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The Unlucky Descendant

By: Figment

Disclaimer 1: Xena and Gabrielle do not belong to me they belong to MCA I promise to return them(unharmed)when I'm finished. Disclaimer 2: There is some violence but not much. Author's Note: This is for B.L. J.L. and of course L.L.

Modern Day

Julie leaned back against her chair and flipped through the channels one more time. Her parents had left to visit a friend early in the day leaving Julie alone for the weekend.

Frustrated with the TV Julie threw the remote on the floor " Why is there nothing on!?" she turned to her dog Moose who was laying on the couch " You want to go for a walk?"

It was kind of a stupid question because she lived on a farm and Moose could go out and run anytime he wanted.

Julie stood and walked to the back door. She looked at the woods behind her house It's a nice night she thought I'll go sit out there for awhile. She opened the door and started toward the woods Moose following close behind.

Julie sat perched on a tree limb when she saw the sphere of light crash into the near by clearing. Startled she sat very still as two figures emerged from it. There was a small woman Julie noticed with golden hair and was carrying what looked to be a walking stick. The second was much taller with raven hair and fierce blue eyes. She watched as they scanned the forest.

"What in the world?" Julie whispered.

Suddenly Moose launched himself from the bush beneath her tree and ran at the pair. Julie yelled for him to stop but then covered her mouth hoping she wasn't heard.

The warrior pulled her sword from behind her back and was ready to stop Moose's charge. The littler one stood in front of the other and began to speak.

Julie was surprised at how soft and kind her voice was. Moose must have thought the same because the big dog sat down in front of the girl. He turned his head to Julie.

Don't you dare you stupid dog!

He howled in her direction telling her it was sake to come out but she wasn't going to. At least not with that women with the sword standing there.

"Do you have a friend over there?" The smaller one asked.

"I'll go look "replied the warrior as she made her way into Julie's direction "Gabrielle you stay here."

Gabrielle Julie made a mental note.

The warrior she directly under her now and Julie was holding her breath. The woman smiled and called Gabrielle over.

There was a bit of discussion and Gabrielle turn to face her. Julie held back a scream.

"It's okay we're not here to hurt you "Gabrielle said "Will you come down."

Julie looked carefully at her "Alright but tell her to put her sword up " she said pointing to Gabrielle's companion.

Gabrielle smiled and turned to her friend "Xena she's not going to hurt us either now put that up."

Xena Julie made another note sword.

Julie slowly made her way down to the ground "Why are you here?"

"Well we are here to protect you believe it or not "Gabrielle sat on a log and patted the spot beside her which Julie took "You ever heard of a guy named Zeus?"

Julie smiled "He's a God right? In Greece."

"Yes that's right. He often plants his seed in mortal women..."

"Yeah that's how we got Hercules "Julie said matter of factly.

"Gee "Xena said "She's good."

Julie ignored the harsh sounding comment and waited for Gabrielle to continue.

"Well a long time ago one of your ancestors got to bare a child of Zeus "Gabrielle smiled at Julie's puzzled expression "But the bad news is that it means you're also related to Ares..."

"The God of War " Julie's voice was now low.

"That's way we're here. Zeus sent us because Ares has been trying to possess someone's body that's along his blood line so he can live in this modern world " Gabrielle turned to face her "Your the only one who is still from that blood line."

Julie nodded her head "If you're going to stay here for the weekend I've got to get some more food "Julie turned to look at her house suddenly not feeling to safe " Come on."

Julie turned to study her new company "You want something to eat? Drink?"

Xena shook her head and Gabrielle blushed a bit "I'm fine for now but I'd like to know if I can use the chamber pot?"

Julie thought for a moment "Um just around the corner."

Gabrielle shuffled off leaving Xena and Julie alone for the moment "Why do you dress like that?" Xena asked touching the hem of Julie's T-shirt.

"It's the style " Julie stopped for a minute to take in Xena's clothes "Speaking of which you need some clothes."

"I've got clothes " Xena said showing Julie by pointing at her armor.

Julie tried not to laugh "You really think you can walk around in a leather bathing suit in my town and not get noticed " Julie explained "No you need to have clothes like mine. You can wear some of my Dad's stuff it should fit. Gabrielle..."

As if on cue Gabrielle yelled for Xena from behind the bathroom door "I've got a problem."

Xena huddled close to the door "What is it?"

"It's THAT one problem " Gabrielle said not trying to hide her anger.

Xena put her head in her hand and turned to Julie "Can we borrow a rag?"

Julie leaned against the wall "What for?"

Xena's face turned sour when she saw that Julie wasn't moving to retrieve what she'd asked for "It's Gabrielle's time of the moon.."


Xena threw her hands up "Do I have to spell it out for you? She's...bleeding."

Julie nodded after a second as if she understood then moved to the door "Gabrielle " she said through the door "there's a little box to your left. It's a pinkish color " she heard Gabrielle mutter a response "Okay take one of the wrapped tubes out and unwrap it " Julie laughed at her poor choice in words "There are directions on the side of the of the box. Can you take it from there?"

Gabrielle gave a little yelp when she figured it out finally and opened the door "Wow " she said happily "These things are cool."

Xena caught the T-shirt that was thrown in her direction. After the little bathroom scene Julie took them up to her room. Explaining as she went about all the new inventions that had been made in the past couple hundred years.

Julie hit a button on a black box and a bard began to sing from it. Gabrielle was fascinated with the new thing that Julie identified as a CD player. Xena tried not to look to impressed but she failed.

Gabrielle turned to look shocked at Julie "That's you singing isn't it?"

Julie kind of blushed "Yeah that's me and my best friend Rose " Julie gave a heavy sigh "we had a band until the accident. Then she left " Julie shook her head and threw a flowered dress at Gabrielle "We'll leave for the Mall in a couple of minutes. Get dressed."

Julie sat down in the recliner and looked over at Moose " You'd tell me if they were bad right?"

"Yes he's a good dog."

Julie turned to see Gabrielle standing on the stairs "The dress looks good on you."

Gabrielle blushed "Thank you Julie " Gabrielle sat on the couch next to Moose "Most people run when they see Xena coming thanks for being kind to us."

"It's cool " Julie shrugged off the comment "You guys are here to protect me right?"

"Yes you're the descendent of Zeus " Gabrielle started to weave another tale for Julie "He's on you father's side. He entered our camp a couple of nights back and asked us for our help. You see Xena used to be a warlord the worst. Now she's trying to forget her past and do good. To her this was just another mission. To me it's a chance for another story " Gabrielle smiled "Anyway Ares has been trying to possess your body for sometime now Zeus just caught on not to long ago. Is this making any sense?"

"Yeah " Julie licked her lips "I studied Greek myth last year at school and it sounds like something Ares would do."

"How old are you Julie?"

"I'm 17 " Julie leaned back an stretched her legs.

"You have Xena's hair " Gabrielle laughed.

Julie looked at a piece of hair in her face "Yeah and I've got your eye's."

Suddenly there was a loud bang and Xena ran down the stairs "How am I supposed to hang my weapons from this outfit?"she asked hottedly.

"You don't wear weapons with the outfit " Julie explained.

"Why in the world not " Xena said trying to control herself.

"It would grab some unwanted attention " Gabrielle suggested in Julie's favor.

Julie stood up and walked over to Xena "Here." Julie handed Xena a small shaft.

Xena held it in puzzlement "What's this?"

"It's a knife " Julie said "Push the button on the side " this Xena did and a small sharp blade sprung from the hilt "You can have it."

Xena looked at the girl carefully "Thanks " was all she said.

Julie led the little parade out to her old beat-up car and made sure that Xena who was in the backseat and Gabrielle who was in the front seat were comfortable before she started the car. Just as she suspected Xena and Gabrielle both jumped as the old car roared to life.

"This thing is loud " Gabrielle sounded startled "It's a very unpleasant noise."

Julie reached over to turn on the radio and turned it up loud enough to drown out any unwanted noise. Soon Gabrielle asked what the other knobs and switches were "That's a lighter ' Julie explained pushing it in "In a minute or so it will pop back out and you can look in it."

Both Xena and Gabrielle waited anxiously for the little thing to move. Then it shot out Gabrielle was the first to reach it but Xena tried to pull it away. Xena gasped in pain and looked down at her blistering fingers.

Julie slowed the car and pulled to the side of the road "Here let me see it."

Xena covered her fingers with her other hand "No I'm fine." She can't do anything for them anyway Xena thought.

"Gabrielle " Julie said grabbing Xena's hand "push the button there by your leg and get the small white box out."

Xena half-heartedly tried to pull away what is she trying to do?

Gabrielle handed the small box to Julie. Julie slowly opened it and got out a bottle not losing contact with Xena's burnt fingers. Pouring some clear liquid on to a clothe Xena watched as Julie tenderly rubbed it on her fingers. It stung at first but after Julie blew on it they felt better. Again reaching into the box Julie pulled out to strips of paper. Pulling them apart Julie neatly laid the sticky side down first and rested the clothe part on Xena's wound "There you go all better " Julie said as she pulled the car back into traffic.

Xena stared down at her hand in awe she's pretty good Xena smiled.

The trip to the store was as unpredictable as the car ride there. Gabrielle was content with staying in the book store while Xena found a sporting good store across the way.

Julie bought enough food for a week and helped Xena and Gabrielle select what they wanted.

Gabrielle picked two fantasy books and handed them to Julie.

"How are you going to pay for them?" Gabrielle asked after she remembered leaving her coin purse with her staff.

Julie took out a green card and held it for her to see "It's a credit card. My parents left it in case of emergency."

Gabrielle still didn't understand but nodded anyway. After purchasing the books they walked across the wall to where Xena was in an argument with the store manager "No!" Xena yelled "I am NOT going to leave."

Julie calmly walked up to the store manager and explained that Xena just had a nasty break up with her boyfriend and was not in the best of moods.

"Well I should say so "said the balding man.

Xena turned to Gabrielle and Gabrielle gave her her best smile "Did you find what you needed?"

Xena nodded curtly and pointed to the decorations on the walls.

"Xena " Julie whispered quietly those aren't for sale. Why don't you look for some shoes?"

Xena then turned to the display and picked up a blue pair of running shoes. Julie turned to the man again and said "Get a pair of shoes like this in her size and we'll leave."

Much to Gabrielle's amusement the little man ran off to do what Julie asked.

After returning home and putting Xena and Gabrielle up for the night Julie fell into a fitful sleep. A dark man tormented her dreams. Many times she woke and then fell asleep again. Then he was there in her face laughing at her.

"You think Gabrielle and Xena can protect you?" he laughed again a dark laugh "I own Xena! She belongs to me and so will you child and so will you..." his presence vanished and so did Julie's security.

Xena sat on the couch flipping through the still pictures again. Many were of Julie and another girl who Xena couldn't identify A little yellowed paper fluttered to the floor. Xena scooped it up and began to read.


The headline screamed at her. Was this the accident that Julie was talking about earlier? Xena skimmed the story and it turned out that Julie's sister Jessica had been hit by a car a year ago and the driver had never been brought to justice "Oh gods " Xena whispered.

"Yeah she was my sister " Julie said from behind her "She didn't feel any pain. I was there when she was hit."

"I know how you feel and I'm sorry.."

"How could you know how I feel!? And why are you sorry did you hit her!?"

Xena spread her hands in a helpless manner "No I-.."

Julie grabbed the book away from Xena "Yeah that's what I thought."

The next morning over a breakfast of pancakes and bacon Julie told Xena and Gabrielle about her dreams the night before "He said he owns you."

"Well he did at one time a long ago " Xena said carefully not meeting Julie's eye.

Suddenly there was a loud bell sound "What was that?" Gabrielle started.

Julie lunged at a white box sitting on a near by table "Hello?" Julie asked "Hey Girl! Man I've not heard from you in forever! What?..."

"Hello " Gabrielle tapped Julie's shoulder "Are you talking to me?"

Julie waved her off and covered her ear with her other hand "No way...NO your not staying in a hotel."

"You're right we're not in a hotel " Xena said moving in front of Julie.

Julie covered the mouth piece " I'll explain later " then she continued with her conversation "I'll come get you...yeah I'll bring it. Alright see you then " Julie turned to Xena and Gabrielle "Okay come with me " Xena and Gabrielle obediently followed her into what looked like her library "Here read this " Julie said as she plucked a book from the shelf "I'm going to shower. There's a bath upstairs use it." Gabrielle exchanged looks as if to say what's her problem. Then they looked at the book entitled-The Inventions of the 20th Century.

After showering Julie walked downstairs to find her guests. She found them showered and cuddled on the couch. They almost looked like they Julie pushed the thought away. Julie loudly cleared her throat " Get ready to go."

Julie looked at Gabrielle's baby dress she looked good. Then she turned to Xena who was wearing almost the same thing she had on. Julie slid her PaperBoy hat on backwards and left the room.

Julie lead the small parade out to her car. She had her guitar case slung over her shoulder she found it's weight comforting. More so than her company. After ordering the pair into the car she backed down the drive and sped away from her house.

Soon they pulled up to a building on the wrong side of town. Julie parked the car in a crowded parking lot and locked the doors.

Gabrielle finally broke the tense silence "Um I'm hungry are we going to eat here?"

Julie smiled despite her bad mood "Yeah. Sorry I didn't feed you at the house but Rose called and I couldn't wait to see her again..."

Gabrielle touched her arm "I think I understand."

Julie walked hurriedly to the old wooden door and knocked in a series. The eyehole slid open and Julie held up a ring that Xena hadn't noticed before. The bouncer slid the door open just enough for Julie to walk through "Joel " Julie said quietly "They're with me."

The big man moved out of the way and didn't back down from Xena's icy glare "You haven't been around here lately Jewels."

Julie shot him an angry stare "Yeah well your boss isn't on my list of friends anymore."

Joel shrugged his massive arms "I'm sure she didn't mean to hit her. Maybe if your sis..."

"Shutup!" screamed Julie as she pushed past Joel but he stopped her "Let go of me Joel."

"Easy " he said releasing her arm "I just want to if your going to play?". He pointed to her case.

"Maybe " Julie said low and pushed past him into the main hall. Gabrielle followed right behind. Xena followed to but only after she cursed softly at Joel.

Julie walked into the main hall that was only dimly lit. The room was filled with regulars that she'd seen here every night she'd played. There was also new ones who she didn't remember seeing two months ago.

Two months ago. When everything changed. Rose went to live with her dad. The accident...

Last time she was here she left in anger.

Rose stood across the way by their old booth only one where you could see the whole room from Julie smiled in reply.

The whole room turned to see what Rose was looking at. Smiling and clapping erupted from the room. Julie couldn't help but smile until she saw Mellissa Sera making her way to her. The last time I saw her...Julie shook her head to clear it. She tried to get to the table before Mellissa stopped her but it was to far away.

"Sweetie!" Mellissa cooed "I knew you'd come back. You've got your guitar great " Julie pushed passed her and Xena kept Mellissa out of the way as she passed "I'll get your drummer and whatever else you want. It's all on the house " Mellissa nudged around Xena.

"You know something Sera " Julie turned to meet her "You really suck."

Julie touched Xena's elbow and maneuvered to the back table.

Gabrielle sat down across from Xena and next to Rose "Hi " she extended her hand "I'm Gabrielle."

Rose took her hand and nodded "Rose " she said curtly.

Gabrielle smiled at Xena as she introduced herself and looked to see Julie glaring at the stage "Can you BELIEVE her!?"

Rose started talking very quickly trying to calm her distressed friend "Hey whatever happened to "Hi how are you. I missed you... "Xena smiled at Rose's comment "Why don't you tell me about your friends."

Julie looked up nervous "Um um " she glanced at Gabrielle who shrugged then Xena looked back at her puzzled "Um their friends of Kim's."

"Kim form college " Rose almost spit her some of her coke out " Are they like Kim?"

Julie looked back and forth between Xena and Gabrielle and remembered what she saw this morning "No they're...fine." Gabrielle's stomach growled loudly "Hey I'm sorry. Hey Marty!"

Xena noticed that a slim man looked up and smiled broadly "Hey Sug." "Can we get some breadsticks over here " Julie cupped her hand over her mouth as she talked.

Another killer smile "Sure everything's on the house for you and your friends."

Rose turned back to the table "Good old Marty " Rose then smiled at Xena and Gabrielle " We gonna play?"

Julie turned to look at Xena "Yeah we'll play."

Gabrielle leaned back in their booth and smiled up at Julie as she began to sing into the microphone "She'd make a great bard!" she screamed over the loud music.

Xena just nodded and grumbled "Yeah..."

Gabrielle's borrow wrinkled "What's wrong " she touched Xena's hand.

"I was looking at a book of still pictures last night and I ran across an article " Xena studied her napkin then wadded it in frustration "It was about Julie's sister she was hit by a car. And from what I can gather it seems like Miss Sera is the person who did it."

"So why don't we take her out?" Gabrielle replied suddenly excited.

"Gabrielle " Xena said starring hard at her "We're not after her we need to find that God..." Xena shook her head and looked up at Julie's performance " She is really good. Um last night she caught me snooping."

Gabrielle made a face "Shame " Gabrielle smiled at the thought of her friend getting caught in the act "Was she mad?"

Xena shook her head again "Yeah she was mad."

Julie looked out on the cheering crowd her cheering crowd. Man it feels good to up here again. She let the lyrics flow from her and she strummed her guitar strings. She thought of how nervous she'd been the first gig here. Jessica sat in the front row and screamed louder than anyone. She was my number one fan until that scum bag of a boss ran over her with a car! Julie hit a wrong note but no one noticed but Rose who just nodded at her. Julie thought back to when she and her sister were riding bikes. She screamed for Jessica to move but not even she could move fast enough. Julie closed her eyes and held a long note hoping her voice wouldn't give out. She saw her sister flying through the air and landing bonelessly to the ground. The song abruptly ended and Rose bowed. Julie blinked back tears and followed suit.

Xena saw the huge women making her way towards the table as Julie and Rose sat down. She quickly excused herself and headed the women off.

"Julie is my friend and I want you to leave her alone " Xena warned the two tables they were in between grew quiet "I won't ask again."

Miss Sera smiled a very cunning smile "I own her whoever you are " Mellissa pushed past her " Why don't you go away and come back when I might care."

Xena grabbed the flabby woman's arm and swung her around "You have know idea who you're dealing with."

Sera glared back "Joel!" she yelled and the whole room silenced "We got a live one here. Why don't you take her out back and slap her around a bit."

The mighty Joel came pounding through the room. Xena turned to meet the attack but a small form slid in between her and her attacker.

"Step down Joel!" Julie warned "You won't hurt me..."

"Get out of the way child " Miss Sera knocked Julie to the floor.

"Don't start with her Mellissa " Rose came from behind and kicked the legs out from underneath the larger woman who crashed to the floor.

Julie tugged on Xena's elbow and looked her straight in the eye "Please don't start anything. Can we just leave?"

Julie seemed suddenly young and vulnerable. Xena placed a comforting arm around the teenager and with Gabrielle and Rose in the rearmade their way to the exit.

Julie walked through the parking lot with her head down leaning on Xena for support. When they reached the car Julie brought her shaky hand forward to unlock the doors. Xena noticing the movement of the key covered Julie's hand "Don't " she then turned to Rose "I hope you know how to drive because I don't think any of us can."

Rose looked around wild eyed "Yeah I can " she took the keys from Julie and slid into the drivers seat.

Gabrielle shot Xena a smile and took the passenger seat leaving the back for Xena and Julie. After climbing in Xena positioned Julie so her head rested in her lap. Julie started to sob "Why did Mellissa hit her!?!"

Xena brushed hair away from Julie's face "Sleep now " she cooed "We won't let anything happen to you or Rose. Miss Sera is messing with the wrong people if she messes with us. Right Gabrielle?"

Gabrielle turned in her seat and smiled "She's just lucky I didn't have my staff with me."

Rose pulled on to the road with a confused look "Okay somebody needs to come back and pick me up because it appears I've fallen off the party wagon."

Gabrielle looked at Rose strangely. Julie tried to explain "She wants you to tell her what's going on."

The smile that spread across Gabrielle's features was amazing as she began to tell the story of who they were where they were from and why they were there.

Julie looked up into Xena's caring face "I'm sorry for last night."

Xena began to rub her temples "It's alright. You've had a busy day sleep. We can talk later."

Julie closed her eyes and listened to Gabrielle chatter on about their mission but soon even that faded away.

Julie tossed and turned. Tormented by the nightmare of her sisters death. Her body landing hard on the pavement and Mellissa not even bothering to stop. Then nightmare changed to Mellissa taunting her. She had always made fun of Julie's learning disability dyslexia. How she wanted to kill Mellissa Sera. Kill Sera! Kill Sera!

Julie jumped awake. It was dark outside and she was laying on her parents bed. Xena was sitting in the corner chair sleeping. Why had she wakened? She thought back to her dream. Sera. Jessica. Dyslexia. Dyslexia? Why was she dreaming of that?

Suddenly she realized. She dove at Xena "I wouldn't if I were you "came a voice. Gabrielle stood there with a tray of food with Rose at her shoulder "She'd knock you into the next candlemark."

Julie called Xena's name jarring her awake.

"What is it?" Xena asked seeing Julie's eyes blazing.

"I know where Ares is " Julie said quickly "It's Mellissa."

Rose smacked her forehead "Of course!" she turned to smile at Gabrielle " Sera spelled backwards is Area. Holy cow he's been after you all this time."

Xena stood and grabbed her sword from it leaned by the chair "Well I say we go give Miss Sera a visit."

They headed to the door "Wait " Julie stopped them "I've got a plan."

Julie strode to the door as if she had every right to be there. She knew chances of Joel letting her in were slim but she had to try in order to make this work. She turned at the last second to glance back at her car where Xena nodded.

If she believes in me then I can do this.

Julie pounded on the door not bothering with the pattern of knocks she was supposed to use. Joel's angry eyes peered out at her "Get out of here."

"No " Julie pounded on the door again "Go tell your boss I'm here. She'll want to talk to me."

Joel opened the eyehole again and told her to wait a minute. Several minutes later the door slid open "She's sitting at your table " he said gruffly.

Julie didn't even bother with an answer an moved through the main room.

Mellissa smiled at Julie as she slid in across from her " Hey sweetie " Mellissa touched her hand and it took everything Julie had not to pull away "Can we start off fresh and put all this nasty business behind us?"

Julie smiled calmly back and raised her voice just loud enough for everyone to hear "There's a bomb in here Mellissa and it goes off in five minutes."

People started screaming at each other as they scrambled over one another to get to the door. Marty came running over and grabbed Julie "Are you mad?"

Julie looked at him with a blank look "Yes " she pushed him away "You better go."

Marty gave her on last look and ran to the door as well.

Gabrielle Rose and Xena saw the last of the people stream out into the parking lot. They left the car and made their way to the entrance.

Xena knocked twice but no one answered so she kicked it in. Gabrielle brought her staff to the fore as Joel and two other large men made their way to them "Rose get behind me."

Xena cleanly cut one and sent him to meet Hades and then started at Joel. Gabrielle swung her staff hard and contacted the man forehead slamming his head back. He fell and didn't get back up.

"Go find Julie " Xena ordered through clenched teeth as saw fought off Joel.

Gabrielle and Rose didn't think twice about leaving Xena there to take care of herself.

Julie sat back as she heard the scuffle in entryway "It seems your friends are here " Mellissa didn't seem at all surprised "I hope Joel doesn't hurt Xena to bad " Mellissa's voice dropped an octave and her body began to change. Soon Ares was sitting in front of her "I'm surprised it took you as long as it did to figure it out stupid girl " his hand shot out and held her throat "Prepare to meet Hades. Oh and tell uncle I said hello."

Julie gasped for air and soon the outside world vanished.

Xena had Joel backed up against a wall with her sword at his throat "Didn't your mother ever tell you it's not nice to point?"

Xena snarled at him "Shut up and prepare yourself for death."

Joel smiled at Xena and pulled a small revolver from his coat "Ditto on that last remark Chickie."

Xena unknowing the power of the little machine charged the man .

Suddenly there was a bang and Xena suddenly felt her body become very heavy. She backed against the far wall staring at Joel with pain in her eyes. She sank to the floor and watched as her blood spilled form her body.

Gabrielle and Rose ran forward when they saw the trouble that Julie was in. Rose picked up a near by chair and slammed in into the back of Ares head. His head smashed into the table top in front of him and he looked up with blood running down his face "That'll teach you to never leave your back side open " Gabrielle stated as she brought her staff down on his cheekbone.

Julie now awake and fully alert almost shoved the table into Ares's chest. The God of War screamed out in rage "No " he began to disappear "NOOOOO!" and soon his scream of defeat faded along with him.

Julie smiled at Rose then at Gabrielle "Wait where's Xena?"

Gabrielle shared a smile with Rose "Oh she's just taking care of Joel."

They all jumped at the sound of a gunshot "Was that a gunshot?" Rose asked.

Julie winced "Do you no what a gun is Gabrielle?"


Xena watched through a haze as Gabrielle ran into view and broke Joel's face with her staff. Julie was the first to move to her side and she removed her hand form her wound "No."

Gabrielle seeing the state of her friend kneeled by her side "What happened?"

Julie just shook her head and Xena reached out to comfort them both "All these tears for someone as unworthy as me. Just doesn't seem right."

Gabrielle spoke softly of her love for the warrior and Julie fell back on her heels. Xena turned to gaze at Julie while she spoke softly back to Gabrielle "I'm dying. I'm just glad I'm doing it in such good company."

Xena's breath started to falter coming out in pained gasps. Suddenly her whole body stiffened Gabrielle tried to hold the body still the limply fell to the floor. Gabrielle wailed in her grieve and Julie covered her ears to the noise.

Rose watched as Xena took her last breath but she felt no pain at her leaving. She didn't know the warrior as well as she knew the other two present and moved forward to comfort them.

Julie pushed away from Rose's arm and turned to look at her "Zeus " she whispered. Gabrielle looked questioningly up at her as did Rose "Zeus if I am your descendent show yourself now."

"I could be mistaken but I think you just ordered a God to do something " a tall handsome man said from a shadowy corner.

"Bring her back " Julie ordered again.

Zeus shook his head and smiled.

"Do it " Julie spit at him "or you are not a relation of me and you are not a God. She came here and did her job now let her be rewarded for it."

Zeus smiled proudly at the teenager "Your so much like your ancestor...full of spit and wind."

He began to fade and Julie dove at him. He was gone and she crashed into the far wall. When she stood she heard a gasp for air and a mumbled curse.

Two days later the sphere of light came down from the heavens to collect Xena and Gabrielle. Rose pulled Gabrielle over for a quiet good-bye and Julie did the same to Xena.

"Here I want you to have this " Julie said handing Xena the ring that she'd used to get into the club "Me...I mean Ares gave it to me a long time ago. I guess it could be a reminder of how we kicked his godly ass."

Xena smiled a slid the ring over her pinky finger "Thanks I'm sure Ares will like me wearing this next time we meet." Julie nodded solemnly and turned to go only to be pulled into a strong hug "You're okay kid just don't forget me."

Before Julie could reply Xena had taken Gabrielle's hand and together they walked through the portal.

"You think we'll ever see them again?"

"I don't know Rose I don't know."

Four weeks later

Ancient Greece

Xena pulled off her other boot and looked down at her aching feet. She sat back and twirled the ring around her finger as she thought of today's battle.

Gabrielle stumbled out of the woods and sat down heavily next to Xena "What do you miss most?"


Gabrielle turned to look at her "From Julie and Rose's world what do you miss most?"

Xena looked back down at her aching feet "My running shoes." Gabrielle laid down and held her stomach "What do you miss?" "I miss the tampons."

Modern Midwest U.S.A.

Julie and Rose ran into Julie's kitchen grabbed a snack and went to get their guitars.

"Julie " her mom called from somewhere inside the house "You got a package today. It's on your desk."

Julie called out her thanks and took the stairs to her room two at a time Rose just behind her.

It was a small package addressed to her from the School of Performing Arts in Athens. She turned to Rose who merely shrugged. Julie tore open the top and peered inside. She pulled out her ring a little tarnished but it was her ring. Also inside was this note:


Xena died today fighting for the greater good. Her last request was that I get this back to you in some way. And if your reading this note well than I guess I succeeded. She often talked about how she missed you. Even though she would never admit it she loved you very much.

Send Rose my love.


Julie and Rose stared at the note for several minutes more before placing it aside and hurrying to band practice.

Two years later the group The Bards had taken the world by storm. With their hit songs 'I am the warrior' and 'Fight for Greater Good' everyone in the world has heard and loved their music.

One night during a concert Julie looked out among her screaming fans. She noticed towards the exit strode a woman. Julie squinted to get a better look and the woman turned. Julie's eyes met the fierce blue she remembered from a weekend adventure two years ago.

Afterwards she asked the others in the band if they saw the blue eyes. Rose swore up an down that they were green and the others said they didn't see anything. Julie sat back in her chair and twirled her ring around her finger.

The End

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