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Disclaimer: Xena, Warrior Princess and the names, titles, and some of the characters are the sole property of Renaissance Pictures and MCA/Universal. This story, all other characters and action sequences are the property of the author. No copyright infringement is intended and the story is meant to enhance our love for the TV show. This story may not be sold. Or archived without the authorís permission.

(Note: The translations were taken from books and may not be grammatically correct.)

Sex/Violence: Usual Xena fighting


Marcella R. Wiggins

E-mail: Marcella_RW@HOTMAIL.COM

"Itíll be good to get back to the civilized life of the big city of Athens", Gabrielle states, as she and Xena, with Argo in tow, walk down the road toward Athens. "Yeah, civilized", Xena retorts. "Thereís something about a big city that gets my creative juices stirring. Thereís always something to do there", Gabrielle explains. "You mean like dodging wagons, drunks and high prices?" "Xena, whereís your romantic side?" "If it wasnít for Mattea asking for my help, Iíd just as soon skip it." "Did Mattea say why he needed to see you?" "No, just that it had to do with the games being held there this week." Xena answered. "Mattea is one of the organizers of these events, right?" "Yes, heís carrying on what Hercules started to maintain peace in the land."

Suddenly, Xena goes rigid as she watches two men approaching from the side. "What is it, Xena?" Gabrielle asks.

"Excuse moi, Je suis non depuis ici. (Excuse me, I am not from here...) a blond, handsome, young man says. Gabrielle looks at Xena and says, "Itís Greek to me…" Xena smiles and turns back to the men. "Francais?" (French?) she asks. "Oui, Francais" (Yes, French) he responds, amazed that she speaks his language. Gabrielle is also surprised, her mouth hangs open as Xena looks at the manís partner and says, in German, "Und ihr Deutsche?" (And youíre German?) "Ja" (Yes) the dark, handsome, young man responds, looking at her closely, until finally, recognition sets in and he draws his sword. And as he does, so does his partner, but Xena does not. Gabrielle takes a stance with her staff and asks, "Xena, whatís going on? What are you saying?"

"Xena…, was tun ihr wollen mit uns?" (Xena…, what do you want with us?) "Entspannen Gustav, Ich tun nicht wollen irgendetwas von ihr. Ich tun nicht haben und heer etwas mehr." (Relax Gustave, I donít want anything from you. I donít have an army any more.) Xena explains, maintaining her relaxed state. Then she turns to Gabrielle and translates. "Gabrielle, I constricted them into my army when they were very young, and theyíre afraid Iím going to do that again. They werenít with me long but I obviously made an impression on them. Theyíre twin brothers with different mothers. Gustaveís mother is German and Pierreís mother is French."

Xena turns back to them and introduces Gabrielle, "Dieser mein freund, Gabrielle." (This is my friend, Gabrielle) The two young men replace their swords and Gustave clicks his heels together, taking Gabrielleís hand and kissing it. "Ein vergnugen zu treffen ihr, wunderschön!" (A pleasure to meet you, beautiful!) Xena translates for Gabrielle, who blushes. Pierre pushes his brother aside and takes Gabrielleís hand, "Vous pres le plus magnifique!" (You are most beautiful!) he says, kissing her hand also. Gabrielle melts to the French manís accent. "Apparently, they think you have nice looks", Xena translates. "Sssh, let him talk." Gabrielle says as Pierre continues, stroking her hand, "Moi suis à votre disposition, vous avoir que à demander." (I am at your service; you have but to ask.)

Xena rolls her eyes and says, "Ihr hier denn das spiels?" (You here for the games?) "Ja, aber Ich denken wir verloren." (Yes, but I think weíre lost.) "Nien, dieser das weg zu Athens, ihr empfang zu dose uns. (No, this is the road to Athens, youíre welcome to join us.) Xena replies, and translates for Gabrielle as the four start down the road together.

Gabrielle looks at Xena and states, "I didnít know you could speak that many different languages." "Gabrielle, donít you know by now…" Gabrielle cuts her off, "I know, I know, you have many skills. When will I learn?"

Pierre who is still wary of Xena, says, "Nous je sois entendew cela vous je sois síaméliorer, Xena, que, ce qui est fait est fait." (We had heard that youíve changed for the better, Xena, but whatís done cannot be undone.) Xena translates to Gabrielle who says, "Youíre wrong, it only takes one act of kindness." Pierre looks to Xena for the translation. "Vous faux, elle seul meners un seul acte de bienveillance", Xena replies. "Voir cíest croire." (Seeing is believing.) Pierre says as Xena translates. "Then watch closely", Gabrielle challenges.

Arriving outside the arena, they notice that there are people and horses everywhere. Xena ties Argo to an overcrowded hitching post, one of several. "Everyone remember where I parked my horse", she says, as the four walk into the arena.

They separate at the gates; Xena and Gabrielle go one way, while Pierre and Gustave go another. Looking around, Xena notices a box, filled with fireworks, at each corner of the coliseum. "Matteaís going all out this year", she comments. "What do you mean?" Gabrielle asks. "Those boxes are filled with fireworks, probably for the closing ceremonies." "Iíve never seen fireworks before, this should be exciting", Gabrielle comments, but Xenaís attention has been diverted to Mattea and another man, trying to light a fire in a very large, stone bowl on top of the spectatorís stands. She takes out her chakram and sends it flying through the air, ricocheting off of one wall, then another and finally striking the bowl, causing a spark that ignites a colossal fire. Mattea, a rotund man, with a chest full of medallions, jumps back in shock, but then, as her chakram returns to her, he recognizes Xena, and excitedly calls her name; "Xena! Thank the gods!"

As Mattea makes his way down to them, Xena jokes, "Mattea, any more medals and youíll tip over." Fussing with them, Mattea replies, "Iíve been collecting them for a long time. Theyíre good luck and I need all the luck I can get right now." Xena questions his need. "Look, Iím not a guard for hire. Find someone else to baby-sit the prize." "Thatís just it, Xena, the golden trophy, given by Apollo himself, has been stolen and if I donít get it back, these people are going to riot and the peace will be gone", Mattea emphasizes by pointing to the stands filling with people. "Not to mention that Apollo will be hotter than the hinges of Tardes. Who do you think has it?" Gabrielle interjects. "A warlord who used to terrorize this area before Hercules brought the peace. Heís name is Shahazimah." "Xena, youíve heard of him, Iím sure?" Gabrielle asks. "Nope, havenít got a clue." Gabrielle looks at her, shocked, "Youíre kidding right? You had to of rode with him, or against him or dated him, something?" "Gabrielle, I donít know every warlord around." "Well, he is pretty young, perhaps…" Mattea stops cold as he sees Xenaís frowning face. But Gabrielle laughs unmercifully, "Oh Xena, it had to happen sooner or later." "Drop it Gabrielle" Gabrielle continues to snicker as Mattea changes the subject, "Will you help me?" he asks. "Show me where the trophy was kept." Xena replies.

Xena inspects the room that the trophy was held in. She squats down and examines the dried dirt left on the floor. Smelling of it, she pulls out a pine needle and turns to Mattea. "I know where theyíre hiding. Iíll get your trophy back for you." Xena leaves as Matteaís mouth hangs open in disbelief. Gabrielle walks over to him and closes his mouth, saying, "Oh please, that was almost to easy."

Catching up with Xena, Gabrielle says, "Okay, I think Iíve got it. Theyíre hiding in a cave surrounded by pine trees, right?" This time Xenaís mouth hangs open in surprise. "Itís really very simple, Xena, the dirt had pine needles in it and I could smell the bat droppings." "Gabrielle, Iím impressed" "Youíre not the only one getting older you know." They both laugh as Xena concludes, "Thereís a cave like that just outside of the city, letís go."

Xena and Gabrielle sneak into the cave and observe, undetected, the activity taking place. Shahazimah is examining the trophy by the light of a fire. "Boys, weíre going to be richer than Zeus", he says, carefully setting the trophy down on a podium. He blocks Xenaís view as he does something with the podium. "Post the guards and the rest of you follow me", he commands and he and his men leave the cave. Guards take up positions outside the cave as Xena and Gabrielle move toward the trophy.

"Letís take the trophy and get out of here", Gabrielle nervously suggests. "No, something doesnít feel right", Xena explains. "Gabrielle, back away slowly and donít touch anything." Gabrielle does as she was instructed. Xena squats down and surveys the area. "What is it, traps?" Gabrielle asks. "Yeah, see the net on the ceiling, itís rigged to this rope hidden in the dirt", Xena carefully sidesteps the rope and stops in front of the trophy. "Thereís a trigger mechanism under the trophy that releases that pendulum tied up over there", she nods to the deadly weapon covered with spikes. "What are you going to do?" Xena backs up, carefully stepping across the hidden rope. Motioning for Gabrielle to come to her, she says, "Iím going to attempt a triple somersault, mid air twist with a rotating dismount". She positions Gabrielle and her staff for the jump. "Have you ever done this before?" Gabrielle asks. "Nope"

Xena gets a leg up from Gabrielleís staff, and does her somersaults, twisting like a cat so that she lands on the podium, facing Gabrielle. Instantaneously securing the trophy with her feet, she somersaultís back. Rotating in mid air, and releasing the trophy, she lands feet first, catching it before it falls to the ground. The traps are set off, but they catch nothing. Gabrielle exclaims, "Thatís one for the scrolls!"

Xena and Gabrielle duck behind a large stalagmite as the guards come rushing in. She hands Gabrielle the trophy and they exit the cave, each going in opposite directions.

As the fates would have it, or as Xena planned it, she rode right into the waiting army of Shahazimah. "By the look of you, Iíd say you were Xena." "What do you want?" Xena asked. "Just a visit, one warrior to another." Shahazimah answers. "Or maybe, you wanted to make sure I didnít interfere in your little ransom plan", she responds as she draws her sword and a fight ensues. After a while, Xena is subdued by the men, and almost as if she were stalling for time, surrenders. Shahazimah takes her back to the cave were he discovers that the trophy is missing. His anger is evident as he turns to Xena.

"What did you do with my trophy?" he asks. "Your trophy? Are you participating in the games?" she retorts. "Xena, tell me were that trophy is or so help me, Iíll..." Xena cuts him off; "What, kill me? That wonít happen, you havenít got the guts", she hisses. "Xena, your reputation presides you, youíre stalling. But I have ways of making you talk." Xena rolls her eyes, "Youíve got to be kidding" "Iím not in a joking mood. Tie her to the chair and strap her down good and tight" Rubbing his hands together he says, "You are going to be our first test for a new kind of drug" With the last pull of the rope, Xena is secured, hand and foot, to the chair. "Weasel, get your potion ready", Shahazimah commands. Xena watches the greasy, paper thin, old man stir several concoctions into a glass. "Hold her mouth open wide", Shahazimah orders.

Taking the glass, he approaches Xena, who struggles to break free. "Xena, donít worry..." he coos, "this is only a truth potion. It makes you answer all my questions", grinning, he grabs her chin, forcing it open. He pours the liquid in her mouth, then clasps his hand over it until she is forced to swallow.

Gabrielle arrives back at the stadium with the trophy. Finding Mattea, she hands over the trophy. "Hide it well and tell no one. Xena will take care of Shahazimah." As she is leaving, Gabrielle runs into Pierre and Gustave. "Itís time for that one act of kindness", she says, but they can not understand her. Remembering only a few words, Gabrielle takes Pierreís hand and says, "Vous pres le plus magnifique" (You are most beautiful!) Pierre takes her mistake as an invitation and kisses her. "No, that wasnít it?" Gabrielle says to herself as she searches her memory for the right translation. Finally, she smiles and says, "Un seul acte de bienveillance" (One act of kindness.) and motions for him to follow her.

Xenaís head sways as the potion makes her groggy. Taking her chin in his hand, Weasel asks, "What is your name?" "Havenít got a clue", she laughs. He slaps her across the face and demands, "Tell me your name!" "Xena" she replies through her dizziness. "Sheís ready", he states. "Xena, where is that trophy?" Shahazimah asks. Struggling with the effects of the potion, Xena has trouble focusing. Losing his patience, Shahazimah grabs her by her bangs and demands, "Tell me!" "Itís not here" she hisses. "Aggggh, this isnít working!" Shahazimah bellows. Weasel takes over and quietly asks, "Xena, do you trust me?" "No. Youíre ugly, bony and your breath stinks", she answers, matter of factly. "Finally!, sheís telling the truth", Shahazimah says. "Who do you trust?" Weasel continues, ignoring the insult. "Who cares, just find out where the trophy is at." "I have to build a level of understanding with her, please be patient and Iíll find out what you need to know", Weasel explains.

Walking behind her, Weasel whispers in her ear, "Xena, whom do you trust?" Xena responds without hesitation, "Gabrielle" "And would you tell her anything she asks?" "Yes, of course" she answers. Weasel walks in front of her and says, "Tell Gabrielle where youíve hidden the trophy" Xenaís focus is fuzzy as she looks at Weasel and says, "Gabrielle, you look awful." "Sheís to strong, it wonít work", Shahazimah fumes. But Weasel is not ready to give up yet and, leaning into her, asks, "Xena, do you value Gabrielleís life?" Xenaís head snaps up and she replies, "Yes!" "Would you give up everything for her?" "Yes, everything." "Xena, if you donít tell us where that trophy is, weíre going to kill her!" Xenaís grogginess turns to concern. "Leave her out of this" she demands. "Tell us, Xena or weíll kill Gabrielle." She takes a deep breath, still fighting the drug, "Itís buried" "Where?" Shahazimah jumps in. "By the crooked tree next to the creek." Shahazimah and his men immediately rush out, leaving Weasel with Xena and five guards outside the cave. "What a cool fish you are Xena", Weasel says as he leans close to her face and licks her cheek. Heís intent is obvious.

Gabrielle, Pierre and Gustave watch as Shahazimah and his men leave. She mimes to them to distract the guards and while she looks for Xena. Pierre and Gustave draw the guards away from the cave and proceed to fight with them. Gabrielle sneaks inside and finds Xena tied to a chair with her hand clutching Weaselís throat. They both are unconscious.

Removing the ropes, Gabrielle tries to wake her up. "Xena... Xena, can you hear me?" She lifts Xenaís head. "Wake up", she pleads. Xena drowsily responds and as she does so, Weasel drops to the floor. "Are you all right?" Gabrielle asks. "Iím great" she answers, slurring her words. "Think you can stand?" Looking at her, Xena asks, "You mean Iím not?" Gabrielle helps her to her feet and as they look at each other, Xena grabs Gabrielleís shoulders and exclaims, "By the Gods..." "What is it?" Gabrielle asks. Stepping back, Xena exclaims, "You are beautiful!" Shaking off the déjà vu, Gabrielle asks, "Xena, whatís the matter with you?" "They made me drink some kind of truth potion, but it didnít work", she replies, trying to rub the effects from her head. "What did you tell them?" "Where I buried the trophy" "But I thought you had to tell the truth?" "With some one I trust, but it didnít work with them" she explains.

"So if I asked you a question right now, youíd answer truthfully?" "Yep" Xena answers, her head starting to clear. Contemplating for a moment, Gabrielle thinks out loud, "What one question could I ask?" "Is that the question?" Xena asks. "No, give me a minute" "Gabrielle..." "Okay, Iíve got it..." "What?" "No, let me think…" Xena shakes off the remainder of the drug and says, "Sorry, time to go" "Wait, itís on the tip of my tongue" "Gabrielle, Shahazimah will figure out I lied, we donít have much time", Xena states and walks out of the cave.

As the four walk down the road toward Athens, Xena thanks Pierre and Gustave, "Danke schön zu ihr hilfe." (Thank you for your help.) She translates for Gabrielle. Pierre stops and takes Gabrielleís hand and looking into her eyes, says, "Elle seul meners un seul acte de bienveillance" (It only takes one act of kindness) and kisses it. Gabrielle melts to his touch and blushes. "Come on." Xena says impatiently.

The four arrive at the stadium to find Shahazimah and his men waiting for them. "Xena, I had a feeling you where lying", he states as he dismounts and prepares to fight. "Give it up, Shahazimah, youíre not going to find it", Xena replies, drawing her sword. A fight ensues and soon makes its way into the arena were the crowd cheers, thinking that itís part of the festivities.

The athletes competing in track stop and watch, as the fighting escalates. Xena is surrounded by several men and to escape somersaults over their heads, landing on her feet on the chin-up bar, being painfully used by some apparently weak athletes. She jumps off, grabbing the bar and rotating around, building up speed, she somersaults back to the five men, landing on the first mans chest, and in a domino effect, sending them crashing to the ground. Mattea and another man watch with amazement. Mattea takes out a pen and parchment and begins writing.

Gabrielle, surrounded by three men, uses her staff, and vaults over them, landing behind them. Then she hits all three in the back of the head with her staff. "Did you see that, she used her pole and vaulted straight over them!" Mattea keeps writing.

Xena notices that five men have spread out, drawing their swords and approaching Gabrielle. Taking her chakram, she sends it spinning from one man to the next, striking their sword hand. They dropped their weapons and bending over, grab their hands. "Give me your staff!" Xena calls to Gabrielle, who throws it to her. Xena jumps over the men, simultaneously bopping their heads with the staff, knocking them unconscious. Gabrielle laughs and says, "Show off" as Xena returns her staff.

"Iíll bet that was 200 meters", Mattea says. "No, 300 tops!" the other man states. They look at each other and Mattea cries excitedly, "The 300 meter long jump!" He begins writing feverously.

A warrior prepares to shoot his crossbow at Pierre and Gabrielle, seeing this, grabs her staff and sends it flying through the air, hitting the warrior in the chest. "Whoa, thatís a new record!" Mattea exclaims, writing it down.

Xena grabs a cannon ball near the wall and taking aim, bounces it off of three of the warriors heads as Mattea says, "Did you see the way she put that shot right where she wanted it?" He looks at his friend and they shout, "Shot putt!" He writes it down.

Gabrielle picks up a heavy stone disc from the ground, and, rotating three timeís, wildly hurls it across the arena, hitting a warrior square in the stomach, sending him reeling. "Discus throw!" Mattea shouts.

Xena finishes off the remaining ten men surrounding her, with a spectacular show of her athletic ability. She hits the man closest to her in the stomach, causing him to double over; then she somersaults off of him and hits the next man in the chest with her feet, somersaulting off of him and hitting the next, until all ten men are doubled over in a circle. As they regain their posture Xena takes her chakram and sends it flying. It ricochets off of the boxes of fireworks and strikes each warrior in the back of the head as it circles them. The sparks from the chakram land in the fireworks, and they begin to smolder.

Retrieving her chakram, Xena then grabs a staff, lying near by. The men converge on her, and she begins to spin it, striking them in the head, causing a wave of faces turning, first to the right and then to the left. Then she delivers another blow to their stomachs and they double over in pain. Finally, she spins the staff so fast that it becomes a propeller, and as the fireworks explode in a burst of different colors, Xena lifts straight up into the air while the men collapse on top of each other. Xena lands on top of them, staff in one hand and the other hand on her hip, as the fireworks explode in the sky, illuminating around her. THE CROWD GOES WILD!

Everyone looks in awe at the spectacular sight, including Gabrielle, who tears up with pride at the sight, and Pierre, Gustave and Mattea, who motions for his friend to get the trophy.

Our four heroesí finally realize that they are receiving a standing ovation from the spectators. Gabrielle takes a bow and motions for the others to do so as well. Hurrying over to Xena, Mattea takes her arm and raises it in triumph, announcing, "Xena, Warrior Princess from Greece!" The crowd goes wild again. The trophy is brought out and Mattea hands it to Xena, but she wonít hear of it. "No, Mattea, I donít want it. Give it to someone who really deserves it." Mattea , recovering from his shock, comes up with an alternative plan.

Setting the trophy down, he pulls off one of his larger, gold medallions and places it over Xenaís head. "I award this on behalf of Olympia and in the name of the peace you have brought this day."

Pulling off a smaller, silver medallion, he places it over Gabrielleís head and continues with a bronze medal for Pierre and Gustave. The crowd roars as Gabrielle takes Xenaís hand and Pierreís and raises them triumphantly, in the air.

After the festivities are over, and they prepare to leave, Xena thanks Pierre and Gustave again and the four say their good-byes. But before they leave, Gabrielle turns to Pierre and says, "Vous pres le plus magnifique" (You are most beautiful!). Pierre once again, kisses her, long and hard. Xena looks at Gabrielle in amazement, which amuses Gabrielle, who smiles and says, "You have your skills, I have mine."

Later in the day, as Xena and Gabrielle are walking down the next road on their journey, Xena asks, "Gabrielle, did you ever think of that one question you wanted to ask?" "No, I donít have to ask, I know everything I need to know."

A man, dark and handsome, approaches them and asks, "Scusa, Io non da qui..." (Excuse me, Iím not from here...) "Italiano?" Xena asks. "Si, meravigilioso!" (Yes, wonderful!) The man responds, excitedly, relieved that someone understands him. Gabrielle stands there with her mouth wide open. "Quale via a partita?" (Which way to the games?) "Quella mod." (That way.) Xena motions toward Athens. "Grazie!" (Thanks) the man says. "Prego" (Youíre welcome.) she says as the man hurries off. "You always have to have the last word, donít you Xena." Gabrielle smirks as they walk down the road toward their next adventure.

~The End~

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