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Part 1   2


by Melissa McMahan

Xena, Garielle, Joxer and Autolycus walked into a town that had just been raided by the Seythian army.

JOXER: Nothing is left!

GABBY: Joxer is right, we didn't get here in time.

AUTO: You know Gabrielle you have a knack for pointing out what we can already see.

XENA: Shut up all of you! (Sighs) Let me think.

Joxer notices something up in the sky, he points to it and Gabrielle notices it too.

GABBY: What is that?!

JOXER: I donno, but it's big.

Xena and Auto both look as the object lands in the woods not far away.

AUTO: I got a bad feeling about this.

Xena draws her sword and walks forward a few steps only to see four figures walking towards her in the tree line. Xena stops and holds her ground.

XENA: Who are you?!

A man in a cape steps out and Xena raises an eyebrow. The man lowers his cape and looks at the warrior woman before him.

LUKE: I'm Luke Skywalker, what planet is this? (Sighs) It's not on any of our charts. We went through a strange warp in space and came out here.

XENA: Planet?!

GABBY: Warp in space what is talking about?!

Xena then notices Leia, Han Solo and Chewbecca walking out. She gasps when she sees him, then C3PO and R2D2 also shock her. Joxer passes out.

AUTO: What is this? The gods must be playing with us.

XENA: No I feel something, I'm not sure what.

LEIA: Look at them?! (Sighs) They are savages!

HAN: Yeah, how are they going to help us?!

LUKE: The force is strong with them, they might be of some use to us after all.

XENA: Look pal?! (Pauses) I don't know what you and your friend here are up to, but I want some answers and I want them now! What's this force your talking about? Is it that thing that fell from the sky?!

HAN: Excuse me, but that's my ship your talking about!

XENA: Ship?! (Dryly) Look I'm going to see what it is for myself. Everyone is coming with me.

Joxer comes to and follows behind, not knowing whats even going on. Xena stands in aw of the sight before her, she goes in and looks around. The lighted controls delight her. She walks back out as her friends stare at the wonder before them. Then the she sees the Seythians coming.

XENA: We got company!

The Seythians come in fighting and Luke draws his light saber cutting many of their army down. Laia blast a few with her gun, everyone gets into the act until the last of the seythians run in terror.

XENA: Interesting weapons you have.

HAN: Better than your savage ones.

XENA: Both are equally deadly.

LUKE: Enough! Lets just go, we've bothered these good people all we should.

Xena goes back on board and refuses to leave, her friends do the same. They all want answers from the people they have just met.

HAN: Fine, you want answers I'll give you all you want.

Han flys the ship up as Xena and her friends look out the window. Soon the earth is below them.

AUTO: So much for the earth being flat theory!

GABBY: Now who's stating what we can all see?

JOXER: It's so blue too.

Before anyone knew it the ship was pulled back into the warp again. It came out right in the sight of the empires space station. They were then pulled in by it's tractor beam, hidding in the storage area again as the storm troopers searched the ship. Joxer sneezed and they were all found and Leia started yelling.

LEIA: You big dope look what you've done.

JOXER: I'm sorry dust makes me sneeze.

GABBY & LEIA: Idiot!

STORM TROOPER: Come on little honey, that's right be a good little girl and don't give me any trouble.

Leia then turns her rants to this storm trooper dragging her off the ship.

LEIA: Let go of me you sexist pig! (Pulling) You misogynistic scum! I'll give you honey, you slime!

HAN: I love it when she's really mad like this.

Leia used everyword she could think of that meant someone was being sexist.

The End of PART ONE

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