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Xena Torres

Everything changes.
I understand this line.
I do because no one has a life,
That teaches this more than mine.
I used to be like any other girl.
I lived in a village, in a happy home.
With my mother, father and brothers,
And a friend to call my own.
Then one day, my father left,
And it crushed my foolish heart.
I never thought that I would hurt like that,
So it started what tore my life apart.
My peaceful village was attacked,
By men in silver death masks.
They came again and again,
To finish up their tasks.
I lead an army against them.
We won the battle and sent them back.
However, my life was still ruined,
When my young brother was killed in this act.
My heart filled up with rage,
So I decided to take my army all the way,
To terrorize the world,
So everyone would pay.
This went on for many long years,
Until my latest army went astray.
My Commander stole them from me,
And forced me away.
Yet no warrior can leave an army,
Before they run the Gauntlet of death.
The Gauntlet.
That name can freeze even my breath.
So, I was sent through the Gauntlet,
My old men, beating me within an inch of my life.
I pulled myself across the line,,
But I collapsed from the sharp pains, like a knife.
It came as no surprise,
Every man forced through the Gauntlet, did die.
So they weren't shocked when I fell,
But no man am I.
As they turned away, I rose to my feet.
Good had taken root in my soul.
I had a new purpose, it was clear,
To fight for the weak and make evil pay the toll.
I joined Hercules, the demi-god of good.
He taught me things and I listened, for he is smart.
He showed me how to lead my life,
And he unchained my heart.
My life is better now, I know.
It changed again,
But now it's good,
And I have a new friend.
Her name is Gabrielle.
She's so innocent, so pure.
We'll be friends forever,
This I know for sure.
She calms my rages,
And keeps me good.
She teaches me to feel,
And makes me understood.
Now I am a hero,
And although I don't seem the type,
I'll fight for good forever,
Because I know that this is right.
So whoever choose my destiny,
I no longer scone you.
For although you brought me much pain,
You've made a hero true.


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