A Tale of Two Hearts

by Luv


Confusion runs rampant,
As the heart tries to decide.
"Do I tell my story?
Or do I run and hide?"

To run would be much easier,
But the story must be told.
She looks at all the people,
And decides she must be bold.

"I sing a song of Xena,
A warrior brave and true.
Her fierceness to protect me,
My love to help her through."

The warrior looks up startled,
She thinks "It can't be real.
Is this what her heart's saying?
Could this be how she feels?"

She stands up from her table
In the corner of the room,
And deals with all the turning heads
With a glare that hints at doom.

Their eyes meet for a second,
The room falls out of view.
And each says to the other,
"My heart belongs to you."

And thus the two have started,
On a path that never ends.
They place their love onto each other,
Their faith in each other's hands.

Who knows where love will lead them,
Their hearts they're willing to give.
A life built on adventure,
Together they will live.

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