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Disclaimer: MCA/Universal own the characters of Xena and Gabrielle, I just borrowed them. This is a not-for-profit general fiction piece. Copyright P. Lord, January 1999.


by Pamela A. Lord

I never could believe

not when your conception

paid for in blood and tears

fires that burn but do not consume.

Your birth amidst a storm

when chaos ruled my soul

and all I wanted to believe in

was to place my shattered faith in you.

She said you killed

she claimed you cursed

daemon child without a whit

of her mother's loving nature.

I would not let her solve this

her sword ready to strike

her blue eyes with such a look

such fevered fervid righteousness.

I called upon the wild women

they whom darkness serves

to fend off my dearest heart

from my newest love.

Run and hide from her

relentless, implacable in her hate

now greater than her love

as she tries to explain the impossible.

Set adrift with prayers

misleading with a cry

and a very special tale I told

changeling's turn from good to ill.

I am empty, scarred by loss

then I see the wooden curls

the toy that rolls upon the floor

I have my daughter back!

Grown from father's mythic blood

needing me, my child, my love

you are mine, my daughter

there was never evil in you.

Call to her, I see her kneeling

her son lies strangely still

within the embrace of those strong arms

that could not save her best beloved.

How can I believe you are all

she has said, does she speak the truth

then from your lips a word

now faith dies, I must believe.

Small still hand holds empty air

I should drink too, but I cannot

for when you asked for water

I gave you only death.

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