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Gabrielle has a close encounter with an old archenemy, the Bacchae. Please feel free to comment on the story.

Never Feed the Mouth
That Bites You

by Falcon

The trouble started when Gabrielle altered her plans. After a short visit home to Poteidaia, the Bard was to meet Xena at the village of Stavora where they would spend the night, then move on.

Xena went up north to visit with an old warrior that she knew whom a bear mauled. He was quite the recluse so, the two agreed that the Warrior would see him alone, pay her respects, help him any way she could and just cheer him up a little with her company.

Gabrielle got started on the road two days early. Her cup was full from her visit with family and there was no longer any need to stay. Time spent with Lila was very good, as was catching up with mom and telling of her travels with Xena. Gabrielle's father was another story. He did not care for Xena nor the life his daughter was leading, so he would preach to her. The long and the short of it was, she could take no more and needed to leave or be smothered. She also missed her friend and lover after three days alone.

Feeling a little down in the mouth and overwhelmed by the visit, the Bard stopped at an inn near the bay, at the town of Kalamaria. This was on the way to Stavora, where she was to meet Xena within two days. Gabrielle figured she could take her time and do a little shopping in the seaport town. When she entered, as always, everyone in the main room which housed the bar and diner looked up to take inventory.

Gabrielle ordered tea, some cheese, fruit, and bread then waited for it to be prepared and delivered to her table. A woman approached the table and asked to sit down. Although the woman looked rather sultry and mysterious, she had a pleasant smile and a delicious scent. She was not as tall as Xena, but was athletic and looked extremely strong. Her breasts were not large but were well proportioned and her arms and legs looked powerful enough to give a good-sized man a thrashing, in and out of bed. She could have been an Amazon from the way she was physically built, as a matter of fact, she reminded Gabrielle of Eponin with the exception of the hair. This woman's hair was a beautiful shade of red and her eyes were dark green. She appeared to look decent and friendly so the Bard said, "Sure! Please sit. I've just ordered some lunch and tea. Why don't you order as well and we can talk while we eat.

She introduced herself as Moya and told the Bard that she was new to the area. She was looking for work of some sort and wanted to know where she might try. Gabrielle told her she most likely would need to take a look around town after lunch. There were many opportunities in a coastal port. They made small talk for a good candlemark when Moya offered to buy her a drink. The Bard agreed since she was two days ahead of schedule and had no particular place to be.

The small talk continued and Gabrielle began to share the fact that she was a storyteller. It didn't take much coaxing to get her to start a tale and one drink led to another, while the Bard performed to an audience of one. Moya added a little something to enhance the refreshment and to help break down Gabrielle's resistance. The young innocent wasn't aware that she had been played like a mandolin and was being manipulated by this woman. As the Bard told her story, Moya managed to move closer. The scent she was wearing was really intoxicating and began to arouse Gabrielle. She found that she wanted to kiss this woman whom she had just met. The somewhat innocent blonde tried to keep her wits about her but the pull was strong and she found herself wanting this woman.

"Are you staying here tonight Gabrielle?" Moya asked with a honey-coated voice.

"I think I should. I'm kind of dizzy and it's getting too late to travel anymore today." The Bard rationalized.

"Let's share a room! I'll talk to the innkeeper." Moya insisted, as she got up and went to the bar. When she returned Gabrielle was staring off into space with a giddy look on her face. Moya got her to her feet and guided the blonde to a room on the second floor. After they went into the room and the door was closed Moya moved up to the Bard real close. Her intentions were to get Gabrielle to breathe in the euphoric perfume that she had on. This was laced with an oriental aphrodisiac, which kept calling the Bard sexually.

"Let me help you with your clothes Gabrielle." She purred.

The young woman gave no resistance and in fact kissed Moya's neck lightly and then licked it long and slow. Gabrielle let out a deep-throated laugh, as she did this.

"Yes, my sweet, that's what I want to do to you." The redhead said with a gleam in her eye. It was all over after that. Moya peeled out of her clothing and stood in front of her victim. Gabrielle took inventory, noticing that she had very large nipples that stood erect. Her stomach was firm and her passion zone was covered with red down that added to the fire all ready burning within. She rippled when she moved and her prey was captivated by what her eyes saw. Pausing for a moment, she took the Bards clothing off and pushed her gently back onto the bed. She slid her body next to Gabrielle's and engulfed her breast, which caused the blonde to gasp aloud. Softly, Moya stroked her victims mound with her hand and felt the moist flow begin. When all was prepared, one finger was inserted and worked like an artist moves the brush against the canvas. The strokes increased and a rhythm was set.


After she made the invalid a meal Xena brought a load of wood in for the fireplace. They talked of the old days and the great changes in both of their lives. Helmaes blamed his youth on many of his poor decisions back then. Xena was speaking to Helmaes about his wounds when she stood abruptly and looked out the window of the small cabin. Her friend asked what was wrong, as he could see her countenance change. She had a horrible look upon her face and quietly said the name of her lover.

"Gabrielle...You're in trouble!"

She told Helmaes that there was something wrong with her best friend and that she needed to leave immediately. That he should treat his wounds with the herbs that she brought with her. Xena added that she would try to make it back by the next full moon to see how he was mending. They clasped hands and Xena was out the door. She landed on Argo's back, in the flick of a candle flame and they were off.


Moya worked her magic all over the victim's body. She worked her way down from each of those tender breasts, then across the Bards stomach, as she moaned at the pleasure she was feeling. Suddenly Gabrielle's eyes opened wide and she realized that it was not Xena that was making love to her but a perfect stranger. She tried to sit up but it was too late as Moya sunk her teeth deep into the inner most part of her thigh, just below her mound.

"Ahhh! Nooo!" The Bard cried but it was too late as she gave up resisting and spread her legs wide. Moya looked up, with blood dripping off of her mouth and smiled.

"The Bacchae wish to say hello," her attacker said. Then two more seductive creatures of the night came into the room, removed their clothes and continued to rape the helpless blonde. Moya ran her tongue into the Bards center and lapped at her arousal while her two helpers each took a feeding from the inner thighs. Gabrielle just withered asking for more and more she received. They took her over and over again as she lay helplessly wanting all of them. Deep within her mind she knew she had no control over what was happening but she couldn't feel the shame she knew would haunt her when Xena found out she had been taken. All she could feel now was the lust of the moment and the strong grip on her soul as it welcomed the darkness.

Moya straddled the blonde's face and lifted her head to her hot well. Gabrielle licked and feverishly sucked the nerve center of this Bacchae leader. The other two worked their way over every inch of the Bards body. They touched spots that sent her to new and undiscovered places. She gave them each a taste and brought all three to climax, one at a time, while the other two worked on her. It was bizarre sex filled with animalistic lust.

It had been almost three winters since Xena and Gabrielle beat the Bacchae and Bacchus. The Bard thought that it was over and that she would never have to feel what she had felt before, when the Bacchae took her then. There was a part of her that wanted this. She welcomed the bite, the rape and the demented way of the bloodthirsty brood. She was sucking on one of Moya's nipples and faded into oblivion.

When she regained consciousness late the next day, she thought it might all be a dream until she saw the bite marks on both of her thighs.

"XENA! Help me..." She screamed and then wept pitifully.

As hard as she tried to shake it off, she did not have the strength to leave the room and slipped back into a deep sleep.


The Warrior rode Argo hard toward Poteidaia; stopping for water and to rest the horse for several short breaks so not to ride her to death. Xena's heart raced in her chest knowing something was terribly wrong but not having an inkling as to what or who was responsible for what she was feeling. On one particular water stop, Xena felt an old but uncomfortable presence.

"Where are you Ares? I can feel you're here. Show yourself!" Xena demanded.

Ares materialized in front of the Warrior.

"That a girl! You still haven't lost your yearning for me." Ares bantered.

"Don't flatter yourself Ares. It's more like an itch I cannot scratch. What are you here for? You know what's going on with Gabrielle, don't you?" Xena questioned.

"I know where she is Xena and it's not with you!" Ares shot back.

"What do you know? Tell me, Ares!"

Ares took his time, moved to a new stance and smiled, "The little pest has a few pests of her own bothering her Xena. She's got a few Bacchae taking her out.....for a good time!

"Bacchae!" Xena replied in a startled huff.

"Ride hard Xena. She's in the town of Kalamaria, getting her neck adjusted! You might get there in time to say goodbye! Ha ha ha ha!" And he disappeared.

Xena mounted Argo and went into a full gallop toward Kalamaria. She hated Ares for meddling with her Bard as a way of trying to get Xena back as a warlord. Try as he did in the past, he was never successful but the Bacchae, once they had you under their spell, they were hard to break away from. In fact it was almost impossible because once bitten, a person would crave all that the Bacchae were. They were a clan of women who were devoted to Bacchus. Their sole purpose was get more converts at all costs.


Gabrielle regained consciousness and got her things together with much effort. There was a great struggle initially but she managed to leave the inn and headed in the direction of Amphipolis. It was late in the day and she knew that time was running out before the Bacchae would awake and hunt her down. Gabrielle needed to have some way of letting Xena know where she was but her mind was a blur and she was having difficulty focusing her thoughts.

The Bard knew of a retreat that Iolous used and although Hercules and Xena both knew of it, they had always considered it as Iolaus' private refuge. Gabrielle tried to remember where exactly it was and although she had only been told of the place once, she felt confident that she could find it with the directions Iolaus gave.

Breaking a branch off from a bush on the side of the road she dropped it next to her. Then she took her staff, using the end and cut two letters into the clay road. The Bard made sure to stay off to the side where the horse tracks and wheel ruts wouldn't obliterate her message. Only three people would know what they meant. She looked toward Amphipolis, paused a moment and headed into the forest covering her tracks with the branch she had taken from the bush. Gabrielle was very weak but knew she had to drive herself onward or end up forever a Bacchae.


Moya entered the room just before the sun set and hissed when she found it empty. She walked over to the bed, bent down and smelled the sheets where they had violated the young Bard the night before. Then she slid her tongue out and licked the soiled material, while she caressed the bed with her body.

"I'll get you, my little bitch!" Moya said to the empty room.

Turning, she walked out to follow the trail Gabrielle had left. Her two aides were waiting outside and she told them that the Bard ran. She also told them that Gabrielle was not to be drained too much when they recovered her but enough to keep her down. Moya wanted her alive not dead and she was concerned that they might overfeed, when they caught up to her.

The three headed out on foot and when they were out of the town, changed into the form of wolves. This made travel much quicker. Moya felt they could catch up to the Bard before daylight arrived. Moya knew that since Bacchus was taken out by Xena that they needed new leadership. Her plan was to take the Amazon Queen, making her Bacchae and eventually having her rule with Moya as her second in command and her private lover. They would be a driving force, building their army from the young maidens of the many villages dotted around the countryside.


The Warrior had been riding for at least four candlemarks, including short breaks. She knew time was of the essence. When she arrived at the area where Gabrielle had left her mark, Argo acted up and refused to go further down the road. Xena didn't understand immediately but when the horse continued to resist she backtracked and studied the road. The Warrior got off her mount and walked around the area where her lover had been just two candlemarks earlier. Finally she spotted the letters that were cut into the road.

About five hands high were a N W dug into the clay road. Xena reflected for a moment and a half smile crossed her face as she said, "Iolaus retreat! No Worries." He had told the three of them of the place awhile ago. He gave Hercules, Xena and Gabrielle the directions so that if there ever was a need to find him, he could be located. It was his sanctuary. His place to reflect and clear the mind of all things troublesome. Iolaus said, "I call the place, No Worries. It is safe and it holds a great secret. Within the cave there is a pool of spring water. If you dive into it and follow the underwater cave it opens into another cave. This cave is the inner sanctuary and I have everything one needs to stay comfortable in there for a full rotation of the moon."

Xena looked around at the ground and saw the paw prints of three wolves. She knew there was no time to waste. It appeared that they were fooled for awhile by the scattered pattern of tracks but eventually picked up the scent. Xena saw where they entered the forest and realized that they were headed in the direction of Iolaus' retreat.


Gabrielle was feeling sick and exhausted but she pushed herself relentlessly. The alternative was an endless life with the dark side. This was something she always tried to stay away from but the goodness within only drew the evil to her. No matter how hard she would seek the peaceful way, it always seemed to bring out a disruptive force that tried to destroy what she stood for. The conquest of Gabrielle would be a high honor in the underworld. The pure and innocent were a challenge to be overtaken and brought into the fold.

Her arms and legs were cut from racing through the brush and falling several times. Unfortunately this helped the Bacchae in locating her. Never had she been so torn between giving in to her dark side and letting Moya conquer her or continuing to fight for control of her life. The deciding factor was Xena and knowing how much she loved her. This is what truly drove her on.

The woods opened to a small clearing and Gabrielle found the unused path. Overgrown and almost invisible to someone, who knew the way, she followed on by remembering the marks Iolaus showed her high in the trees. As the forest thinned and the path climbed upward, it became rocky. Weaving its way between the base of two small mountains, the path turned up the right embankment and worked its way up to a small shelf. It was here the path ended for one who did not know the secret. Over the far right edge of the shelf a landing protruded and there was the entrance of Iolaus' retreat. Gabrielle, with her last ounce of strength hung over the side and dropped to the landing, collapsing on the ledge.


The red wolf stopped and the other two black wolves followed suit. There was a transformation and the three returned to the female human forms that they were before.

"I feel a presence coming this way. It is the little ones protector. You two will stop the Warrior while I pursue the Queen. Do not fail me." Moya hissed.

The two Bacchae went the opposite way of their leader to intercept Xena. Cunning and lethal, they gave no regard for their own lives but only wished to succeed in stopping the Warrior. They traveled a half of league through the woods and waited for their target.

Moya continued in the direction that Gabrielle had traveled, realizing that daybreak was near and she would have to rest out of the direct light of the day fairly soon. She stayed in her human form and moved quickly through the brush and trees. Stopping in the clearing, Moya looked around and picked up the scent a short time later. She didn't know of nor need the trail makers. Needing nothing but the trail her prey had left her mark upon, Moya continued without being hindered.


Gabrielle regained consciousness, rolled over then realized the vulnerable position that she was in. The drop off of the ledge was the height of five horses and she was flirting with that edge. She got up on one knee, looked ahead and saw the entrance to the cave. Iolaus had everything set up real nice with food, supplies and water from the spring. It ran out of the cave pouring down the left side of the cliff and into a stream below which ran along the base of the mountain. However, knowing what possibly might happen, Gabrielle touched nothing and dropped into the pool. As she swam a little deeper, she found the opening that took her to the adjoining cave. Tired and her lungs ready to burst she broke the surface of the water and climbed out.

What a fantastic setting Iolaus had composed. The cave was dotted with bearskins. There were food stores and plenty wood for a fire from moon to moon. There were weapons of all kinds set up as a trophy room. An area was designated as an altar to the gods and a place along side of it to burn incense and meditate or speak to the spirits. There was a small hole in the top of the cave that emitted a small amount of indirect light and also vented the fires smoke. There were supplies beyond what one could imagine but all of this was no concern of Gabrielle's because she was too busy wondering who would discover her. Weak and hurting, she fell asleep on one of the bearskins unable to fight exhaustion anymore.


Xena decided to let Argo fend for herself and take the rest of the trail on foot. Although this was a race to get to Gabrielle, Xena felt it safer and quieter on foot. Before she had gone a quarter league, she felt the presence of eyes upon her. Xena had a sixth sense about any ambush coming her way and this probably was a gift from Ares, although he would never admit to it.

From out of the trees, one of the Bacchae attacked Xena by jumping on her back. The Warrior spun around and slammed her backside into a tree, causing the assassin to release her grip on Xena. As the first Bacchae fell to the ground, the second jumped Xena from the opposite direction and went for the throat. As she tried to sink her teeth into the soft flesh of the Warrior's neck, Xena punched the attacker in the gut, knocking the air out of her. The first assassin regained her feet and flew through the air, landing on the Warrior's breast dagger as she pulled it out. She jerked back looking down at the intrusion and Xena finished her by taking her head off with the sword. The remaining Bacchae showed her fangs and licked her lips then retreated into the forest.

Xena walked up to the dead assassin to retrieve her dagger and was immediately attacked again from the shadows by the second assailant. The Warrior struggled briefly and tossed the Bacchae into the brush and when she came at Xena full force, she ran her through with her sword. The yellow-eyed killer had a look of surprise on her face as she dropped to the ground.


The red-haired beauty worked her way up the path and came to the dead end. Moya could almost taste Gabrielle she was so close. She looked over the edge, noticed the stone shelf below and a smile parted her lips. She jumped down expecting to find her victim coiled back in fear but the cave was empty. Moya's senses told her that the Bard was close but she could not find anything of hers or even any evidence that she had been here. The Bacchae made a low-throated growl of displeasure. Her eyes crossed every bit of area around the cave looking for some sign of the blonde.

"Yes! There you hide my Queen." As she noticed the water that had splashed up around the pool when Gabrielle jumped in.

Moya slid into the water and swam down, finding the channel to the next cave. She slowly rose to the surface and as her head broke through the water she saw the Bard lying on the bearskin, still asleep. She started to pull herself out of the water when Gabrielle awoke.

"Oh no! Please don't!" The Bard cried out in fear.

"I won't hurt you my Queen. I only want to give you pleasure." Moya said in a low hypnotic tone.

She moved next to the young woman and kissed her softly on the cheek, as the Bard looked back at Moya with worried eyes. Then the Bacchae kissed her neck and Gabrielle said, "Yes!"

Their lips touched and the mouths parted. The fevered tongues moved over each other as they tore at each other's clothes. Suddenly Gabrielle broke away and screamed, "No! I can't!"

The water exploded and the Warrior pushed herself straight up onto the rock edge next to the pool. She flipped into the air, war cry aloud. "AYiYiYiYiYi!" And landed in front of the two of them.

Xena was in a rage and beat the Bacchae off as she attacked her. Multi punches to the abdomen followed by several side kicks slowed the possessed Moya down but did not stop her advancing on the Warrior. Xena threw her Chakram and it ricocheted off of two points in the cave. At the same time she flipped the Bacchae over her shoulders and into the oncoming Chakram. The weapon cut deep across Moya's back and she screamed out in anger as well as pain. She turned toward Gabrielle and with lips curled back and eyes aglow, she charged at the helpless woman with her hands outstretched. Xena ran to intercept the crazed Bacchae and drawing her sword severed the attacker's hand. The creature turned toward Xena with a look of shock upon her face, hissed and disappeared into the pool.

Xena dropped her sword and ran to Gabrielle who had barely moved through the whole encounter. It was as if she was drained after the close contact with Moya. The Warrior got down on one knee and held the Bard in her arms. "Are you all right my love?" She asked with great concern. As Gabrielle turned her head toward Xena, the Bards eye's shown half human and half Bacchae. She was weak and acted as if she were in a trance.

The Warrior thought, There must be something I can do.

Xena cried out, "Dear gods, I need your help! Artemis! I call upon you to help your chosen. The leader of your Amazon Nation."

A light brighter than a star exploding filled the room. Three figures stood in front of the two lovers. Artemis was slightly in front of the other two and spoke.

"Warrior, you test me. I will take care of my own and need no direction from a mere mortal. This is not the first time you have come to me for a favor then go about your business as if the gods are here for your whims. This one is mine," She said as she pointed toward Gabrielle. "And because of her love for you, you are protected."

Xena remained defiant but quiet in the presence of this trio; her eyes fixed diligently on the goddess. Her only concern was that of her love. To be humbled in front of the gods was nothing compared to what she would do for her lover.

Artemis turned to her left and nodded at the presence there.

"I am Hecate, the goddess of the Dark and Magic. I will release this one from the curse of the Bacchae as a gift to Artemis." And she dissolved in a mist of green light.

Artemis then turned to her right and smiled.

"I am Hygeia. I will speed up the healing process for this one, as she pointed to the pale body of Gabrielle. She will return to her natural state by the end of this day. This is my gift to you, Artemis and to these kindred spirits.

The goddess faded slowly away.

Artemis, who never took her, eyes from Xena, said, "And so it is and will remain Warrior, as long as you are there by her side. You are good together. You are good for each other. You simply have an edge that I must dull from time to time."

The dazzling light returned briefly and the Bard was alone with Xena. The Warrior returned to her side and looked into those tired green eyes that no longer had any traces of the Bacchae in them. "I love you so much my Bard. I was so worried for you. I could feel that there was something wrong and I came to you as quickly as I could." Xena told her as she stroked her hair.

"I'm so very sorry Xena. I left home two days early with intentions of just relaxing. I was drawn into a trap. I'm so embarrassed by my actions. Can you ever forgive me?" Then she broke down and cried in tremors. When she regained her composure, Gabrielle continued. "You need to know....that I.I...had sex with the Bacchae. I tried to resist but the pull was ...t too strong."

"It's OK my love. You were not yourself. You were under their control but now you're under my control." As she bent down and touched her lips tenderly to her lovers. The kiss matured as lips parted and their tongues explored each other. Soon, life would settle back into the romantic setting they were both accustomed to.

"Xena! You don't think Iolaus would mind very much if we stayed here for awhile and healed, do you? It would give us a chance to make up for lost time." And a grin painted her face for the first time in a long time.

The Warrior started planning the evening in her mind.

The End

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