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The Visit
By The Warrior Professor

The cold, wild wind swept
the landscape of my soul
sending ragged thoughts unkept
across the valley's bowl.

Leaning in against the storm,
asking to be carried away,
I never thought a bond to form
with a warrior that day.

Out of swirling mist she rode
and dismounted by my side,
"Don't let your will erode.
Don't disappear and hide."

Meeting eyes of crystal blue,
I shook my head and sighed,
"What ill wind sent you?
I've nothing left to try."

"Sit with me?" she asked,
gentle fingers on my arm.
"Yes," I said in a rasp
and went with no alarm.

"In this life I've fought
warlords, gods, and man.
You feel trapped and caught
at sea without a land."

"I gave in once to despair,
buried armor and sword,
knowing life beyond repair,
expecting the Styx to ford."

"I was shown a reason
to live and to battle on,
saved from doing treason
to a gift I thought gone."

"I put another before myself,
rescued a woman-child.
She took my soul off a shelf
and changed a life reviled."

"We do not face alone
all that the Fates decree.
I left a dark zone
and paid my guilt's fee."

"Put behind the past
and know it to be done.
And hold fast a friendly hand
When the demons do come."

For all the day's length
we sat together there.
I drew upon her strength
and knew a warrior's care.

She spoke to me of honor,
of faith, and of love.
When I tried to thank her
she gave a friendly shove.

Smiled a crooked grin,
and said she would be near,
"The answers lie within
though sometimes unclear."

"Know a warrior guards
and comes when there's a need.
And when life is hard,
live by the fighter's creed."

She clasped my hand
before she rode away,
gone to an Elysian land
beyond the break of day.

Now when I must remind
myself to move along,
I see a warrior kind,
and resolve to battle on.