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This story depicts a love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

COMMENTS: Sharing a place in the physical can be as important as sharing space in ones heart with another.

Where Water Falls



July 1999


It was two days since they had parted paths with Epinon. The amazon warrior was heading home to start a training program for the younger amazons who were breaching the gap between childhood and perspective warrior. Epinon felt that although someone that was older and seasoned always mentored each one, additional formal training was long overdue. There were too many land hungry warlords out there taking what was not theirs. Too many young amazons were being killed and lost to inexperience. Gabrielle was convinced that this was wonderful idea and gave Epinon her blessing and full control in developing the training. Xena offered her support to her old friend and they clasped forearms and parted ways.

Epinon rode off toward the north and Amazon territory leaving the two women in the lower basin, which was rich and green this time of year. When she made the top of the hill she waved and disappeared over the rise.

"She is a good friend and her loyalty to you is without question, Gabrielle."

"I wish she wasn’t such a loner though. It would be nice to see her with someone. You know, a lover and a friend like someone I know, but not that someone!" The Bard contemplated out loud, then smiled at the Warrior.


Two days had passed since then. Xena and Gabrielle found themselves lollygaging and generally taking their time to get nowhere. They moved across a thinly wooded area and meandered down to a part of the Loudias River. The flow of the river settled down where they were and there was a beautiful pond that was formed just off of the main channel, on a secondary branch. It was a very hot day and the Warrior suggested taking a dip to cool off. Xena removed her armor, bracers, wrist guards and leathers, and then she sat on the rocks and pulled off her boots. Standing, she looked out over the pond for a moment or two. Gabrielle watched with great enthusiasm. Her lover had an absolutely wonderful body. She found herself pulling on her lower lip and thinking about touching herself while she visually took in the rippling muscles shining in the sun.

Xena dove into the water and stayed under for awhile. She finally broke the surface of the pond and pulled herself up on the rocks. Her nipples were hard and stood straight out. The water droplets cascaded down the curves of her body and the young blonde could see the crease between her legs because the raven colored hair was wet and clung to her flesh.

Gabrielle studied the movement of her buttocks and how it hypnotized her when Xena walked. She imagined slipping her hand between those full cheeks and kneading the flesh in her hand. Then she thought of working her fingers through the folds of soft and tender flesh until she felt the Warriors response to her touch. Gabrielle could feel those moist fluids of passion lubricating her probe as she explored. Slowly, she would work her fingers in, as she got her woman to spread her legs for deeper and easier access. Then she would run her tongue through the nectar that covered her hand and let her lover watch her enjoy the sweet taste only she was allowed to have. The Bard would coax her lover to the warm surface of the smooth boulders that lined the water. When the Warrior was reclined in all her magnificence, she would work her lips and tongue over the surface of this woman, starting at her forehead and placing light kisses on her lips.

Gently they would open, giving her access to Xena’s tongue. Gabrielle would suck it easy and allow the Warrior to do the same. Fevers would rise and.....

That was quite enough to her day dreaming and the Bard stripped down, heading for the pond herself. She had gotten so hot and troubled that she needed to touch her lover for real. Xena returned to the water and Gabrielle dived in behind her then moved between the Warriors thighs, running her tongue deep inside the beauty. Xena jumped at the contact and grabbed the Bard by the hair, pulling her to the surface then planting a kiss on her lips. Gabrielle smiled seductively and slipped under the water, returning to her pleasure as Xena watched the bubbles popping on the waters’ surface until she was overcome.

It was this way for a candlemark as they moved back and forth on each other, satisfying their hunger and love for each other.

Afterwards they talked of life, of family and of what the future held for them. Gabrielle asked Xena if she had ever given any thought to the two of them having a home of their own. As it was, when they were between places needing a rest and some time to regroup, they usually ended up at Cyrene’s Inn. Once in a blue moon, they would stop in Poteidaia but it wasn’t as comfortable a visit because Gabrielle’s father, Herodotus had a problem with Xena and the relationship she had with his daughter. He never was too happy that Gabrielle had left home to go meandering around the country with a known warrior that had a dark reputation. Regardless of the changes in Xena, her father disliked the Warrior and it seemed there was no changing that. So the Bard asked her lover, "Xena, do you think we might ever get our own place?"

"You mean like a cabin or something?" The Warrior inquired.

"Yes! A special place for us. Our own little hide away. Hercules has several places; even Iolaus has his cool sanctuary; No Worries. I thought it might be nice if we had, like, a secret hideout or well, you know! We could even name it something neat!" Gabrielle tried explaining verbally what her heart and mind was feeling.

"Well, now that you mention it, there is a place that I know, that could suit us. It’s north of Amazon territory and might be too cold in certain moons of the year but overall, I think it would be a good choice. There’s running water, shelter and it’s very private, as I remember." Xena explained as she reflected on the past.

She went on to say that Borias had shown it to her a short time before he was killed. "He said that he didn’t know of anyone else that knew about it. As a matter of fact, he stumbled upon it when he was bathing in the falls one day. He took me to the hideout one time. There was trouble and we needed to stay low for awhile. I hadn’t thought about the place in all this time until now."

"It’s near a waterfall?" Gabrielle asked with great interest.

"OK! Let’s go see it. We have nothing pressing going on right now, with the exception of you pressing on my bladder!" Xena laughed as she rolled the Bard over and off of her.

They dressed and Xena whistled for Argo. A short time later they were traveling as they had so many times before. The Warrior was riding Argo and the Bard moved on foot along side of her. They traveled at a slow pace and talked as they made progress along the road toward the north.

"This is exciting! I can hardly wait to see this place. Xena! Can I decorate it?" The Bard questioned and then rambled on. "We could do some neat things with this. Supplies could be stocked, and then it would be possible to stay for long periods of time. Firewood will be needed. Argo will need her eats and plenty of apples. I should talk to Iolaus and see if he can get us some bearskins like he has at his dwelling. They’re great to sleep on! We can ask your mother to contribute some old cooking pans and things. Candles! We’ll need candles and a place to give thanks to life, good days and the gods! We should keep it a secret so it is just ours, don’t you think?"

"Wait a minute! You’re not just a little bit worked up, are you? We haven’t even arrived yet! I found the place! I get to help! Anyway, you might not like it when we get there." Xena bantered.

"Oh, I’ll like it if you like it, my love." The Bard purred.


The weather was hot and a good part of the journey was up hill, so they traveled easy, taking their time and playing twenty questions.

"Is she an Amazon?" The Bard asked.

"You’re down to seven!" Xena pointed out without any eye contact. "Not an Amazon. Hey! You want some jerky?"

"She’s not an Amazon but she has a heart of one." The blonde mumbled to herself. "Sure, I could go for a bite." As Xena handed her a piece.

"That’s a fact!" The Warrior answered abruptly. "She has the heart."

They traveled along the Aliakmonus River. When the setting sun began to paint the clouds, Xena started looking for a good place to set up camp for the night. She located a small rise and this suited her strategically. Argo was relieved of her saddle and the Warrior went down to the river, fishing while Gabrielle took care of the campfire. She collected enough deadwood to keep it burning through the night.

Once Gabrielle had everything set, she went down to the river and collected some water. Xena was standing off shore with her head cocked to the side, listening for dinner. She had two trout on shore and was searching for another. The Bard watched her for a few moments and thought about how much she had changed since she had met Xena. Starting out as a wide-eyed kid from a small village who was fascinated with the Warrior she had been rescued by, to an Amazon Queen by right of cast. She eventually became the closest and most intimate friend that Xena ever had. There were many scrolls to their story, some of which were kept in the heart and not on the parchment.

I love her so much. The Bard thought. Just the idea of her holding me in those arms brings chills to my body.

At the end Gabrielle’s musing, the Warrior looked over and said with a big smile, "Checking me out, huh? I’ll be home in a little while, honey!" She stabbed her hand into the water and pulled up the third fish. Gabrielle had to duck out of the way as it came flying in her direction. For Xena’s trouble, she received a hand gesture from her perspective target.

The Bard returned to the camp, threw a couple of more pieces of kindling on the fire and set the water on to boil. Life was good today. There was no action, no fighting and no one who needed to be rescued. She could have a quiet evening with the woman she loved. She brushed Argo for awhile as a way of bonding with the horse and helping her relax. Gabrielle decided to brush her own hair and freshen herself up with warm intentions for the evening ahead.

Xena returned to camp with the fish cleaned and ready to be cooked. Pulling out some dried spices, Gabrielle fixed the fish up a little before putting them over the fire. Out came the sword and the Warrior sat down, running the whetstone over it, making sure of its edge. They looked at each other across the fire and at the same time both said, "What?" as they smiled softly at each other. "What do you have cooking in the overworked mind of yours Gabrielle?" Xena questioned.

"Nothing! I’m just taken by you today."

"Only today?" The dark haired beauty asked.

In the back of the Warrior’s mind, Xena was preparing herself for some tender love making, however, with the looks she had been getting for the last candlemark, she was beginning to over heat. That meant she might not go as slow as she had intended to. It was difficult to contain one’s emotions when you were that hungry to devour your hearts choice.

Gabrielle stood in front of the fire and began to untie the front of her halter. She opened it slowly and let her breasts free from the restraint. She stretched her arms high in the air, arcing her back. Then she placed both hands on the small of her back and stretched again. This jutted her breasts forward and the Warrior, although continuing to sharpen her sword, had one eye on the show that was taking place in front of her.

Next, the Bard pulled her breeches off by facing away from Xena and bending over as she slid them over her rear and down her legs. This was where the sword was returned to its sheath. The wrap went next and she stood there in the flesh with just her boots on. Xena started to get to her feet and Gabrielle said, "Wait!" Holding her hand in front of her.

The aroused lover returned to her seat and continued to watch.

The blonde’s body was fantastic and the fire and shadows danced off of her flesh as she ran her hands over her breasts. She returned to her nipples, squeezing each one firmly and then running her palms over them in circular motions. She ran her hands through her hair from the back of her neck forward, hanging her head and swinging it from side to side. Finally, she came around the fire and moved her hips in a gyrating motion while she stood in front of the seated Warrior. The sweat poured off of both of them; Gabrielle from working herself up and Xena, from watching with great intent.

It was all over for Xena, as she slipped her arms around her lovers’ waist and searched for her opening. Their love making continued until the fire grew low and they were forced to add more fuel. They prepared their bedrolls for the night and Gabrielle curled up tight behind her lover and wrapped an arm over her.

"Xena, do you know how much you mean to me? I want to be with you always, my love. You are forever etched in my heart." And the Bard lost a single tear down the length of her cheek.

"I understand only too well Gabrielle. Before I met you, my life had no direction. There wasn’t any purpose in my mind for being. Then you touched my heart, my soul and taught me tenderness and compassion. I am forever changed because of you and I love you for that. I love you for all you are and all you hope to be." The Warrior told her lover, her friend as she stared at the fire lying on her side.

Gabrielle whispered softly, "Boadicea?"

"That takes you down to six questions. Now go to sleep."


The sound of the river running opened each of the two women’s eyes, as their bladders ached and begged for relief. They each got up and headed to a different set of bushes. That task accomplished the two had a cup of tea and some biscuits before Xena saddled Argo and the continued up the river.

"Shhhh! Look over there." Xena whispered and pointed in the direction of two does on the opposite shore that were feeding. Light brown in color, the animals was a beautiful, with large dark eyes. The women stopped in their tracks and watched for awhile as the deer walked along the clearing. One deer moved close to the other and laid her head against the others neck for a moment. It was as if they were intimate with each other.

"That’s us." Gabrielle said in a quiet voice and took Xena’s hand in hers.

"Something startled the does and they lifted their heads. One looked directly at the two women and turned, walking back into the woods with the other.

"That, was simply beautiful."

"That’s how you see us, is it?" The Warrior questioned with a gentle smile.

"Yes, I do!" Gabrielle said and then returned her focus on where they were going.

"How much further north is this special place Xena?" The Bard asked.

"Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" Xena mocked. "You sound like the kids on the wagon when we took them to the beach, a moon after summer solstice. No! We’re not there yet but we’re getting closer all the time."

An area opened up and there was a large field of wildflowers ahead. As they entered this place things became magical for the air filled with thousands of blue butterflies. Xena slid off of Argo and led her by the reins. Gabrielle ran into the midst of the butterflies and twirled around and around with her arms outstretched. Her head was tilted back and a smile was spread upon her face. "They’re beautiful Xena! Plus, so many colorful flowers dotting the field. The wonders of this world amaze me!"

The Warrior too was impressed but contained her joy at an acceptable level for warriors. After the butterflies moved across the open plain, Gabrielle and Xena sat down in the middle of the field and took a break. It just felt good to be able to sit and rest, enjoying the nature that surrounded them. Xena looked at her Bard thinking what a wonderful soul she was and how much joy she brought to not only her but also everyone she touched.

The gods really have blessed me with such a precious friend and lover. I look at her today and see a beautiful woman who loves me. Only a short time ago, she was a child in a woman’s body. She was also a ray of light that shone upon a dark shadow, bringing it into the world of good and helping it blossom into a caring soul. So many alternatives you have given me, so much love you have bestowed upon me. I love you Gabrielle.

"Hey Xena! Wake up!" The Bard shouted.

"Huh? Hey, I’m awake."

"You must have been daydreaming, Xena. Thinking about me again?" Gabrielle taunted her Warrior.

"Let’s go, we’re not too far from the falls." Xena said trying to keep a straight face.

Gabrielle got to her feet and danced around like a fool saying, "She’s thinking of me! She’s thinking of me!" Then she looked up at Xena with a surprised look on her face and said, "It’s Minya, right?"

"You got me!" The Warrior conceded.

"I won! I won! So cool! I won!" Gabrielle boasted.

The moved across the remainder of the plain and their ears caught the sound of water crashing down. The roar of the falls grew as they approached closer to them. The view was spectacular as they came down to the banks of the river and observed where the river dropped over and continued on. There were actually three waterfalls that poured over the drop-off. The one Xena was most interested in was on the far side of the river. She forded the river on Argo’s back; holding Gabrielle’s staff and the Bard swam across on her own. When they got to the other side, Xena said, "Follow me."

The Warrior walked Argo through the first layer of falling water. There was a separation between that waterfall and second set of falls that poured from a set of caves above. The cascade ran down tight against the cliffs’ face. It was beyond this water that the entrance remained a secret. The mystery was revealed within the next several steps the two women took.

After you went through the second waterfall the cave had a narrow opening wide enough to get Argo through it. It turned sharply to the right, then swung back to the left and opened up into three large caves. The cave on the left was a perfect place for Argo and the ceiling was vented in two places. There were two natural chimneys that allowed air to flow through as well as the entrance from the waterfall. It was comfortable enough for the horse to be able to move around, have an area to feed and water.

The second cave was ideal for the Bard and her Warrior. It too had a couple of natural chimneys that would help dissipate any smoke that they created with an internal campfire. It had cold water running along one area of the cave floor and a small natural pool. There was also a large stone depression twenty hands across by ten hands deep which, if filled with water, could be used as a bath. All they would have to do is heat some stones in the fire and place them in the bottom of the depression. This would help retain the heat. Xena liked the place because there was another way in and out, depending on which direction you were going. At the back of the living quarters but on an upper level, there was a well-hidden opening that actually tunneled around and came out below the falls on the far right.

The third cave was also off of the back of the second cave but on the lower level and although they were not sure what to do with it yet, it was agreed upon as a temporary storeroom.

It had everything they needed as a beginning to build upon. There would be many trips before they would have the place fixed up the way that they both visualized it in their mind’s eye. This would be an ongoing project that they could both have a hand in molding.

"This is fantastic Xena! Can it be ours?" The Bard asked with great anticipation for a response. She moved over to Xena who was seated on a medium sized boulder and put her arm around her shoulder.

"What are you thinking my love?" Gabrielle questioned.

"It is ours." As she picked up a memory from the floor of the cave, in the form of a half burned piece of firewood that Borias probably sat in front of once. "We can do with this place as we want, Gabrielle. Have you given any idea to what you want to call it?"

"Yes Xena! Let’s call it, home." Pulling Xena to her feet, she slipped her arms around her Warrior, looked up into her eyes and kissed her tenderly.


The End.

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