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Disclaimer: Xena: Warrior Princess and all other characters related to the show are the property of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. They just came over to play for a while.

Sex Disclaimer: There is sex (and lots of it) between two consenting adults in this story. If this offends you or any one around you or if you are not of age (must be 18, it's the law) move on to something more suitable. You also might not want to read this if Joxer offends you in any way, shape or form.

Joxer's Dream

"I dreamt about you last night," she whispered softly in his ear. Her long blonde hair tickled his bare shoulder.

"Did you now?" He said with a slight smile. "What was it about?"

She pulled back to look deep into his chocolate eyes. "We spent the night together, but we didn't get any sleep." A giggle slipped through her pink lips. They quivered with anticipation of what was to come. He cupped her face gently in his rough yet tender hands. He leaned in until his face was less than an inch from hers.

"We can make it a dream come true." His warm breath caressed her face as he spoke. She wrapped her slender arms around his neck and pulled him on top of her as she laid back. He settled onto her, matching her curves with his own. He started to kiss her slowly as he pinned her arms above her head. He started to work his way down her chin to her neck where he stopped to linger along the soft flesh along her collarbone. She wrapped her finely toned legs around his waist and brought him close to her, where she could feel his excitement building greatly. She started to rub her pelvis gently against the bulge, which proceeded to make him groan softly. He continued slowly downward until he got to the top of her "sports bra". He let go of her arms and grasped her breasts firmly, one in each hand.

"By the gods," she moaned as he started to knead them. He started to nibble on one of her nipples, which was visible through the material.

"Oh yes, Joxer."

The way she had said his name had made his passion mount even higher. He had to have her soon. He started to tug at the strings binding her shirt together until they were loose enough to take it off. He grabbed her arm and roughly pulled her up and ripped her shirt off over her head. Her sunshine locks fell wildly around her naked breasts. Her blue eyes burned nothing but an insatiable passion they were both about to share. He grabbed a handful of the satiny hair and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. When he finished, he started his way down again this time focusing on the well-cut abs on the way to his goal. He traced the out line of the muscles down until he had reached the crest of her skirt. He slid his hands underneath the brown material and to his pleasant surprise she wasn't wearing anything else. He teased the edge of her mound, twirling the soft curls with his eager fingers. He lifted the skirt up just enough to expose the bottom half of her body. He leaned in and blew gently across the valley of blonde curls.

"Do you want me to relieve your frustrations, Gabrielle?" He said hoarsely.

"Yes, Joxer," she pleaded. "I want you to fuck me."

"I'm not going to fuck you yet." Joxer whispered as Gabrielle responded with a whimper.

"But I'm going to make sure you are screaming for it in a few minutes." Gabrielle whimpered a few more times as Joxer positioned himself in between her legs and forcefully buried his face into her moist center. She nearly jumped out of her skin upon contact. He felt intoxicated by the scent of her surrounding him. He licked the lips of her pussy and then tugged and sucked on them gently. He felt her shudder slightly, so he wrapped his arms around her legs to keep her steady. He proceeded up to her swollen clit, which he blew on softly then flicked his tongue over the hood. Gabrielle grabbed his head and pushed it to her pelvis. Joxer then took her clit into his mouth and sucked forcefully. Gabrielle could feel the waves of passion building fast as her body started to shake uncontrollably. As he felt the pressure building, he maneuvered a hand around and placed two fingers into her dripping hole, while he kept his mouth in position. He started to hum "Joxer the Mighty" on her clit as he started to thrust his fingers in and out slowly.

"Almighty Zeus!!!" Gabrielle screamed as she started to buck forcefully, while wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body. Joxer stayed on her clit and continued humming through the duration of it. When most of it had subsided, he pulled back and looked down at her sweaty form. Her bare chest pumping from the exertion. Her blonde hair clung to her forehead.

"So can I fuck you now?" He asked innocently.

"No," she answered breathlessly. "But I can fuck you." Before he knew it, she had him pinned down on his back and she was straddling him, her breasts hanging a mere inch from his lips.

She started to grind into his pelvis, where she could feel his cock was ready.

"And don't worry, I'm not going to torture you," She said with a wicked grin.

She slid down his legs a little so she could reach the ties to his britches. She loosened them and pulled his cock from behind the restricting cloth. Gabrielle could feel herself getting wet again. She held his seven-incher at the base and bent down to where she could lick the tip slowly, savoring the taste of it, and down the small opening at the top. She pulled back and blew where she had moistened it. Joxer proceeded to watch the whole show and shivered with excitement as she did this. She took the tip completely into her mouth and sucked forcefully as she slowly stroked the shaft. When she knew she probably couldn't do much more with him before he lost control, she pulled off. She moved up his body again and lifted her skirt until her pussy was hovering above his throbbing rod. Joxer grabbed her hips and pulled her down. His cock slid in easily with no assistance. They both groaned simultaneously. Gabrielle started to rotate her hips while Joxer kept his hands on them, rocking with the easy rhythm the bard was setting. After a few minutes Joxer couldn't stand it any more. With a few tricky moves he had Gabrielle on her back underneath him. He started to thrust wildly. He grasped her breasts and started to knead them forcefully, one in each hand. Gabrielle started to dig into his back with her nails, but Joxer couldn't feel anything but the wet hole he was fucking with no mercy. They were both rising to the point of release as if they were of one body. Finally with an ear-shattering scream, they climaxed together. Joxer collapsed on top of Gabrielle. After a few minutes, he rolled over and lay next to her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his chest that was still pumping up and down. Joxer closed his eyes to stay in the moment just a few minutes, when he thought he heard Gabrielle call his name. He was too weak to respond to her calls.


The earth started to shake.


The earth started to shake harder.


Joxer opened his eyes to see Gabrielle staring at him. He smiled lovingly at her.

"Gabby, can't we take a little break? You know we have all night. Then I'll make it up to you I promise." He says softly.

"Joxer, what in Hades are you talking about?" Gabrielle looks down at him sternly.

"You were supposed to be our look out, but when I woke up, you were asleep. And I am not even going to ask why you were moaning."

Joxer was glad the campfire was low so Gabrielle couldn't see the embarrassment on his face that he could feel burning there.

"I'm sorry Gabby. I didn't mean to let you down." Joxer responds sadly. Partly for goofing up again and partly because it was only a dream he had had. What else do you expect? You're nothing but a loser.

Gabrielle looks down at him. "It's all right, Joxer." She places a hand on his shoulder.

"Look, if you would like, I'll stay up and keep you company."

"That would be nice. Thanks, Gabby."

"You're welcome."

Momentary silence

"Hey Joxer. What were you dreaming about? It sounded pretty good."

"You don't want to know."


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