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The Bathing ChamberBy Marista

The characters of Xena, Gabrielle and Ares aren’t mine, but are the property of Universal/MCA studios (they just like to come to my mind and play for short periods of time.) This story deals with a relationship between two women. If this is offensive to your or illegal in your area then I feel sorry for you; please read no further. This very brief story elaborates on a scene that takes place during the episode "Chakram". One would consider this story sexually graphic, but no actual sex takes place…. go figure. I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for taking the time to read my story.


Gabrielle walked down the hall towards the bathing chamber. Her heart started to pound at the mere thought of seeing Xena naked again. Perhaps if she walked fast enough she could catch a full view of her friend before she entered the tub, but it had already been half a candlemark since Xena told her she was going for a bath, so there was very little hope there. The adrenaline coursed through Gabrielle’s veins, she felt so free. She wasn’t sure what change had taken place in her since her resurrection except the fact that had gotten over her fear of killing. Somehow, knowing that life didn’t end with the slash of a blade, but merely transitioned made the act tolerable; especially since Xena was so vulnerable. Or, perhaps it was the realization of one of her oldest and best kept fantasies; her being the mighty warrior coming to Xena’s rescue. She continued to ponder as she quickened her step, then again it could be the security she felt in the fact that she and Xena would never be separated, not even by death. She pushed these thoughts aside because it really didn’t matter. She felt more like herself than she had in months. ‘If only Xena could say the same’.

She stood outside of the chamber for a few moments taking deep breaths. She had to remind herself that this wasn’t her Xena, well not completely at least. She wondered if this Xena would be as immodest about her body as the old Xena. Xena would return to her old self, she had to! And perhaps then, she would be able to muster the courage to tell Xena what was really in her heart, before the warrior died yet again. Gabrielle exhaled hard, put on her most neutral face and entered the chamber. She called Xena’s name gently so as not to startle the gentle, childlike woman, and was about to report on Eli’s progress so far.

To her surprise she found the naked Xena she craved to see, but there she was in the embrace of that bastard war god Ares. ‘Will he ever leave her alone?’ Gabrielle wondered to herself as she felt the anger welling up in her. And there she was, completely naked and only half submerged in the water. Her nipples were hard although her face still retained its state of innocence. "Only you would take advantage of Xena when she’s like this" Gabrielle said with disdain. Ares face was full of guilt, although he tried to hide it with his unparalleled arrogance. Gabrielle let her blood boil as the war god continued to babble some lame response to her accusation, and then to her joy – he disappeared. In her heart she wished it was the last time she’d ever see him again, but she knew better.

Xena just sat there with that same open, questioning look that seemed to be her facial expression of choice as of late. The dormant warrior merely stood there looking at Gabrielle and made absolutely no efforts to cover herself. For that small reward Gabrielle was glad, but she was still too pissed off about Ares to really enjoy it. Gabrielle walked around the tub, and stood in front of the warrior. She wanted to put her arms around her, but just couldn’t. "Did he hurt you?" Gabrielle said as she looked the warrior over. She seemed fine except for the hardened nipples, which almost begged, for her touch. And another wave of anger flashed though her very core as she realized Xena’s nipples were hard because Ares’ hands had probably been there already. Xena’s expression changed as she thought about Gabrielle’s question. "It does hurt, but he didn’t do it." Now it was Gabrielle’s turn to look puzzled. "Huh? Where does it hurt?"

Without a second thought Xena sat up on the ledge of the tub and spread her legs wide. Xena took her finger and pointed down to her nether region and simply said "here". The bard was speechless and completely surprised at the action and it took a minute for her to recover from the shock. She was completely over come because of all the times they spent bathing together she had never seen the warrior in this position. It was one of the most beautiful sights she had ever had the privilege to witness. Again she took at deep breath before she answered as Xena sat there and waited patiently for the woman’s response. Gabrielle used her breathing techniques again to keep herself focused where her friend was concerned. Then she noticed the problem… Xena’s clit was red and swollen.

Gabrielle thought about this for a moment, she had said ‘he didn’t do it’, which means this was her body’s natural arousal and he hadn’t touched her there... ‘but if I had been a minute or two later…’ Gabrielle forced the thought out of her mind and focused on her friend and trying to figure out what to do about the situation. It would be so easy to simply take her, and make love to her the way she’s always wanted to ever since she found that set of scrolls in the Amazon library that were descriptive teachings about sex. The scrolls she had read talked about the secret diamond of pleasure every woman possess between her legs, but until this moment Gabrielle had never seen it. There were many sections on the joy of taking it into one’s mouth and suckling it. She wanted to taste Xena’s arousal for herself. Not to mention trying everything else the scrolls mentioned about pleasuring another woman. But she just couldn’t do it while Xena was so helpless, because then she would be no better than Ares.

"Xena, I can’t really help you with that, but I could show you how to… help yourself." Gabrielle stepped towards Xena and grasped her hand. Gabrielle’s breaths were becoming short and shallower by the second as her own body began to respond. She slowly straightened out Xena’s first two fingers and guided the hand down towards the swollen nub. As she stood there, so close to her forbidden prize she could smell the scent of Xena’s arousal. She then positioned Xena’s fingers and let go when they reached their goal. Xena left her hand there, but she made no motions to relieve herself. Gabrielle cleared her throat and pursed her lips together when she realized that she would have to go a step further. She moved in again and carefully put her hand on top of Xena’s and began to slowly move it back and forth. After two or three strokes she noticed that Xena’s pelvis moved forward as her back arched slightly. Gabrielle felt lightheaded, and she stepped back again, letting Xena’s hand go. When she did Xena stopped all motion and continue to look at her friend with all the expectation and innocence of a 5 year old. "If you want it to stop hurting you have to move your fingers the way I showed you." Gabrielle said in a voice that was raspy and strained with passion. Xena tentatively started to move her hand, but there was no rhythm or pattern to the motion and Gabrielle knew she would never cum that way. Gabrielle exhaled, exasperated by her situation and once again she was forced to move close to Xena "no, no Xena. You have to keep a steady rhythm like this." And once again she put her hand over Xena’s and began to move it back and forth. Once again Gabrielle was rewarded by seeing Xena’s beautiful body respond to the stimulation. This time Gabrielle stayed close for a few more strokes to make sure that Xena got it. "You can move your hand faster or slower if you like. You just have to keep trying until you find a speed that makes you feel the best" she said with a voice that was broken and shaky at best. Xena nodded in response as she started to move her hand on her own. Gabrielle turned on her heels to make a mad dash for her own chambers and take care of her own need after what she just witnessed. Before she took her first step she heard Xena call to her. "Gabrielle, where are you going?" It took Gabrielle a moment to find her voice as she watch Xena propped on the edge of the tub rocking back and forth as she pleasured herself. "I was going to give you some privacy". Xena’s eyes were a mixture of pleading and pleasure "please don’t go. How will I know when to stop?" Gabrielle just chuckled to herself at the irony of the situation, ‘so close and yet so far’. "Xena believe, me you’ll know when your finished". Again she turned to try and leave, and again was called back, except that Xena’s voice was about two octaves deeper this time. "Please stay with me. I don’t need privacy". As much as she wanted to leave, she just couldn’t deny Xena anything, and she resigned herself that she would be in hell for the next few minutes. And it did remind her of the fruit of hell, just sitting there, tempting her and yet she couldn’t eat it; and now, here was Xena ready and ripe before her and yet she couldn’t touch her. She watched as Xena’s entire body would stiffen and release with each movement of her hand. She watched Xena’s ample bosoms sway and bounce with the motions. Gabrielle could feel a pool of wetness gathering in her underwear. The scene she was watching was the most erotic thing she had ever seen, not that she had seen much. And the entire time Xena kept her eyes focused on or near Gabrielle, almost as if she was waiting for further instructions. She watched as the clear blue of her eyes turned hazy with passion and desire. Gabrielle’s mind finally started working again, at least a little and she saw a way to help herself out. "Xena, close your eyes and concentrate on where it hurts. It’ll help you." As Xena’s eyes slowly closed she merely uttered "ok". With that done Gabrielle’s hand immediately went under her skirt. As Gabrielle stood there, she realized where her hand was and didn’t recall making a conscious decision to place it there, it seemed move of it’s own volition. She found her own swollen nub and began to find release. Xena began making soft moaning sounds, and Gabrielle suspected that Xena was nearing the edge. Which meant that she wouldn’t have time to bring herself to fulfillment, but that was Ok; she at least had her quick fix for now.

Finally, without warning Xena’s body completely went stiff, and her hand stopped its motions. Her eyes flew open and she jerked forward as her body trembled. Xena was panting now as she lay back, her body still trembling slightly. Gabrielle pulled her hand out of her underpants and walked to where the still prone Xena lay. "Feeling better?" Xena nodded, seemingly unable to speak. Gabrielle leaned over the kissed Xena on the forehead. Come on, the others will be looking for you soon. And with that Gabrielle helped Xena dress and the pair returned to the common room with Eli and his scrolls. When they entered the room no once suspected what had just occurred except for Amarice who detected the faint and very sweet scent of a woman’s arousal on them both.

Finis – October 1999

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