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The characters in this story belong to Universal and are being used to have some fun. The character of Hatalanie belongs to me though.

There is no violence in this story. Just some amazons having fun.

What would a story be without sex? Right. Well sorry. I am still a rookie at this and don't plan on trying to write about it and screw up things. I will include sex in my next story. This is my second story and I hope that I got everything right. My first story was "In each others arms" and I used the love theme without the sex. This story has the same idea. Too many stories out there that have these two jumping in bed together when they admit their feelings. Not that those stories are bad or anything I'm just stating an opinion. Enjoy the story. I did!

I can use all the help I can get so if you have any thoughts on this or my other story, just right me at

by Sarah Miller

Gabrielle had just finished with her scroll, when she noticed that it was quiet. She peered up and expected to see Xena across from her. She didn't see her anywhere. Looking around the camp, she decided to stand up and go find her.

Walking past some trees, she heard the soft sound of a waterfall. As she neared the fall, the sound grew louder. As she made her way past some trees and bushes, she saw Xena. She was standing in the falls, washing up.

Gabrielle knew she shouldn't be watching but somehow found herself unable to look away. She watched as Xena's muscles flexed as she moved. The sun had come out and made her wet skin glow.

Getting back her thoughts, she moved behind a tree to get back her breath. She peered back around the tree one last time then slowly made her way back to the campsite.

Xena had rinsed off one last time, and jumped into the water. Surfacing, she threw her shift on and started to dry her hair, when she saw some footprints leading away from the waters edge. She stepped out of the water and followed the prints to a tree, and saw that they went into the woods. She was about to walk to camp, when an idea came to her. She moved to a print and placed one of her feet next to the smaller one. She smiled and walked back towards camp.

Gabrielle was able to busy herself in another scroll as Xena came walking up. She looked up from her scroll and watched as she laid out her bedroll and positioned herself on it, back first. Gabrielle couldn't help notice the way the water ran from her hair onto her face, and down her throat. Taking a swallow to wet her throat, she looked back at her scroll and continued to write. She heard Xena moving and looked up again to see the warrior laying on her stomach, head resting on her outstretched arms. She took a breath and shook her head. She had been having these thoughts about Xena for a while now. It all happened when they had last visited the amazons.

There had been a party planned to celebrate the grand hunt. She had been called upon to help celebrate with the rest of her fellow amazons, and was informed of Ephiny's joining celebration that would take place in the fall.

She and Xena had been making a trip to go see their family, when an amazon interrupted their plans. Gabrielle was happy to join in on the party, but Xena, who never liked parties, wasn't too thrilled about it at all. She was about to tell Gabrielle to go on without her, when she saw the look of complete joy cross over the bard's face and knew that Gabrielle wanted her to go with her. She agreed and they headed towards amazon country.

The trip was short and soon they found themselves there in a matter days. A party of Amazons had greeted them at the edge of the woods and lead them to the village. Gabrielle was thrilled to see Ephiny once they had entered the village. Too thrilled. She had walked off with Ephiny, leaving Xena behind.

Xena watched the pair walk off and blew a piece of hair out of her face as she walked to the stable to put Argo away. She entered the stable and immediatly was face to face with a woman, she had never seen before. Dark blond hair and green eyes. Slightly taller than Gabrielle and a bigger build then she. She started to walk around the amazon when she spoke.

"You a friend of the queen?" her voice was almost musical.

"Yes." she studied the amazon for a minute before walking to a empty stall.

"I've heard a great deal about you. Some good some bad. But I beleive things when I see them with my own eyes." When she got no response she continued. Walking toward Xena, she extended her arm. "I'm Hatalanie."

At first Xena made no move to introduce herself or to take the arm, but soon she moved and locked arms with the amazon. "Xena." She let go and started to take the saddle off of Argo, when the amazon spoke again.

"Not the social type are you?"

"I like to keep to myself."

"Nothing wrong with that. Perhaps we'll see each other again, then maybe we can talk more."


The amazon walked out of the stables and Xena continued with her work.

* * *

"So," started Ephiny once she and Gabrielle were in the royal hut. "how have you been?"


"Any luck with..."


"Have you thought about what I said?"

"Yes. I think that would be a great idea, but not now."

"If you change your mind you know where I'll be."

"I know." Ephiny started walking out when Gabrielle called for her. "Wait. If I did decide to take you up on your offer, what would happen?"

Ephiny smiled and moved next to Gabrielle so she could sit down. "Hopefully alot. With my help she may...well." she took a breath.

"What is it?"

Ephiny looked into her face. "Last time you visited, I thought that you needed my help with her, but now that you are back I don't think that you need my help."

"Why not?"

"Did you see the way she looked at you when I stole you away from her earlier?"


"She didn't seem happy. Tomorrow night we will see if she notices you. We will have you dressed up in the finest clothes. After all you are the queen." She stood.

"Just not too much. I don't want to drive her away."

"That could never happen?"

"Thank you."

"Your welcome." She walked out of the hut.

* * *

As night grew near, the village became busy. Everyone had a job that had to be done before the cerimony the next night. Some were decorating while others were making food preperations. There was a large group next to the altar practising dance moves suitable for the party. Ephiny had got stuck with picking who would or wouldn't be part of the dancing team. Most of the group was good, really good. But their could only be five or six that was able to dance and the group now held ten. She didn't want to hurt anyone and thought about letting them all dance. Taking this into consideration, she sat down to watch.

Gabrielle had to make sure that everything was going well. The food, music, decorations, everything. If one thing went wrong it could ruin the party. This party was special. Not only did they have a great hunt to celebrate, but they also had to make offering to Artimis for helping with the hunt. This party was to celebrate the great goddess herself. If things went well there could be a chance that she could show up and bless the amazons. She had done this before in the past and it meant great luck when she did. If one thing went wrong they could ruin everything.

Raising her head from watching a special dish be made, Gabrielle saw Xena walk through the village towards her. She smiled and looked back down.

The cook brought a spoon up for Gabrielle to test and was please when she agreed it was indeed delicious.

"If Gabrielle thinks it tastes good, then you have nothing to worry about," came a deep, calm voice.

Without looking up, Gabrielle replied, "Xena, you think too highly of me." She smiled at her friend and contined with her work. "I haven't seen you all day. Where have you been?" She looked up.

"Just walking around."

Gabrielle smiled and moved from the table toward Xena. "You know, one of these days I am going to make you just sit down and relax. You have way too much on your mind all the time."

"Yeah, well it happens."

"Xena, please. Just once, for me. Try to have fun at this party tomorrow. Please."

"I'll try."

"Thank you. Now, did you talk to Solori?"

"No, why?"

"She has to get you fitted."

"For what?"

"For your clothes. As a queens consort, you cannot wair that for a party."

Xena looked down at her clothes and frowned. "Whats wrong with this?"

Gabrielle noticed the frown and laughed. "Oh, nothing. We all need to wair special clothes. This is the spring festival. No armor, just colorful clothing."

"Black is a color."

"Xena, are you going to make me fight with you?"


Gabrielle had to laugh at that one. She sounded so calm. "Okay. Wair what you want to, but..."


"No armor, or weapons."

"Fair enough." She started to walk away.

"Oh, and Xena I want to see you with your hair down too."

Xena kept walking shaking her head, not noticing the big smile on Gabrielle's face as she walked away.

* * *

The night passed quickly and soon everyone found themselves exhausted from working overnight. The next day, no one did anything except sleep. The whole village could of been takin over and the amazons wouldn't of been able to lift a finger to help defend. There was no sound. The entire village was as if it was a ghost town.

The evening came and everyone woke to get ready for the festival. Leather of all colors could be seen. The colors of spring was the theme. Artimus was know for her love of colors so they say so they used lots of colors. Some had brown, green, blue, white. While others had pink, red, and purple. There were even some people who chose to wear black for the occasion. One was Xena.

Xena was instructed by Gabrielle to have herself washed, and dressed. Her leathers were cleaned. She had even instructed two people to help Xena get ready. To make sure everything was right for the party. Xena wasn't too fond of this idea but let it slide.

Soon everything was done and the party was underway. The music was beating, the food was seved and all were having fun.

Gabrielle was dressed in clothing green as her eyes. The fabric came up around her ribs, down around her chest, and around her waist. It would of been a two peice outfit if it weren't for the leather straps that held it together on the sides. Her back and stomach were completely exposed. Her hair had been washed, brushed, and left down to take a natural look. She took her place on the altor, in the queens throne and waited for Xena.

She didn't have to wait long, Xena soon emereged from a hut. Her leathers were dark and her hair shone brightly from the light of the flames, or the moon, Gabrielle didn't know and didn't care. All she knew now was that Xena was positively beautiful tonight. She watched as she moved through the dancers and headed straight for Gabrielle. Taking her place next to her, she sat down and waited.

"You look better," Gabrielle joked. "Not that you didn't look fine before."

"Thanks. You look nice as well my bard." She locked gazes with Gabrielle but soon turned away.

* * *

The pary had been going on for some time now, but no one seemed to notice or seem to be tired. They kept dancing up a storm and eating. The wine was especially strong tonight. The goddess still hadn't showed up but no one cared. They were all enjoying themselves too much to notice.

Gabrielle sat at a table in the food hut with a fork in one had and a mug of port in the next. She knew that she had had too much to drink but didn't care. Xena didn't seem to be upset at her for doing so so she kept going. She had finished eating when a new beat came from the drums. She raised up and walked outside to Xena.

"Dance with me."

Xena looked up. "No." She wanted to but couldn't make herself say yes.



Gabrielle knelt in front of Xena and took her hands into hers. "You won't dance with me, but I can't get anyone else to either."


"They are all scared of you."

Xena laughed.

"Its not funny. I want to dance but I can't dance alone."

"Have Ephiny dance with you."

"I want you to dance with me." She stood and would of fell backwards if it wasn't for Xena's quick reflexes.

"You are shnockered my bard."

"No I'm not." She walked off.

Xena sat back down and saw Ephiny walking towards her. "Why don't you dance Xena?"

"I'm not one for dancing."

"You don't have to keep up your guard here you know."

"Ephiny, I don't want to dance now."

Ephiny sat down next to her and relaxed. "Its a shame too."

"What is?"

"Gabrielle is in love with someone who is completely oblivious of that love."

She had her interest now. Xena sat up and looked at Ephiny. "Who?"

"Xena, if I have to tell you who, then you are more lost than I thought."

Xena sat back and shook her head. "I...I'll be right back." She stood and moved through the crowd towards the stables.

"Gabrielle was right. She has a problem and its off to Argo." Ephiny smiled and passed out.

* * *

The morning was filled with hangovers and sick amazons. Most had drunk too much last night and had ended the party passed out. More than half had woken up from where they had passed out.

Soon everything was cleaned up and everything was back to normal. No one seemed to notice that the goddess didn't appear last night. They didn't know if she did or didn't and decided that it wasn't that important anymore. Most just assumed that she did so they would feel better.

Xena walked from her hut and stretched in the morning sun. She saw Ephiny sitting at a table and decided to stay away from her for now. She had gotten the picture of what Ephiny had said last night but couldn't be sure if it was her or the alchohol talking that let it out. But whatever it was, she knew that Gabrielle couldn't be in love with her.

She spotted Gabrielle not far from the bathing hut and decided she should talk to her. Walking up, she noticed that Gabrielle walked strangly. She smiled and called her name.

Gabrielle turned to her and gave a weak smile. "Xena, do you still have those herbs?"

"Which ones?"

"I had a little too much to drink last night. My head is killing me."

She handed Gabrielle her mug that she had been drinking that had the herbs in it. "Drink this."

As soon as things were better, Gabrielle began to talk about the party last night. "It was fun wasn't it Xena?"

"I guess so."

"You didn't have fun."

"Sure I did." She had no reason to upset a sick bard so she lied. "I had fun."

"Okay. I'm going to wash up."

"I'll talk to you later then." She walked away and came face to face yet again with Hatalanie. "What?"

"Just on my way to the bathing pools. Is that a problem?"

"No." She moved to go around her when she spoke again.



"You and Gabrielle. Are you together? I know its none of my business."

Xena faced the amazon. "Your right it isn't." She walked away.

Hatalanie smiled as she watched the warrior leave. "Hmm."

* * *

Gabrielle had finished her bath and entered her hut to see Xena there. "Hi."

"I was just getting our stuff packed up."

"Okay. I'm done. My stuff is already packed but why are you in a hurry?"

"No reason."

"Come on Xena. I know when you're hiding something."

"Don't you think that sometimes it would be best if some things were kept?"

"I guess so." She moved and started to brush her hair.

Xena sat down. "Look, I'm sorry. Its just that I don't like to be in one place too long. You know that."

Gabrielle faced Xena. "I know. I also know that that isn't what has you wanting to leave."

"Some thing isn't right."



"What about her?"

"She seems familiar. Theres something about her. I....I don't know. I just don't think that its safe here now. Please trust me."

"I always do."

Xena stood. "I'll get Argo ready. Don't take too long."

"I won't."

Xena walked out and headed towards the stables with the feeling that she was being watched.

* * *

A knock came to the wall.


Gabrielle stepped in the hut.

Ephiny turned and smiled. "Hi."

"I just came to say goodbye."

"Leaving so soon?"

"You know how she is? She doesn't like to stay in one place too long."

"Yeah I know." She gave her a hug. "Don't wait too long to visit us again okay."

"Okay." She walked out. As she headed for the stables, she saw Hatalanie walking towards her. She stopped and waited.

"My queen, leaving so soon?"

"Yeah. We have some place we have to be."

"Oh, well I hope that we will be seeing you again soon." She bowed.

"You don't have to do that and please call me Gabrielle."

"Okay, Gabrielle." She walked off.

Gabrielle saw Xena in the stables just getting finished with Argo.



Xena lead Argo out the stables with Gabrielle following behind. They said their last goodbyes and left the village. Soon they were well away from the amazon territory. There was something that was bothering Xena, but Gabrielle couldn't get her to talk about it. She knew that she was upset about Hatalanie but there seemed to be something else on her mind as well.

They stopped a little past dark and camped.

* * *

Gabrielle brought herself to the present again and looked up at Xena, who now seemed to be asleep. She stood and walked to her bags. Setting her scrolls into her bag, she grabbed a towel and a shift and headed toward the falls.

Xena woke some time later and looked around. She hadn't realized she had dozed off and didn't know how long she was out for. She sat up and looked around for Gabrielle again and found nothing. Her bag was by her bedroll and her staff. She shook her head and stood. Grabbing the staff, she started to walk to the falls thinking she had gone to take a bath since her towel was gone.

She came to the falls and stopped. She could see Gabrielle through some bushes but chose not to get any closer to her. She leaned against a tree and waited. Part of her, the sane part, was telling her to get out of there, but another part was memorizing the dips and curves that were Gabrielle. She smiled to herself and took in a breath. Thinking she was crazy to be thinking about her best friend this way, she backed up and walked around the bushes till she stood on shore.


Gabrielle turned to see Xena holding her staff in the air above her head.

"Forget something?"

Gabrielle smiled and started to swim to the shore. She knew she should of taken her staff but was so preoccupied with her thoughts that she had simply forgotten. She swam to Xena and smiled as she took her staff.

"You know you should carry it..."

"With me at all times. I know I know." she finished.

"This is not funny Gabrielle. What would of happend if someone would of dropped in on you?"

"Like anyone could do that. You have great hearing. You would of heard me scream."

"And if I wasn't there in time?"

"Okay. I'm sorry. I'll remember next time."

"Good. Now. get dressed."

Gabrielle had forgotten about her nakedness and blushed. "I will."

Xena turned and walked back to camp.

Gabrielle knew now that something was bothering Xena and she had to get to the bottom of it somehow. She just had to get Xena to talk. With these thoughts, she walked back to camp.

When she had made it back to camp, she saw that Xena had started on her nightly routine of sharpening her sword. She sat down on her bedroll and grabbed a scroll out of her bag to start a story or finish up the one she already had started.

Xena had been sharpening her sword and had heard Gabrielle come into camp, start a scroll, and settle down.

She looked up awhile later and saw that the bard had fallen asleep. She smiled and laid down her sword, and stood. She walked to the bedroll and put away her scrolls. She grabbed a blanket and covered Gabrielle with it. Sitting back down on her own bedroll, she laid back against a tree and listened to the nightly sounds. The hoot of an owl, the gentle howl of a wolf, and a crack of a stick. She sat up quickly and looked around. Taking a look at Gabrielle, she grabbed her sword, stood, and headed out into the trees to find the source of the noise.

She searched around the camp and soon had to venture far to seek the noise. Finding nothing, she headed back to camp.

Coming into camp, she knew instantly that something was wrong. She looked around and couldn't quite place it. She soon realized the source of the problem when she heard no snoring, a nightly thing with Gabrielle. Now there was silence. She edged closer to the bards bedroll and pulled back the covers. There was nothing but a bunch of blankets stuffed into the bedroll. She stood up and scanned the area as she ran into the woods.

Her search had to end soon when she found nothing. She came back to camp and sat down. She tried to think but ended up twisted in her own thoughts. How could someone come into camp and just steal Gabrielle away like that? Surely she would have known it. She laid her head back against a tree and waited. For what she had no idea but was sure that whatever it was would come to her.

* * *

Gabrielle opened her eyes and looked around but didn't recognize anything. She sat up and shook her head. "Xena." She cleared her throat.



"I'm sorry but I don't think she can hear you," came a soft voice almost familar.

Gabrielle turned toward the voice and saw Hatalanie. "What am I doing here?"

"I took you."


Hatalanie turned. "I took you away from that monster."


"Do I have to explain why. I hate doing that."

"Where is Xena?"

"Oh, I don't really know. Probably looking for you I'd imagine. Although she'll soon just forget you and move on."

"What are you talking about?"


"What about her?"

"Hey! I'll ask the questions here. Not you."

Gabrielle moved from the bed and stood up. She walked to Hatalanie. "Please. Tell me why."

"I save you from that monster and you ask why."

"She is not a monster!!!!"

Gabrielle recieved a hard blow across the face that made her fall to the floor. She grabbed her jaw and looked up at the woman.

"You obviously have forgotten who is the prisoner here."

"Then just tell me one thing."


"Where am I?"

"In a cave. About three miles from where you were camped."

Gabrielle sat down on the bed she had been on and let out a sigh.

"You have no idea what she has done. She destroyed lives, including mine."

"She isn't like that anymore."

"Oh I see. Just because she decided to change, everyone is supposed to forgive her is that it? I've got news for you Gabrielle, that will never happen. She has not changed. She is still a monster."

Gabrielle knew this woman wouldn't kill her so she decided to get her to talk. "Tell me."

"Tell you what?"

"What she did to you."

"Oh you want to know about me. I....alright." She grabbed a seat across from Gabrielle and began. "I was just starting out in life. Had a decent life and a marriage. Everything was going great until she showed up waving her power around to conquer a new village to make a name for herself. My husband and I had just finished with our harvesting, when a bunch of riders rode into our home. They killed my husband and would of killed me, but a woman stopped them. She liked me and wanted me to join her army but I refused. Her men beat me till I was barely alive and then left me to die. Is that fair?"

Gabrielle was silent.

"Losing my husband was bad enough. I could have made it and went on without him, but the fact that they beat me did it." She caught Gabrielle's eyes. "I was pregnant you see and they took that away from me as well."

Gabrielle looked away and felt the tears run down her cheek. She didn't know if this woman was telling the truth. Something inside her told her she was. She knew that Xena had been bad in her days. Like the woman had said she had been a monster but she had never knew she was that much. She looked up. "Xena, had once saved a baby from her army. They had wanted to kill it."


"For doing so, she had lost her army and had to run the gauntlet. No one had been able to survive but she did."

"Too bad."

"She may not be the monster you hold her as." the woman started to speak when Gabrielle continued. "Her army beat you. Not her. She may have not even known that it had been done. If she would of known that you had been pregnant I'm sure that she would of taken care of you."

"I feel sorry for you Gabrielle."


"You hold her so high. One day she'll hurt you and you'll see how wrong you have been the whole time."

"She would never hurt me."

"I hope you're right."

"Hatalanie, if Xena finds you, she'll kill you."

"I know."

"Please let me go. Haven't you suffered enough. I won't tell her where I've been. I promise."

"Promises promises. All lies."

Gabrielle stood. "You can trust me."

"I can't trust anyone, but you're right. Don't make me regret this." She moved closer to Gabrielle. "Go down the passage and take a left, right, and keep going straight till you reach the end." She walked down a passage leaving Gabrielle alone. Gabrielle took the other passage and followed her instructions till she reached the end. She looked up at the full moon and smiled as she ran away from the small cave. She had no idea where she was but ran anyway. Either she would find Xena or Xena would find her.

* * *

Xena had searched as long as she could and had to camp for the night. She didn't umpack Argo but started a fire. She had sat down and watched the flames for almost two candlemarks, when she couldn't stand it any longer and started to pace back and forth. This not helping, she did the only other thing she could think of. Sharpen her sword. For some reason she had a voice in the back of her mind telling her to do it. Not knowing what else to do she sat down and began.

* * *

Gabrielle had ran as long as she could and slumped down on the ground next to a tree as she tried to get back her breath. A scraping sound was heard and she turned her head to see the light from a camp fire through the trees. She crawled to the edge of the light and got a look at who was at the camp. She almost screamed with joy when she saw Xena sharpening her sword next to a fire. Her guard was down and she seemed to be saddened by something. Gabrielle knew what it was and moved closer.

Xena heard a small snap of a twig and immediatley stood up, sword in hand. When she saw Gabrielle crawling into the firelight, she dropped her sword and rushed to the girls side. She didn't think as she picked her up and carried her to her bedroll. "Where were you?"

"Long story. If I told you you would get angry and I don't want that."

Xena said nothing and contined to hold Gabrielle as she slowly rocked her back and forth. "You look tired."

"I am."

"Sleep." She laid Gabrielle out on the bedroll and covered her up. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight Xena." She gathered the blankets over her.

Xena grabbed some blankets off of Argo and started to make her bedroll, when she noticed that Gabrielle was shaking. "Gabrielle, are you alright?"

"Its a little cold."

"Do you need more blankets?"

"No, would you....I mean...if you want..."


"Would you stay with me?"

"If you want me to."

"I do."

Xena grabbed the blankets and placed them over Gabrielle as she got into the covers. "Better?"


Xena turned on her side and started to get comfortable when an arm went around her waist and held her tight. She smiled and closed her eyes.

* * *

Gabrielle woke up with a jump. It took her a moment to figure out where she was. She rubbed her eyes and looked down at Xena. With a smile, she laid down and propped up her head with her elbow as she watched her sleeping friend. Gabrielle couldn't figure out how she could look so innocent while she was sleeping. The masks she placed up were gone when she slept. She didn't know what possesed her to do so but somehow she found her hand on Xena's lips. They felt so soft. She knew she shouldn't be touching her but somehow couldn't stop. Her fingers weren't enough and she leaned down and touched Xena's lips with her own. She pulled away and looked at the face before her. She was still sleeping. She smiled and leaned down again. This time as she touched the lips, she found them moving against her. She opened her eyes and saw the most amazing blue. She pulled away and blushed.

Xena sat up and looked at Gabrielle. She moved an arm and gently pulled Gabrielle's face so she could look at her. Before Gabrielle could say anything, Xena moved in and gently brushed her lips against Gabrielle's. One small kiss led to another and another, till both pulled away breathless. Gabrielle closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. When she opened her eyes she saw Xena smiling.

"What are you smiling about?"


Gabrielle moved closer a pushed Xena onto her back as she laid on her shoulder.



Xena shook her head and closed her eyes.

To be continued...

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