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This story depicts scenes of graphic violence and/or their aftermath. Readers who are disturbed by or sensitive to this type of depiction may wish to read something other than this story.

This story depicts a love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

As those of you who know me from the palace can probably figure out, this story was written as a result of two AV's that a friend of mine and I created. One thing lead to another and this story was born of those AV's. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

As always, I really appreciate comments and feedback about my stories. Please let me know what you think!

Xena: Warrior Princess

by Fu Bard

Gabrielle was frantically adjusting her clothes, pulling her skirt down one more time, though she'd already done so at least a dozen times already. Her clothes looked pretty much like the usual green top and brownish skirt she always wore -- Superficially. With anything more than a slight glance, however, it was obvious that her outfit was not normal. The top was very much lower, revealing far more cleavage than she normally would allow, and the skirt was far shorter. Despite the sparse cover of her undergarments, her cheeks actually peeked out from the rear, even when she stood up straight, and when she bent over -- Well, you get the idea.

"How'd I ever let Xena talk me into this?" Gabrielle thought, for the hundredth time. She'd plead with the warrior to let her wear something that would cover her more, but Xena insisted that she must be sure to hold the men's attention, when the time came -- If the plan was to work.

She'd been working all day in Meg's tavern, serving drinks and posing as a working girl. Meg had gone to a neighboring town for supplies and had been more than happy to leave Gabrielle in charge during her absence. For Xena's plan to work, the customers must think the bard was just another working girl -- Well, maybe not just another working girl, but a working girl nonetheless.

Gabrielle moved across the tavern floor, taking drinks to a group of scurvy looking men, who eyed her with barely restrained lust as she approached. She began setting drinks before the grizzled and filthy bunch. "Here ya go, guys," she said. "Anything else I can get for ya?" As soon as she said it, she realized what was coming and cursed herself for her stupidity.

"I know what you can give me, Honey." A drunken, very ugly man, with an eye patch on, reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her to his lap. She almost gagged from the smell of stale port, bad breath, and rotten teeth that came from his mouth, as he leaned forward to kiss her. Thinking quickly, she grabbed a plum from a bowl on the table, shoved it in his mouth, and jabbed an elbow into his ribs! She jumped from his lap, as he gasped for air.

"Now, now," she said, forcing a smile. "You don't wanna spoil yourself for the show later -- Do you?" Gabrielle grabbed the empty tray from the table and beat a hasty retreat behind the bar, as the men pounded their buddy on the back and made crude remarks at his expense. "Xena, for your sake, that warlord better get here quickly!" Gabrielle swore under her breath. "I know we promised to get the Druidess of Luzana's sacred ruby back to her people, but how much grabbing and pinching am I supposed to put up with to do it?"

She'd just begun wiping glasses with a clean rag, putting them on racks over the bar, when a shadow fell across the doorway. Three men, all wearing jet black armor, came in the door. The tallest of the three, by his dress and demeanor obviously the leader, motioned toward the table in the front, by the stage. His cronies moved toward it, but before they'd reached it, the group of men who'd been groping the bard all evening got up and moved to another table. The three men all sat down and one of Meg's girls began to serve them.

"Tall, Black armor, bad attitude -- That must be him," Gabrielle thought. Then she noticed another figure slip in through the night-blackened doorway and sit down in the shadowy rear of the tavern. She caught a glint of firelight reflecting off what looked like a metallic circle on the person's hip. "Finally!" Gabrielle thought. "Well, here I go." She whispered something into one of the barmaid's ears, and the girl took Gabrielle's place behind the counter, slapping her lightly on the butt as she did. "Go get em, Gabs," she said, with a naughty little grin. The bard moved onto the stage and a hush fell over the room, as all the men pulled a mug close and prepared for the show.

Gabrielle stood with her back to the audience, crossing her arms over her chest. Several of Meg's girls then closed the shutters on the lamps near the stage. The bard was suddenly wrapped in darkness, and all of the patrons lost sight of her, as their eyes tried to adjust to the sudden change in brightness. Suddenly, a lantern was unshaded just in front of the stage, near the floor, and its reflective backing directed the light onto Gabrielle.

The bard was bent over, facing the rear of the tavern -- Which gave the audience an exquisite view of her shapely, muscled behind, from beneath her tiny skirt. She stood there a moment, as moans escaped the lips of some of the men, especially those in the front rows of tables. After a few seconds, she began to sway her hips, back and forth, in a pendulum-like motion, while she raised her arms toward the ceiling. Music began to play behind her, as the men in the back brought their instruments into play. A strange, exotic tune began to fill the tavern, while Gabrielle turned slowly to face the audience.

She began to dance, sinuously, seductively -- Swaying to the music as she moved in front of the low tables before her. She smiled at each man in turn, shaking her body in ways that would distract any man's attention. As she danced, she moved from table to table, the men's eyes following her as she moved slowly from one, to another -- Keeping all eyes riveted on her. She noticed the figure in the back get up, and move toward the front of the room. Gabrielle knew what to do now, so she started dancing toward the table where the three men in black armor were seated.

She got to the first armored figure, proceeding to dance around him, but teasingly moving back as he reached to grope her. She toyed with him for a few moments, then proceeded on to the next, giving him much the same treatment -- Though he did manage to get a handful of her bottom before she was able to get out of range. The men in the tavern were all watching her movements with the look of hungry wolves stalking a dying elk. Many of them had left their seats and were forming a ring around the center area, pressing close to the table where the three black clad warriors sat. The bard noticed Xena was standing among them. Snatches of ugly remarks and whispered desires filled the room as Gabrielle continued to dance, now focusing her energies on the warlord before her.

Gabrielle saw Xena moving toward the man, getting in position behind him. The bard turned away from him and bent forward, slightly, swishing her hips back and forth, trying desperately to distract him from what Xena was doing. All eyes in the bar were focused on the beautiful bard and her shapely, muscular behind at that moment -- Just as Xena had known they would be.

The Warrior Princess leaned forward carefully, reaching through a tangle of arms and bodies, and gently pulled open the warlord's pouch. She reached in and pulled out a large, red ruby, then slipped another one back in its place, before pulling the drawstrings shut. Just like that, it was over. The man had been so focused on Gabrielle's, uh, dancing, that he hadn't even noticed the exchange. Xena moved back from him, shoved a few men out of the way, and moved into the semicircle of bodies around the still dancing bard.

Gabrielle glanced up at Xena, who gave her a big wink. That was the signal. She'd made the exchange, replacing the ruby with a fake. It would fool the warlord until he tried to sell it to his buyers -- Who would undoubtedly be most unhappy at the discovery. Gabrielle returned the wink, which didn't go entirely unnoticed. Several men, including the warlord, looked up at the female warrior -- Who seemed to be watching the beautiful girl every bit as intently as the men in the room. Now, Gabrielle moved in front of Xena, staring into her eyes, just as she'd done the men. She grinned, as she noticed the discomfort she seemed to be causing the beautiful warrior. Xena liked her sexual feelings displayed in private, and Gabrielle knew this. She also knew that, after her performance, men would be trying to acquire her 'services' for the night. If she could get her Warrior Princess to be the one who acquired her, it would simplify her finish tremendously. Besides, she enjoyed the idea of seducing Xena publicly like this. She continued to dance before her lover, swishing her hips this way and that, as Xena watched.

"By the Gods!" Xena thought. "Gabrielle is so incredible! I may have to fight every man in here to get her out with me!" As she watched the bard dance for her, Xena knew that she'd fight anyone or anything, to have possession of her lover. Gabrielle turned her back to Xena and began to move her behind up and down the warrior's body, swishing her hips from side to side as she did. She also began running her hands over Xena's smooth thighs while she pressed against her. The bard then gyrated away from her and turned around, raising her arms to the ceiling, slowly, then wrapping them around her chest and dropping her chin as the music ground to a halt.

Raucous applause erupted throughout the tavern and coins began to fly toward Gabrielle, landing at her feet, as the drunken men expressed their appreciation for her seductive performance. She bowed, smiling at the admiring faces around her, then looked up at Xena, who gave her a big grin and another wink. Gabrielle moved toward her...

Suddenly, she was grabbed, roughly, from behind, as the warlord spun her around to face him! "NO WENCH TEASES ME LIKE THAT, THEN RUNS OFF WITH A WOMAN!" He bellowed, as he pulled her roughly to him. "I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT A REAL MAN CAN DO FOR YOU, YOU LITTLE TROLLOP!" He pinned Gabrielle's arms to her sides and pulled her to him...

"AHHHHRRGGHHH!" He suddenly let Gabrielle go, and bent forward in pain! Xena had come up behind him and reached between his legs, from the back, grabbing and squeezing, very brutally, the two things a man would never want to be abused in that way! She let go and the warlord fell forward, leaning against the table and gasping. "You got something against women?" She asked, in a sweet voice, as she glared at him. "Cause if you do, now's the time to say it."

"G... GET HER!" He half-shouted, to his two followers. They both rushed at Xena, weapons drawn, as the crowd split and ran for the sides of the bar and the exit! Xena waited, calmly, allowing them to get within a few feet -- Then she jumped straight up, into the air, slamming a boot heel into the jaw of each onrushing man! Both went down instantly and didn't move! Xena calmly walked toward Gabrielle, passing the still gasping warlord and turning her back to him. "You got any more objections?" She asked, without turning to look at him. He suddenly drew his dagger and charged -- Raising it to strike!

Just as the dagger began to plunge downward, Xena kicked backward with a booted foot, completing the job she'd begun with her hand! Holding his crotch with both hands, the warlord fell to the floor -- Out cold! "Take 'em to the stable and dump 'em there," Xena said, to some of the men near her. "Let 'em sleep it off." The men all quickly complied, giving the Warrior Princess a wide berth as they moved around her and began to carry the unconscious men outside.

Xena walked over to Gabrielle, staring down at the beautiful, scantily clad vision before her. "Now where were we?" She asked. "Oh, yeah -- I believe we were about to negotiate a price, weren't we?" She grinned slyly down at the bard.

"Well, I'm not cheap," Gabrielle replied, staring back up at her lover with a serious look on her face. "I wouldn't even consider it for less than, say, a hundred dinars?"

"A hundred dinars?" Xena repeated. "That's a lotta money."

"Take it, or leave it," Gabrielle replied, her attitude becoming haughty, as she suddenly appeared very interested in her fingernails. "And I want the money up front."

Xena stood there a moment longer, then she bent over quickly, grabbing Gabrielle. She put both arms around the surprised girl's bottom and hoisted the bard onto her shoulders.

"HEY -- PUT ME DOWN!" Gabrielle exclaimed, as she kicked her feet in protest. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?"

"Well, Honey -- If I'm gonna pay a hundred dinars, I'm gonna sample the merchandise before I put any money down." The warrior started walking toward the back rooms of the tavern, carrying her protesting load with her. Shouts, cheers, and laughter erupted from the men filling the tavern and more than a few men exchanged money from hastily made bets, as Xena made her way through them to the doorway in the rear. She stopped, turned around, and gave all the men a big grin and a wink -- Causing another round of laughter, whistles, and back slapping to break out! She then walked through the door, with Gabrielle still over her shoulder.

Once they'd gone through the door and it shut behind them, Gabrielle spoke. "Uh, Xena -- You can put me down now."

Xena never paused her stride, heading for a door near the back of the brothel. "Oh, no ya don't. I want my hundred dinars worth -- And I'm gonna get it!"

Gabrielle responded with a giggle. "Xena, that was only for show."

Xena kicked the door open with her foot and started inside -- Still carrying Gabrielle. "Uh-uh, Sweetheart -- A deal's a deal. Besides, you don't wanna risk them realizing we were faking all that, do you?"

Xena closed the door and put Gabrielle down on her feet. She then sat on the bed and took the young bard's hand, drawing her up close, so that she stood directly in front of the warrior. Xena drew Gabrielle down and pressed her lips against her lover's own, warm, inviting pair and the two shared a soft kiss. Then the Warrior Princess leaned back on the bed, looking seductively toward her prize.

"Now, my beautiful little dancer," she said, "I wanna see you swish those hips just for me." She leaned over and damped the lantern down low, then lay back -- Staring expectantly at Gabrielle...


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