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For My Own Good
By Bardic

Rated: G - boring again huh. Another little note from Gabby's heart, rather than her... well... oh just keep reading ;)

Author's note: Another Gabrielle's POV little story that I scribed down the other night. A little angst-filled, but hey, sexual frustration can do that to you. (Gabrielle's I mean, not mine. NOT mine. I'm telling you it's NOT! Oh, just leave me alone ;)) Please email me at All feedback is muchly appreciated, begged for, and welcome.

Warning: This story, although containing now sexual content, is about two women in love. If this is illegal where you live, you don't enjoy it, or you are under 18 (or 21 in some states), please exit the room now. And DON'T take the story with you... ;)

Disclaimers: Xena and Gabby belong to MCA blah blah blah. Word has it though, they're going to sell them to the highest bidder. No, really! I had a dream about it last night...

In the distance, the thunder of galloping hoof beats echoes through the silence...

I sit quietly and battle the avalanche of thoughts and emotions that rage - barely surpressed - just beneath the surface.

You have left me again. And I am frightened, just as I am every time you leave. I wonder if this is it, if this is the time that you leave me for good. I know it may seem ridiculous to you, but I get so scared, and so angry every time that you leave me 'For My Own Good'. Shivering with the thought that this may be the time that you do not return.

Perhaps I should be forgiven for this fear. It's not as though you ensure me with your words and actions that you will return to my side each time you leave. You hardly speak your emotions to yourself, let alone to me. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that you feel anything. But then you do something so thoughtful, so beautiful, and so amazing, that I wonder how I could ever have doubted you. It's the little things you do that still my heart with love and astonishment. The little things are always the ones that add up to big things. But when you leave me behind, I sometimes have to question them.

I sit here and fume in the darkness.

You tell me how good I have become with my staff and I have proven a hundred times over that I can protect and defend myself quite well enough. So why do you still continue to leave me behind 'For My Own Good'?

I am an Amazon Queen now! By Rite of Caste maybe, but an Amazon all the same, and well- trained with the fighting staff. *Fighting* staff, not 'sit-in-this-village-while-I-take- care-of-things-Gabrielle' staff! I am not a child anymore Xena, but if you persist in treating me like one, then I may react in such a way. Next time you leave me, do not be surprised if I follow you into the fray. At least the anger I would suffer at you side would be much easier to endure than the fear and worry away from it.

In the distance, the thunder of galloping hoof beats echoes through the silence...

As I sit and wait for you to return, I come to a decision. Next time you leave, I am going to be right there by your side.

For My Own Good



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