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Xena Warrior Princess, Gabrielle, and all other characters who have appeared in the syndicated series Xena: Warrior Princess (including eels, quills, and scrolls, as well as songs of Illusia) are the sole copyright property of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. No copyright violation was intended in writing this piece of fanfiction.


Journey Through Scrolls

Once upon an endless dream,

I will travel far away

Holding parchment in my hand

Back in time through sea and land

To forgotten yesterday

Once upon an endless dream

Ancient parchment holds its tales,

Tales of conquest greed and pain --

Distant shadows of the past.

But I read them and, at last,

They would be alive again --

Hidden secrets, ancient tales.

Tales of friendship, tales of love,

Tales of ancient gods and kings,

Tales of courage, passion, fears,

Countless battles, smiles and tears,

And the gift that life can bring,

Precious as the stars above.

Every sentence, every word

Hides the memories within:

First unsure silent night,

Flames of campfire shining bright,

Gaze of steel as sharp as sword;

Scenes for two, untold, unseen.

Sparkling joy in sea-blue eyes,

Soft as rain, but metal-hard,

Choice of love, uneasy choice;

Stories, legends, quiet voice;

Both, warrior and bard,

Watching orange sunset skies.

Meeting empty painful look,

Knowing that grief had won;

Magic songs of magic place;

Gentle smile on dear face,

After guilt and hate were gone;

Holding ancient wisdom book.

Scream for help and endless fall;

Day of fishing, laughter, eel;

Warmth of fire during rain,

Shared feelings, problems, pain --

All transferred by busy quill

To the letters on a scroll.

Ancient legends, Xena Scrolls,

They were written long ago;

Don't search for them, you'll fail,

But they are real, every tale.

They exist in hearts and souls,

That's the safest place we know.

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