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Way Old Friends Do

by BitrSuite

Disclaimers: As usual, Xena and the GABSTER are the sole property of MCA/Universal Television and Renaissance Pictures. The song *'Way Old Friends Do' belongs to Polymar/Warner Communicatons and ABBA. I just borrowed them for this story, and no copywrite infringments were intended.

Note: This takes place the night before SACRIFICE Part 1. I listened to this song a few weeks ago and all I could think of was the friendship of Xena and Gab. Please be kind as this is my first fanfiction.

Note 2: I want to thank all the Fanfiction bards out there that inspired me and to TPTB for the these two wonderful characters.

Evening comes as two people set up camp for the night. Both women,( one tall with dark hair and intense blue eyes, and her companion, small with reddish blond hair) are talking and joking with each other.

“Xena, do think we will find Seraphin tomorrow?” asks the blond bard. “After all we promised her parents that we would find her.”

“I hope ((no pun intended here)) so, Gabrielle.” claims Xena. “Now lets get some rest, we will need to get an early start” chuckles the warrior.

“Early?....How early?” questions Gabrielle.

Xena smiles back at her friend “Oh...about daybreak” watching for the look of dismay on the bards face.

Gabrielle looks back and grimaces, knowing she is ‘not’ an early riser. “Oh...”

As they settle down to eat in silence, Gabrielle starts of what she wants to write down in her scrolls.

Seeing the intense, distant look in the blond’s face Xena wonders where she has gone.

They finish their supper, and clean up. Then they settle into their nightly ritual. The warrior cleaning and sharpening her weapons, and the bard writing down the events of the day in her scrolls. Gabrielle sits across from Xena, writing and the stops. She watches Xena, intranced at the almost hypnotic way the warrior is sharpening her sword. Grateful for the many times those weapons have saved her life, and the woman who wields them. Her Best Friend.

Suddenly the little bard reaches for a blank piece of parchment and starts to write. Stopping occasionally to find the right words to put down. Finally satisfied, she puts her quill down, rolls up the scroll and gets up. She goes and sits next to Xena.

Xena stops cleaning, looking at Gabrielle, who has a big grin on her face. “What!” exclaims Xena, wondering if she has some food on her face or something.

Gabrielle hands Xena the scroll saying, “Happy Birthday!!!”

“How did you know, I never told you.” asks Xena.

“I asked your mother when we stopped in Amphipolus a couple of weeks ago” Gab claims. “I have been racking my brain since then trying to figure out what to give you.” sighs the bard. “You aren’t the easiest person to shop for, you know.”

“Gabrielle, you don’t have to get me anything,” Xena exclaims, putting her arm around her best friend. “ Your friendship, companionship, your stories are all I need.”

With tears in her eyes, Gabrielle cries “I know, but I wanted something special,” she again hands the scroll to Xena. “So I did this for you.”

Xena carefully unrolls the scroll and reads:

Way Old Friends Do

You and I can share
   the silence,
Finding comfort together
   the way old friends do
And after the fights
   and words of violence
We makeup with each other
   the way old friends do
Times of joy and
   times of sorrow
We always see
   it through
I don’t care what
   comes tomorrow
We can face it together
The way old friends do.

When Xena finishes, turning to her friend with tear running down her cheeks, she hugs Gabrielle. “Thank you, I will always treasure this.”

And at that they sat together looking out into the night, wondering of the future, a future of friendship, love and maybe someday even peace.


Well thats it. What do you think. Again please be kind. I never claimed to be a good writer but sometimes I do get an inspiration and have to act on it.Again email any comments to

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