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Disclaimers: Xena and Gabrielle belong to Renaissance Pictures. I'm only borrowing them for a little. I promise. No kind of copyright infringement what-so-ever was intended.

Violence warning: nope, not a drop of blood was spilt is this story. No violence what-so-ever.

Love/sex warning: If you don't like the thought about Xena and Gabby getting ready to get "it" on, if it is illegal where you live, or your under 18, run!!!!! head for the hills and don't turn around!! Or the boogie man will catch up with you and scare you and Santa won't give you any presents this year!!!

Sunset Love

By: Little Miss Innocent


"How about over there?" the bard suggested as she pointed to a clearing that was near a spring.

"Whatever." the mighty warrior princess responded.

"Oh, Xena." the exasperated bard answered.

"What?!?" the warrior asked annoyed.

"You always say that."


"So, for once I would like to hear you say something more than 'whatever'."

"Gabrielle, you know I'm not the talkative type."

"'Gabrielle you know I'm not the talkative type.'" the bard mocked while unrolling their bedrolls.

"Ha ha. Very funny."

"Whatever." the bard said teasingly.

"Give it a rest Gabrielle." the warrior drawled as she successfully lit a fire for camp.



"Yes?" the bard answered innocently.

"You know just well what I'm talking about!!!!" Xena yelled as she stomped over to the bedrolls.

The bard tried to hold back her giggles but she was no match for the cute looking face that Xena makes when she's angry.

"Whats so funny!?!"

"You look so cute when your mad." the giggling bard gained enough composure to say in her sweetest mother tone while she stuffed her mouth with those little pastries with the red stuff in the middle that Xena loves.

"UGHHHH!!! Gabrielle, cut it out!!!"

"Okay..... Okay......" the bard answered through her gasps of air.

After a few moments when Gabrielle didn't stop gasping the warrior's annoyed look was replaced with a concerned look. "Gabrielle, are you okay??"

The only reply that the bard could make was more gasps for air and pointing at her throat.

"There's something in your throat??"

The bard nodded.

"Lets see." Those "many skilled" long fingers reached down into the bards throat and pulled out the delicacy.

"" the bard gasped as her breathing returned to normal.

"Gabrielle, what have I told about eating so fast." the warrior lectured while wiping Gabrielle's saliva off her hands.

"I know..but I'm so hungry."

"When aren't you?"

"Ha. Ha. Very funny."


"Xena, I was being sarcastic."

"I know, I just wanted to accept it as a complement."

"Ughhh. You can be so frustrating at times!!!"

"So can you." Xena retorted.

A rather angry bard blows raspberries at her friend.

"What's up with you and your spit!!!"

"Huh!?!? What do you mean!?!?"

"First I had to stick my fingers down your throat to dislodge a pastry with the red stuff that I really like and you didn't even offer me one of, and now your blowing your spit all over me!!! And you still haven't offered one of the little pastries!!!" the warrior pouted.

"Aw, is my big bad warrior princess upset??" the Amazon princes said seductively.

"Yes. "Xena said still pouting.

"I believe I know a game that will cheer you right up." she said in an enticing voice.

"Really?" Xena answered already interested in this 'game'.

"Really." The bard whispered gently in her lover's ear.

That very act made Xena's body shiver to her core.

And so our two lovers made hot, passionate love to each other while the sun set.

The End

After story disclaimer: Gabrielle was still hungry afterwards, so Xena was off on a mission to find the world's most obese rabbit to fill her 'Barry ward's tummy'.

Well!?!?! Did Ya like it!?!? heheheh.
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