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General copyright/Disclaimer: That Xena Warrior Princess and all the other characters that appear together with names, titles, and backstory are the sole copyright property of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures, no copyright infringement was intended in writing of this fan fiction blah blah... Sex/Love Warning/Disclaimer - if the story of love and lust between 2 consenting adults of the same sex offends you and you are under 18,illegal in your state country etc..don't read on, for the others continue!

When Dreams Collide With Reality

By: Cheynon O'Dowd

It was unusually quiet today……..well not really….my mind was racing and overtime Ė and itís all that I could hear. The events of last night kept repeating over and over.

Blinking my eyes and shaking my head to try and erase the image that kept forming in my mind Ė I could feel my cheeks flush red Ė the embarrassment spreading to my hands as I dropped the scroll I had been holding.

I snuck a glance sideways but Xena hadnít noticed.. well she didnít appear to have Ė

"Swish….Slice" her blade cutting through the air so brutally yet it had a feeling of elegance …something I had never noticed with her combat sword skills.

Those strong hands of hers holding it so tightly, long and slender, but with a masculine like quality to them. Twirling and twisting her weapon rapidly, never faulting once. I was so caught up in watching her that I had turned myself around and was sitting there awestruck… like some lovesick teenager.

Her voice shocked me out of my stupor Ė "Gabrielle…. Gabrielle…. You there???" Sheíd stopped swinging her sword for some time…. And still I sat there starring blankly at her. "Huh… what??" I answered groggily, before regaining my composure. I sat up straight and looked into those beautiful eyes of hers Ė "Hem" clearing my throat , "Sorry Xena , what did you say?" as calmly as I could.

She raised her eyebrow at me and said"You were lost there for a while just starring at me..Through me actually Ė what were you thinking about?" She had a sly smile on her face as she asked me the question.

"Ohh… nothing..well… nothing important. Just thinking Xena." I looked away focusing on the scroll that I was holding TOO tightly.

"Gabrielle…" She strode over to me and knelt down in front of me taking my face in her hands "Gabrielle.. Look at me.."

"What??….." I said still looking at the scroll. She lifted my face to make me look at her..Into those crystal blue eyes.

"Please donít be embarrassed about last night.. Iím not!" She said laughing.

I tried to look away but she held my face firmly in her hands … "Iím not offended or disgusted you know, Its just that this time you woke yourself up.." she said with a grin.

"You mean Iíve done that before?!?" I asked in shock. My mind was racing…* What did this mean?*

I pushed away her hands, dropping the scroll on purpose and standing quickly - " Iíve done this before!!!!??" I shouted, close to tears.

"I canít believe this..Why didnít you wake me, or stop me? Why??" I was so confused, not only for my actions.. But Xenaís. Why didnít she stop me?!

"Gabrielle…. Donít cry, donít be mad, Itís ok.." she tried reassuringly.

"NO Its not ok XENA" I spat back at her.

I sat down hugging my knees to my chest and started to cry- I couldnít stop… all the feelings that I had buried deep within me were trying to get out and I wasnít ready to deal with them yet.. Let alone how Xena might react.

She sat beside me and put her arm around me "Gab…Shshh.. Its alright.." her words were for comfort but it made me feel like a child…. With a silly teenage crush on a woman… one who surely had no time for me.. Inexperienced and scared.

"Gab.. Gabrielle.. I have wanted to tell you this for a long time..A long time in fact... but I didn't want to take advantage of you in any way, but last night when you moved closer into me and wrapped your leg around me and put your hand on my thighs…."

"Stop!!!!!!" I shouted covering my ears. I couldnít believe this… how far I had gone this time…..and in my sleep! I remember waking up with my lips an inch away from hers and my hand on her toned thigh.. with her eyes starring back at me smiling. I had moved away so damn fast and shut my eyes , pretending to be alseep… and she didnít say anything about it…. Until now.

Looking up at her and removing my hands from my ears .. She still sat there… looking at me silently.

"Iím sorry "I blurted out

"Iím not" she said smiling. "The reason you woke up is my fault…you were leaning into me and I had to kiss you…"

I looked at her in surprise… "What..?" I barely whispered… "Why did you do that?"

"Because silly.. I was waiting for you to make the first move……." She grinned at me and I couldnít help but grin back. "No serious Xena.." I said trying to hide my smile.

She wiped the last of my tears away with her thumb before leaning in and saying " Because I love you" kissing me gently on the lips.

I sank into her arms and when she broke the kiss all childish thoughts and fears vanished… all I wanted was her…. Her taste.. Her strength … and her love….

We fell to the ground with her arms wrapped tightly around me…. And I couldnít help but make my dreams a reality.. All beginning with one long sensuous and deep kiss….

"I love you too" I whispered in her ear.


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