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Author's Note: This is the first story of a series. I hope you like them Also e-mail me for your feedback!
Rated: G
Disclaimer: Meg and Caesar do not belong to me they belong to MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures.

The Roman and the Tramp
By: Meg, Warrior Barmaid

Part One

Caesar walked in the tavern, looking around slightly. The people in the tavern stopped doing everything. The tavern became quiet. All eyes on Caesar. He smirked, he loved the affect he has on people. He walked to the bar slowly, the music and talking starting up again. The barmaid walked out and bumped into him, spilling some of the drinks on the floor she was caryring.

"Why don'tcha watch where ya goin'?" she yelled.

"I'm terribly sor--" he stopped, knowing that voice. He looked up, his eyeswidened in suprise.

She rolled her eyes, "What're you starin' at?"

He blinked, figuring if Xena was undercover she would never go undercover in a tavern. But something didn't seem right. She smelled like liquor, and he knew Xena never drank.

"Are ya just gunna stand there all day? Or ya gunna move? Huh?" she snapped.

Caesar nodded, and moved out of her way, as she darted by him quickly to the table. You could tell by the look on his face, that Caesar, for once in his life, was confused. He sat down at the bar, and looked again at the woman. He wondered why, he knew if she was Xena he would be dead already. But, this woman wasn't Xena, her actions, her words, it wasn't her. She walked behind the bar, and looked at Caesar.

"Whattya have?" she asked.

"Something not to strong.." he smiled.

She winked at him, "Alright.." she bended down grabbing a concoction she made. She laughed to herself. --Something not to strong huh? Well then Mr. Roman Fancy-Pants God, let's see if you can handle this..-- She giggled, and handed him the mug. "Drink up.." She winked at him again.

He smiled, and took a drink of the concoction. Meg couldn't help but snicker, watching him. Caesar blinked, and looked in the mug. He shrugged, and downed the whole glass, and looked at her.

"A refill..please.."

She grinned, she was going to LOVE getting the Roman boy hammered. She poured him some more, And watch him gulp it down. She poured herself a glass and looked at him.

He blinked, and looked in his cup. "It's empty! How'd that happen?"

Meg smiled,"Aww, here.." she filled his glass up again, and drank with him.

He looked over at her, and sighed. "You know what I don't get?"

Meg hopped over the bar, bring a couple of bottles iwht her, and led Caesar to a table. "What's that?"

"Why people call me Caesar! I real name is Gauis Julis Caesar.." he sat down at the table, looking in his mug. "It's empty again"

Meg smiled, "It's alright Gauis.." she poured him another glass.

"No, don't call me Gauis. It's Julius.." he said gulping the drink down halfway.

"Alright then.." she smiled, drinking some of hers.

"You know...when I was growing up..the kids use to tease me calling me Gauis.." he sniffed.

She started to laugh, spitting her drink out across the table.

"It's not funny!" he whined.

"I'm sorry Caesie.." she smiled, filling his mug up again.

"It's not fair!" he gulped it down again. "I mean, sure I went to the best school in Rome, had the best teachers..but the way the kids teased wasn't funny!"

"I'm sure it wasn't.." she said, drinking some of hers.

He downed the rest of the drink, and looked back down in his mug. "Damn it all..."

She snickerd, she could tell he didn't normally drink, she poured him one more glass full, and smiled.

"You know..your a good girl..what's your name?" he asked gulping down the drink.

"Meg.." she smiled.

"Meg..that's a pretty name...Wish that was mine.."

She laughed, "Okay there Caesie, I think you've had enough for one night.."

He frowned, "No! I want more.." he stood up. "I have not yet begun to drink!" he said, then collapsed foward on the table.

She rolled her eyes, and dragged him into the back room, with some help. The girls put him on the couch, and looked to Meg.

"What're ya goin' t'do with him?" Mae asked.

"Fix him some tea..that'll help him with his headache when he wakes up.." she said.

Mae nodded, and went to go fix the tea.

Meg looked at him, starting to feel bad about what she did. "Aw, I didn't mean for him to get hammered this bad.." She sighed. "He does look cute lying there.."

Caesar groaned, and sat up holding his head. "What happened?" he looked at her. "Who are y--XENA!"

"No..I'm not Xena..I just look like her that's all.."she grinned. "The names Meg.."

He nodded, and winced. "A pleasure.."

"I told one of the girls to fix you some tea for when you woke up.."

"Thank you.." he looked at her. He was amazed about her remarkable resemblence to Xena was. He looker her over, thinking of how he could use her. Maybe, to his own advantage. he knew if she lookd like Xena, that meant everything about her was like Xena also. He grinned to himself, as Mae walked back in with the cup of tea. He nodded, and took the tea, and sipped it lightly.

After he finished the tea, he walked out of the tavern, followed by Meg. "I thank you for what you have done.." he said, smiling.

"It was nothin..." she smiled.

"No, I appreciate it..Next time I'm around, I'll be sure to look you up." He grinned, and kissed her hand. "Until next time.." With those words Caesar left Meg standing in the enterance of the Tavern, smiling.

To be continued...

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