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December 4, 1998 - March 19, 1999 by JLPeterson (

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My heartfelt thanks to my beta readers M, N and S.

Incidental Tourist - Part V

by JLPeterson

Incidental Tourist, Part Five:
Thighs and Whimpers

As she waited for the response, Dee held Jay’s hands in her palms and looked into the watery blue eyes a little above her. She idly brushed her thumbs across Jay’s wrists.

The local watched in dismay as Dee’s hazel eyes dropped to investigate the abrasion and rough edges that her thumbs had discovered.

"Jay" she gasped, pulling the taller woman’s arms up so she could see the wounds more clearly, "what are these from?"

No sooner had Dee asked the question than the realization hit her, "Handcuffs?"

Her dark-haired lover nodded mutely.

Dee moved closer to Jay and, still holding up her lover’s arms, she brought her lips to the wounds and kissed them. Jay sighed at the soft loving touch. This is one reason why. When the young woman lowered their hands, the older one kissed the golden crown and rested a cheek atop it, only to move a moment later when Dee looked back up at her.

"Tell me," she said.

Jay felt both safe and uncertain - the oddest mix of emotions she’d ever had. Is this what trust is like? She allowed her head to rest on the young woman’s shoulder as Dee moved back against the couch’s low armrest, opening her arms wide to accept Jay in a comforting embrace. I’ll be damned if this isn’t a role reversal, the local thought. She couldn’t remember the last time that she had allowed herself to be vulnerable and held by a caring heart.

Dee listened quietly to the whole story, occasionally stroking the dark hair, kissing the top of Jay’s head, tightening her embrace a little and then relaxing it, and nodding understanding so her lover could feel it.

Each word Jay spoke was a release of sorts. As the events of her past and the last 48 hours were recalled and said aloud it was a catharsis. Tonight she was cleansing herself, confessing and receiving absolution from a young saint named Dee. Strange as it was to her, she knew it wasn’t Dee’s forgiveness that would free her captive soul, but that she needed to forgive herself. The young woman had opened a door for her. It was up to Jay to step through the threshold.

Dangerous as her predicament was, the former call girl fell fast asleep in her savior’s arms. For the good part of an hour Dee’s mind unsuccessfully searched for a happy ending to this tale. She then decided to accept that Jay was, for the moment, safe and with her. The tourist sighed in gratitude for the present, lay her head upon the dark head and slept as well.

* * *

Jay awoke before the morning sunlight filtered through the curtains. The pre-dawn stillness enveloped her in an almost unreal peace that made it hard for her to believe what had happened so recently. From Friday night when she’d left Dee on the doorstep up until she felt the young woman’s softness beneath her this morning - somehow she thought that maybe it was all a dream. She began to smile at the hopeful thought only to re-open the crack on her lip. Trembling fingers rose to touch the drop of blood that had formed there. Not a dream...Couldn’t it have been one God? How else will I be saved from this nightmare?

As her pupils began to shrink at the increasing light, Jay felt small hands circle her neck and encourage her head downward. The tourist’s eyes were still closed but her lips were parted in expectation. Their mouths joined and Dee’s tongue ventured out to find the rough edge of a broken lip. She licked the wetness and, on recognizing the taste, opened her eyes and pulled back far enough to focus on the face above hers.

"Oh Jay," she whispered and brought her lips back to her lover, careful not to push against the split but still involving herself fully in the kiss.

"I could kiss you forever," Dee said briefly before engaging Jay’s mouth again and running the palms of her hands and fingers across and through the older woman’s dark hair.

Jay didn’t want to break the kiss either but anxiety struck doubled-fisted at their bliss, insisting that the fugitive deal with the harsh reality. Something had to be done - and quickly - if it wasn’t already too late. God this is too much! Couldn’t I just run away with her and forget that all happened? It’s not f—king fair! Why do you hate me so that you torture me like this?

"It’s not f—king fair!" Jay yelled at the ceiling as she broke the kiss. Her temper and temperature rose together as the physiological metamorphosis from gentle to violent swept through her body. Feeling the oncoming angry tide, Dee released Jay and backed up away from her.

Jay approached the closed guestroom door and kicked it squarely in the center with such fury that it did not open but rather shattered and splintered, leaving a large jagged hole.

Denise, fearing an earthquake when awakened by the sudden noise, bolted from her bed and rushed toward Dee’s room. She stopped abruptly as soon as she saw the door.

"Dee!" she screamed as she lunged for the doorknob and opened the frame wide. Her younger cousin ran to her with arms outstretched.

"It’s okay, Denise," she reassured her, "it's okay, really."

Jay sat on the couch holding her foot in her hand; the same foot she’d struck Stan with. With her other hand she covered her face and mumbled, "I’m sorry," over and over.

Dee led her older cousin back out of the room and into the kitchen.

"We need to talk," the tourist said as she inserted a filter into the coffee maker. Its digital clock glowed 5:23am.

"You bet we need to talk!" Denise asserted while the younger dropped scoops of ground coffee into the filter.

While Dee poured cold water into the decanter her cousin continued loudly, "Just what the hell was that all about?"

"We’ll explain as soon as the coffee’s ready," she said with a newfound air of authority.

She emptied the water into the coffee maker's well and placed the decanter underneath.

"Ah!" Denise exclaimed clearly taken aback by the young woman’s statement.

"I’ll be back in a minute," the smaller blonde informed her as she walked back into her room and closed what was left of the door behind her.

"I’m sorry about that," Jay offered, her voice overflowing with regret, "I’m so angry. I don’t think I’ve been this filled with hate for someone since"

The local was interrupted by Dee’s finger on her mouth. "I understand," she said.

The young woman wrapped her arms around Jay and whispered in her ear.

"We’ll find a way." Dee could still feel the despair and anger inside her lover's body.

"Say it Jay," the tourist whispered into her ear, "say it with me."

And they said it together "We’ll find a way."

"Again." They repeated the sentence like a mantra while Dee worked to relax Jay's tense muscle with firm pressure from the heels her palms and flat closed fingers.

"Thank you," the tall woman spoke as she felt the calm surrounding her, bringing her down from the height of her fury.

"We need to tell Denise," the younger one said as she held out her hands for Jay to hold.

* * *

The older cousin shook her head, "I don’t believe it! It’s incredible!" Denise looked at their faces and found focus on the local. The bruise was there plain as day as well as the cut lip and the wounds on Jay’s wrists.

"More coffee?" Denise asked the two seated women as she refilled her own mug. They nodded no and she replaced the decanter.

"So, let me see if I understand..." Denise alternated her look between Jay and Dee, "Jay was working as a, well, um, anyway, she witnessed a murder and the murderers are trying to frame her for it. They took her hostage and she escaped them. But they know where she lives, so she came here"

"They have no idea where ‘here’ is, Denise - you’re safe," Jay attempted to reassure her.

"Ah ha," Denise nodded with a doubtful look on her face. She sat down at the table across from her cousin and the fugitive.

"You’re wanted by the police and the murderers," Denise looked into Jay’s blue eyes, "Just what IS your plan?"

"We were thinking-" Dee began only to be cut-off by her cousin.

"Dee, I’m talking to Jay, what IS your plan?"

"I am hoping you’ll let me stay here a little bit - a few days, at least," Jay turned her coffee mug in her hands. She’d taken a sip before telling her story and now the liquid was cold.

"And, that you might, perhaps, let me borrow you car," she concluded.

"Let me think," Denise started to rise from the table.

"There’s no time to think!" Dee shot back at her, "The police may have already found the gun or noticed her car at the hotel! It’s still early Monday morning, perhaps-"

"Perhaps what!" Denise getting irritated, "don’t you think they’d suspect her? The murder was discovered Saturday for heaven’s sake, if they haven’t found the gun surely they would have checked out any cars there not registered to the hotel's guests."

Jay turned to Dee, "She’s right about that. I’m sure they would’ve checked the cars." Damn it. "May I re-heat my coffee in the microwave?"

"Sure," the older cousin replied, "What makes you think we're safe here?"

The local walked over to the microwave and put her mug inside, "I didn't mention your names, whereabouts..." She set the timer, "I don't know your phone number and didn't write down your address."

The appliance emitted a 'ding' and Jay retrieved the mug, blowing across the top of it.

"What you need is" Denise began to say.

"A good attorney!" the local finished as she returned to her chair. All the attorneys I know were clients. Shit! Can't much call them!

"A good attorney," the older cousin repeated, "I don't suppose you have one?"

When Jay sadly nodded no, Dee reached over and placed her hands on top of her lover's.

Denise settled back into her seat at the table and stared into her coffee mug, "You know"

The local and the tourist both looked hopefully at her.

"You know," she started again, "I know an excellent attorney down near San Diego... And, from what I've heard, she works with a private investigator who was a former police officer."

The older cousin held the two women captive with her words of possible help.

She continued speaking as she got up again and poured herself what was left of the coffee.

"Probably very expensive. It's been awhile since I've talked to her."

"I have some money," Jay's remarked thoughtfully, "but I have no idea how much my defense will cost. So how do you know her?"

"I used to work as a legal secretary at the firm where she did her internship."

"How can we contact her?" Dee was tired of sitting on the sidelines.

"Let me see what I can do," her cousin commented, "but, right now, I've got to get ready for work."

Denise tightened her bathrobe around her waist and walked, mug in hand, out of the kitchen and into her bedroom.

Jay and Dee turned to look at each other, the local's mouth starting to curl up in a corner.

The young woman dropped her forehead to Jay's and reminded her, "We'll find a way."

"Denise?" the tourist knocked on her cousin's closed door.

"What now?" Came the exasperated reply.

"About a car?" Dee continued.

Her older cousin abruptly opened her door to see Jay's beseeching eyes and a small smile as she stood behind the tourist. Denise addressed local.

"Look Jay, you bashed my door, dumped all this crap on Dee's and my lap and now you want my car as well? How am I supposed to get to work? Why, tell me, why should I let you have my car?"

Jay raised her eyebrows, "I'll pay for you to rent a car? Sportscar? Convertible? Porsche? Corvette? Mercedes? Dee can't rent one 'cause she's not twenty-one and I can't put my name on anything-"

"God!" The older cousin threw up her hands in surrender, "Okay! Okay!"

After getting details from Denise, Jay called a car rental company and made the arrangements. ...(

The fugitive was willing to pay much more but Denise settled for a Miata as long as the rental car company would pick her up promptly. ...(

As soon as Denise was finished with the bathroom, Jay and Dee hopped into the shower.

"Oh, I sure wish I had more time with you this morning," the dark-haired one said as she vigorously worked up a lather with the soap and ran her hands over Dee's shoulders. Jay's palms moved fleetingly down the shorter woman's breasts, crossing her arms over the toned abdominal muscles and pulling Dee gently against her. Jay drank up the water as it streamed down the tourist's neck. "Oh yes..."

The younger one turned in Jay's arms, "What's your hurry?" she purred and locked her lips onto the tall woman's.

Jay indulged in the kiss for a minute before pulling away, "It's still early yet - I've got to find out all I can." Dee's eyebrows knitted, "How?"

* * *

The two women climbed into Denise's Nissan and headed for Bel Air. Inasmuch as she didn't want to involve Dee in this drama, she desperately needed her help.

Jay parked the car several blocks from the hotel of her misfortune and gave Dee directions there and instructions on what to do.

"Your BMW's still there," the tourist said as she re-entered the parked car.

From Bel Air they made the short trip over to West Hollywood.



Jay pulled into the parking lot of the Mayfair Supermarket down the street from her apartment.

She turned in her car seat and told Dee "I need to know if the police have been there or if they're waiting for me."

"Are you sure we just can't assume they've been and are staking it out?"

"Maybe they haven't," Jay answered, "You said my car was still parked at the hotel."

"I'm scared," Dee's voice trembled, "What about those other men?"

The dark-haired woman placed her keys in tourist's palm and curved Dee's fingers over them. Holding the closed hand in both of hers, Jay attempted to calm Dee and review the plan of action. The local had several thousand dollars, her passport, safe deposit box key and a few other vital possessions in a plastic bag tucked inside a cast iron pot in one of her kitchen cabinets.

"I know you're scared Dee, but there's an outside chance the police don't know who I am yet and, if that's so, I can do a couple things before they close in. As far as Frank and Stan go, well, they'll be looking for me, not you. Once you're in the outside gate they won't be able to tell which unit you're heading for."

"What if they're in the apartment waiting for you-"

"Dee," Jay leaned in closer and moved a hand to her lover's cheek, "They hope the police will show up there if they haven't been already. They're not going to be lounging on my sofa waiting for the cops to open the door."


"You sure?"

Dee shook her head up and down, took a deep breath and said, "Let's do it."

"I'll meet you by the magazines," Jay gave her a comforting supportive smile and a sweet but quick peck on the cheek.

They opened their car doors and went into the market together. A few minutes later Dee came out and began to walk up the street with her large bag slung over a shoulder.

Jay's heart was racing as fast as the younger woman's was although no one could have guessed it from her calm outward appearance. She stopped at the frozen foods section. While looking as if she were searching for a new flavor of gourmet ice cream to try, she prayed. After a few minutes she wandered over to the main magazine racks.

Well I'll be damned, there's that Xena character on the cover.

Minutes later the sound of a familiar voice floated over her shoulder, "Hi."

"Oh thank God," Jay sighed her relief.

"Thought you said it would be a piece of cake," Dee responded.


"I got what you wanted," the young woman indicated her bag.

Jay gave her a crooked smile, "Let's get out of here."

The local drove up to Sunset Boulevard and turned east.

"The front gate was broken," Dee watched Jay as Jay watched the road, "and your door was locked so I used your key."

"Uh-huh," Jay headed north on Western following the turn onto Los Feliz Boulevard, shortly followed by a left turn up a divided tree-lined road.

"This is pretty," the tourist commented as the road wound up and past the Greek Theater.

... ( )...

"Someone had put your window back in its frame," Dee said as her eyes read the theatre's marquis, "but other than that, it didn't look like anybody had disturbed things."

"Well, if Frank and Stan had ransacked the place it would have been odd to the police when they arrive," Jay stated flatly.

Leaving the theater and large grassy picnic areas behind, Jay started on the winding road that led up the hillside.

"Where are we going?" Dee asked as her eyes followed the road round a bend.

Jay faced her long enough to smile and say, "You'll see."

The tourist attempted to content herself with the cryptic response and returned to the earlier topic.

"You sure the police will look for you?" the young woman hoped not.

"Oh, I'm sure they'll come looking - I guess they just haven't yet," the tall one would have liked to place her hand on Dee's thigh but the shifting and turning made it impossible.

When they reached the parking lot of the Griffith Observatory, the local turned off the engine and turned to Dee. The place was empty at 8am on a Monday morning and the smog, which would cloud the view, was yet to come.

...( )...


"Let's take a walk," the local suggested with a grin and opened her car door.

"Wow..." the tourist remarked on the view, "it's so clear and I can see so far... Los Angeles is huge."

"You haven't seen the valley yet, " Jay remarked, causing Dee to look at her with raised eyebrows in quizzical expression.


"The San Fernando Valley," the tour guide elaborated, "I'll show you...later."

Jay pulled the shorter blonde woman into her arms and held her close.

"I love you Dee," she wrapped the words around their embrace like a blanket. Jay's blue eyes connected with her lover's hazel ones to bridge their spirits.

Whoa, am I having an out-of-body in-body experience here? While do I feel like I've known those eyes and her soul all my life? The questions came simultaneously to each of them, unspoken and unanswered.

"I love you," Dee whispered as she nuzzled into the dark hair covering Jay’s ear.

The taller woman turned her head so quickly she caught Dee’s lips with hers before the younger one could move. So incredibly soft. Jay sighed against the sensitive membrane. Like her nipples. That thought had immediate repercussions in other parts of her body. Dee opened to Jay’s seeking tongue. Within minutes they descended to the patch of dry grass they’d been standing on. Eyes closed, their hands roamed, remembering paths traveled before. The local pulled Dee’s top free of the waistband and ran a warm hand lightly over the young woman’s abdomen, feeling the small quiver it brought with it. Dee immediately felt obliged to return the favor, not so gracefully tugging and then yanking Jay’s shirt free of her jeans.

"Oooh," the local sucked in as she experienced Dee’s small fingers on her skin moving in wide circles from her navel to the base of her bra.

The tourist grinned at the response. Emboldened, she cupped one of Jay’s breasts and pressed against it most exquisitely before inserting a fingertip between the lace of the bra and the velvet of her lover’s flesh. A second finger joined that finger as Dee held them against the bra’s front clasp and pressed on the opposite side of it with her thumb. A quick small twist of thumb and finger released the clasp and the taller woman’s breasts from the cups.

"Where did you learn to do that?" the surprised but impressed local gave Dee a wicked little smile and a seductive half-lidded look.

"Natural talent," the tourist smiled back at her as she swept her palms against the two soft pillows, effectively pushing the bra down to Jay’s sides and causing Jay's nipples to stand at attention.

"There are consequences..." Jay tickled Dee as she moved her hands around to the tourist’s back and unfastened her undergarment.

* * *


"How are your knees?" Jay asked with concern as she reached a hand down to help Dee up from the lawn.

"Hmmm," the tourist looked down at the body parts in question and noted they were reddish-pink and green, "definitely a first."

Dee straightened her shorts and continued, "Well nothing’s cut, just a light abrasion...Of course, I may require some attention later." Smart to wear dark blue jeans Jay.

"Uh huh," Jay replied, "I’ll be sure to follow up on that."

They climbed back into Denise’s car and headed down the other side of the hill into the valley. Neither spoke as the vehicle made its long winding way down the two-lane road. It was fear that kept them silent. To speak of anything but their love would bring another reality crashing down upon them. A reality they didn’t want to face, ever. They both wondered how long they could go without reference to it.

Mercifully for Dee, the car reached the bottom of the hill before her nausea reached its way up her throat.

"You are looking a little green though," Jay observed as she pulled the car into the parking lot of "Travel Town".

...( )...

They wandered through the trains, laughing at childhood recollections and feigning, to a small degree at least, an interest in the history of the locomotive engine. There was a strong temptation to continue on as the tourist and her guide, while they teased each other with a familiarity born physical and emotional intimacy.

As they left Griffith Park and headed north in search of an In-n-Out Burger stand for lunch, Jay broached the subject of their distress. No sooner had she placed a hand on one of Dee’s knees, which by now had lost some of their redness, then she had to return it to the stick shift.

"I wish this was an automatic," she lamented to the tourist.

"Me, too!" Dee chimed in.

"You know," Jay searched for a good introduction, finding none, she continued, "I need to get out of Los Angeles."

"What?" the tourist was surprised.

"I can't stay in Los Angeles, " the local repeated.

"Are you afraid they'll find you?", just the thought of Jay leaving brought a wave of anxiety to Dee, "I thought you said no-one would know where you are?"

"Dee, I'm afraid it's only a matter of time before the police, or Frank and Stan, track me down somehow."

"But what about the attorney?"

The older woman pulled the car over to the curb and shifted to neutral.

Jay reached over and cupped the tourist's cheek, "The longer I stay here the riskier it is, not only for me, but for you, and for Denise. I'll work with an attorney long distance. I need to know that you and Denise aren't in any danger. I couldn't bear it if any harm were to come to you because of me."

"But nobody knows where you are-" the young woman moved her face to press her lips into Jay's hand.

"Dee, the situation's horrid to begin with. If I stay here I'll go crazy with worry and with trying to keep my nose of out trouble," she moved her hand down to the young woman's chin and lifted it so their eyes met, "When the time is ready I'll come back. But not until it's safe."

The tourist gave a small nod and a hesitant smile.

Jay shifted back into gear and drove away from the curb.

"When do you plan on leaving?" Dee asked while trying to emotionally step back from her attachment to the beautiful, dark-haired woman. God help me be strong now, please.

"As soon as I can," the local spoke with forced detachment as well, "Tomorrow morning."

Tomorrow morning. Why does it have to be so soon?


"Tomorrow morning!" the tourist yelled back at her, "Tomorrow morning? Why so soon?"

"The sooner the better, Dee. It's like I said. The longer I stay the more likely I'll get caught."

The young tourist did not like this conversation at all. Definitely did not like it. She didn't want to ask the next question but there was no way she could avoid it either.

"Where will you go?"

"The last place I’d expect to find me," Jay made a small laugh and looked into Dee’s questioning eyes, "What Cheer."

"What Cheer?" the tourist asked unbelieving, "...What Cheer?"

"Is that okay with you?" the local inquired as she pulled the car up to the hamburger joint’s intercom, "The menu’s real simple..."

Dee just stared at her in surprise.

"Better make that TWO double cheeseburgers, TWO chocolate shakes and TWO orders of fries," Jay placed the younger woman’s order as Dee sat dumbfounded.

* * *

Jay put the boxes into the back seat of Denise's car. After lunch the local had driven into Burbank and purchased the most expensive laptop computer and portable printer that CompUSA had to offer.

They merged onto the southbound Golden State Freeway.

Jay dispersed the silence that had precipitated like a fog between them.

"Will you buy my plane ticket?"

"Sure," the tourist replied, already feeling the pain of separation.

Suddenly Dee's face brightened, "I'll go with you!"

"No you won't," Jay immediately replied.

The young woman was insulted, "Why the hell not?"

"You can’t board the plane twice now can you? Think about it a minute."

Dee thought about it a minute, "Help me out."

"Okay. You need to buy the ticket in your name. Then you'll get your boarding pass and give the pass to me. They'll think I'm you."

"Oh..." tourist sighed as the proverbial penny dropped.

Quiet again began to fill the air. This time Dee vanquished it.

"What are you thinking?"

"I just want to drive and drive and drive away out of here," she answered, her eyes looking into the distance far beyond the road.

She faced Dee and smirked, "I'd pick a better car though." The tourist gave Jay a fake punch to the shoulder.

"Oh that reminds me," Jay continued, "I'd better get that door handled before I go."

"Uh, yeah," Dee agreed, "Denise was cooler about that than I thought she'd be."

* * *

When they got back to the apartment in Venice, Jay immediately went about setting up her laptop computer and printer, making sure that everything was functioning properly including her modem connection. The tourist watched the local with awe as she was personally intimidated by the latest technology. Her own computer system wasn't that old but it seems no sooner bought than obsolete anymore. The dark-haired woman smiled broadly when she booted the system and tested her programs and connections. Amazing. This is the first time I've purchased electronic equipment and it actually works like it's supposed to! I must be doing something wrong!

Dee and Jay were sitting on the living room carpet shoulder-to-shoulder and experimenting with the laptop when the front door opened suddenly.

"I hated to return that car!" Denise said as she stepped inside, "I didn't even get a chance to cruise around in it!" She pouted and then realized the two women were sitting there on the floor surrounded by boxes and electronic gizmos, "What the heck?"

"Computer," Dee explained.

"On my floor?" Denise set her things down on the couch and crouched behind the two other women to peer at the screen.

"What's this about?" she asked.

"I bought a laptop to do some research, correspond," Jay hesitated, "and take with me."

"Take with you?" the older cousin cocked her head to the side and looked at Jay.

"Yeah, I've decided to leave."

Denise turned and raised her arms, "I don't even want to hear about it!"

As she approached her bedroom door she spun around, "When?"

"Tomorrow morning," Jay answered over her shoulder.

"Tomorrow morning?" Denise began walking back to them.

"Yes, I figure the sooner I leave the better." Dee poked her lover in the side and gave her a glare. Jay kissed Dee on the nose, "I'll see you very soon, love, don't worry."

"What about my door?" Denise stretched out her arm to point at the large hole in it.

"I've put some money in a envelope on the kitchen table for you," Jay spoke as she stood up and stretched her long legs, "It should be enough."

"If they do it this week," the younger cousin joined in, "I can stay home while they replace it."

"I'll call in the morning," the older cousin replied, once again heading back to her bedroom.

"Oh did you -" the tourist started to say to Denise but she'd already closed her door. Dee mumbled the rest of the question to herself, "call the attorney?"

Jay and Dee cleaned up the boxes, packaging and trash from the living room and then put the computer and printer in their travelling cases. By the time Denise came back out of her room, they were sitting and smooching on the sofa.

"Ummhmm," Denise cleared her throat and succeeded in interrupting them.

"Dinner?" she inquired.

"Pizza!" Dee enthusiastically suggested. She did not want to go out tonight. It was all she could do to keep her hands and other body parts off of Jay. The local seemed to be having a similar problem.

The older cousin shook her head, "You too are disgusting!" Then she grinned.

"If you promise not to do anything - hell," she decided to take away the restriction, "You two can sleep in my room tonight."

Her younger cousin jumped up and hugged her ferociously, "Denise, you're the best!"

END of Incidental Tourist Part Five.
CONTINUED in Incidental Tourist Part Six.

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