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DISCLAIMER: Xena, Gabrielle, Eponin, Ephiny, Tara and Solarie are not mines, they belong to RenPics MCA. I just thought Iíd have a little fun with them while writing this tale. Now this story describes explicit girl on girl loviní and mentions an act of non-consensual sex. Now...if this offend you or you are not of age (18 or older) to read this type of material, STOP NOW!

Also, various SLANG WORDS are used in this story. DONíT be ALARMED, I have included the intended definition in parenthesis following the phrase. There is some mention of rough, cunning and malicious acts, but it is not that gross. It was all done in fun and hopefully you will find it that way as well.

I like to give a shout out to my Girls Jennifer for dropping down my doís and doníts and Lynka for cracking my seal on writing. (I thought Iíd explain that before people think of other things, Smile). And, finally but not least, Iíd like to thank K.P. of the Xenadom. I appreciate the pointers. I really do.

Iíve used nicknames in this story such as Sol (Solarie), and Ep (Eponin).

There are quite a few color adjectives and metaphors. If you are not of the age above or OFFENDED by BRASH LANGUAGE, THEN PLEASE DO NOT GO IN! THIS TALE CONTAINS A LOT OF IT.

Now...If you dare to enter, letís jack up this skirt.

Warriorís Chat
by L.B. Anderson

"Hey Xena," Solarie yelled out in the midst of one of Xenaís complicated, twirling somersaults, almost throwing the warrior off guard. Xena finished the routine superbly though, as always, while disarming one of the young cadets and knocking the legs out from under the other young Amazon she was training.

"Sol, if I didnít know any better, Iíd think you were trying to sabotage me or something. You know your Queen will kick your butt if I am harmed in one of your supposedly safe training sessions. And, what do you want anyhow?" Xena returned, with an exhilarating cast in her demeanor.

Solarie jumped down off the training fence and tossed Xena a towel while approaching her. "Whatía ya say you, me and Ep head over to the food hut and chug down some Amazon wine after training?"

"Hmmm," Xena hummed, considering the request. "Did you ask Eponin if she was interested?" Xena inquired, while gazing over at their flirting friend. Since Tara joined the tribe (Xena and Gabrielleís young dark hair partner in crime), Eponin hadnít been able to pull herself away from the little Amazon trainee.

Sol snorted and looked up at Xena with fluttering eyes, making Xena laugh out loud. "Yeah, our strong dependent, level headed friend has got it bad doesnít she?" She said as they started toward Eponin and Tara.

Xena smiled at the idea of Ep finally meeting someone who would probably become her mate. The Queenís champion was beginning to think that Ep was going to die a lonely old spinster; a "didnít get none, grouchy assed, warrior". But as she watched, Taraís head fall back in an entertaining chortle and Eponinís eyes glowed as if she had seen the most extraordinary discovery known to man. Xena knew it was probably Tara who would claim the phlegmatic Amazonís heart.

"Well," Xena pondered. "If Ep doesnít mind, then yeah Iíll have a few. Hey," Xena said, slinging her arm slightly above Solís bosom bringing her to a halt. "We can talk about girls." She finished with a lustful glare in her eyes. Solarie chuckled and retorted, " Xena thatís what Iím talking about. Iím widíit (with that)."

The pair skipped up to Ep and Tara, outwardly poking fun of the couple by rubbing each otherís hair and holding each otherís hand. "GUYS," Ep screamed, completely embarrassed.

Tara turned so she could see the teasing pair and popped, "Thatís okay Ep, they wonít be smiling tonight when they find out their "give it up girls" are staying in Athens for the night after we finish shopping." Xena and Sol immediately straightened and inquired more about what Tara snapped, by grabbing the young warrior and snatching her to them.

"Hey guys, not so rough," Ep said softly. Xena and Solarie both jumped and looked at each other before staring back at their usually insistent friend.

"Youíre kidding right?" Xena asked, before she and Solarie almost fell over laughing. The trioís fighting skills were so similar that Xena and Sol were finding this passive side of Ep hard to stomach.

"Aw, weíre not going to hurt your hunny (honey) bunny," Sol simpered with a hearty grin as both she and Xena took turns popping Tara on the rear. Tara broke away from the badgering pair and waved cutely at Ep before giving them a pale glare.

"Iíll come by again before we leave, okay?" Tara asked, not quite sure if Eponin would find her visits bothersome. Warriors were so unpredictable at times. But the usually solemn warrior smiled and gave the younger woman a wink. Tara smiled and skittered away.

"Damn Ep," Solarie said, watching Taraís nicely proportioned, bouncing ass dance around. "Stop flirting and start doing some hurting. Canít you see she wants you to tap it in the worst way?" Ep sighed and said, "Why does everything have to be about sex with you Sol. I have to get to know a person first before bedding them." Xena and Solarie stood watching their departed friend with opened mouths. "Aw girl sheís got it bad," Xena said in a whimpering tone.

"Girl we have got to educate her on women. Címon we have work to do." Solarie said, determined to have her friend in some Tara by the time the moon rose.

In the food hut...

"Myrna," Solarie called out arrogantly. "Bring us a junior keg," She commanded, while the three of them took a seat. Myrna tossed her wash rag over her shoulders, rolled her eyes and set out to do the regentís consortís bidding.

"Do our royal ladies know that their mates are over here drinking at this wee hour in the morning?" Xena avoided the questioning womanís gaze by picking up a stumbling toddler that was running from her mother. Eponin picked at her battle gear, ridding it of lint.

Solarie glanced at them and sneered. <What a bunch of wimps! Ephiny is my wife, and I run my home>. She thought, while telling the woman that Ephiny said she could. Myrna rolled her eyes in disbelief again and slammed down their mugs before leaving.


The trio watched as she continued on with her duties, still uncomfortable with her being in their proximity. Once she left, the trio began to chat.

"So, Ep, you and Tara have been socializing for several moons now. When are you going to get up in it?" Solarie asked, while taking a big gulp of her drink.

"I...I donít know?" Eponin stuttered. "Do you think sheís ready?" Solarie growled and slammed her mug down. "If she gets any more ready IíM going to have to mount her." She popped, as Xena fell back laughing.

"Well," Eponin inquired cautiously. "How do you know? Do you know when Ephiny wants some?"

Solarie snorted and said, "Is Hades the god of the underworld? Hell yeah I know when she wants it." Solarie took a drink and lowered her upper body upon the table. Both Eponin and Xena leaned in to listen. "When Ephiny wants a little loving, she gives me this reckless stare that runs through me like a bolt of lightning and her hands begin to fondle her parts veeerrry suggestively."

Eponin leaned back laughing and popped, "What do you mean, suggestively?"

Solarieís eyes widened and said, "Her hand caresses things." Solarie then moved her hands in a waving motion. "Like one day, shortly after Iíd finished training the younger girls, I saw Ephiny visiting with Raylan at the healerís hut." Solarie moaned and leaned in closer.

"The minute our eyes met she leaned back against the wall behind the barrel she was sitting on and temptingly propped her right leg onto the kegís edge. She then began to slowly lick her lips and run her fingertips in a swerving pattern up and down her thigh. I thought to myself, damn the cold shower, Iím going to get me some of that." Solarie finished proudly, while sitting back and slurping methodically at her drink. Both Xena and Eponin sighed from the visible arousal that were rising in all of them and sat back as well.

"Well Xena, how do you know when Gabrielle wants some loving?" Ep asked. Xena smirked and observed her mate as she stepped into the hut.

"Observe," She said, watching Gabrielle talk to several of the young Amazons standing just inside the door.

"When Gabrielle wants me to tap it. She tosses her hair back off her right shoulder and tilts her head." No sooner did Xena say it than Gabrielle did it.

"She also gives me this look that tears at my clothes." Gabrielle then looked over at Xena with such a penetrating glare that it made Solarie lose control of her wine, which promptly leaked from her mouth. Eponin gulped and whispered, "Is that the look?" Xena purred and lowered her elbows onto the table and continued to analyze her mateís body language.

"She also sways as if sheís moving to the rhythm of a love song." Just as Xena described it, Gabrielle began to head toward them like a sphinx with a scorching desire.

"By the gods," Solarie murmured. "Iím going to have to change my draws (underwear)." Xena sat back and awaited her little Queenís advance. She knew from Gabrielleís presentation, she was about to get a very stimulating quickie.

"Hello ladies," Gabrielle cooed, making the hairs on each of the warriorís necks stand up. "Mind if I borrow Xena for a minute?" All the time Gabrielle spoke she stared insatiably at Xena. Revealing to her that she wanted some loviní and she wanted it now. "I have something I want Xena to see." Xena gulped the rest of her drink, rose, took her mateís hand and said, "Refill that, Iím going to need it when I get back." The pair then turned and headed over to the stock room.

As soon as the door was closed, they tore into each other. While sucking and nipping at Xenaís lips, Gabrielle lifted Xenaís leg and withdrew her dagger to cut away her underpants.

"Hey," Xena squawked. "If you cut away my underwear Iím going to be without a covering." Gabrielle pulled away from her, panting. "Do you want to fuck me or contemplate whether you want to wait until I get back from Athens tomorrow night?"

Her eyes glowed with undeniable lust. Xena shook nervously as she fumbled with the ends of her leather gear, wasting no time cutting away her underwear as well as Gabrielleís. She then whirled Gabrielle around and bent her over the waist height flour bags, lifted her skirt and rubbed her burning pussy up against her little Queenís backside. Both women moaned and went to work on satisfying each other.

"By the Gods Xena, you are sooo wet." Gabrielle said, while moaning and pulling her hunching partner closer to her. "What in the world have you three been talking about?" She asked as Xenaís hands eased around to the front of her and fingers plunged into her slippery depths. Xena growled with pleasure as she lowered herself upon her Queen and panted.

"Weíve...(hunching and plunging)...been talking...Oh Gods Gabrielle...your pussy is soooo hot...weíre talking...about fucking the Gods...this...feels sooo good." Both women continued to rock against the other as their needs grew and the grinding became untamed.

"OH GODS XENA HARDER. FUCK ME HARDER!" Gabrielle practically screamed. Xena lost it. She was plunging in Gabrielleís hot spot as if she was about to be incarcerated for the rest of her life. And her pumping was out right vicious. "Oooh," Gabrielle panted, while spreading her legs wider and holding tight to the flour bags Xena was grinding them against.

" it. Oh...Oh...OH GODS XENA." Gabrielle screamed as her body snapped and drove mindlessly against Xenaís long fingers embedded them deep inside her. Xena rode out her climax as her body began to spasm like it never before. Her fingers coiled within Gabrielle and held as she continued to pump her love chamber frantically against the bardís backside. Xena heaved thrice more before releasing, growling out her partnerís name over and over.

"Damn," Xena hummed. "I love it when your pussy is hot like that. It drives me crazy with need." Gabrielle cooed, as her eyes once again began to focus. "Thereís nothing like a quickie to get you started, huh baby?" She asked with a cute giggle.

"Why donít yíall continue your little chat?" Gabrielle urged, while wiping the sweat from their foreheads. "Thereís nothing like warriors bonding is there Princess?" She implied as Xena straightened and pulled her partner into a searing kiss.

"You know me," She spat breathlessly. "Iím always up for a girl chat." She then gave her partner a wink, straightened their clothes and wiped away the remnants of their lovemaking with a handkerchief she kept stored in her bosom. "Well now, that should hold me for a couple of hours." Xena joked, while leading Gabrielle back out into the dining hall.

Everyone that was having lunch in the hut stared at the couple while blindly stuffing their mouths. Xena turned around and looked down at Gabrielle before proceeding.

"Baby, thereís an audience out here waiting for us, so smile." She didnít have to push that issue as the bard was already glowing with merriment. Xena smiled and led her mate back over to the table. The spectators continued to watch as Gabrielle kissed her champion lovingly upon her cheek and left. Eponin and Solarie watched as Gabrielle sashayed out of the feeding quarters.

Xena looked down in her cup and saw it was almost running over. "Thanks girls, I really need this. That Queen of yours likes it fierce when weíre pushed for time."

"FIERCE?" Eponin screamed. "Do you know Myrna sent for the royal guards because she thought you were killing her in there. We had to intercede before they came bursting in on you two." Solarie rolled her eyes at her friendís exaggerated response and gave the princess a sneaky smile. "So Xena, did Ďcha (you) wear it out?" She probed, mindlessly twirling the remains of her drink in the mug.

Xena gulped down half of her drink and said, "Iím sorry do you know me? Obviously not, so Iíll spell it for you. My name is Xena. And when it comes to cooling it off. They call me Mrs. FI...FI...FIX IT." She boasted, while shrugging her shoulders proudly.

"Thereís not a coochie (cunt) from miles around that I couldnít "wear out, if I chose too." She finished with a snort. Eponin and Solarie couldnít contain the cackles that tore from their throats. "Go on girl, you know you are a defiler." Solarie said taking a swig.

Just as Solarie lowered her drink, Ephiny entered the food hut. She sauntered over to the table ever so alluringly and whispered something in Solís ear. Solarie jumped from her perch and grabbed the regentís hand. "Watch the door for me girls. The regent and I have something to discuss." She then led Ephiny over to the same room Xena and Gabrielle had just exited and shut the door.

Within seconds of closing the door, rumbles of passion filtered out of the room and drifted out into the eating area. Myrna came out from behind the counter and stared at the door. She then gave Xena and Eponin a disgusted glare, as she shook her head and went about her duties.

When Solarie and Ephiny exited, they looked as if they had been in a fight. They were panting, sweating and heaving. Xena snorted and continued drinking. She could feel her loins pulling again as she thought about her and Gabrielleís little sex break.

Solarie plopped back down beside Xena and took several deep breaths as her partner gave her a loving peck on the jaw and left.

Xena looked over at Solarie as she gulped down her drink. "So did yíall discuss war tactics or did you fuck her so violently that YOU couldnít stand up straight?"

Eponin chortled and glanced over at her friend who was now straightening her clothes and awaited an answer.

"There is nothing like discussing battle tactics in a closed room. My snatch is still throbbing from the penetration." Solarie said with a fulfilled smile, while replenishing her drink.

"Damn you two have some hot ass wives." Eponin said, swirling the remainder of her wine in her cup. "I wonder if Tara is as spontaneous as your mates?" Just as she spoke, Tara came into the room. Xena and Solarie lowered their drinks and watched with open mouths as the young amazon sauntered over to them.

Xena gave Eponin her traditional eyebrow expression and said, "I donít know, but I think you are about to find out. Maybe sheíll eat your pussy with those soft, red, smiling lips Iím looking at now."

Eponin whirled around on the bench and watched Taraís determined stroll. <Oh lord I hope Xena is right. I definitely want to see her beautiful face buried between my legs>. Eponin mused as Tara asked to speak to her in private.

Eponin returned in about a quarter of a candlemark with a goofy smile on her face. Xena and Solarie lowered their heads while hiding their amused smirks.

"How was it Ep? Did she whirl her soothing wet tongue in that hot, dripping, cunt of yours?" Xena inquired with a questioning expression.

Eponin took a swig of her drink and said breathlessly, "Boy that girl is hot. I think Iím in love." Solarie cackled and said, "We know that." She then waved her hand in front of a still mesmerized Eponin seeking some kind of reaction.

"Good lord Xena, Epís been whipped! She canít even focus." Solarie said, concerned. Xena reached over and popped Eponin across the back of her head to rattle her thoughts. "Did she eat your snatch you mindless wimp?" Xena spat, looking agitated by Eponinís oblivious state. Solarie cackled heartily while waiting for Epís answer.

"Guys...she stuck her tongue so far up in my cunt that my breathing stopped. She then sucked my clit into her warm steaming mouth of hers and plowed her fingers deep into my drizzling falls. Gods Iíve never had it done to me like that before. I was calling HER motherís name when I came." Xena fell back laughing.

"Well did you get in hers?" Eponinís eyes clashed into Solarieís questioning glance and said, "Boy did I. She was so creamy and hot I almost lost sight of what I was doing. I took her from the back. My fingers pumped in and out of her." Eponin then leaned over and whispered, "The harder I pumped, the juicer her little hot box became. I was so turned on by her squirming against me that I jacked up my skirt, parted my soaked love chamber and rocked my stinging clit against that firm ass of hers. And boy...when we came, I swear to yíall we were singing the Amazonís mating song." Eponin paused briefly and shook her head. "Damn, my pussy is still throbbing from the motions. And hers...Oh gods...I didnít want to get up out of it. Have you two ever been like that?"

Xena and Solarie looked over at each other and cracked up laughing. "Ep, every woman has experienced that. Hell Iíve even taken Gabrielle in her sleep, after riding her like crazy." Xena testified. Eponinís eyes bucked in wonder. "Does she still come in her sleep." Xena snorted and said, "I whack that ass so seriously that she is humming my name to Morpheus." Solarie cackled.

"I know what you mean girl. Iíve fucked Ephiny in her sleep too. At first I didnít want to do it because I felt as if I was stealing from her or something. But the minute my fingers slid inside her and her legs fell open. I thought, Fuck that stealing shit this is fun! I watched as Ephinyís back arched and listened to her moan as if she was dying slowly from satisfaction. Her hot sizzling snatch was sucking so hard at my drenched pleasure seekers that I thought she was going to tear Ďem off. Damn I think that was one of the hottest moments of my life. And when she came, she whimpered, pumped, cried and growled like a howling wolf." "Ow woo...," Solarie mimicked returning to her original posture. Xenaís entire face became distorted as she chortled until she was out of breath. "Solarie the look on your face when you did that was a keeper. Can you do it again?" She joked, refilling their drinks.

"Ep I know youíve had sex with other women. Tell us some of the wild things youíve done?" Xena inquired while propping her left leg up on one of the tableís beams.

"Yes Iíve had sex before with...other women." Eponin staggered. "Before I get into this. This talk is just between us right?"

"Oh...yeah," Xena and Solarie returned with laughter in their eyes. "Okay, so I know I wonít hear this again right?" Eponin contemplated while gazing oddly in to her friendís frolicsome eyes. "Oh yeah you have our word," They promised, crossing their hearts.

"Awright (alright) then...Solarie do you remember Synthia, one of the high priestess assistantís that was assigned to our tribe shortly before the winter solstice?"

"Yeah I remember her. Xena, remember the quiet little blonde that had the prettiest blue eyes youíve ever seen and the aura of an angel?" Xena thought for a moment while taking a drink. "Oh yeah, she was slightly shorter than Gabrielle." Both Solarie and Eponin nodded their heads approvingly.

"Yeah, of course I do. She was the one that was running back to the temple so fast that she plowed into me and nearly knocked herself out one day."

"Yeah, thatís her," Eponin confirmed while lowering herself again upon the table.

Solarie and Xena followed; realizing Ep didnít want to be real verbal with her confession. "I took her on the offering altar of Artemisís temple."

"Nah," Solarie panted. "Wait a minute, all of the high priestess assistants are virgins." Eponin gave Solarie a crooked smile and said, "Well when I got through with her, she wasnít. I was young, dumb and full of cum in those days. One night she was standing outside of the temple admiring the glow of the moon."

Xena and Solarie looked at each other and created a wave with their outstretched arms while chanting, "The moon...oon...oon."

"Ssssh," Eponin said, waving her hands in the air slightly above the table.

"Anyway I rappelled out of the tree and walked over to her. I had been watching her nearly every day as she went on her nature walks. So I knew she enjoyed solitude. But, I was curious to know if all of the priestess assistants were actually virgins. Anyway one thing led to another and I found myself inside Artemisís temple with my fingers buried to the hilt inside that tight, untouched pussy and she was moaning and clawing at me like an abandoned lion cub. I was fucking her like crazy. Her pussy was the hottest Iíd ever known in those days. I was plunging and coiling my fingers so violently in her cunt that mine began to ache."

"Ep," Xena chirped. "Are you telling me that you defiled an Angel? You are bad, bad girl Eponin. And whatís even worse is that Iím getting highly turned on by that shit." The Princess joked, while sitting back.

Solarie continued to stare at her friend before giving her an admiring smile. "Well, alright then Ep. Give it to me up top girl. You cunt despoiler." Eponin straightened in her seat and gave her friend a stinging hi-five.

All three of the warriorís sat back and took a breather from talking while watching the young female warriors cackle.

"Ah to be young." Xena said with a snort. "I know what you mean girl. If I werenít married, some of those little chickadees would be in deep, deep trouble. Iíd whack every ass in that group." Solarie said, while mentally counting how many young amazons were sitting in the bunch.

"You and me both," Xena retorted. "Thereís nothing like a fresh, tight, piece of ass."

"Tell me Xena," Eponin seemed confused as she gazed up into Xenaís now stormy blue eyes. "Have you ever done it to a woman with one of those...those...those?" "Sex phalluses," Xena finished for her tipsy friend.

"Hell yeah," She returned sitting back in her chair and searching her memory for the first time sheíd ever used one.

"The first time I used one was years ago. I had been away from Amphipolis for over two years during my early warlord days. Anyway," Xena said, dragging the remnants of her drink from her lips with the back of her hand. "There was this one whore that was so obnoxious, she made me gag when I looked at her. She approached me one night and invited me to her room. I went with the intention of making that bitch beg me to leave her alone. I couldnít stand her and I was determined to let her know it. My plans were to teach her to never approach me again, in her lifetime, unless I requested it. I followed her up to her room, and before I knew it, she had my boots and underwear off and she was ramming her tongue urgently into my pussy. I let her continue with her little appetite splurge, since it was feeling sooo good and what was even more stimulating was seeing that no count trampís head bob up and down over my D.P." "D.P.?" Eponin asked with slanted eyes.

Xena narrowed her eyes and growled through clenched teeth, "Dirty Pussy," "My men and I had been in battle for what seemed like months, but in reality it had only been a week. And none of us had been near a lake or an inn to bathe."

"Ooh," Solarie cooed, as she propped her rocking head up on her bent arm on the table. "Did she eat good girl?" Xena nodded her head vigorously up and down while trying to swallow her drink.

"Girl that bitch had my toes curling. And I was rocking it like crazy all in her face, smearing my strong secretions everywhere."

"Can we get to the rubber dick please?" Ep popped while laying her head on the table. The wine was kicking her square in the ass. Yet she was determined to last as long as her drinking partners.

"Anyhow," Xena said, tossing the remnants of her drink into Eponinís face causing her to sit up abruptly. "When it was my turn to get my hands on her, I took out this large joy stick and strapped it on." Eponin straddled the bench and became engrossed with the story. "I had a special appendage build into it that stimulated my clit as I fucked another woman."

"The Hades you say," Eponin said, amazed by Xenaís artistry on inaugurating a way to please herself as she had sex with her partner. Xena chuckled and continued. "I made her get down on the floor on all fours. Now all this time Iím concealing this object. Iím laying the sweet talk on so thick with that Iím about to regurgitate myself. I ask her so sweetly to spread her legs for me so I can see her incredibly dainty cunt. She giggled like the cheap whore that she was and did my bidding. I took one of her pillows and dropped to my knees behind her. After that," Xena said, narrowing her eyes so dangerously that it made her friends gasp.

"It was on! The minute I plunged it fully into her she screamed and tried to scramble away. But I grabbed her somewhat chunky ass and pulled her back to me and onto the stiff unyielding dick I had shoved up her now aching pussy. I wrapped around her like a coiling python. I covered her mouth up and continued to ram that firm pole in and out of her over and over again. The more she struggled against me, the harder I fucked her. My pussy was buzzing from the pleasant pressure her tightening muscles were applying against that shaft. My hips rose and fell, driving my weapon of punishment deeper and deeper into her rank twat (cunt) until the bitch passed out."

Eponin and Solarie were stunned by the entire tale and were somewhat more frightened of their friend.

"Xena, basically you raped that woman." Solarie said, almost afraid to say it. Xena fell back in her chair, crossed her legs and swirled her drink gently in her cup while gazing at the floor.

"Yeah, youíre right Sol." Xena looked back up into her friendís passive gaze and lowered her head again. "That was my intention. I wanted to rape her. I was young then Solarie. And I was only interested in pressing a personís limits. I wanted her humble the next time I came in there, and since she was a whore I figured her twat would be one way of doing that."

"Did you cum?" Eponin inquired softly.

Xena looked over in her other friendís lowly gazed and responded softly, "Yes. After that interlude Iíd never been more proud of myself. Once I was finished with her, SHE was begging me to leave. I found out afterwards that another female warrior had done the same thing to her only it was in front of her men. I guess after that she figured that she would never amount to anything but being a whore, so one night after conducting business as usual, she took a sleeping compound that ended her life." Xena lowered her head again and awaited a replication from her friends. Both Solarie and Eponin straightened in their seats and refilled their drinks while doing the same for Xena.

"Xena why did you tell us that story?" Eponin invited calmly. "Because I wanted you to know that a device such as that can be used in various ways. And if it is used to heighten you and your partnerís passion then go for it. But all you really need is the warmth of both your bodies and the basic will to satisfy each other."

Solarie and Ep both smiled at their redeemed friend and gave her a toast. "Damn, for a while Xena I thought I was going to have to pull my dagger on your sadistic ass. Iíve never seen you look" Solarie stated while chugging at her drink.

"Say Xena," Solarie implied. "Have you ever noticed when you go down on Gabrielle, how different she tastes, as sheís cumminí? Ephinyís pussy runs with the sweetest body oils I have ever known. And Iíve tasted a variety of hunnies (honeys), believe me."

Xena cackled louder than she thought as she slapped Solarie sharply on the back. "Gabrielleís pussy is sweet too. Not only does she smell of strawberries, she produces it as well. My babyís snatch is a strawberry orchid." Xena closed her eyes and moaned. "Damn I want to taste her."

"Xena I know your mother is aware that you and Gabrielle are lovers, but have yíall ever had her to burst in on you in the midst of doing it?" Eponin queried.

Xena laughed audibly again while shaking her head up and down. "I remember the night of Torisís wedding. I was getting ripped and every time I looked at Gabrielle, I swear she was naked! After helping mother close for the night, we went upstairs and girl the loviní began. I straddled Gabrielle and she entered me like a hot poker. I was holding her while shoving my burning cunt up and down her rigid digits. Yíall, it felt so good! I was hunching and growling so violently that I didnít notice the bed was banging up against the wall and mother had slipped into the room. As I was climaxing, Gabrielle covered my mouth with hers to supposedly keep the noise down. But the thumping of the bedpost against the wall grew louder. Mother stood in the shadows as my wife finger fucked me into a frenzy and never said a word until I fell away from Gabrielle and she eased down on top of me."

"Wait! First of all I canít believe you didnít hear your mother come into the room!" Solarie said with her outstretched hands hovering over the table. "Gabrielle couldnít have been putting it on you that tough."

Xena smiled and shook her head. "Gabrielle may look compassionate and angelic. But in the bedroom my baby is all about business. She is down right foul when it comes to cooling down this snatch. There have been times that I would have to beg her to stop if only for a candlemark. Especially when we first became lovers. Shit, I remember back in my warlord days I could rub my pussy in a bitchís face for candlemarks and wouldnít even think about releasing. But with Gabrielle itís different. I want HER to drive me crazy. I WANT HER to possess this cunt. I bet if you pulled up my skirt youíd see her name stenciled right above it." Eponin and Solarie cackled and reached for Xenaís skirt. "Back up trollops," Xena said, while briskly popping their trespassing hands.

"So finish the story." Eponin egged. "You know, your mother."

"Oh yeah," Xena tiffed. "Anyway, as I fell back completely satisfied, and Gabrielle toppled down on top of me, mother spoke. We both reached for the covers but were unable to pull them up over our bodies because we were laying on them."

Solarie and Eponin covered their mocking smiles and beckoned Xena to continue with waving hands.

"I pulled Gabrielle close to me and shielded our naked bodies as best I could. Meanwhile, Gabrielle was giggling into my bosom like a schoolgirl.

Mother eased up to the bed and said, "I didnít mean to interrupt your fun, but do you think that you could keep your shenanigans down to a muffled moan? And stop hunching so hard on the bed, that the bedpost bangs against the wall. The customers will think this place is haunted."

She then smiled and kissed both of us on our sweating heads and said goodnight. At first I thought, How embarrassing. My mother walks into my room and catches my wife and I fucking. "But she was cool. She didnít break a stride in her presentation nor did she scoff us. Deaf (great) huh?" Xena finished with her traditional lifted eyebrow.

"So Xena tell us, when did you and our little Queen knock the seal off that fine wine?" Eponin asked, blinking her eyes and rubbing them hopefully to retrieve a picture that wasnít rocking.

Xena snorted and held up two fingers. "How many do you see?" She said pulling back on Eponinís hair.

"Three pair," Eponin returned. Xena looked over at Solarie just about the time the regentís wife looked at her.

"Damn, she still not fucked up enough, give her some more." Solarie insisted, reaching for her mug and missing it on the first try. Xena cackled and slammed hers down right in front of the spout.

"Go on Xena, tell Ep when you first hit it. Iíll refill your drink as soon as I figure out how this son of bitch works."

Eponin snorted and kicked Solarie under the table causing her to yelp and her hand to pop the lever on the keg.

"Thanks Ep, you drunken bitch." Ep and Xena sniggered again before Eponin demanded that Xena tell the story of when Gabrielle yielded to her advances.

"Okay, but if Gabrielle finds out through your wives about our first time, Iím going to kick your asses, agreed?" Both of her inebriated comrades rocked their heads in no certain direction promising supreme silence.

"Ahright (alright) then, settle in for a good story bard style."

"Bard style," Solarie barged. "You mean youíre taking out all the colorful adjective..."

"HEY," Xena growled snatching her friend to her. "This story has got my baby in it, and I donít use those type of words in reference to her!"

"Just tell the fucking story and let go of my tit." Solarie spat (literally). Xena looked down at her now groping hand and said, "Oops...Okay you intoxicated slugs, here we go." Xena took her overfilled drink, spilling it all the way to her mouth and leaned back in her chair.


It all began two years ago...

"I sat across the way watching Gabrielle chat with some local town girls. Weíd been traveling together for two years now, and I couldnít have felt more at home with the talkative little minx. I gathered the daggers I had just purchased and headed over to my soon to be lover, but I didnít know that back then.

The girls that were talking to Gabrielle began to gaze from one to the other; fidgeting as they watched me approach them. I brought my stroll to a halt right behind Gabrielle. Gabrielle watched as the girlsí entertaining gazes became horrified, her new friends then took a giant step back while staring up over her head.

"Whatís the matter? What..." Just then Gabrielle turned and mentioned my name and the girls moved back further. They were terrified by my appearance. I continued to stare at the young women menacingly. Gabrielle gazed up into my darkening eyes almost passively. She then whirled around to inform the girls that I wasnít like I used to be and now I fought for justice.

The girls reached for each other hands as I stepped right up to Gabrielle and placed my hand gently upon her right shoulder. Their eyes grew larger as gasps of evident fear seeped from their throats." Xena chuckled and took another drink.

"Gabrielle," I said scarily. "Didnít I asked you to sit by the well till I came back?" Gabrielleís little friends watched on, wondering what her response was going to be.

Gabrielle lowered her head and faintly said, "Yes. Iím sorry Xena. Itís just that once I saw some girls my own age I wanted to talk to them." She answered meekly. "Now, you know," Xena directed with raised eyebrows. "By her seeming so humble it made me look even more threatening?" Solarie and Eponin chuckled while aimlessly bobbing their heads. "Any how,í Xena started again. "I held Gabrielleís sincere gaze before issuing her new friends an intruding sneer. The girls scrambled in different directions not really believing or caring if what Gabrielle said about me was really true or not.

We both giggled as the girls tripped over each other trying to get away from the big bad warlord. I then directed my attention to my little adventurous bard. "Next time I ask you to do something I want it done. Do you understand me?" I chastised with a wagging finger. Yíall know how Gabrielle is. I canít leave her for a minute without her getting into some kind of trouble.

"I promise," Gabrielle said, lowering her head. "I wonít do it again." Then she began to mumble. She still hadnít found out about my ability to decipher muffled words as well as unwarranted trouble. So she had no idea that I heard every word she said as she followed me through the townís courtyard and over to Argo.

I quickly mounted and reached down for her hand. Címon ride with me for a while. Gabrielle took a deep breath and clasped my hand tightly. I pulled her up but soon find out that that arrangement wasnít going to work. Gabrielle was still wearing that long peasant dress I hated. It did absolutely nothing for her appearance.

"Get down," I ordered. Gabrielle looked up into my face as I rolled my eyes at the long dress she was wearing. That thing was more bothersome than Iíd ever imagined. Gabrielle slid down off Argo and I followed.

"Címon," I muttered, moving over to the seamstressís shop. "What are we doing here?" She inquired, really curious. I looked up and down Gabrielleís hidden dimensions and said, "I hate that dress and whatís even worse is that I hate how you look in it. Get in here, Iím going to buy you a new outfit." Gabrielle fumbled with her dress nervously while following me in to the building.

I stood against the clothing bin as the corpulent little grandmother figure and Gabrielle discussed what she wanted. Gabrielle then went in the back and shortly afterwards jumped out. She was wearing ballooned merchant pants that had a long matching jacket. I snorted and rocked my head from side to side. Outwardly letting both the women know that she better select something else.

Gabrielle lowered her head and trotted back inside the changing room."

"I bet she looked oh so cute didnít she?" Eponin said, trying to station her bobbing head on her outstretched arm.

Xena chortled and said, "My baby is cute even with sheep dung on her," while taking another drink from her mug.

"Any how seconds later Gabrielle popped back out with the merchant behind her in an all leather bondage-like outfit. I smirked and shook my head again. Then I thought that if only she had met me during my warlord days I would have taken her up on that gesture. But no my Gabrielle wasnít a sex toy and I didnít want to relay that message to all who met and knew us. I then tossed her a brown, two piece ensemble with a short skirt and matching underwear. Gabrielle took the clothing and disappeared back into the room.

Right afterwards she reappeared and she looked oh so pretty. Oh yes, I thought as my eyes moved appreciatively over my babyís appealing body.

"I like it," I said moving toward her. I then thanked the middle-aged seamstress and paid her before leaving.

"So do you really like it?" Gabrielle pestered fondly. Yíall know how she is. I said, "Yes I really like it." She fiddled with the dress a little while longer quite satisfied with pleasing me.

This time mounting Argo was no problem. Gabrielle wiggled down in front of me and I wrapped my arm around her and clicked my tongue. Argo strutted eminently out of the town with us both upon her back.

"Where are we headed?" She asked, with one hand cradling mine while the other held on to the saddle horn.

"Well, I thought weíd pay mother a visit." I said perkily."

"Woo, perkily I like it. And who said warriorís didnít know pretty words?" Solarie joked as Eponin snorted and fiddled with the spout on the keg.

"HEY! Are you drunk asses going to let me finish the story or what?" Xena asked irritated. <It ainít (not) their damned business anyway>. She thought.

"Hell yeah, just cut to the good part. Iím getting bored with all of this pointless talk. Get down to the fucking." Eponin spat, slamming her mug down on the table drawing the head cooks attention. "Can we get another keg here or do you want me to get it myself?" Eponin snarled. The elder woman narrowed her eyes and set out to retrieve what Eponin had so elegantly requested.

"Say (hey) stop that shit." Xena popped. "She looked as if she was going to kick your ass."

Eponin chortled and said seriously. "Did she really?" Not really wanting a confrontation with the older woman or both of the Queens if they heard about it.

Solarie and Xena cackled before Solarie whiffed, "Damn Ep you almost sounded scared there for a second." Ep grinned cautiously while looking around for the older woman.

"Awright trick, I gather all you want to hear about is fucking." Xena said, scooting her mug over to Solarie for refilling.

"Damn right and right now youíre making my pussy cool down like cubes of ice being poured down my underpants."

Xena rolled her eyes and said, "Okay Iíll get to the fucking part."

" Sol set me (hiccup) up again." Eponin commanded, slamming her mug down upon the table. The mistress of the cooking hut had one of the younger warriors to deliver the keg, not wanting to deal with the rudest bunch alive while they were drinking.

"Once we arrived in Amphipolis, mother came out to greet us. She hugged both Gabrielle and me and mustered us into the house to feed us. While we were eating, one of my old lays came into the tavern. I introduced her to Gabrielle but she wasnít interested in my new friend, she just wanted me to fuck her."

"Well did you?" Solarie asked, handing Ep her refill.

"Pssst...what do you think? I hadnít been with a woman in two years. Hell Iíd been whacking my slit on my own, and growing weary of that. So when one of my old tricks (bitch) comes in and says she wants to eat my pussy you damn well better know Iím going to jump at the chance to have someone else pop it instead of me."

Solarie and Eponin fell back laughing. "Hell if I was celibate for that long Iíd let her ass crawl up between these legs too." Solarie informed her friend before gulping at her drink.

"Anyway once Gabrielle met Charain, the old trick, (whore/hoe) her attitude changed. She was snapping at me, telling me she was big enough to take care of herself. And she was saying stuff like, "Go and spend the night with Charain, Iím sure that whatever she does for you I couldnít possibly do". Junk like that. For a while I didnít understand what the fuck was happening."

"Ah our little Queen was jealous huh?" Solarie asked while narrowing her eyes. "Jealous...yeah thatís a nice word to describe it. But what I didnít expect was for mother to be in cahoots (pairing) with my best friend," Xena stated with a shocked expression upon her face.

"So check this shit out, Charain drops a line down to me like this." Xena said to her friends.

""Xena the minute I saw you come into town I had to come see you." She was flirting so hard a stranger would have thought that she was a whore trying to get some dinars out of me. Can you imagine that? Everyone knows I have never had to buy pussy. Hell women would follow me for miles just to have me get up in their hot cunts. And on top of it all that skeeze (tramp) totally ignored my baby while stroking my left leg under the table. Now you know I had to fuck this bitch donít cha? If for nothing more that the general purpose of her slighting my baby.

Gabrielle stopped eating and began toying in her food while slyly gazing back and forth from me to Charain.

I told the skank (trick/bitch), "Weíre just in town to visit mother." Charain was slightly taller than Gabrielle was, with long curly blonde hair, hazel eyes and the flourishing body of a Goddess. She wore a very revealing two piece that lifted her bulging bosom which immediately grabbed my attention. Girl, I couldnít wait to rub my pussy against those big ass titties (boobs/honkers). She then eased her hand off my thigh while batting her eyes. "Well, maybe you can come over to my place and we can discuss old times," she said.

I sat back in my seat and licked my lips and looking extremely interested. "Sure, I can do that." Gabrielle watched as I continued to stare at the Jip (female dog/bitch) with a hunger in my eyes she had never seen."

"Great Zeus Xena when are you going to get to the spreading those cheeks apart? I want to hear about some hot slippery flesh. Not your old trickís seduction methods. really did hit it, and if you did, skip to that part." Eponin snapped, definitely tired of the pleasantries.

"Awright you drunken horny skank (whore). But Iíve got to tell you about my time with Charain first.

Gabrielleís attitude became more and more sour. I asked her was she okay? She popped, "Iím fine. I love coming to your motherís just to have you abandon me to go play with Charain, I hope she satisfies you." Gabrielle then whirled out of my grasp and started toward the kitchen. My mouth fell open in shock. I thought to myself. Certainly she doesnít know about my sex-capades. It didnít dawn on me that Gabrielle could even think about loving me like that so I pushed the thought of her and I out of my mind. I just wanted to know why she was acting like a defiant hen. I grabbed her arm and whirled her around briskly toward me. "Where do you get off talking to me that way? Whatís gotten into you?" I snarled. Gabrielle snatched away from my hold and snapped, "Xena if you want to go fuck Charain then do it. Itís evident that I canít help you with that. So go get your bitch and fuck her."

I almost fell to my knees listening to Gabrielle speak like that. I watched as she stomped back into the kitchen. Secretly I began imagining what it WOULD be like to have Gabrielle satisfy me physically. Iíd lay awake at night wondering what it would be like to be with my baby. I knew without a doubt that I loved her, but I wondered if Gabrielle could possibly crave me like I did her. I took a deep breath and entered the cooking chambers once more and said my good nights to her and mother before leaving with Charain. Gabrielle said nothing. Instead she turned her back to me and continued her chores. My mother smirked at the evident anger on my face. I couldnít believe Gabrielle was being so cold to me. I glanced at an almost cackling mother and growled, "Fine, donít say good night. At least Charain respects me enough to invite me to SPEND the night with her." I huffed storming out.

After I left I guess she and mother had a real good chat about warriors, because when I came back I slept with a different Gabrielle."

"Did you get any?" Solarie asked, contemplating if this was when Xena and Gabrielle finally do it for the first time.

"Hell Nah. Remember I left to screw Charain?"

"On yeah," Eponin interrupted while aimlessly wagging her finger at Solarie. "Well hell, tell us about that. Tell us about you fucking anybody, but hurry up and get to it." Eponin whipped while sucking at the remnants of her cup. Xena rolled her eyes and continued.


Charainís House...

"The minute we were in her house, things broke loose and I was fingers deep in that trickís hot pussy.

"Oh Xena, yes baby just like that," Charain hummed, struggling for breath. I worked my fingers teasingly in and out of her sopping snatch. Making that pussy wetter and wetter with each thrust. I closed my eyes and pulled Charain further back into me while spreading my legs and rubbing my throbbing cunt against her juicy ass. Yíall Charain has a niiiiice ass. Iíd wake up in the middle of the night and mount her. I loved ramming my pussy against her plump backside," Xena stated before quickly returning to the story after giving her friends that bit of information about her old lover.

""Ooh Xena, fuck me harder." Charain sang, opening her legs wider to allow three of my pleasure seekers to slide in and out of her freely. I pumped my fingers and hips harder. Losing myself in the act of gratification. Charain panted like a bitch in heat while bringing her arms up behind her and wrapping them around my sweating neck."

"You was whacking that ass werenít you girl?" Solarie implied.

Xena snickered and bragged, "I was wearing it out. I was driving my fingers so hard and deep in that scorching pussy that she nearly took my whole hand."

"No shit," Eponin popped up weaving a little. Xena held up her four fingers and wiggled them. "I had these muthers buried so deep in her I could feel her heart beating."

"Tell it girl...tell it." Solarie said, waving her hand in a snapping gesture.

"Girl I leaned back further and hunched harder. I could feel my climax approaching. As soon as it hit I yelled out Gabrielleís name. Charainís head dropped back and screamed, "OH XENA FUCK ME. OH, OH, OH GODS, FUUUUCK MEEEE."" Xena said in a mocking tone while pumping her hips and bobbing her head from side to side. Solarie and Ep fell back laughing.

"I had that skeeze screaming so loud she could have been the lead soprano in the Winter Solstice choir." Xena bragged

""Damn Xena," She panted. "Youíre as good as you always were." Charain said still gasping for air. I rolled away from her after getting my rock off and wondered if Gabrielle was still mad at me. I hate it when Gabrielle gives me the silent treatment. When sheís not talking to me I know my ass is in some deep shit."

"Uh-huh," Solarie said joining Xena. "Ephiny does the same thang (thing) when sheís pissed at me." Xena snorted and commenced to describe what happened next.


A candlemark later...

"Please Xena, itís been over a year since Iíve tasted you. Please baby," Charain begged, wanting to bury her tongue inside me. I lay back nonchalantly on my back and allowed the tramp to suck my tits. I couldnít explain it but I just wasnít in the mood any longer."

"Hold it...Hold it...Hold it," Eponin posed while trying to regain a descent sitting position. "Let me get this straight. This bitch wants to eat your pussy and youíre not into it?"

Xena shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. Eponin dropped her head downward and mumbled, "Where in the fuck was I? Were we friends then...because we could have called a break and I could have slid in for your ass. Right up under those succulent lips." Eponin hinted as Solarie bobbed her weaving head and said, "Gone then girl, make it fit in Chris-tine."

Xena rolled her eyes at her two obnoxious pots, and snapped, "May I finish please?"

"Girl, ainít (thereís) no need for you to beg." Ep said trying to get her drink to hit her lips. "Go on with your bard tale." Xena kneed the table, which knocked the drink that Eponin had been chasing for the past few minutes straight up to her mouth.

"Now where was I before I was rudely interrupted. Oh yes...Usually Charain and I would be humping and sweating nearly the whole night after mother closed the inn. I knew something was bothering me, and it was a little strawberry golden hair blond sleeping in my bed at my motherís inn. I watched inattentively as Charain went down on me.

"Damn she really did have talent. I opened my legs wider while smiling at her bobbing head, wanting to feel more of her soft lips suck at my burning pussy. Secretly, I wished so badly that it were Gabrielle that was hitting it. She was after all, whom I really wanted."

"I moaned as Charain sucked my honey knot into her warm mouth. <Oh Gabrielle> I thought threading my fingers in Charainís hair and encouraging her to suck harder. Charainís head swayed as she sucked my hot power knob into her mouth and pulled at it before allowing it to pop out of her mouth. She did this over and over with the intention of increasing my need. She continued to taunt me with her teasing. It wasnít a second later before I yanked that annoying bitch down by her hair, topped her ass and shoved my throbbing pussy roughly against her face. I was pushing so hard in her face that she was clawing at my thighs for air. I didnít give a damn. I kept rubbing my hot snatch in her face until I released again. And damn it was good. When I rolled off that trick she was heaving for breath. All I could think about was how would it feel to have Gabrielleís tongue slip patiently in and out of me. Yíall I promise just the thought of Gabrielle doing me made my love pocket jump hot again.

"Wow," Charain exclaimed. "I havenít felt such strength from you since your warlord days." She said faintly. She rolled onto her side and caressed my soaked hair. I pulled away from her and rose to wipe the remains of our sex session from my body before dressing.

"Leaving so soon, Xena?" She asked, moving to the side of the bed. I didnít say anything. I just kept dressing. I donít know what happened then. The bitch developed diarrhea of the mouth. She went to spouting out shit like, "Itís your little servant isnít it? What kind of hold does she have on you? She was talking about Gabrielle." Xena spat (literally).

"Whoa," Eponin said, propping up on her elbows. Solarie dropped down on her left elbow and listened attentively.

""I bet your little BITCH canít make you feel the way I just did?" She harped. Before she could take another breath I had my hand clenched around that heiferís throat." Xena testified.

""Donít you ever call her that." I said while snatching her head back and forth in little jerking motions. "If anything youíre the bitch." I growled, wanting to beat that trollopís ass senseless for talking about my baby. "Youíre the one that doesnít have any qualms about me fucking you however I want. Iíve even watched my men fuck you in the ass while you ate my pussy so you shouldnít be calling anyone a bitch. And Gabrielle is way out of your league when it comes to being a lady anyway. You donít even know what it means to be that. Also, the next time you act as if sheís not in the room while talking to me Iím going to make you regret the day you met me. I love her and YOU will give her the respect she deserves." I then raked my nails out from around her neck, leaving blood drawn scratches. Yíall just donít know how close I came to murdering that big-mouthed harlot. But I had other plans so I left that skank contemplating if she would ever see me again."


Back at the inn...

"I quickly made it back to the inn, slipped into the room and began to remove my clothes. As I laid my weapons down on the dresser my eyes fell upon Gabrielle. Yíall she is so beautiful. Especially when sheís asleep. She looks like an Arc Angel. I covertly moved over to the bed and slid under the thin sheet mother placed on the bed. Although I traveled a lot, mother always managed to keep my room in season and ready for our visit.

I laid on my back and gently caressed Gabrielleís soft locks hoping I could hold her. As if my prayer was being answered, Gabrielle moaned and snuggled into my body. I closed my eyes and pulled her closer. I could envision myself waking Gabrielle and making love to her, but I didnít dare. I wanted Gabrielle to be ready for that kind of love. Unexpectedly Gabrielle lifted her left leg and scooted closer into me. I almost bit off my tongue as she opened her legs and rocked her warmth against me."

"I bet it took every restraint you could come up with to keep you from touching it huh?" Eponin asked, as one of her elbows slipped out from under her.

"Oh girl you know it (thatís a fact). I thought that if I could just touch it I would be okay but I knew that wasnít true. I knew I wouldnít come up out of my babyís hot seal until she was crying for a stay. So I turned my head and held my eyes closed with my free hand. Fighting to keep my urges at bay and Gabrielle safe from my hunger. Sleep didnít come easy, and when it did it was a candlemark before dawn.

"Hey sleepyhead," Mother chirped the next morning, putting some clean things out for me. I looked over to my side for Gabrielle but she wasnít there. "Whereís Gabrielle?" I asked sitting up abruptly. "Oh sheís downstairs talking to some warriors." Mother replied thoughtlessly. I frowned and jumped out the bed.

"Mother, you donít know Gabrielle, she has a tendency to get into trouble if sheís left alone too long." I scolded while dressing. Mother mumbled something just as I left the room and then cackled. It didnít dawn on me then that my OWN mother was conspiring against me."

I made haste getting downstairs fearing the worst. When I finally reached the dining room what I saw almost knocked me on my backside. Gabrielle was propped up on another womanís lap chatting and having a good time, WITHOUT me. I also noticed that the warrior whose lap she was sitting in was groping MY girlís ass. My first impulse was to kill every woman at that table, especially the one squeezing Gabrielleís ass. But I decided to sit back and watch the group for a little bit before killing them all."

"Ha, so you are about as jealous of Gabrielle as she is of you, huh?" Solarie chuckled while finishing the remainder of her drink.

"Let your ass walk into a room and see your womanís tits being squeezed by one of these beautiful warriors. What will your drunk ass think then? I know you definitely wouldnít be chuckling like your ass is now. Youíd be trying to kill that bitch. Just as I was thinking." Xena huffed before taking a drink.

Xena rolled her eyes at Solarie and continued the story. "Gabrielle then wrapped her arm around the cackling, curvaceous, brunetteís shoulders and leaned into her laughing. I could feel an ass whipping cominíon as Gabrielle articulated and charmed all of the women at the table. But when that warrior reached up into Gabrielleís hair and pulled her lips down upon hers, I fucking lost it! I tore over towards the table and yanked Gabrielle away from the woman.

"Xena," Gabrielle said breathlessly, as if she was completely shocked. I growled, "Shut up." Gabrielle had never seen me look so ferocious or possessive as she did that day."

"Aaaaah, now youíre fixiní to kick some ass huh?" Eponin snorted, reaching for the refill Solarie was handing her.

"That funky ass skeeze had the nerve to snarl, "Hey warrior, this girl is mine. Go get your own." I grabbed the hand that had been patting my baby on her ass and bent it back until it popped. Gabrielle gasped in shock.

"Nah (no) BITCH," I tiffed. "This girl is MINE, and if I ever see you touching her like you just did, I wonít let you go with a just a broken arm. I will kill your whining ass." I then shoved that wailing sleeze to the floor and snatched Gabrielle to me."

"What was Gabrielle doing? How did she look when she heard you break that poor warriorís arm?" Eponin asked with a pretentious whine in her voice.

Xena slapped both of her hands on her cheeks and gave her friends an overly dramatic, shocked expression while drooling at the mouth. Eponin and Solarie fell away from the table laughing.

Xena smiled as her friends rolled around on the floor still unable to stop the laughter. They were picturing the little bard as her little body jerked with horror at hearing the warriorís arm pop like a chicken bone and her surprised expression when Xena tore into the woman like a mad dog.

"I bet...(hee, hee, hee) our...little queen...wonít try...that...jealousy shit again, huh?" Solarie asked while rising, still giggling and holding her stomach. "She didnít expect your ass to go ballistic did she? Gods Iída (I would had) paid some serious dinars to see the flushed color drain from our little queenís face."

"Youíre right Sol, she didnít expect me to act that way. Hades, I didnít either until that whore kissed my baby, then it was her ass." Xena said taking another drink. She then jumped back into the story after quenching her parched throat.

"Anyway after I shoved that slug (slut) to the floor, the other women with her rose and glared at me menacingly. I gave the foursome a crooked smile before saying, "Do yíall want some of this? I thought about killing all of your sorry asses long before you knew I was here. I just decided that I would explain to you why I was killing you before I did it."

I then leaned into Gabrielle and raised her chin before seizing her lips with a searing hunger that made her hum during the kiss. The group watched as I traced Gabrielleís open mouth with my tongue before sucking her bottom lip back into my mouth and squeezing her tit. Gabrielleís body went limp. She never imagined me kissing her with such passion. Hell I donít think she ever imagined me kissing her at all. When I released my baby she was unable to support her knocking knees so I held her close to me while glaring at all of those tricks that were now outwardly staring.

I then looked back down upon Gabrielle and yanked back on her hair before saying, "Tell them that you are mine." I purred ever so sexily. Gabrielle gulped, unable to look away from my twinkling blue eyes and just nodded her head in approval. I then looked back at the group of women and said, "See, I told you she was mine. Ready to die now?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Hey, wait a minute," The girl that was standing next to their leader, who was now on the floor whimpering said.

"We meant no disrespect. We didnít know she belonged to anyone. She came over to our table and offered to tell us a story. We agreed because she seemed so friendly. We meant no harm." She then held my unemotional gaze as she bent to lift up their leader.

"We didnít mean to cause any trouble. If you allow us to leave, we promise not to come here again."

"Gabrielle moved closer to me and laid her hand tenderly upon my forearm. I looked down into my babyís pleading eyes and told the warriors that they were welcome to come to the inn anytime, but they were to NEVER EVER to touch this woman." The warriorís acknowledged that they understood with a nod of their heads as they ushered their friend out of the inn and over to the healers hut.

After they left I whirled around and snapped "What were you doing? Were you trying to make me jealous?" Gabrielleís eyes were now all aglow as she giggled sweetly at my factual assumption.

"Get upstairs," I shot. "You are going to pay for your belligerence." I then searched the room for mother, whom I knew had a part in this. Gabrielle would have never thought of making me jealous by herself. Gabrielle simply wasnít like that. Soon as I spotted mother she darted into the kitchen.

"Mother," I called out irritated. "Mother," I called again following her into the kitchen. "You helped her with this didnít you?" Mother turned her back to me while shrugging her shoulders. "Mother," I said impatiently. Finally, after mother wouldnít answer, I took a deep breath, knowing full well that she wouldnít own up to it, and said. "Well, can you at least tell me why?" Mother wiped her hands on her apron and slowly turned back around to face me.

"I did it because she is the girl for you. Every time I see you looking at her love oozes from your eyes. Every time you hear her laugh it brings a smile to your own face. Every time she touches you I watch your skin flush like a raging fire. Now, can you deny these things? Or am I wrong?" I sniggered and shook my head. Still amazed by my motherís ability to read me even when I try so hard to keep things from her.

"Well now I have to punish her for conspiring against me! If you hear her screaming, itís just me." I said, giving my mother a wink. "Whacking that bottom." I then turned and ran upstairs."


My room...

"Yíall I couldnít believe what was happening. The moment Iíd dreamed of had come and I wasnít going to let Gabrielle leave that room until she was hoarse from shouting my name.

"Oh Mistress," Gabrielle cooed sexy as I stepped inside the room.

Guys my baby looked so seductive I immediately began to rid myself of my boots.

"Iíve been waiting for you." She purred in the most lustful tone I had ever heard.

And girls you wouldnít believe this but she started TELLING ME what to do and I could do nothing but comply.

"Take off those clothes and get on the bed." She said alluringly. "And after doing that, I want you to spread your legs as wide as you can. Iím going to make you praise the Gods for my mother giving birth to me."

I was dumbfounded. I was tripping over my boots and quickly discarding clothes everywhere while trying to get to that bed as fast as I could."

"I bet your shit (cunt) was smoking by then huh?" Eponin asked while giggling.

"Hell by the time I jumped up in that bed and spread my legs YOU could actually see the fire surge from my pussy." Xena returned, causing her friends to fall out of their seats laughing.

"After I slipped onto the bed and spread my legs, my baby cooed in such a stirring tone I swear I could feel the rumble caress my snatch. And get this guys she did just that. She crawled up between my legs and rubbed her face all across my pussy while humming, fanning my flames of passion. If I didnít know any better I could have sworn if only for a second my body shut down temporarily to avoid an overload from my sex drive.

Gabrielle then moved up my body issuing tender kisses all over my stomach before dragging the tip of her tongue slowly up my torso and onto my left nipple."

Xena leaned forward wanting to keep the rest of the story quiet. "When she reached my already hard ass nipple I prayed that she would suck all of it into her mouth, but she didnít. Instead she swabbed my breasts with her warm tantalizing cheeks and soft spoofs of warm exhaled air from her moisten lips. Making my pussy even hotter than it already was.

"Take me Gabrielle," I said, not wanting to turn her off by yelling for her to screw me. Gabrielle pulled back slightly and I swear yíall I almost blanked out again when I caught a glimpse of the smoldering passion swirling all about her eyes.

"You mean you want me to fuck you donít cha?" She asked, twirling her point finger in my pubic hairs.

Yíall I swear, right at that moment my pussy sprung a leak as I quietly uttered, "fuck me, baby."

Gabrielle gave me a crooked smile and quickly darted down between my legs and SHOVED her tongue deep inside me. I promise yíall the move was so gratifying that I almost came on the spot. My body trembled from the pleasant entry. Her sweet tongue plunged in and out of me at such a blazing pace that I almost went crazy for wanting more. But Gabrielle didnít want me to cum. She felt my body nearing a climax and pulled away. I groaned and whimpered, wanting completion. Yet my baby had other plans. Gabrielle crawled away from me and lay flat on her back.

"Come here," she commanded softly. "I want you to set that, right here," she said, pointing to my steaming valley then to her lips. Ladies...and I use that term loosely because I am getting drunk and I donít know of any other word I can call you hoís (Whores)..." Xena joked while rolling her cup to Solarie for a refill.

"As I was saying, I couldnít seem to move fast enough. When I got there I praised every God in Olympus as my babyís sweet, soft, lips clamped around my honey nut and sucked it like a thirsty man at a dried up well. She then gently eased her fingers deep inside my blazing pussy, hitting every scorching surface inside of me.

Now yíall know I wasnít going out like a love starved warrior right. I was determined to ride that sweet face until I got tired. So I stifled my urges and set off a gentle roll of my hips. Rubbing my aching snatch in circular motions against my babyís sweet talented lips."

"Aw gone then girl. How long did it take you to cum then?" Solarie asked curiously with a cheery glance.

"Right after that," Xena mumbled. Eponin and Solarie fell back laughing. "The great warrior princess conquered by a mere peasant girl," They said cackling.

"Gabrielle popped that lid without even trying hard huh?" Solarie joked while giving Ep a high five.

"Looks like our little Queen REALLY can whacked THAT ass. I bet you do have Gabrielle stenciled on that hot snatch of yours. And we thought she didnít have it in her with all that peace loving talk. Sheís a bad (good) little honey if she can carry around the key to that." Solarie urged pointing down between Xenaís legs.

"Many strove to conquer that pussy and then along comes our little spiritual one and snatches the bolt straight up off that honeyed well as if the lock was rusted. Go Gabrielle, I knew Iíve always like her for something." Solarie cackled, draining the remainder of her drink from the cup.

"Shut up Solarie. I bet your first time with Ephiny was the same way; fast, brief and straight to the point." Xena jeered.

Eponin snickered and said, "Yeah Xena it was just like that." Solarie jumped and looked at her friend with a surprised look.

"Shut the hell up Ep you werenít no where around." Solarie replied.

Eponin snorted and returned, "Who in the hell do you think was sprinkling that water on your ass?" Eponin burst out laughing. "Xena she went to pumping her hips like crazy, frightened that the rain would pour down on them before she got her nut off. She and Ephiny slipped off to supposedly get some, but they didnít anticipate my being there."

"You stanking (stinking) skanch (bitch/whore). It was YOU up in that tree?" Solarie snarled.

Eponin cackled, clinching her hands over her mouth. Stifling her mocking laughter.

"I should kick your ass." Solarie almost yelled, embarrased that Xena and Eponin were laughing at her now. "Thatís quite alright you stanking whore. Iíma (Iím going to) getícho (get your) ass. You fucking peeping Tom." Solarie finished with a very verbal promise of vengeance.

Eponin and Xena continued to laugh at their partnerís discomfort before Xena eased a word in to console her pot (friend).

"Aw donít be mad Sol. It didnít take Eponin two heartbeats to return after Tara took her ass out of here either. Tara whacked that ass with that strong young tongue. Making that old tainted warrior buckle like a cracked egg shell." Xena prompted with a triumphant glare in her eyes

Solarie and Xena then looked quizzically over at a now sparingly cackling Eponin as her laughter died down so fast they thought she was tuning up to cry. All three women gazed entertainingly into each otherís eyes before falling back chortling once again.

"Well Xena I think itís about time to complete the story. How did you take our little Queen?" Eponin asked, refilling all of their drinks.

"If we donít stop drinking this shit we are not going to be awake when our love toys do return. Last time I got ripped with you Xena, Ephiny didnít give me any for a week." Solarie shook her head and then stared down at the top of the round log tabletop.

"That was one lonely ass week. And what was worse was her wagging that sweet ass of hers all in my face. Wanting my tongue to dart out and touch her so that she could smack it with the back of her hand." Solarie muttered dishearteningly.

Xena and Eponin gave Solarie a solemn face. Almost, as if they felt her pain. Unexpectedly, the pair fell back laughing. The effects of the wine they had been drinking from this morning were now taking a toll on them. .

"Címon Xena , finish the story." Eponin coached, propping her leg up on the table.

"Okay," Xena started. "Anyhow, after revitalizing my entire body."

"She means after her old ass caught her breath." Eponin said, while muffling the phrase with her hand.

"Xena narrowed her eyes and said, "Weíre not going to talk about being old are we you fossil?"

Eponin gasped and covered her mouth with her pretending trembling hands. "Oh no, did the big bad warrior princess just insult me?" Solarie dropped her head on table. Unable to even face her two squabbling friends as they both glared menacingly at each other. "Kiss my ass Ep," Xena challenged. Eponin took a swig of her drink and returned after licking the wine from her lips, "You first." Xena grumbled before continuing the story.

"Anyway," Xena said, rolling her eyes at Eponin. "I crawled to the head of the bed, tilted my head and beckoned my baby with just my eyes."

"Who in the fuck do you think you are? Ares queen of war?" Eponin popped smartly turning her head away from Xena. She knew that if she gazed into Xenaís emphatic eyes she would lose it. She wasnít a fool. There was no question that her friend possessed the power to express her will and desire with her eyes, but she wasnít going to be the one to admit it.

Xena didnít say anything she just slapped Eponin upside the back of her head and continued with the story.

"My baby tilted her head mimicking me and crawled up on my lap straddling my hips. I reached into her soft golden hair that seemed more blonde in the moonlight than strawberry and seized her lips in an exploratory kiss. I didnít want to rush anything. I grazed my lips across hers whispering how much I loved her and wanted her while my hands caressed her innocent little body like no one had ever done before."

"Hold it Cupidís aunt. How in the hell youíre going to sit up there and tell us that no one else had stroked your little Gabrielle?" Eponin cracked. Solarie rolled her eyes and thought Oh gods no, please donít let them get into a confrontation.

"Everyone knows she married that punk Perdicus. So you are not the first one thatís been up in that." Eponin stated, moving a decent piece away from Xena. Not wanting the warrior princess to slit her throat in the midst of her mockery.

For a long while Xena just stared at Eponin. The alcohol was playing tricks with her mind. She could have sworn that Eponin was calling her a liar. As if in slow motion, Eponin watched Xenaís eyes finally blink and look away from her.

"If you are not sure of what you are saying, donít say it, especially when it comes to my wife." Xena stated, sipping at her drink redirecting her gaze back at Eponin.

Eponin sighed knowing what Xena wanted just by looking into her eyes. She then apologized as expected before taking a swig of her drink.

Xena blinked again and allowed her eyes to wander again before glancing back at Eponin. Eponin shifted in her seat, not really comfortable with Xenaís penetrating and unemotional gaze. She didnít know if Xena was about to kick her ass or forgive her. Xena lowered her drink and met Eponinís gaze again. She then propped her feet up on the bench Solarie was sitting on and met her friendís gaze again.

"Itís okay Eponin," Xena began. "Iím not going to kill you TONIGHT. But just so you know just whom your Queen belongs to, Iíll let you in on a little secret." Xena then leaned over onto the table and said faintly. "Perdicus never did take Gabrielle on their wedding night. Once Gabrielle got him home he passed out from all the drinking heíd done earlier that day."

Xena then sit back in her chair and popped, "So you see, I was Gabrielleís first. Just as we both wished and the Gods made so. I AM Gabrielleís soul mate and will remain that until I die."

Solarie watched as the alcohol began to take itís toll on her friends, hoping that it wouldnít escalate any further than what they were doing now, which was staring unsteady at each other. They have been known to get into some heated scraps with no one to pry them apart but Gabrielle and Ephiny. Eponin took one last drink and slid her mug from her before standing to leave.

"So thatís it huh?" Xena urged, regaining her stance without a problem. "Youíre just going to smart off about my wife, apologize and then leave. That seems kind of rude to me Ep, especially from someone you consider a friend.

"What do you want Xena?" Eponin asked, turning around and lifting her arms up away from her body and her weapons. "I apologized, now what else do you want?" She asked with a sincere gaze on her face. Although they had disagreements Xena knew that among every warrior in that village Eponin and Solarie would gladly take an arrow meant for her in order that she may live.

"I want you to bring your smart mouth ass back over here and finish listening to my mother frigging (fucking) story. You drunken ass bitch." Xena said with a crooked smile. Eponin inhaled slowly and said, "Okay." Solarie snorted and said, "Thereís never a bard around when you need one, because this is definitely a story that should go down in the scrolls."

"How many beers have we had anyway?" Solarie asked, filling hers to the brim.

"Two." Xena said with a curious glare on her face. Eponin snorted and started counting her fingers. She then gave Xena a puzzled look and said "Damn Xena you still can count that high. Give her some more Sol. She hasnít drunk enough." Eponin informed their willing bartender. Sol cackled and refilled both their mugs while urging Xena to start where she left off.

"So anyway, as I continued to kissed her I slid my hand erotically up her left thigh anxious to graze her little sweet canal. I knew about Gabrielle and Perdicusís wedding night so I wanted this night to be special for the both of us. Once my hand reached her upper thigh I allowed my hand to coast upward to her heaving bosom totally bypassing her love slit, determined to build her desire until she screamed for me to claim her."

"Damn Xena it almost sounds as if you were trying to be romantic," Eponin popped while looking over at a Solarie with a playful smirk on her face. Xena snorted and returned, "Shut up you drunk slug and pull out your scroll to take notes."

"My baby moaned and rocked her hips as I pinched her nipples ever so gently. I then broke the kiss and drug my lips down her throat, through the valley of her chest and over to her right poppy knot. The second I pulled it into my warm mouth Gabrielleís body stiffened and she groaned as if she were on fire. I continued the tender caresses and succulent kisses to her breasts until she began to beg me for more."

Solarie and Ep copied Xenaís action as she leaned in and lowered her elbows upon the table. "It was now time to touch it." She hissed, causing her friends to clamp their legs tight and rock their hips secretly rubbing their now thumping love cluster against their clenched thighs. "I looked down at my babyís sizzling honey knob and began to drool."

"Look at that shining sight, glistening just for me." I uttered, while leaning back and gradually lowering my hands from her bosom down over her stomach and stalled right at the crest of her thighs."

"Well what are you waiting for?" Eponin nearly screamed, "Touch it." Xena frowned and kicked her hard under the table.

" crazy sleeze. Stop your teasing and get with the pleasing." Eponin chastised, before dropping her head on to her arms that were now holding down the table. Xena kicked her again for good measure before starting again.

"As I laid my hands down on her thighs our eyes met again. Yíall I have never seen Gabrielle look at me that way; it was between a gaze of mercy and a glance of unending lechery. I swear it made my power beacon hum for some more attention. I licked my lips and allowed my eyes to drop down between her legs. I was still fighting the urge to fuck her hard and long."

"So when are you going to at least graze it?" Solarie asked with raised eyebrows.

Eponin cackled, which earned her another swift kick. "Ouch," She howled again.

"Why in the fuck am I getting kicked this time? It was that wanch (wench) across from you that said that! Solarie, if she kicks me again because of some dumb shit you said Iím ah (Iím going) kick you conniving ass." When Eponin finished chastising Solarie her head bobbed over to Xenaís direction again. Eponin brought her wobbly limps up to her face and rubbed her eyes to supposedly clear her sight. When she looked over at Xena again she looked baffled. The wine was definitely beating the mighty warrior down.

Usually after fifteen drinks Eponin would be so tore up that they would have to drag her home. Solarie laughed as she watched Xena give Eponin a puzzled look. Wondering why in the hell she was still up.

"You know Xena, she got a chance to get in the candy store today (had sex). That may have put a few hairs on that big ass chest of hers and gave her battle worn ass some stamina." Sol cracked.

Xenaís head turned slowly in Solís direction. Sol held back her laugh. Xenaís eyes were so tangled and unfocused that she had to shake her head twice to get them back on line.

"Anyway," Xena started, then stopped again. "Where in the fuck was I?" Eponin and Solarie popped back in shock.

"You were about to touch it, remember?" Eponin said audibly, right before she mumbled, "With your smashed ass." Xena fell back in her chair and brought her hands up in a cupping form. Eponin and Solarie glanced at each other in shock not really wanting to believe their eyes. Xena was tore up from the floor up (ripped). They gazed at each other again with opened mouths.

"Xena honey," Solarie sung amusingly while Eponin muffled her giggles. "Can you tell Eponin and I the rest of your story? Weíre just dying to hear the rest." Xena dropped her hands to her lap, narrowed her eyes to focus and snorted before dropping onto her elbows so forcefully against the table that the legs almost buckled under them.

"Okay, you sex craved wenches, peep this. Gabrielle is now straddling my lap. I take a deep breath as I lean back and just gaze at my babyís sweetness. By this time I canít keep from touching her glistening hot pocket. My fingers graze strategically through her moistened plains with the intent of heightening her innocent drive. Instead my need to FUCK HER grew. I held her timid gaze and then lowered my eyes to her breast. I elegantly regained my sitting position and sucked her left nipple back into my mouth. Gabrielle moaned and lovingly threaded her fingers deep within my hair as she arched her back and lifted slightly onto her knees.

Yíall my baby was so hot I swear when she pressed her body into mine she burned me." Xena testified as her comrades rolled their eyes while taking a drink from the mugs.

"Hey, Iím not shitting ya here. Her pussy juices were just oozing out. She had my fireplace smoking with a vengeance. It was so hot that I was burning holes in the sheets under me." "Xena you are lying, because snot is running out your nose." Solarie said looking over at Eponin with laughter in her eyes. Eponin leaned toward Xena and squinted her eyes. "Damn Sol, snot is running out her nose." Both of Xenaís partners gazed seriously at Xena again as she dabbed her dry nose. They then mimicked Xenaís moves before falling victim to their muffled giggles. Xena smiled. The pair continued to cackle as she quickly regained her stance before reaching out and banging their heads painfully into each other. "Ow..." They both yelped, before rubbing their skulls.

"Now...back to what I was saying. Gabrielle then slipped her tongue into my ear and that was it. Before I realized what I was doing, I had literally slammed my baby down on the bed and topped her. I must have looked like a mad woman, because she cackled and briefly closed her legs before opening them again.

"Take me slow lover, can you do that?" She purred. I kissed her patiently upon her lips and gave her my daring gaze. She chuckled again. Yíall my baby is sooo adorable when she laughs that it makes me giddy."

Eponinís mouth dropped opened as she slowly directed her gaze toward Solarie, who was looking about as shocked as she was. Xena noticed her drunken companionís surprised gaze and said, "What?"

"Damn for starters Xena weíre getting sick from the touchy, feeling, sensitive spell youíre throwing down." Solarie chirped. "You need to drink some more wine and talk SHIT to us, not romance, you whipped ass cunt." Eponin popped, finishing for the pair.

"Hey watched that shit. I ainít (Iím not) twat whipped. Iím in love." Xena clarified. "Yeah youíre so far up in her love I bet you can tell us if Gabrielleís legs are open right now." Eponin said with a chortle. Solarie snorted and slid their refills down in front of them. Xena glared at both her friends and reached several times for her mug before locking her hands around the top of it.

"And so it was mug number three was it?" Solarie joked, leaning back propping her legs up into a bending position onto the bench easily revealing her powerful firm limbs without so much of a thought of if her ass could be seen or not. Eponin quickly followed.

Xena looked down at both the lounging women and growled, "Musky skanks." She then drifted back into her story.

"After kissing her tenderly, I went down on that luscious ass. I sucked and dipped inside that tight pocket with slow yet tantalizing strokes. Gabrielle hummed, opened her legs wider and grabbed my hair with both hands. I wanted my little Amazon Queen screaming for me to fuck her. I continued to scrub Gabrielleís pussy plug with benevolent proficiency. She clawed at my hair while pulling my face harder against her little rocking box. Guys I have never had a woman rub my face in her pussy, but when Gabrielle did it, something went all over me. I snatched my head up and jumped to my knees while opening her legs as far as they would go. I then told her that I was going inside her and claiming what was mine. Girls," Xena said, leaning upon one elbow that was now on the table.

"My baby then said, "Then claim it Warrior Princess."

I have never heard such a stirring copulating tone (Thatís sex for you dumb bastards)." She said with a wink at her drunk friends. "Something broke loose in my ass. I went down on her again. This time I sucked so hard on her love knot that she cried out. Just as she did, I entered her. She was so wound up that she didnít even know I was inside her. I pushed my finger in just enough to hit against her pleasure screen. Once I discovered how deep I had to go to hit it, the seizing began. I lessened the pressure on her clit and rolled my head in a circular motion. Sweeping my lips and tongue over my babyís love nest heedlessly. Gabrielle whimpered and bucked like a bitch in heat. She still didnít know my finger was in her, and I continued to hit against her pleasure door bidding entry. Gabrielle tightened her grip in my hair, arched her back and panted. Allowing me to plow in that hot scented pussy of hers at my leisure. As soon as my baby went around the corner of no return, I POPPED IT." Xena yelled, bringing her friends to a gap legged, sitting position with their mouths open. <PUSSY ALERT> Their minds bellowed as invisible smoke began to seep out the seams of their underpants.

"Damn Xena, you make me want to ride to Athens tonight." Solarie said, pushing down her crinkled dress while actually rubbing her throbbing cunt. Xena watched as her friendís hands cupped her snatch.

"You know Sol, A nice long ride will sober us up. Wanna (want to) take a spin?" Xena asked with a raised eyebrow. Eponin brought her leg up and wrapped her arms around it, contemplating her answer. "Nah, yíall gone." She decided. "Iíll be here when you get back."

"Fuck nah, if we go riding, your ass is going to. We got drunk together and now weíre going to get sober together. Get up." Xena snapped, yanking her reluctant friend to her feet.

"Tara loves you Ep. If she didnít, do you think she would stay in this antisocial village with absolutely nothing going for it? Especially for someone like her who has been all over Greece. Now, stop being a titty babe (unsure of yourself) and get a little backbone. Come with we can pop it again."

Ep smiled and said, "Well since you put it that way I have no choice, but to go and keep you horny bitches out of trouble."

Xena chuckled and said, "Thatía girl, you brain dead twat. Címon Sol, letís go put our babies to bed. Better yet, letís take Ďem on the way to the bed." Xena chortled, as the threesome staggered out into the cooling breeze and inhaled deeply.

Xena then looked over at her two traveling companions, who were leaning against her to hold themselves up.

"Get off me and donít carry your asses to sleep. Our Queens will not be happy, if you wine slurping hussies fall off your damn horses. Call your steeds and letís get out of here." She ordered.

Eponin stepped into the middle of the road and clapped her hands thrice. Out of no where Midnight (her horse) galloped up behind her. Solarie and Xena nodded their heads in an impressed manner.

Solarie then stepped into the middle of the village and released a dove call. Her steed broke from the royal stable in a prancing strut.

Xena propped her hands on her hips and said; "Now thatís alright."

Xena then weave into the middle of the road drawing cackles from her already mounted friends and tilted her head. She then called out, "Argoís," name just above a whisper.

Argo broke from the royal staples and reared back on her hind legs before breaking into a full gallop straight for Xena. Xena smirked and set off a series of backwards somersaults before vaulting straight up in the saddle. Argo didnít break her stride as her mighty mistress mounted her and grabbed the reins before the pair bolted out the gate.

"Well that high sadity (high society) bitch. Yaaaah!" Eponin shouted, breaking out behind Xena and Argo. If anyone didnít mind competing against Xena it was Ep. Solarie chuckled and lit out after them. Between trick riding and swearing all the way the trio didnít realized that they were at Athens until the gate keepers halted their steeds. "State your business warriors."

"Ooh state your business warriors," Xena mocked with a chuckle. "I am Xena, Warrior Princess and Iím looking for a pretty filly to warm my bed tonight. Have you seen her?"

The guard cackled and said, "Getícho ass in here Xena. I knew when I saw that little strawberry blonde come through these gates earlier today you wouldnít be far behind her. Open the gates, before this crazy wench get the notion to burn it down." Xena chortled at the playful hatch (door) attendant and guided Argo and her friends in.

They brought their road trip to a stop in front of the tavern/inn. The stable boy took their horses after receiving extensive instructions on how to care for each of their war-horses.

"Well girls letís go get laid." Xena announced, taking the lead. As soon as she pushed through the doors, the entire smoke filled room went quiet. Gabrielle, Ephiny and Tara didnít move. They knew the moment the room went silent who was entering.

Xena gazed from patron to patron filling their very souls with fear. That didnít surprise her, she always received that kind of response whenever she and Gabrielle came to town. Solarie and Eponin each moved to both sides of her and awaited her next move. As Xena moved powerfully through the room, all activities ceased. That is except the ones that were taking place at their wives table. Gabrielle, Ephiny and Tara were entertaining three other beautiful female warriors, which immediately chapped their wives and potential partnerís hides.

Xena, Solarie and Eponin stealthily moved up behind their mates before Xena spoke. Gabrielle and Ephiny simply smiled. Realizing that their mates were about to act real unethically.

"Excuse me," Xena said in a friendly tone. "May we join you?"

"Beat it bitch, these ladies are with us." The curly blonde sitting next to Gabrielle spat without looking around. Gabrielle and Ephiny clenched their eyes shut, knowing this skank was now in a world of trouble.

Just as Xena grabbed a hand full of the womanís hair, Solarie and Ep slung the women sitting near their women away from the table. Xena then briskly slammed the woman, who had been hitting on her wife, face down against the table thrice before tossing that bitch nearly a block away from the table. She then whirled around to face the woman who was scrambling to her feet.

"Iím sorry," Xena chirped, friendly again. "I didnít introduce myself. My name is Xena and this woman," she said, snatching back Gabrielleís head, "is my wife. Baby, did you forget to tell these nice warriors that you were married to the Destroyer of Nations?" The women gasped with fear as their eyes briefly fell upon the little Amazon Queen before looking back up at her champion. Gabrielle didnít move, nor did she speak. If she had so much as groaned, it would have been on up in there and she knew it. Xena looked down into her face and back over at the panting warrior.

"I guess sheís a little speechless. So allow me to give you a little free advice. If I ever catch you near my wife or any of the women at this table again, Iím going to cut your ass every which way but loose. Do you get my drift...bitch?" Xena uttered with a snarl. The woman cautiously backed away from the women as did her friends.

"I didnít come in here for a fight Princess. I just wanted to talk to the pretty storyteller." The warrior stated, before bolting for the door, her friends quickly followed.

Xena snatched her clenched fingers out of Gabrielleís hair and ordered her to her feet. Gabrielle rose submissively and moved around the bench that she was sitting on until she was standing directly in front of her steaming wife.

"What did I tell you about flirting with other women Gabrielle? You know that makes me insanely jealous!" Xena said, moving right into the role of Gabrielleís dominant mistress. "Please forgive me Mistress. I meant no harm." Solarie and Eponin slid down beside their mates and enjoyed the skit their Queen and her champion were laying down. Now this is some good shit. Their friends thought as they watched on highly amused.

Xena removed a pair of well-sculpted, thin shackles and shoved them into Gabrielleís bosom. "Come with me slave. It looks as if you need some further training." Xena then turned and headed toward the stairs leading to the Amazons joining quarters, which were always reserved for the Queen and royal guards. Gabrielle turned her downward positioned head toward her friends and gave them an anxious smile before running after her statuesque mate.

Xena didnít wait for Gabrielle to clear the door. As soon as she stepped into their sleeping quarters, Xena reached into Gabrielleís top and snatched her inside. Once sheíd closed the door she slammed Gabrielle against it, almost knocking the wind out of her. Gabrielle gasped for breath as Xena began to verbally chastise her.

As she began to speak she pressed her entire body against her mateís needing to feel her heaving and squirming body against hers.

"What were you doing with that bitch? Did you want to fuck her, or did you want her to fuck you?" Xena asked, while rubbing her cheeks against a panting Gabrielle. The warm spoofs of air that eased through Gabrielleís partly opened lips excited her mate even more as she pressed her armor more firmly against her heaving bosom.

"Answer my question, you little whoring tease." Xena growled in the bardís ear, while slowly grinding against Gabrielleís firm thigh that was now pressing against her heated snatch.

Gabrielle couldnít think straight. Xenaís hot cunt was sending mixed signals all over her trembling body.

"We were just talking Mistress." Gabrielle wheezed, thoroughly turned on by her championís forceful approach. Silently she wondered if Xena was going to take her standing up.

"Youíre lying...and for that Iím going to spank that ass." Xena then shoved herself off her over zealous mate. She knew Gabrielle wanted it, she just wasnít ready to give it up yet.

"Where are the cuffs I just gave you?" Gabrielle reached into her bosom and presented them to her Mistress with both hands open. Xena stood staring at Gabrielle, wanting her love to feel as uneasy and obedient as possible. Gabrielle, realizing what her partner wanted, instinctively fell to her knees and lifted her hands up over her head offering Xena the shackles she asked for.

Xena smiled at her wifeís creativity and her ability to please her no matter how she chose to take her. Xena snatched the bonds from Gabrielleís hand, grabbed her right arm and yanked her to her feet.

"You wanted that skank to fuck you didnít you?" Xena asked, while snatching back on Gabrielleís hair so that their eyes would meet. Gabrielle felt her mouth run dry as her wifeís powerful and demanding gaze seized her very breath. She was clay in Xenaís hands and they both knew it. Whatever her love wanted she willingly agreed to. Gabrielle lowered her eyes and nodded her head in acceptance.

"Well," Xena purred, while pulling her mate over to the bed. "I have no choice but to remind you just who ass that belongs to." Xena then handcuffed Gabrielle to the cherry wood bed frame and commenced to ripping and cutting her clothes away. Gabrielle closed her eyes and secretly smiled. She loved it when Xena dominated her. It excited her more than any of their love sessions. She could feel her love juices pool and drip onto her thighs.

Xena stepped back from her mate and waited. She wanted Gabrielle antsy before she started whipping that ass.

Gabrielle patiently waited for whatever was about to come, but Xena didnít strike. Great, just great, Gabrielle thought. She wants me to plead for it, Okay.

"Mistress please, I didnít mean to upset you. I will do as you wish. Just please donít beat me." Xena smirked and moved so Gabrielle could see her.

"Oh, didnít you? She was all over you and you didnít seem to mind. Iím going to beat you until you scream for me to fuck you. Thatís what you want isnít it?" Xena questioned while licking her burning lips.

"Please Mistress, please donít flog me! I can please you however you wish, please." Xena smiled and removed the leather strap wrapped around her chakram hook.

"Nah, it would please me more to stain your backside. Get it ready bitch." Gabrielle moaned at her loveís harsh tone. She then turned her back to Xena and spread her legs. Xena stepped to the side of Gabrielle and unrolled her craft of punishment. She then sharply cracked Gabrielle across her already flushed cheeks making that ass sting from the blow. Gabrielle jerked against her restraints and groaned. Xena licked her lips again and lashed her wife a second time. Gabrielleís head fell back as she ground her teeth and yanked against her restraints. Xena drew back again and struck Gabrielleís pink backside once more. Unleashing a shrieking howl from her mate.

"Tell me whose pussy is it?" She snarled, thoroughly aroused. Gabrielle was being defiant as she continued to yank at the cuffs. She then popped Gabrielle again. The bardís body began to tremble as she screamed. "By the Gods Mistress itís yours. Take me."

"Take you?" Xena questioned, while still pricking that ass with her burning love. "I donít want to take you. I want to fuck you, fast and hard."

Xena hit Gabrielle harder causing her to yank frantically at the cuffs. "PLEEEAASSEE! Gabrielle wailed while rocking her head from side to side. Xena popped her again and again, pushing her enthrallment level higher. After several more licks Gabrielle yelled out, "FUCK ME...FUCK ME...NOW!" She growled, while glaring savagely at Xena.

Xena dropped the belt and quickly moved up behind Gabrielle. "Open up and bend over," She whirred, while caressing her mateís burning backside. Gabrielle complied and Xena wasted no time plowing into her scorching wet snatch. Xena moaned as Gabrielle cried out and leaned over further. Xena plunged over and over into her seething coochie (cunt), unable and unwilling to control her depth and force as Gabrielle cried out over and over. Xena then reached around her willing wife and pinched her throbbing clit, initiating a heated gyrating motion from her partner. Xena worked both of her hands feverishly. One was filling Gabrielleís flexing cunt while the other stroked her sweltering power nut.

"Dear Gods," Gabrielle groaned, as Xenaís finger drove recklessly into her wet searing pussy. "Oh...Oh... baby fuck me. Oh yes Xena, fuck me harder." Xena growled and spanked it harder. Gabrielle stiffened as her body began to spasm and jerk. "OH...BABY FUUUUCCCK MEEEEE!" She screeched audibly, allowing her fulfillment to bank against every wall in the room and out into the corridors. Xena smiled and slowed her pace before finally withdrawing.

"Damn..." Gabrielle panted. "I love this Mistress shit. You make me so hot, especially when you talk dirty to me." Xena chuckled, uncuffed her exhausted little lover and pulled her into her arms.

"You know you really do make me jealous when I see another woman paying you some attention, donít you?" Xena admitted, while kissing her love repetitiously about the head and shoulders. Gabrielle yanked her mighty wifeís lips down upon hers and passionately claimed her lips. Xena moaned and allowed Gabrielle entry into her scorching mouth. Gabrielle groaned and whirled her tongue aimlessly in and about her championís mouth.

"I want to eat your pussy Xena. I can smell your wetness for here." Gabrielle proceeded to kiss her wife about the neck and her heaving bosom. Xena was so hot now that her eyes couldnít focus. All she could think about was Gabrielleís poetic tongue thrusting in and out of her.

"Take off those clothes and give me some pussy." Gabrielle demanded, shoving Xena away from her. Xena went to ripping, snatching and yanking shit off of her and flinging it everywhere. Wanting nothing more than to feel Gabrielle fuck her. In record time, Xena was out of her clothes and on the bed with her legs stretched wide open.

Gabrielle allowed her eyes to gaze lustfully down her partnerís body until they fell upon the one thing sheíd wanted to get in ever since she left Xena. She then crawled up on the bed and slowly pushed her middle finger deep inside Xena and held it there.

"Do you want me to fuck you now or suck your tits? I think fucking you would be the ultimate choice right now wouldnít you say?" Gabrielle then pulled her finger gradually out of Xena causing her mate to growl and rock her hips.

"If you donít tongue fuck me right now, Iím going to kill your little ass." Xena threatened. Gabrielle mimicked Xenaís raised eyebrow expression and dove in while shoving three of her pleasure seekers high and deep inside her yelling mateís smoldering twat.

"Oh Gods Gabrielle," Xena whimpered as her head fell back and she pressed down on her loveís head. "NOW...BITCH...TAKE ME NOW!" She yelled, shoving Gabrielleís face harder against her vibrating cunt. "Fuck me baby...fuck me hard!" Xena panted.

Gabrielle wrapped her arm around Xenaís waist and went to work. Banging in that ass and sucking like she was crazy. <Great baby knows how to give it to me>. Xena thought as a bright sensuous smile ruled her face. "OH DO IT BABY...DO IT...FUUUCCCKKK...MEEEEEE!" Xena strained out as her hips locked and her back arched. Her climax was tremendous. Xena's body trembled uncontrollably as Gabrielle lessened the pressure and eased back on the pumping.

"By the Gods woman I love it when your pussy is sopping wet like that. My fingers slide incredibly deep when youíre hot like a stove. Wanna do it again?" Gabrielle asked with a snicker. Xena moaned and pulled her lover on top of her. She then wrapped her shaking limbs around her love and kissed her gently on her saucy wet lips.

"Iím crazy about your little witty ass, do you know that?" Xena panted, while resting her head to the side of Gabrielleís.

"Yeah, because Iím crazy about your possessive ass too. Plus I always love it when you fuck me out of jealousy. Itís raw and untamed just like you are. Letís do it again. Next time Iíll tell you how I wanted that warrior to fuck me." She joked as Xena roughly rolled her over.

"You wanted her to fuck you, huh? How?" Xena asked quizzically. Gabrielle purred and whispered, "I wanted her to fuck me long and hard."

Xena growled and bit down into Gabrielleís bottom lip causing her to cry out. "Open your eyes my little bitch. Mommaís about to fuck ya again." Gabrielle laughed and awaited her loveís next move.


The next morning...

The girls were all sitting at the table basking in last nightís pleasure when their Queen and her champion arrived.

"Damn Xena, if I didnít know any better Iíd think you had the riderís itch." Eponin said with a snort while turning her head to look away from her friend.

"Ah," Xena said narrowing her eyes. "You must have got you some last night. Why else would your usually grouchy ass be smiling?" Eponin blushed and looked down while playing in her food, unable to meet her friendís playful gaze.

Tara gazed at her soon to be wife and retorted, "You are absolutely right, my baby was riding my backside all night. And she couldnít get enough of my tongue." Tara then licked her tongue out and wagged it in a vigorous flinging motion.

"But, thatís another warriorís story yíall can share at our joining." Tara confessed. Everyoneís mouth fell opened in shock. Tara had landed the second best warrior in the tribe and was extremely proud of her mate to be. After receiving waves of congratulations the three most distinguished warriors of the Amazon nation caught each otherís gaze. Xena and Solarie smiled and gave their old pot a silent wink before finishing their breakfast and heading home.


There were many Warriors chatís to follow after Tara and Eponinís joining...but that will have to be another story. I hope you enjoyed this one. Tune in for Anotherís Warriors Chat. But be warned, it will only be dispensed upon request.

Written and Copyrighted by: L.B. Anderson

August 14, 1999

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