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Disclaimer: The following story contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity between consenting adults. If you are below the age of 18 or offended by this type of material, stop reading now. Xena and Joxer are the sole property of MCA. No copyright infringement is intended.

NOTE: Story set prior to the episode, <A Family Affair>

Will She Love Him As I Do?

"Ha, Ha, Ha", Xena giggled while lying next to Joxer on the outstretched pallet her and Gabrielle shared before the tragedy. "Joxer, you are lying", Xena said as she rolled over onto her side holding her stomach chortling. "I am not," he exclaimed. "If only you would had been there, you would have seen me in action. I saved all those Hestian Virgins again, shortly after you and Gabby left." Xena continued to laugh audibly as she rolled again to face Joxer. Joxer was secretly finding the whole thing quite amusing too. Here it is the strongest woman he had ever known, giggling girlishly against him as if she was a jolly schoolgirl.

"Joxer, you are...unique. Yeah...that’s the word...unique." Xena continued, while rolling closer to him to bury her face against his neck. Her hand rested heavily upon his hands cradling the wineskin they both shared. The pair had been drinking off and on from sun up to sun down. The thought of not knowing where the bard was disturbed them both.

They laid there for a long while remembering their loss and how it came about. The sounds of the night and charring wood chips served as their symphony of despair.

Xena moved closer to Joxer and mumbled, "I miss her Joxer." Joxer could feel the warrior’s sorrow as her voice trembled from harbored tears. Joxer threaded his fingers between hers and whispered. "I do too Xena. I love you both more than anything in this world. I’d pay anything to know where she is right now."

Xena contemplated his words a little longer before shifting onto her right elbow to look down into his face. "You what?" She asked quizzically. Joxer looked up into her questioning eyes and said, "What?" He hadn’t given his last statement a second thought. He pretty much figured his allegiance was interpreted as brotherly love, but Joxer knew it was certainly far more than that.

Xena let out a long sigh while rolling atop of him. "Let’s try this again. Joxer, I knew you were in love with Gabrielle, but never with me. Are you in Love with me too?" Joxer turned away and attempted to get up, but Xena’s body pressed firmly against him preventing him from moving.

"Joxer," she said gently, "Are you in love with me? Or do you love me as a sister?" Joxer’s eyes looked everywhere except into the blue tempting orbs of the warrior princess.

"Pssst," he tiffed mockingly. "I must have had to much to drink. Ha, Ha, Ha," he chuckled in his most heroic tone. "Xena you know how I am when I’m tipsy. I am subject to say anything."

Joxer stared attentively into the other woman’s eyes that had easily claimed his soul. Xena lowered her lips upon Joxer’s in a gentle succulent probing. Closing her eyes upon their joining and opening them upon their wet release. Joxer’s hands stayed at his side clenching and releasing the blanket as their lips slid lovingly against the other in a questioning caress. He moaned from the warm contact. Dormant tears of desire rolled unchecked down his cheeks.

Xena’s whole presentation revealed nothing but concern and tenderness. Her hands began to travel up and down his sides and over his chest. Joxer could feel his pleasure wand began to throb and push against Xena’s heated mound. Frighten and really unsure of Xena’s reaction. He pushed away slightly.

"What is it Joxer?" She asked while fighting to regain her normal breathing rhythm. "Xena," he whispered almost as if frightened or embarrassed by his body’s reaction to the statuesque beauty lying fully upon his. "I’ve never done...I mean...uh..." the anxiety was evident in his voice. "You’ve never been with a woman before." Xena stated passively. Various questions bounced around in her head. <He’s got to be kidding. Meg is a Madame. Surely they did it>. "Joxer all the times you’ve been with Meg...You two had never done it." Joxer shook his head from to side, still unable to speak or look into Xena’s questioning eyes. "Well Joxer, what exactly have you two been doing? If you don’t mind me asking?" Xena replied speculatively. "Well," Joxer began. "We talk a lot. We kiss a lot. We caress one another a lot. We’ve...well we’ve done other things too. It just wasn’t sex in the matrimonial style.

Xena chuckled inside as she thought; <He’s embarrassed. He’s kinda cute in a lonely boy, can’t get none kinda way>. "Have you tasted her before Joxer?" Xena inquired tauntingly sexy while nipping patiently at his slightly parted lips.

<Great just great> Joxer chastised himself mentally. <You just told one of the women you love most in the world that you don’t know how to use your own equipment. It’s over pretty boy. Now she’s sure to laugh you out of camp. >

Xena could sense the turmoil Joxer was going threw from the blank expression on his face. She laid her head softly on his left shoulder and whispered, "That’s alright Joxer we all were virgins at one time. I’ll understand if you want to stop."

Xena paused for a long moment hoping his fear of never being with a woman would physically abort what they’ve started at that moment. Her body was raring to go and she was all but willing to allow Joxer to do the plowing. Joxer’s innocence reminded her so much of Gabrielle. In a way, she WANTED to possess him. She WANTED to make him theirs, hers and Gabrielle’s. She wanted Meg and all other women he’s ever known to become a vague memory in his mind.

"Joxer," Xena retorted softly. "I could teach you, if you’d like?" Xena was far from wanting to stop now. She was willing to do whatever it took to ease Joxer’s distress.

Joxer wrapped his arms around Xena’s waist and kissed her lightly on the neck. "I’d like that." He whispered shyly. "Um," Xena hummed appraisingly, "I’d thought you’d never asked." Her lips claimed his again, but this time there was no misinterpreting her urgency as her body grind invitingly against him.

The kisses went on until they were both out of the breath again. "Joxer," Xena started while trying to catch her breath. "There is something you should know before we go any further." The pair’s eyes met one seeking truth and the other acceptance.

"Gabrielle and I are a little bit more than friends, Joxer." "Hades Xena," Joxer chuckled breathlessly, "I know that." "You know what Joxer?" Xena inquired while revealing her traditional eyebrow expression. "What do you know?"

"I KNOW you and Gabrielle are more than friends. You two are more like companions. AND, I know that you two LOVE ONE ANOTHER, endlessly" Joxer concluded.

Xena looked down into his face and said, "Did you know that I am Gabrielle’s bond mate?" Joxer expression froze. <God’s, I knew she couldn’t love me as I do her>. "Uh, no I didn’t," Joxer began as he tried to move away from Xena.

Xena could feel his withdrawal, but she didn’t know if it was from disgust or his way of shielding his feelings from further hurt. "Joxer, you’ve heard about my warlord days, haven’t you?" He continued to try and move away from Xena while quietly answering, "yes." So you know I am not adverse to having a male or a female as my lover, don’t you?" "Yes," he mumbled as he continued to squirm under Xena’s weight

Xena moved right along with him immediately claiming their original position. "What is it Joxer. You’re not repelled with the fact that Gabrielle and I are lovers, are you?" "OF COURSE NOT," he almost screamed. Xena laced their legs together and propped her body against him suspending all movement. "Then what is it? She questioned firmly. "Xena I love you, and I want to be with you, but I won’t be a quick release for you or just an easy way of relieving yourself sexually. I honestly love you," he stated as if appalled by the warrior’s seemingly insensitive attitude. He dropped his gaze and faintly said, "I need the same from you."

"Joxer you mean a lot more to me than you think. How could you have thought such a thing? You and Gabrielle are all I would ever need in this world. How could you ever think that I would use you in such a way." Xena pulled away from him abruptly and sat up. "I would never do that to you. Never," She hurtfully muttered.

Joxer immediately began to resent his reprimanding approach. "I’m sorry Xena, I didn’t mean it like it sounded." His hand grazed lovingly down Xena’s arm before holding her hand. "I don’t...I want this to be forever not just for one night. I don’t think I could stand living with the thought of you not returning the same love I feel for you."

"I know I’m not a great and skillful warrior. Hades, I don’t even come mid ways that. But, I do know I love you with all my heart," Joxer’s voice easily revealed his sincerity. "And, I would willingly give my life for the both of you."

Xena looked over at Joxer and her heart melt. "Joxer, I DO LOVE YOU. No I’m not as opened with my feelings. But, that does not mean that I’m incapable of expressing myself. I never thought about the possibility of us because I thought you could only be attracted to women much like Gabrielle. I’ve never known you to be serious about any female warriors. I just assumed you weren’t attracted to ‘em." <God’s I’m glad you are though> Xena thought with a smile.

"Joxer do you remember the second time we fought Callisto. Gabrielle and I had been captured and were soon to be killed. My heart jumped when I heard your voice." Joxer smiled big before his gaze returned to a questioning glare. "It wasn’t because you came in the nick of time. But, It was because in spite of all my efforts to discourage you and, of course your own fear. You came to our rescue. That was the day that Joxer the mighty really became robust to me."

Xena pulled Joxer to her while lying back onto the blankets and forcefully kissing him. Both pairs of hands moved feverishly upon the other’s body. Xena’s hungry moans echoed in Joxer’s head as he nipped and sucked at the warrior’s lips. Xena rolled him over and pushed her tongue deep into his warm, wine flavored mouth. She growled again while grabbing his buttocks and pulling him to her. She gasped while grinding her aching clit against his erection. "Oh Gods Joxer, I want you inside me. Let’s take off these clothes," she said while leaping up off of him

The pair quickly disrobed and stood silently admiring the other’s body. "Gods you are even more magnificent without clothes." Xena blushed while looking Joxer’s body up and down. "Now I see why you wear those bulky clothes. Your mother would be proud." She said while raising her eyebrow to emphasis her meaning. Joxer smiled, pulled Xena to him and ever so softly, claimed her compliant lips.

<By the king of the gods, he’s a good kisser. Gabrielle is going to like this>. Xena dropped to her knees pulling Joxer on top of her. His fingers easily homed in on her silky wet center and began to massage her witch’s knob. His gentle caresses brought a lustful growl from his warrior lover. Xena broke away from their lip lock, arched her back and opened her legs. Joxer couldn’t ignore Xena’s silent request to go inside her. As if caressing a baby’s bottom his entry was ever so gentle. Xena cried out from the filling sensation. Unable to prolong the inevitable, Xena pulled away Joxer's hand and guided his swollen member inside her. Joxer cried out and jerked from the unorthodox entry. Her vaginal muscles quickly relax and accepted his erect member. "Oh gods you feel good," Xena gasped while wrapping her arms around her other intended lover. The couple briefly held still, physically absorbing their new beginning.

The closeness of their body’s caused the pair to yearn with need. "Well Joxer," Xena panted between her unsteady breathing. "You are laying in the captain’s seat. Why don’t you let me lead this one off," she finished before flipping over.

"Ah," She cried out as his harden member drove deeper into her sultriest depths. Joxer shook from the impact. Xena ceased all movement. She felt his warm organ throb inside her threatening to ejaculate prematurely. "Joxer," She whispered calmly. "Yes," he answered faintly. "Do you remember the first time we met?" Joxer responded to the question by vigorously nodding his head up and down. "Tell me about it," she probed. Joxer closed his eyes, licked his lips and began HIS version of the story. Xena observed his facial expression for signs of repose. <Somewhere deep within her, Xena wanted to take him viciously, but she fought back those urges, knowing he wouldn’t last a second, and her warlord methods would definitely darken any other sexual encounters with Joxer in the future. No, she had to do this nice...and...easy>.

While the story occupied his mind, Xena’s hips commenced a slow oscillating gentle thrusting. Unaware of his unconscious movements, Joxer’s heated staff ascended deep into Xena’s love chamber. Xena muffled her moans of pleasure as her wetness quickly covered his rigid rod. "Oh Joxer," Xena murmured while increasing her momentum, "Please...Tell me more." Joxer grabbed Xena’s hips and began to forcefully orchestrate her plunging descend into a powerful rocking motion. "By the gods," Xena gasped in surprise. <I would have never imagined Joxer to be an aggressive lover, but he was surely staking his claim, and very skillfully I may add> Xena thought admirably.

Once Xena felt Joxer could hold the rhythm of their lovemaking, she flipped them over again and said, "Take us home daddy." Joxer lowered his dampened lips upon Xena’s and whispered, "As you wish my princess. As you wish."

Joxer’s hand swept down the length of Xena’s body until they seized their goal. His hands were gentle yet resolved as they closed upon Xena’s moon shaped orbs. "By the gods you are one Hades of a woman." He bragged as his hips began to shove his throbbing member in and almost out of Xena’s smoldering hole. Xena grabbed a hold of his buttock and surged upward against his now demanding thrusts.

"Give it to me daddy." Xena encouraged as they drove violently against each other. Xena’s arched back went rigid as she opened her legs wider. Joxer growled as Xena’s vaginal muscles began to pull at his throbbing knob. "Oh gods Xena I don’t think I can hold on much longer." His penetration was fulfilling and satisfying. Xena couldn’t believe how he was making her feel. His pleasure wand was stroking her deepest fires much like Gabrielle’s wicked fingers and talented tongue.

"Joxer," Xena cried out as her climax approached. Joxer tighten his grip on her golden cheeks and pulled her forcefully onto his slippery pole. "Oh baby, do me," Xena gasped as she met his every thrust. His lubricated organ drove relentlessly into Xena’s tightened orifice. "Oh Joxer. Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, TAKE ME." Joxer’s hips plunged and held, shoving his now jerking staff deep into Xena’s drenched opening. Shooting his love deep within her oval love chamber. The pair released screaming each other’s name and thoroughly exhausted.

"Oh daddy...that was good...You know, that’s what I’m going to call you from now on," Xena said while licking her parched lips before continuing, "because you’ve certainly made this girl happy tonight." " Well my princess, I aim to please." Joxer whispered before passing valiantly out. "That’s my boy," Xena said jokingly as she whacked him playfully on his backside. "And the next thing we’ll work on will be your stamina." Xena joked before wrapping her protective arms around him and drifting off to sleep.


The next morning they were headed to Poitedia to look for Gabrielle. They both missed her. They both loved her, but will she accept what had transpired between her mate and Joxer. Xena wasn’t sure.

All she knew was that she loved them both and she wasn’t going to give up neither one of them without a fight.

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