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Standard Disclaimer - These characters, most of them, belong to Universal, and Renaissance Pictures, and whoever else has a stake in Xena:Warrior Princess. This is written just in fun, and no copyright infringement was intended.

Religious Characters - All religious names and such have either already been registered or have been made up by me. (i.e. Onochs, Demochs, Musiques)

Any comments or questions -

The Exploration of Heaven and Hell - Part I
by Demmi

"Forever, Gabrielle. Forever." Xena's willowy fingers danced through Gabrielle's shortened hair which glistened against the heavenly light. They'd been smiling for hours beneath the empyrean glow of the illuminating Paradise.

Cloaks of silk gripped their lithe forms which caused them to appear as a pair of perfected angels. The air was crisp and clean; if it even was air. Clouds of numerous shapes were rotating about them. Callisto had stated that the place where'd she'd been taken was labeled Hell. What exactly was the name of this place.

"Welcome to Heaven." Another creature stood aloft the clouds. He seemed to be floating with velvety wings that contained a sense of light itself. "I am Uriel, the angel. You both have been taken to an afterlife known as Heaven for God has smiled upon you both and gifted you with this factor. Welcome to the Perpetual Paradise. "

"God? Heaven? Angel. What does this all mean. I mean. . I do not understand what this is or what it is trying to be. " Gabrielle's warm glow had cooled and she simply ogled at the Angelic entity with inquisitiveness as Xena had done before her. Gabrielle found herself noticing Xena in a whole different perspective. Not as that clever, beautiful, malignant woman as before. But now, a newly formed entity that have her a warm essence. But strangely, she didn't like it.

The trio had begun to amble along the cloudy flooring in which Uriel's sandals seemed to brush against every so often. His hair were locks of satin ebon that were unlike the sooty colors of her own world And his eyes. Sapphirine! Two separate gems that one would wish taken out and sold at the marketplace. They'd never seen a man with such beauty and radiance. Charismatic he was as well, but in that sort of subtextual way people do not notice at first.

"Heaven is the home of God and the Holy Spirit. This is part of what is known as the Blessed Trinity. Living here as well are those that have been gifted with the sight of knowing the true God. These are the saints. And the angels, or the servants of God, live here as well. The word Angel means watcher, so as you can see -- we watch the world from afar in hope to help all that prosper in it. The others who live within this world are those that are rewarded for doing good in their lives, or simply being sorry for those sins that they have committed. Xena, that is why you are here. Over the years we thought we'd lost you, but you returned. Thanks to the lovely Gabrielle." Yet again, he smiled. But his smiled was odd for it didn't seem sincere enough.

Gabrielle and Xena constantly exchanged glances throughout the little monologue of the Angel, Uriel. Xena seemed more curious about her surroundings but Gabrielle had been listening quite closely. The True God. What exactly had she been worshipping all these years.

"So, where exactly does this God exist? And the rest of the angels, where exactly are they?" Xena spoke words quickly and eloquently but they were kind, never like before when they were harsh. Her words were almost rhapsodic.

"God exists everywhere. Watching even in his home. Perhaps one day you'd like to meet him." They had been walking over a soft hill of silver silk sheets when the site had been seen. An empire; a universe in its own. A world that existed all its own was seen glistening over the fields. Children in colorful garbs were playing in every corner of the vast courtyards. Adults sat to talk and families and groups of people laughing and hugging and kissing each other were so abundant that one could become tiresome. "The angels exist. But they sit upon the throne within the central court of God. Most of them anyhow. The Archangels, like myself, are all there. And the Cherubs, and the Seraphs. And the Onochs. Those are the higher angels. Other angels such as the Musiques, and the Trondids, are those that give Heaven's its glory. Creating it in the vision as people see fit. Those remains within the libraries. Then of course there are the Demochs. But we'll get to them shortly. "

Xena suddenly became preoccupied and her bue pupils had danced throughout the crowds. Gabrielle had known what Xena had been looking for right from the start but suddenly the Angel spun about on his heel.

"Xena. You cannot see Solan. For he isn't here. I am sorry, but he just isn't here."


To be Continued. . . .

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