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Disclaimer: All the characters used in this story are the sole property of Universal/MCA. I was only borrowing them for the purpose of writing a great story. This is dedicated to them!!

Subtext: Nope!

Violence: Yes, a bit gruesome.

Spoilers: Yes, bits and pieces. Mainly the cruixificiton scene.

Romance: Yes, Joxer and Gabby romance. Oh no, do run away now!!

This story is set during season four, before the crucifixion scene, say after The Way sometime. This isn't a very long story, so you won't be here reading it for days.

Onto the story.....

What Will Be, Will Be

By ObiHope


I was thinking, of what if's, you know, like in what if, such and such, did this?? or such and such did that?? Then I thought I might write a story based on this. Yes, it is my original idea, no one else's, no movies or other shows gave me inspiration. Wow I am getting better at doing this.


Xena took on a couple more men, using her fighting skills on them, in order to win the battle. She flipped back, and jumped off the tree behind her, kicking the offenders in the heads knocking them both down. She took the arm of a man who was charging at her with a sword and twisted his arm around, then kicked him in the back.

Gabrielle watched from a safe distance with Argo, she watched as Xena took on man after man, taking them on with ease. Then something caught her eye, she watched as she noticed a man behind her up in the tree. In his hand he had a giant block of wood.

'Xena!!!' Gabrielle yelled. Xena's head turned around, the man jumped down. Gabrielle in that split second without thinking, ran towards her. The man brought the block up above his head, ready to strike. She shoved Xena out of the way, as the man brought the block down upon the back of Gabrielle's head.

All Gabrielle could hear was the sickening sound of the block cracking against her skull, rattling her senses. She fell to the ground, and only saw the men's feet retreating from the scene. She tried to get up, but was sickened at the sight of the blood pouring from the back of her head, making a large puddle on the ground before her. Then the pain was too much, and she collapsed to the ground, Xena was the last thing she saw, and the last word was:






The warm feeling of sunlight, touched Gabrielle's face, making her open her eyes. She sat upright, and looked at her surroundings.

There were fields of green grass, and more flowers she had ever seen in her life. Life? Why did that sound so, far away now. Gabrielle looked about at all the innocent souls walking about, in the fields, playing in the flowers happily. She looked about at all the people, which looked so innocent. Each one of them made her feel at home.

Then she felt a warm touch on her shoulder, two arms threaded around her slender waist. She welcomed it, knowing it was safe and secure, a sense of deja'vu was in it. The touch was so gentle, and tender, with a feeling of real love in it. She felt a tender kiss on her neck, she closed her eyes and opened them, as she turned around.

'Perdicus!!' Gabrielle shrieked. She stumbled backwards, the young man stood before her, dressed in a white shirt, brown leather pants and a vest. 'Perdicus?' Gabrielle repeated this time more relaxed. She went into his welcome arms and embraced in a long hug. She stood back and looked at him closely, in realization that she was dead.

'This is the Elysian fields isn't it??' Gabrielle asked frowning. Perdicus grinned.

'Yes,' he replied. 'and I've missed you so much'

'I'm dead,' Gabrielle simply said, she starred blankly into nothingness. Perdicus noticed the pain in the young blondes eyes.

'Gabrielle??' he said gently trying to get her attention.

'I got hit,' Gabrielle began. 'in the back of the head. All I can remember is the blood, Xena, darkness...' she added. The dread grew in her body. She looked at Perdicus. 'Xena?' she said gently.

Perdicus took Gabrielle's hand gently in reassurance.

'It will be alright,' he said. 'Xena will be alright' Gabrielle looked into her fiancé's eyes, then backed away.

'This isn't right,' she said in an angered tone. 'I wouldn't be here,' she added.

'Gabrielle??' Perdicus said.

'No no no,' Gabrielle said, now hysterical. 'I'm no longer meant to come here,' she added. 'I'm supposed to be in the Amazon land of the dead' she yelled. Perdicus, slowly disappeared, turning into mist, and disappearing. The Elysian Fields were no more. Blackness. Gabrielle was confused, if she was in nothingness, then what had happened. Was this a dream, or did she go to the land of the dead. Lost in thoughts, the voices in her head confusing her she yelled and covered her ears, closing her eyes, only to be left with the sound of her scream echoing through the blackness.

She opened her eyes and looked about into the darkness. Then she saw the light ahead, flickering showing her the way out. She walking into it, then there was a wave of light.

She opened her eyes, she was in a room. She saw a bed, with two people around it. The sound of screams could be heard. Painful cries. She looked at the people around the bed more closely, there was a short man standing at the end of the bed encouraging something, saying something, but she couldn't make it out quite.

She watched as she recognized the other person was Xena. She was holding a small hand tightly, brushing the blonde bangs from the woman's forehead. Gabrielle walked slowly up to the woman and peered onto the bed.

She looked into a mirror, it was her. But she was pregnant. But how could she be pregnant? With who? She watched as she screamed once more, then the gentle sound of a cry could be heard. A small baby was lifted up and placed into a blanket. It had the most beautiful green eyes, and blonde hair. It had a small button nose.

The healer handed the baby to Xena, who handed it to Gabrielle as she said:

'Here is your daughter'

Gabrielle was overwhelmed with emotion, watching herself, look at her new daughter, playing around with her miniature fingers, and holding her closely to her heart, rocking her gently.

Then the door opened, all of them looked around, there at the door stood a tall man. He wore untidy metal armor, and rags from his head to his toe. He took off his helmet and looked at them all.

'Where's Gabrielle??' he said.

Xena walked up to Joxer, and lead him to Gabrielle who lay with her new daughter. He sat down beside her and kissed her tenderly on the lips, then looked onto his new daughter. The two of them looked at their new daughter, overwhelmed with joy. Gabrielle looked on confused.

'What does this all mean?' she asked herself.

'Easy,' she head the reply come from behind her. She turned to see Perdicus standing behind her again. She shook her head in confusion, not understanding what was going on. Perdicus had just disappeared. As she was about to speak again, he placed his hand over her mouth, silencing her.

'Look,' he said quietly. 'you are not actually in the land of the dead yet,' he said. 'you are in between the land of the dead and the real world, you haven't crossed over yet, we haven't much time....' he added frantically.

'What?' Gabrielle asked confused. 'what is all this??'

'Look, you can't die,' Perdicus added. 'that's why I'm here,' he added. 'I saw you die, I couldn't bare it, I had to do something, so I asked Hades if I could see you before you crossed over, I haven't much time to show you something's' he added.

'Show me what?' Gabrielle interrupted. 'Joxer and I having a baby!!!' she added shocked. 'you are the only one I ever loved' she added.

'No Gabrielle,' Perdicus said grabbing the bards arms holding her close to him, 'you can't still over me,' he added. Gabrielle looked into his pleading eyes. 'nothing would make me more happier, than seeing you fall in love again' he added.

Gabrielle's eyes widened in amazement, she then crossed her eye brows in confusion.

'Why Joxer?' she asked.

'It was meant to be' he added. 'that you just saw was your future' he added. Gabrielle looked into nothing. 'that is if you don't die' Gabrielle stood in shock trying to register what was happening in her mind. She turned around and looked at Perdicus' eyes trying to find the truth in all this. 'now come, we haven't much time' he added grabbing Gabrielle's hand leading her away.


Gabrielle opened her eyes to find herself in a room, a dark eerie room. She looked about to see it was a tavern, it was quiet and only the sound of lone footsteps could be heard. She into the darkness of the tavern to find an old woman walking around scrubbing the tables. She then looked around to see a lone woman sitting at a table, looking into a mug of wine. Sitting all alone in the darkness. Gabrielle slowly left from Perdicus and stepped towards the lone woman. As she stepped into view she sat down before the woman, and looked at her sad face.

Xena looked blankly up at her, not noticing she was even there. She had red eyes and a pained expression on her face. A tear rolled down her cheek. The old woman looked over at her and walked up to her, sitting down beside her, she took her arm and placed in gently around Xena's shoulders.

Xena looked up and peered into the older woman's eyes, and placed her head onto her shoulder.

'Mother, why do I still miss her?' she asked the old woman.

'There are some people you lose in life, that won't go away,' Cyrene replied. 'you think that you'll forget them as each day goes by, forget their face, what their eyes looked like, what their hair looked like, what their voice sounded like' she added her voice slowly croaking. 'Xena, for someone like you, there could be no worse torture of losing someone so dear as Gabrielle was to you'

As Gabrielle heard her name mentioned her eyes widened in shock. She was dead. She looked at Xena and Cyrene who hugged tightly. Xena crying openly. Gabrielle couldn't stand to see Xena's pain and loss, she stood up and banged the table.

'Xena!!!!!' she yelled. 'I'm here!!!!' she added. In her pain she tried to yell but they never looked up at her.

'Xena!!!!!' she yelled out again. 'please look at me!!' she added. The tears started to fall from her eyes. 'you have to look at me!!,' she added. 'please?' she begged. Perdicus came up from behind her and stood beside her.

'She can't hear you,' he said gently. 'you see what pain Xena will be in if you die?' he added.

Gabrielle looked at the vision as Perdicus took her hand.....


She was in a forest. It looked strangely familiar. It was in the forest outside her home village. She peered through some bushes and looked at what appeared to be an grave, a cross stood above it. Amazon cross, a tribute to the dead. Joxer stood before it, in his hand some daisy's. He sighed as he took a daisy in his hand.

'Here are some more daisy's,' he said, as he moved the old ones away. 'their growing this time of year, I know their your favorite' he added. He looked a daisy and placed it gently on the grave before the cross. He took another daisy out and held it in his hand.

'Xena's no better than a few days ago,' he said gently. 'she still misses you,' he added. He placed the daisy down then got another one out. 'she's at home with her mother, the pain is to much for her,' he paused. 'I guess it hasn't been easy on any of us lately,' he sighed. 'it's just, we miss you so much' he added. 'Gabrielle' he said as he placed the flower onto the grave.

Gabrielle looked back at Perdicus and sighed.

'Why are you showing me all this?' she asked.

'I'm trying to show you the possibilities of you staying dead or living your life as it should be' he added. 'there are choices in life' he added. 'and you have to make one, to either stay with Xena and Joxer, and live, or to die now'

'I saved Xena's life,' Gabrielle said quietly. 'she didn't get crucified like in the vision. Why?' she added. Perdicus sighed and took Gabrielle's hand.

'When you died, she didn't do what she was meant to do if you didn't die. If you were to have lived the vision wasn't forefilled, therefore Xena still lived,' he added. 'but was her life worth living without you around, or do you think that she would be better off just forefilling that vision and dying with you?' he asked. Gabrielle stood even more confused than ever. She looked up at Perdicus again and sighed.

'Can you show me anything else?' she asked quietly.

Perdicus nodded, and smiled. She took his hand gently.


There was snow, coldness, crosses scattered across the vast plains of snow. Bodies littered the valley of crosses. Xena's face reflected from a shield, a scream of terror in them, as they drove nails through her wrists. Then she saw herself, being hauled onto a cross. The Roman took the hammer and nail ready. Xena turned her head slowly and looked at her friends pained face.

'Gabrielle, you are the best thing that ever happened to me' she said softly.

'I love you Xena' Gabrielle replied.

I love you Xena. The words echoed in her mind over and over again. Perdicus disappeared.


'I love you Xena'


'Here is your daughter'


'Nothing would make me more happier, than seeing you fall in love again'


'Mother, why do I still miss her?'


'It's just, we miss you so much'


'I love you Xena'


Gabrielle slowly opened her eyes and looked up at two worried eyes. She closed her eyes again and moaned. She heard a gentle laugh coming from the worried face, and the sound of a familiar voice.

'Gabrielle?' she asked worriedly, in a sigh of relief also. Gabrielle opened her eyes again and looked up into the eyes.

'Xena?' she croaked out. Her voice barely above a whisper.

'Shhhh,' Xena replied quietly.

'Hurrrrts' Gabrielle muttered.

'I know, I know,' Xena replied. She took her finger and waved it before Gabrielle's face, to watch if her eyes followed it. She then looked up at Gabrielle's face again.

'You've been out for a few days,' Xena said with a gentle smile. 'you had me worried,' Xena paused for a moment. 'thought I might of lost you' she added.

'You almost did,' Gabrielle replied.

'What?' Xena said in surprise.

'I almost died,' Gabrielle added. 'I thought that if I did it would change our destiny' she added. 'but I realized that I would rather die with you by my side, than leave you in this world, alone' she added giving Xena a gentle smile.

Xena looked at Gabrielle shocked, and smiled.

'I love you Xena' she said quietly. They clasped hands together, stronger than ever now.

In the future.....

'Gabrielle you were the best thing that ever happened to me'

'I love you Xena'


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