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This story depicts a love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

Knew it was you

by heartbrkn bard

...In spite of the great sex Xena had with her bard, she was very upset with her. Just the week before Xena caught Gabrielle kissing her enemy, Callisto. By the Gods how could Gabrielle do that to her? She knew how much Xena despised Callisto. Callisto was always jealous of Xena and her women. Callisto even caused trouble between Xena and her "first" love. Now she was doing it again with Gabrielle. The warrior princess tried many times over the years to befriend Callisto, but the trust was never there.

Gabrielle was everything Xena could ask for. Gabrielle always seemed to make everything right for Xena - She made Xena forget...forget her "dark side."

Sexually Gabrielle satisfied Xena, or at least Xena thought so, but lately Xena’s sexual desire for Gabrielle was becoming less and less. She normally let the bard do things to her that she never let another warrior even think of doing, but it was getting to the point where Xena wasn’t finding herself attracted to Gabrielle as much. During sex Xena would just fuck the bard to satisfy her but would not get much of a thrill out of it anymore. Was it the lies? the deceit? or was the sexual desire for Gabrielle fading away? In the past, Gabrielle would get Xena so wet-even by a kiss. And when Gabrielle would please the warrior princess by sucking on her clit ever so lightly and sticking her fingers into her wet desirable place Xena would reach high altitudes of ecstacy that she never thought possible. Where did that all go? Xena wondered to herself.

But the fact still remained, she did not trust Gabrielle nor did she want to have sex with her any longer . The one person she thought that would never betray her...did. Xena did not know what to do. She tried very hard to forget what happened, but just couldn’t. The though of her lover’s tongue in someone else’s mouth just sickened her. Gods know where else Gabrielle put her tongue....Xena just couldn’t stand it!!!!! The more Xena tried to fight it, the more she felt her "dark side" pulling her in.

Xena missed her "dark side"....or at least she thought so. Every night since this incident with Callisto and Gabrielle happened, Xena had nightmares. Nightmares about her "dark side". Her past. The part of her she chose to forget, the ancient times of when Xena would sleep with anything that moved. She didn’t care who she fucked mentally or physically at the time as long as she got what she wanted. Even if it meant killing people on the way. Xena wanted what she wanted and no one was going to stop her. For some reason or another Gabrielle did not fit into the dark life of Xena. Xena had Gabrielle up on a pedestal. Gabrielle was too good and perfect, or at least Xena thought so. The nightmares didn’t have room for good and perfect. Her nightmares seemed so real, sometimes she couldn’t tell the difference. Xena would try to think of Gabrielle in the middle of her nightmares. She thought if she mentally could place Gabrielle in her nightmare then everything would be better. That the good would save her from the bad. But strangely enough Gabrielle was never anywhere to be found.

One night Xena jumped up in the midst of sleep

"Are you ok Xena?", Gabrielle asked.

"I don’t know.", Xena replied.

"Another dream?", Gabrielle asked.

"DREAM???!!!!!!...Gabrielle I wish they were dreams", Xena said.

"Can I help?", asked the Bard, at this point very concerned about her lover.

Gabrielle sat up and put her arm around Xena. Xena backed off. A shocked Gabrielle asked, "What’s the matter Xena, you are worrying me." Xena just brushed it off with "I don’t know". Well the "dreams" lasted weeks and Xena and Gabrielle slowly drifted apart. Gabrielle loved Xena so much and didn’t understand what was going on. She knew Xena resented her slightly for the Callisto episode. But what was Gabrielle to do? She regretted the moment she ever laid eyes on Callisto. It caused nothing but distance between her and Xena, but the truth is Gabrielle did act on it and didn’t know how to undo the damage. Would Xena ever forget ? Or at least forgive ? Gabrielle knew she had her work cut out for her, she had to prove herself; to Xena ...That she could be trusted not to hurt the warrior princess again. But how? For weeks Gabrielle was on her best behavior. If it is the last thing she would do, it would be to win her heart back.

As the weeks went on, Xena would show some signs of affection toward the bard, but it wasn’t consistent .Sometimes Xena would put her arms around Gabrielle, but yet shy away when Gabrielle went to kiss her. Xena would touch Gabrielle’s butt or grab her breast, but never finish the job...Xena’s mind was elsewhere and Gabrielle knew it. Maybe on someone else’s butt or breast but definitely not on Gabrielle’s. The bard felt like she was going crazy.. Xena would tease her sexually, mentally and verbally, Gabrielle did not know what to do. She was scared to act on impulse. What if it pushed Xena away? She knew Xena needed to sort out her feelings first. Xena needed to realize that she was all Gabrielle wanted and Callisto was just a ...a....mistake. People do make mistakes. Even the mighty Warrior princess herself made her share of mistakes in the past. Nobody is perfect.

Eventually Gabrielle started getting tired of the game Xena obviously liked playing. but she still hung around.

Xena knew in her heart that she loved Gabrielle and that she really wanted to trust her again. Xena had a plan...


After a long day Gabrielle just wanted to grab her lover and take a bath. She knew at this stage that that was virtually impossible. Xena was still ‘hurt’ by Gabrielle’s past actions. Anyway, Gabrielle continued to walk home , when out of nowhere someone grabbed Gabrielle from behind. They covered her eyes with a leather band, and tied her hands together. The Bard was frightened , but kept quiet because she didn’t know what to expect.

She was led to a place that didn’t feel familiar to her. The hand that was on her waist made it up to the back of her head, where it grabbed a handful of hair and pulled. Gabrielle let out a soft moan. The mysterious person was starting to turn Gabrielle on. With the pulling of the hair, came the biting of the neck. Gabrielle started remembering what she was missing in her life- SEX-NO NO NO she won’t let herself be taking .....

"Please.....", Gabrielle said.

"Shhhhhhhh....not a word", the shadow whispered.

Slowly but surely the bard felt her top untie. ‘Oh my, Oh my’, though the bard, what do I do? Before she had a chance to finish that thought she felt teeth...teeth on her nipple. Oh how Gabrielle loved that. So what was one to do? Xena wasn’t taking care of Gabrielle’s needs, because of her own stubbornness , so what did Gabrielle have to lose? One only knows.

From her neck to her nipple and back this person sure knew what they were doing---and it was definitely doing it for Gabrielle!!! Still blindfolded and hands tied tight Gabrielle turned to run, but was pulled by her skirt which came right off. The skirt coming off revealed Gabrielle’s rounded behind. Well what a sight!!!Anyone who knew Gabrielle knew she didn’t wear any undergarments. Well with that move Gabrielle dropped to her knees.

"You bitch", the voice said. It sounded familiar but it was disguised. With that a slap on the ass came along. By this point Gabrielle was too turned on to stop. Only one person could turn Gabrielle on in this way...Gabrielle knew but continued on anyway.

"Stop please", Gabrielle said. In reality Gabrielle didn’t want her to stop. With that a thigh was shoved in between Gabrielle’s legs. ‘MMMMMMM’, thought Gabrielle. The movement of the leg and the pulling of the hair had Gabrielle very WET.

"Touch Me", Gabrielle said.(lets play along thought the bard) With that, one finger was inserted inside her wet opening, then two. "Yes ", moaned Gabrielle at this point still blindfolded. With the convincing moan the mysterious person thrusted harder and faster inside Gabrielle.

"By the Gods", screamed Gabrielle. I want more. Before Gabrielle knew what was happening she was pulled closer to the person kneeling behind her, Please oh please thought Gabrielle I want it!!! Before she knew what was happening she felt "IT" She felt "little Caeser" between her legs working its way inside of her.(Caeser was a nickname Xena used for their toy. Xena like to feel she always had control over a Caeser).

"Beg for it", the voice said in a whisper.

"Please give it to me", said Gabrielle. ‘Slam’ right inside of her ‘little Caeser’ was, then it wasn’t. What happened, thought Gabrielle.

"I don’t think you want it bad enough ", said the voice.

"But I do", said Gabrielle.

"Then beg, I said", said the voice.

"Give it to me, Please give it to me!!! Fuck me I said!!!!", Gabrielle screamed.

With that Gabrielle was screwed like never before. Gabrielle was trying so hard not to come because she wanted it to be good.(Normally by this point she would have came 3 times) With the thrusting of ‘little Caeser’ and the slapping of the ass, Gabrielle was in ecstacy . Oh by the gods I’m going to come.

"Oh God!!! Oh God!!!! Oh God". screamed Gabrielle, "I’m coming....I’m coming... Oh Xena I’m coming...."

After that Xena took the blindfold off and said to Gabrielle "You knew. You knew all along didn’t you?"

"What? That it was you?"

"Yes ", Xena said.

"Not at first. But Xena only you know what buttons to push."

"Gabrielle?", Xena said.

"Yes Xena", Gabrielle replied.

"I almost made the biggest mistake of my life. Never waking up to you again. Never seeing your beautiful face and holding it and you in my arms again. I love you Gabrielle more than I have ever loved anyone. I know, I know you say that’s not true, but Gabrielle my past loves were different. You have snuck into my heart and have put a string of lights around it...No easy task Gabrielle."

"And?" Gabrielle said .

Xena thought hard and said " I forgive you".

"Forgive me?" Gabrielle said.

"For Callisto", Xena said. "I realize that it wasn’t only your fault what had happened, I’m part to blame too. Gabrielle I can’t...I mean I don’t want to live without you. The past is the past now lets work on today and just make tomorrow better, together."

"Xena ", Gabrielle said.

"Yes ", Xena replied.

"I love you too", said the bard and truly meant it with all her heart.

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