk the more it became impossible.

"Shut your mouth.." The Grip tightened around his neck. Seeing him gasp for air drew a secret pleasure. The Shadow inhaled trying to suck the life out of him. The grip tightened and the power that Shadow felt grew.

Kate, you were right. I am sorry. Everything went black and his life faded away.



Ding-Dong. "Shit, 4:30 on the dot. Well Lisa what the hell did you expect." She thought out loud. "Uh... Just a minute." She grabbed the towel that hung from the bathroom door and wrapped it around her. Hoping she caught everything and left nothing hanging out in plain view. Her wet feet sledded across the wood floor almost causing her to slip. She gripped the doorknob and balance herself before opening the door. "Sorry, I took so long."

Kate spun around to see a striking wet woman wrapped in a towel that barely covered her whole body. Her eyes unconsciously drifted down her wet body. Kate’s mouth opened in silent awe. "Ahh... I .. I.. a..m sorry. Am I early? Gods, what am I going to do now. Kate’s heart rate was up about ninety miles an hour and hands were beginning to sweat, not to mention the fact that her thoughts were no where near setting up for the party.

"No! UH... your not early, right on time. Come in." Lisa ran her hand through her wet hair and tried to make herself look as presentable as possible dressed in a towel. "I ‘m really sorry about this, I thought I had time to take a shower before you showed up, but I forgot that your always on time." She jestured for her to come in, Lisa slowly closed the door behind her. She could tell that Kate was uncomfortable, and in a way liked that fact she was the cause of it.

Kate made sure that her eyes were stained to the floor she didn’t look up, It was already hard just looking at the green-eyed beauty much less looking at her almost naked. She prayed that Lisa would excuse herself and change, because this was becoming very distracting, and she didn’t know how much longer she could hold out. At the rate her heart was beating it wasn’t going too be long.

"I .... UH...I’ll go finish my shower and change over. I’ll be out in a minute."

Kate heard the water being to run and for a moment she was tempted to glance in to the room. She couldn’t help thinking about how Lisa would feel under her. Those green eyes looking at her in pleasure that she knew she was causing. Kate shook her head and silently cursed herself for the thoughts, and wondered how she got herself in to this situation. Deep down she knew that this was going to be a long trying night, both for her and at the moment her raging hormones. She sat back against the brown couch and listened to her turning off the shower.

"Kate, I’ll be out in a minute."

"No rush take your time. Please." The end of the sentence was said low enough for only Kate to hear. Kate was trying to regain her senses and she made a mental note, no drinking at this party. She couldn’t risk saying or doing something stupid, like kissing her or other thing of that sort....

"Ok I am ready, lets get started."

Kate noticed right away the way the jeans hug her waist and her butt. Lisa wasn’t making this easy, trying to stay way from her was no longer a task it was a challenge. "Ok, let’s..." She swallowed nervously and started following her in to the kitchen.

Lisa stopped short not realizing that Kate was that close behind. She felt her firm body bounce up against her. She turned around ready to apologize but green met blue and she slipped in to a trance. Those eyes I never knew they were that piercing. Lisa could smell the soft hint of perfume, it was suddle but at the moment. Lisa felt as if she was being dragged in world wind filled with new sensation and this beautiful woman. "I am sorry I didn’t mean to ...Uh.." What am I trying to say? I am not even making sense to myself. "Sorry..." She blubbered the words over and over, wishing she would just shut up. Her mind was filled with other thought, she wasn’t sure what she was saying and at the moment she didn’t care. Snap out of it. Get a grip on yourself. You have to learn how to behave or it’s going to be a long night. She took a breath and step back sighing " I‘m sorry I really did realize that you were so close, my apartment is rather..

"You don’ t have to keep apologizing its ok, things happen." Please don’t let it happen again. I’m holding on by a thin string. "We should start decorating, looks like we have allot to do.

"You’re right I guess. Where should we start? Uh.. The balcony would be a good a place as any." She turned around and grabbed what she had started out to get .



"Chuck, is everything in place." The shadow’s voice crackled over the phone. Strong hand griped the phone waiting to hear the response. Soon it will be over and they will all pay.

"Yes everything is in place. Nothing will go wrong I promise you that.

"Don’t promise me anything. Just get it done." Fool. So Kate, you have someone new. Great! You’ve forgotten so quickly. Well no matter after tonight it won’t matter will it? Dark brown eyes watched as the two women walked back and forth in the apartment, putting up decorations and other doodads. "Just a few more hour my pretties, just a few more hours."

To Be Continued......


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