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Xena and Gabrielle are the property of MCA/Universal.

This is an attempt at social commentary, through my own eyes and some people may find that offensive.

Xena is Me
by Herculena

In my small apartment
I watch my tiny TV...the casino
floats ponderously by on
the murky yellow-brown river
and interrupts the signal

She blurs away and then comes back...
She has a good friend but is still alone
Left her former life behind
as I have

My contact with others has mostly been
people chattering from keyboards
salmon of text-talk onto the screen
sent through Loki's channels, they help me to leave my
former life behind
(of illness
of talking with people who wallow in their illnesses)
My old friends in real life, of many years
I see them as through frosted glass and wonder
Was I ever one of them?
I sigh, alone
as Apollo rides past my window bringing too much sun
and a stray gust from Chicago screams past

And the television brings me Xena...
she looks Germanic
like me somewhat, we have the same
She has the aquamarine eyes of
my friend who now
sells her mouth for rock
on the seedy stretch down the hill
by the Metra station

Xena left her former life behind
and is moving on, alone
Depite the presence and the
caring from Gabrielle she still feels
as I do

Xena leaves at the end of the day
goes back to being Lucy Lawless
or is Xena sent to be me, trapped in a
government-subsidized box
wanting a better life
obstacles everywhere
politicians not helping not caring
society saying I'm lazy trash
while I fall I throw a blunted chakram
and as always...
I get back up and battle on

Xena is me

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