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Editor's Choice Award

An Ancient Greek Christmas Carol

by GorJus

Warlords roasting on an open fire
Gabby beating at your nose
Joxer's song being sung by a choir
And from Xena's mouth, fire blows
Everybody knows
Some nutbread and some special wine
Help to make the girls feel right
Callisto's sword being plunged in your side
will make it hard to sleep tonight.
You know that Salmoneus is on his way
with some magic drink for which you'll have to pay.
And then Autolycus, at least for a while
until he steals something, is going to make you smile
And so I offer you this good advice
From Aphrodite to Cupid and Ares too
Although you've tried many times many ways,
Xena and Gabrielle are on to you.