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By Melissa McMahan


Alone in the dark night
crying in my loneliness
but my tears are in vain
my pain is all I have

My dreams turn to dust
heart filled with sadness
a soul burned to ashes
I've been ripped apart

Your emptiness chills me
but you cannot see it
within your dark eyes
I have no defenses love

I've suffered long enough
but nothings all you give
I'm eager just to see you
then you only walk away

As another day goes by
I'm alone in a crown
nothing more to say
it's just the way it is

I'd do anything for you
you stand the sight me
tell me what did I do
to make you feel this way


Note: This poem is from a while back... after reading it again, it sounds like something Joxer himself might write about a certain blonde Bard.


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