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NOTE:Um.... okay I'm really new at this so give me a brake. Xena and Gabrielle etc. belong to Renaissance Pictures. I promise I'm only borrowing them. Honest!! I don't mind if you copy my writing. All I ask is that you please give me credit for it!! That's not so hard now is it!?! Okay. Well I think I've covered everything except.... this is rated PG. So don't worry too much parents its just a little romantic poem, I promise. Okay. Now that you have read my note, on with the show!!!

Ares' Desire

Oh how i yearn to touch my warrior's bronze skin again.

The skin that i last touched several years ago yet it seems like an eternity.

I long to have my strong immortal arms around her once again.

I try so many cunning tricks to bring her back, but she's no village idiot.

And if it wasn't for that irritating blond she would be by my side again.

My "Warrior Princess" would be my "Warrior Queen" and would mightily continue her conquests on all unsuspecting villages again.


The End

By: little miss innocent


Well??? Did ya like it??? Hope ya did.
Please send all comments and suggestions to
(did ya notice that the word again ended every other sentence??? pretty cool huh???)

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