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Disclaimers: Xena and Gabrielle are battery operated by MCA/Universal/Renaissance, but they've been living over here in the fanfic realm for quite a while. Seems as if they were out of batteries and liked the local digs. Can't say as I blame them really.

Warning ~ No subtext. Nope. This isn't subtext, it's blatant. No doubt about this folks, this is…umm…fun? *crack* Okay, TZ, okay, I'm getting on with it. Jeez, give her a whip and she goes wild. Speaking of which, there's definitely some kink in here. Consider yourselves warned. If you're underage, leave. Neither of us wishes to be responsible for warping young minds…any further than we already do, that is.

Hunger was born out of Silk's psychosis…umm…imagination, but really didn't come to life until TZ and Silk got together and started talking. TZ started a really naughty conversation (I still proclaim my innocence - TZ ) and we both finished it. *G* Hopefully, "Hunger" will be only the first of a new series called Cravings of the Heart.


by Silk and TZ

copyright 1999

The clearing is strangely quiet this evening and as I sit here, I can feel the hairs rise on the back of my neck. Knowing where this originates, I turn to find her standing there, watching me with a slight smirk upon her face.

I'm not ready to accept her misplaced humor tonight, for rampant emotions, sparked during an intense skirmish engaged earlier today, still thunder through my body. Half the day gone and into night now and I find myself still wrestling with demons of the past.

She knows better than to look at me that way when I'm in this mood, for she knows how it rouses my temper. I narrow my eyes at her in response, but her grin only widens. Her eyes gleam mischievously, taunting me even further.

Scowling at her, I find myself yearning to see her bowing before me, submissive and obedient to my word. I long to see that smirk replaced with the moist, full lips of passion. I want her to not take me lightly as she tends to do sometimes.

Turning away, I continue to prepare our fire, barely controlling my temper. Although unable to see her, I feel her moving up close behind me. Viciously, I throw the last piece of wood onto the pile and concentrate on lighting the tinder. As the third spark catches the dry grass, I know that it's only a matter of time before I, too, will become the flame that roars to life to greedily consume.

Scooting back from the fire, I bump into her legs and growl impatiently. Even her touch annoys me in an odd way. Pushing against her with my shoulder, I move her out of my way to find a space to roam free of her mocking presence.

And then she says them...the words that she knows will drive me over the edge and past the control I tenuously hold over myself. I don't even hear them exactly or their context, but just the sound of her voice is enough to call forth the beast that is prowling within my soul. My lips tighten with one last attempt to control my anger.

Just above her beautiful eyes, eyebrows lift questioningly, scorning me with the knowledge of what she has done.

The last threads of my control unravel into nothing. Clenching my fists, my eyes narrow dangerously as her smirk widens even further.

Her white teeth flash in the night, taunting me.

Does it matter if she knows what she has just done? Not really, for her attitude only serves to drive me further towards my hunger to see her cowering under the wrath she has provoked.

With a growl, I lunge forward and force her back against the rough bark of a tree, receiving an explosive grunt from between her lips, since she was not expecting such a savage reaction.

Primal fire is vivid in my eyes and hers darken in challenge. She tries to push me away, but with a deft move I render her helpless by clamping my hand at the apex between her thighs.

The sound that comes from her now, is a gasp of surprise.

It seems that tonight will be a test of her will against mine and I find myself more than eager for the formidable task. My hunger is too overpowering.

Already, I can feel the wet heat of her burning my palm. With a low growl I answer her, daring her to test my will. Holding her in place with my hand between her legs, my eyes lock to hers, unwavering.

My free hand reaches between warm breasts to retrieve the dagger there. Teasing her at first, I trail it over her covered breasts, daring her to try and struggle. Then, slipping it under first the one strap at her shoulder, then the other, I twist my wrist. The blade cleanly slices through the material; her creamy flesh is revealed to the peaks of her breasts. As my eyes devour her, I drag the dagger lazily across her collarbone to rest against her fluttering pulse.

I release my lower hold and tug on the garment that shields her vulnerability. "Take it off," I command her.

She shakes her head, eyes still hard with resolve.

Grinding my teeth at her impertinence and grasping her jaw firmly in my hand, I bring her face closer to mine.

Our breaths merge and our gazes clash; a war has broken out between us. Each of us has vowed to claim victory, but I alone will carry this night…and she will remember it.

Impaling her with a heated look, I press the blade closer to her skin. A small drop of blood appears on her satin smooth skin…it is like a red pearl, a precious gem won.

"Take it off," I order again with a firmer voice that rumbles low in my chest.

Eyes flashing with some deep, undefined emotion, she realizes that I am not reluctant to draw her blood. With a small nod of her head, she raises her trembling hands and complies.

I step back just enough for her to do my bidding, but I am still close enough to feel the heat rising from her body. Continuing to hold the steel across her throat, my eyes hold hers, never wavering in my conviction to dominate her willful spirit, as she disrobes for my pleasure.

Slowly, her body is revealed to me in all its magnificent glory until finally, my demand is satisfied. She stands before me…naked, her only cloak the gentle breeze and my ravenous gaze.

Grasping her arm, I pin her against the tree once more, making her cry out softly as the rough bark digs into her skin. Pressing my clothed body hard against hers, I deepen the discomfort for her, enjoying her wince of pain. Then, pulling the blade away from her neck, I caress her lips with it, the sharp danger ever present in both of our minds.

Slipping my thigh between hers, I lean even further into her heady scent. Breathing in deeply, I am lost for a moment, almost succumbing to her. With the dagger resting against her mouth, my tongue reaches out to taste the fleck of blood that lingers on the cold steel, her lips tantalizingly close but still so far.

I almost lose myself in the mesmerizing depths of her eyes, barely noticing when her breath becomes stilted. Those sparkling gems become another trap that threatens to overpower me. The moisture that coats my thigh however, reminds me of my purpose. I will conquer her defiance; I will win this battle she has begun.

Her lips part, just barely and her sweet breath raises a fog across the blade.

I pull it away from her mouth and with a single thrust, drive it into the tree above her shoulder. My action tells her that it is no longer needed, for I disdain its false power in the wake of my indomitable will.

Seeing her hand moving up to grasp the weapon, I catch it in an iron grip.

"No!" I whisper harshly as my hunger surges once more. My fingers dig into the flesh of her wrist and my lips thin with a sneer as I pull her arm back down to her side. "I will have you tonight," I promise gravely.

Her eyes narrow in denial as she struggles against my restraint.


Our breathing is the only sound heard above the beating of our hearts. Even the forest around us seems to be in awe of the battle raging in its midst. Nature is a witness to the fury she has released.

I wait for her to make another move, almost desiring the reason to prove my mastery over her.

Slowly, ever so slowly, her eyelids flutter close for a heartbeat of time, hiding from me the truth of her own craving.

It is the message I have been waiting for, the signal of her surrender that calls forth the beast within me. A primal growl crawls from my throat as I pull her away from the tree.

Pushing her towards the light of the campfire that pales next to my heat, I release her and again step away. A breathless moment passes as my hot gaze leisurely explores her body, devouring her without pause.

She shivers, but I know it's not the breeze that chills her. Rather, it's the flame within that burns.

As I study her alluring body, my teeth capture my bottom lip and suckle from it the flavor of her breath. Another shudder travels through her at the sight and I can sense she is almost...almost ready for me. It is to her misfortune, however, that she has riled my need to dominate.

I smile wickedly, entertaining thoughts of teasing her. No matter how far my lust has grown though, I know that when I have truly won, I will reward her as well as fulfill my own needs.

Disarming her, I smile softly and whisper, "Undress me."

She blinks uncomprehendingly for a moment until I repeat myself more firmly. Then, like a thirsty animal to a cool pool, she rushes forward to partake of me.

Again, my eyes stop her with a flash with authority. "Slowly," I order with a drawl, replying to the unspoken question in her eyes.

She takes a deep breath, her fingers trembling as she struggles to comply. Almost impersonal is her touch as she works to reveal my desperate body.

As she undresses me, I recall her words from earlier and her mocking smirk, and resist my soul's need to throw her to the forest floor and take her without the game of the fight. My need to ravage is overshadowed by my need to humble her. Her compliance fuels the inferno of my passion's rage.

Quickly, she has me almost completely disrobed and is kneeling before me. I lay my hand upon her head as she begins to unlace my boots, momentarily caressing the silken strands of her hair until she leans close as if to taste from what will not be hers this night. I tighten my hold and force her eyes up towards mine. My disappointment is evident in the tight, thin stretch of my lips.

Another smirk tugs at the corner of her mouth and she returns to her task at hand. My eyes harden at her resurgent defiance.

Perhaps the vanquishing is not complete. She thinks to have me, but it will be I who takes her. No other hand, but my own, shall be the one to make her scream. No other soul but mine, shall be the one to claim hers. I shall not fall back from this task. I refuse defeat.

Her punishment will come and she will submit to me.


She moves to stand after removing my boots, but I hold her in her place with a sharp tug on her hair. "Stay," I order intently.

She frowns in response, but my lips curl at the challenge, my blood rushes like a flashflood through my veins.

Once again she submits to the force of my strength.

Yet another battle is won, but the war goes on, another skirmish looms just ahead. I can taste it on my lips and yearn for it.

Leaving my hand wrapped in her hair, I circle around until her back is to me.

Pushing her head forward, I make her bow subserviently while my hand lightly touches the back of her arched neck, making her tremble violently with want. My fingers trail slowly across her shoulders and down her tense arms, drawing them together. Leaning close, I whisper hotly into her ear, "Keep them there until I say."

Obediently, she clasps her hands where they rest above the swell of her firm ass.

Her hair creates a silky curtain around her face, the skin of her back is washed golden. She is a vision kneeling there-all beauty and gleaming with the firelight-a goddess made into mortal flesh. A precious gift to me, which I thank the gods for everyday. Darkness and Light, two halves…but who is who?

Sure that she will accept my command, I step back and cross to my bag. >From it, I retrieve the weapon I shall use to conquer and tame her.

Its length is smooth and for now, cool to my touch. The straps gleam dully and are soft against my skin, oiled and well cared for like any good sword or dagger.

Keeping my steps deliberate, I return to my lover. I am the huntress stalking my prey that waits for me. All my senses are alive. My skin tingles, as if it's too tight for the frame underneath. My sight narrows to focus only upon the game before me, the rest of the world vanishing. Even the smells and sounds around us are gone except for hers. She has captured my entire attention and now shivers in anticipation of it.

Fingering the soft straps, I contemplate the many ways to take her, trembling at the thought of molding her in my hands and shaping her with my soul. The thought of her screaming my name to the furthest reaches of the heavens causes a light sweat to break out on my skin.

I want...I need...I hunger for her.

My appetite knows no limit tonight and I shall sate it. Mine is a carnal yearning that cannot be satisfied until I have nothing more to take from her drained and helpless body.

Seeing that her head is still bowed, I stand next to her, raising the apparatus and letting the straps fall across her back. Slowly, I move my arm and the soft leather caresses her golden skin. The sensation immediately sends a wave of tremors through her.

I can see that she wants to raise her head; she wants to defy me to appease her curiosity, but she controls herself well…for now. I can change that, I vow silently, urging her to disobey me. I need to exert my power over her, to show her who is stronger of will.

My voice is dark and low. "You provoked me, admit it."

She subtly shakes her head, but as her hair sways I can see her betraying smile.

"You knew better, didn't you?" I ask. "You knew that you would make me angry."

Her breath pauses for a moment in surprise, then she clears her throat is if to fight her response.

I wrap a long strand of her hair around a finger, tugging on it to get her attention. "I asked you a question."

She begins to lift her head, but I pull harder reminding her of my order.

"No, don't look at me. Just answer."

Her chin falls to touch her naked chest and she answers, "Yes."

"And still you provoked me. Why?"

"I.…" She pauses for a moment unsure of what I want and if she wants to say.

With the lock of her hair still in my hand, I caress her cheek, encouraging her to continue.

Reflexively, she leans against my touch. I allow it briefly and then push her away as if in disgust when still she doesn't answer me.

"Why did you provoke me?" I ask again heatedly.

"I needed this, too," she finally whispers.

Her admission sends my blood boiling even hotter, rising up within me in a rush of triumph. My own center floods with hot excitement, the wetness already trickling down my thighs. "What you want," I say hoarsely, "is what I give you. No other."

Her head twitches faintly in reply, accepting my terms.

Releasing her hair, I walk around until her bowed silken head just barely brushes my thighs.

"Look at me," I command, then watch as her eyes widen at what I hold. Almost grinning at the flash of greed in their depths, I silently vow to not give her what she wants until she begs for it.

Gently, I draw the long piece of dark, polished stone across her cheek, then switch the ends, so that shorter length barely touches the corner of her mouth.

Her lips part and she gasps as its cool surface slowly caresses them, her tongue reaches out tentatively to taste it; her eyes look up at me for permission.

"Make it ready for me."

Her mouth opens wider and her lips wetly wrap around it, taking the slighter rod easily.

Instantly, my loins become like a molten river and I almost stagger to brace my feet so as not to fall into her.

Her cheeks become hollow as she begins to suck at a leisurely pace, her eyes drooping with sensual pleasure.

After many loud heartbeats, I softly groan and take it out of her mouth.

She whimpers at its loss at first, but as I hold the carved piece between us, she realizes that the night is not over, that I won't abandon her so soon.

Even though her eyes closely follow me, I still order, "Watch."

Her saliva mixes with my own moisture as I slide the smaller length into myself, the warmth of her mouth still clings to its surface. Unable to control the shudder the carved piece sends through me, my eyes bore into hers, sharing my pleasure with her as the base presses snugly against my slick folds.

Reaching down to run my fingers around the larger exposed head, I pull on it. The motion sends a bolt of pleasure through my body to explode in my brain, and though I want nothing more than to experience it again, I have patience. Controlling myself, I take my time with the straps making sure each is secure, until finally, I stand solemnly before her, ready for the task at hand.

The long, ebony shaft juts boldly before my partner's face, warmed by her harsh breath. Already, her throat convulses and her lips part; her tongue darting out to wet them with the anticipation of tasting the carnal pleasure that shall master her.

Taking her head in my hands, I position the phallus at the entrance to her eager mouth. Pressing forward and nudging my hips slightly, I give her the command to begin. My mouth suddenly dries as hers widens to accept me.

Her tongue snakes out and flickers slowly against the dark stone, trailing it along the underside until she reaches the blunt tip and engulfs it. Soon, the carved ebony glistens by the fire's light. We fall into a rhythm as she draws me with her lips; the movements accelerate the burning in my center.

Reaching down, I thread my fingers through her hair, unwilling to let her stop. With a primal fury, I plunge into her willing mouth, harder and faster. I can sense that she is fighting against the discomfort.

She gags as the phallus pounds against the back of her throat.

The sound brings me to my senses and I abruptly pull away.

"Enough!" I cry hoarsely, silently berating myself for my loss of control. Hot plumes of air are forced out into the night as my breaths raggedly escape me.

Her chest rises unsteadily as she pants with me, eagerly waiting for my next move.

Absently, I stroke the dildo, my fingers gliding along the wet, warm stone, and consider my options. Watching her arms twitch as her ravenous gaze follows my movements, I come to a decision.

"I want you to touch yourself."

After receiving my permission, her fingers unclasp and slide down her tense thighs to the thick patch of hair nestled between.

My inner walls squeeze the dildo within, as her eager fingers disappear.

"Let me see," I growl.

Obediently, she spreads her legs further and I see how her fingers are already coated with her moist, salty essense. My eyes narrow with lust as three of them disappear inside its source. How I crave to be those digits, to be buried within her sweet cavern.

Bringing up her other hand, she drags her short nails across her taunt abdomen and cups the underside of her breast. She teases herself at first, knowing it will drive me insane with desire, and her thumb brushes an erect nipple.

My own movements mirror the slow thrusts of her hand as I imagine plunging into her all night long. Biting my lip, my other hand drifts down to slide over my own silky, rigid bud. An intense torment is my body's response and the feeling of the dildo moving within with every thrust of my hips, sends me into a red-tinged haze. Closing my eyes, I whisper her name and the wind carries it to her with my love.

At the sound, she becomes almost frenzied, plunging deeply inside of herself and squeezing her breast hard.

My body wants nothing more than to let us continue, but it can't end this way. I won't let her win…I can't let her control me. My desires will rule this eve.

I lash out at her, my voice a whip, "Stop!"

She looks at me, startled as I drag my own hand away from between my legs. Her eyes flash with insolence and she pauses with her pleasuring.

"Put your hands on the ground in front of you."

A still moment passes until a blazing log pops loudly behind her in the campfire, and still she does not respond to my words.

Stepping forward, I grab her chin, holding it cruelly. "I said, hands down on the ground." I shake her face slightly. "Why must I always repeat myself?"

I step aside as she grudgingly complies, moving behind her. Her back beckons to me with its flawless curves and I long to sink my nails and my teeth into her flesh. I want to taste her and possess her. I want to emblazon my mark on her soul, to be the only one she ever hungers for in her dreams. I want to sink deep into her to find the core of her essence, to accept that love she offers my wounded heart.

As I study her prostrated form, I realize that the only opponent to fight, to claim it…is myself.

Almost tenderly, my hands come down and rest on her lower back, the warm skin sending a pulse of excitement through me.

She arches her back to offer me more, the sensuous movement aches for my touch and my fingers begin their exploration. Reaching up I bury one hand in her hair as the other lingers along the curve of her tense ass. Lightly, I rake my nails along the fair skin and whisper, "Tell me, what you want."

Whimpering softly, she pushes back towards me, bumping the hard, carved stone I wear.

Moving my hand away, I return it with a sharp slap on her smooth behind for not answering me promptly.

Gasping, she throws her head back in surprise. The blow wasn't painful, but it seized her attention.

"Tell me," I repeat, my eyes narrowing in determination.

"Please," she cries softly.

Again my hand lands on her with a slap, making her jump, then press back, moaning low and primal.

"You disappoint me."

She looks over her shoulder to me to gauge my mood and sees the turbulent shadows in my eyes. Once again she lowers her head, but not before I catch the tiny sneer that plays at the corner of her mouth.

The grinding of my teeth is audible over the rustling of the trees. My hunger to dominate her, to wipe that look from her face, flares even higher than before.

My hand goes back and then falls again to strike hard upon her backside. Like a crack of thunder the sound echoes in the clearing, and with it the startled sound of the woman beneath my palm. I look away from her face and concentrate on my target. Again and again, my hand rises and falls upon her flesh, the skin growing red and hot to the touch. As a crimson flush rises, I become aroused even more.

Soon, our breathing is matched, heavy and labored.

She takes my punishment with silence at first, but as I continue, the incessant sounds of pleasure and pain erupt from her, telling me that she needs this as much as I do. Her back dips and she falls to her forearms; my target is raised high, pleasing me even more.

Her ripe flesh glows with an inner fire as the nails of my free hand dig rhythmically into the muscles of her back.

Hands curling into the rich soil, she gouges the earth as a fury of lust races through her veins while she grunts and rocks against my blows.

Only when a low keening starts in her throat do I pause, knowing she is close to the edge. I won't give her that satisfaction…yet.

She pleads with me, her words breathless, "Don't stop." The sound is so primitive, so primal…so hungry.

"Tell me," is my only reply. I'll give her only one more chance.

"Gods..." she pants in frustration, her hair flying about as she shakes her head over her arms.

"The gods can't do to you what I can."

Taking a slow, unsteady breath, she pleads, "Fuck meee," unable to stop herself and not wanting to.

"How do you need it?"


My need fuels my growing frustration with her inability to speak. "How do you want me? Tell me!" I shout as my fingers claw fiercely at her flesh.

"HARD!!!" she sobs with an inhuman cry, submitting to my dominance.

I relish the sound for a moment, closing my eyes and throwing my head back, consumed by the power. Then, I swiftly move into position and wrap an arm around her waist. Positioning the phallus at her soaking entrance, I linger in one last show of my authority as she holds her breath in anticipation.

She looks back at me, her eyes wild with desire. "Please," she whimpers faintly, her body trembling uncontrollably.

Finally, I give her what we both need, plunging deep and hard. There is no subtlety here, we're far beyond that and have no wish for it. Our rhythm is brutal, primal and she screams in rapture with each thrust. The sound gratifies all my desires to see her beneath me.

With each intense thrust into her begging center, my own sex ascends a devastating spiral of release.

Her arms give out completely and she falls until her face rests against the dirt; her frantic breathing stirs the debris that pillows her head.

The sweat mingles on our bodies as we soar closer to the abyss, heat rising off of us in wisps of fog.

Releasing her hips, I reach down and bury my hands in her long hair, pulling her head back until her ear nestles against my lips.

"Now," I groan, as a scream rises from my soul to unite with the howl torn from hers.

All of nature stops to witness the conclusion of our war; the forest is eerily silent. Together we soar, entwined as one, merged into a being of hot passion. Night becomes day, in an explosion of terrible ecstasy, and even the gods stand in awe at the mighty power we release.

After the maelstrom passes and eternity resumes, we lay together, my body on top of hers in the position we had fallen, covered in sweat-matted dirt and leaves. Here warm and sated, having risen up from the sublime fires of Tartarus, it comes to me like a revelation…

She is not the conquered and I am not the victor…

She is loved and I am the woman whose savage hunger is enough to satisfy my warrior.

The End

Author's Notes ~

From TZ…

First, I want to thank Silk for allowing me to collaborate with her on this piece and the Cravings series. It has been a wonderful experience thus far (and I'm sure it will continued to be so).

Second, I won't even go into the original conversation that sparked this story, but the resulting dialog was interesting. Basically, with this piece, Silk and I tried to examine the idea of power and aggression within the dynamic of Xena and Gabrielle's relationship. I personally believe that sometimes, in order for Gabrielle to love Xena, whose personality and aura are so overwhelming, it is necessary for her to embrace her inner fire and dominate. I think it helps to blur those lines of (in)equality and progresses the bard's personal growth within a relationship with such a powerful woman.

From Silk…

I knew that someday I wanted to do another series like Apparitions of Love, but when I thought of the concept to Cravings of the Heart and started, on what was to then be the first one, Agony, it didn't work. Thankfully, I ran into TZ one night at the Palace (she and I have already worked on some poetry together) and we started on a conversation that just flowed into a collaboration. It was great and I consider myself very fortunate to have TZ with me on this series (she's agreed to co-write some more of them with me. We have a lot of mischief planned. *G*)

I'd also like to thank Paige and hobbes who, during the second live online writing sessions, made many trips back and forth to the Amazon Ice Company to restock our supplies.

Silk and TZ


Warlord in Training and M.W. Dragon

"Bard? Where? Leave your name and peasant at the beep."

(beeeeeep.... Um, Silk, this is TZ…I'm stopping by the store to pick up that six-pack of blondes you wanted. I'm getting a case of brunettes, too. But if ya need anything else, you're out of luck…and you'd better have the chocolate syrup. Last time you didn't and I really don't like my peasants without the syrup, ya kn…beeeeeep.)



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