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Disclaimers: Yep, Tataka and the Conqueror…umm…oops, thatís a different story. Hmm…oh yeah, I remember now. Xena and Gabrielle are still owned by MCA/Universal/Renaissance, but theyíre here, theyíre queer, get used to it! Uhoh…I think Iíve been repossessed…hmmm…or is that possessed?

You decide.

Enough Already!
By Silk
copyright 1999




"You know what! Just knock it off!"

"Fine." *sigh*


"Gabrielle! I canít help it! You drag me in here, making us spend too many dinars in the first place, and thereís nothing here, but stupid statues and other artsyfartsy stuff. Itís booooring."

"You are such a barbarian."

"Thatís not what you said last night."

"Yeah, well…Oh look! A statue of Hercules!"


"What was that?"

"I said, ĎOh boy!í"

"You would think youíd be more appreciative. After all, you and he were an item once."

"How many times are you going to insist on reminding me of that?"

"Iíll let you know. Ooh, heís…heís…"

"The word is naked, I believe."


"Stop drooling."


"What a bardly thing to say. What are you looking at anyway?"

"Itís so…so…so big!"

"That thing?"

"Yeah, itís gigantic!"

"Itís exaggerated. I donít remember it being that large. The sculpturer took a few liberties."

"Hmm…let me see…"

"Gabrielle! Quit leaning over the red rope so far, people are looking!"

"I want a better view."


"Shhh…wow, it is really big."

"Donít touch it!!"

"Oh come on, lighten up. Iím just curious."

"Enough already! The guards are looking. Heh heh, nothing to see over here, folks. My friend, sheís just a big…errmm…slow in the head. Sheís got a really bad balancing problem and even worse eyesight. Itís ok, really, Iíll take care of it. Iím going to take her right back to the hospice. Nothing to worry about."

"Cool! Look at this detail. This has to be real."

"Psst…Gabrielle, stop it. People are really starting to get suspicious…NO! Donít touch it!"





"Itís not my fault!"




"Okay, okay! I didnít know it could come off like that."


"Well, maybe no one will notice."

"Gabrielle, you just broke off his ego and you donít think anyone will notice?"

"Good point. Heh heh…letís make a break for it."

The End


*wicked chuckle*

Enough Already! is number three in the series that I call, "Say What?". Harder Please and Satisfied? were the first two in this lil series of mine.

Hope you enjoyed yourself.

Oh and you Hercules fans that donít like it and plan on flaming me? Bite me.

Warlord in Training, whoís going through a breakdown right now.
Have Katiepult. Will give free rides to Joxerland to anyone that asks. Donít mind the alligators.
"Bard? Where? Do I look like Iíd look good in a sari?"

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