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Ok. I don't own Xena and Gabby. I got outbidded. I'm not making any money off this fanfic. No one would pay me. No copyright infringement is intended, so please stop sueing me!

There is lesbian sex in this story. But it is tastefully done -- *Wink.*   Actually, this story is little else. So, if you're under 18, don't read it -- *Wink, wink!*

The Inn
by Joe Murphy

Gabrielle looked at the front door of the inn skeptically. Though the place was obviously well cared for, and a bit pricier looking than their usual choices, there wasn't any outward sign that this place was in any way special. As far as she could tell, this was nothing more than any typical inn in every typical town she had been in before.

"Are you sure this is the right place?" she asked, linking her fingers into her lover's. The taller, calmer warrior looked down into the bard's eyes, her smile uncharacteristically wide.

"Trust me. This is exactly what you're looking for."

As they walked into the front door, Gabrielle could immediately tell that Xena was right. The first sight that greeted her was a rather enormous pair of breasts, meeting her at eye level. The young bard lifted her eyes to the smiling hostess who owned them, and felt an embarrassed blush begin to burn her cheeks.

"Good evening. Welcome to The Inn." the woman said. Quickly scanning her hostess' statuesque form, Gabrielle began to feel awkward. The woman was easily two or three inches taller than Xena was, and other than what appeared to be an Amazon necklace around her neck, she wore absolutely nothing.

Gabrielle quickly reminded herself that this was her idea. She had heard of places like this numerous times in their travels, and had begged Xena to take her to one. But to see someone be so blatantly sexual, in public, without a hint of shame, took her off guard.

As Xena made arrangements with the hostess for a room, Gabrielle surveyed the tavern floor. At every table, on every stool, were people in various stages of dress, or undress. She noticed several people eating, as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening, while sitting next to naked lovers fondling each other as if in total privacy. Near the fireplace, which she noticed was more than stoked enough to make up for the lack of the patrons' clothing, she saw a young man sitting in another man's lap, asleep.

A tap on her shoulder brought her attention back to Xena. The warrior looked back at what had caught her partner's attention, and then winked at the bard.

"Enjoying yourself?" she teased.

"No, well..." the bard stammered, "I didn't think that men...nevermind."

Xena looked over at the hostess, and the two older women giggled. "And she tries to convince me that she isn't naive anymore," the warrior laughed.

Letting Xena take her hand, the bard followed the warrior across the tavern floor, and towards the staircase leading to the rooms. The bard felt her eyes being pulled to a shapely brunette woman sitting behind a table next to the foot of the stairs. Only seeing her from the naked waist up, she watched as the woman bounced hard up and down. She looked into the tense, almost pleading face and stopped, resisting Xena's gentle tug.

"Gabrielle, come on..."

"Shh! I want to watch this."

Almost forgetting that she was standing in the middle of the tavern floor, with eyes staring at her staring at the couple seated against the wall, Gabrielle watched the couple fuck. The young bard saw the woman's face contort every so often, when the woman's long brown hair didn't obstruct her view, she knew the woman was going to come soon.

The woman opened her eyes briefly, and met the bard's. As the woman pushed back hard into her invisible lover's lap, she smiled at the knowledge that she had an audience. As her moans grew louder, Gabrielle felt herself grow more excited, and she could feel the dampness between her legs begin. She smiled. She loved the air of nastiness that permeated the inn, filling her, and the thought made her even wetter.

The bard jumped as she felt a palm lightly brush her bare belly. She turned her head to find Xena had stepped behind her. As she turned her sights back to the table, she leaned back into the familiar embrace.

The brunette began to tremble, her eyes clamped shut.

Gabrielle felt her hair being pulled over to one side. Xena' hand slid up her stomach and caressed her breast. The aching between the bard's legs grew.

Hot breath hit the bard's neck. The woman at the table shrieked. Gabrielle watched her throw her head back as she came. The bard felt her juices flood her pussy as Xena bit down hard on her neck as the warrior's fingers pinched her nipple through the green top. Gabrielle's breath caught in her throat.

And then it was over. Xena stepped back. A some applause came from the patrons, half of them cheering the bard and the warrior, the other half cheering on the couple at the table. The bard reeled in frustration.

"Come on!" she commanded, pushing the warrior ahead of her, and up the stairs. The two women wound their way among the semi-clad bodies that lined the hall, and entered their room. Barely clearing the threshold, the bard crossed her arms, grabbed the bottom of her top, and pulled it up and over hear head, exposing her breasts to the unusually warm air.

She heard Xena laugh as she bent over, pulled her skirt down and stepped out of it. Looking back up, she eyed the warrior lustfully.

"Get undressed!"

"In the mood again so soon?" Xena asked, putting their gear next to the simple table which held the water basin.

"So soon? You mean 'still'. I didn't get off, that just got me really worked up," the bard said as she advanced on the warrior, who dodged her with a lazy sidestep. Walking over to the bed, Xena sat down with a flourish and began undoing her boot laces.

"Bitch!" the bard growled, her laugh betraying her. Walking over to her lover, she pried Xena's hands off her boots and put them around her as she sat in the warrior's lap, reached up with one hand, and guided their two mouths together. Separating her knees slightly, she felt Xena's fingers slide between them, and inch their way up her inner thigh, lightly scraping her skin and tickling her along the way.

A knock came on the door. Exasperated, the bard broke the kiss. As she began to yell at the intruder to come back later, she felt Xena's hand smother her mouth. The bard felt herself get spun around till her back was against the breastplate of the warrior's armor. Suddenly, her legs flew apart, and she felt Xena's feet pressing against the insides of her ankles, spreading her wide open.

"Come in!" the warrior yelled. Trying to get up, Gabrielle felt Xena's grip tighten. The hand that was teasing her softly only a few seconds ago, was now pressing a firm finger between her folds, rubbing in tight circles.

The door in front of her opened, and the bard watched as an older man entered. He seemed out of place, as he was fully clothed. He didn't even flinch as he saw the bard spread out before him.

"Yes?" Gabrielle heard Xena ask over her shoulder. As she tried to protest against the hand that muffled her voice, the bard felt Xena's fingers invade her. Her whole body tensed as two fingers made their way inside her. Instead of a protest, a shocked, stifled groan escaped her. Still, the man acted as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

"You sent for me?"

"Yes," Xena replied as she pulled her fingers slowly out of the bard, only to push them back in hard. The bard bucked. "I would like two meals sent up here, and some nutbread, if you have it. And I also would like to get passes to enter The Basement."

Gabrielle felt herself nearing the edge as Xena continued fucking her. Closing her eyes, her ragged breathing nearly drowned out the conversation that went on apparently oblivious of her presence.

"There is no problem with dinner, or nutbread, but I'm afraid that the basement is reserved for special guests. Unless you have a written invitation, I'm afraid the Mistress will not let you in."

"Really?" Xena said. Gabrielle could hear the anger in her lover's voice, and felt it in her touch as the warrior pushed her fingers inside her a little harder than was comfortable.

"Yes, really," the stupid man replied.

"Is The Basement still managed by Mistress Calliope?"

The man paused nervously. "Yes."

"Good," Xena replied, speeding up her hand. Gabrielle felt the hold on her mouth relax slightly as one of Xena's fingers curled in and slid between her lips, and into her mouth. Obediently the bard began sucking, now totally unconcerned with her surroundings, and enjoying the climb to her unavoidable climax.

"Tell Calliope that Xena is here with a guest, and would like some passes. Then bring them back up here with your apology."

Gabrielle grinned to herself as the door closed behind the disgruntled man. She felt herself get pulled back against Xena's shoulder.

"Did you like that?" she heard whispered over her shoulder.

The bard nodded. Instinctively, she tried to pull her legs back together, but the warrior pushed them farther apart with her feet, and plunged her fingers deep inside her companion, twisting them back and forth.

"Haven't you come yet?"

The bard shook her head even as she felt the first twinge shoot through her. She felt the warrior slow down, and cried out in frustration against her gag. She felt Xena's finger slide off her tongue and out of her mouth, and her mouth was once again free.

"Do you want to come?" Xena whispered.

"Yes," the bard whispered back. She felt Xena's fingers slow to a crawl inside her. She felt as if the slightest motion would send her over.

"Ask nicely," the whisper ordered.

The bard giggled, "fuck you."

"Ok, then, beg," the warrior commanded, not pulling her fingers out just yet. Desperately, the bard turned her head till her mouth was at her lover's ear.

"Please," came the soft whisper.

"Please, what?"

"Please, let me come, Xena. Please?"

Without warning, Xena pushed in firmly, and the bard's muscles locked around her fingers. Gabrielle's breath caught in her throat, then exploded in a scream as her body shook through wave after wave of orgasm. She felt her lover's arm wrap around her as her body relaxed, and began to tremble.

"I've got you," the bard heard in her ear as the final wave passed. Feeling her smile grow from one ear to the other, she relaxed into Xena's body. After a few moments, she turned back around face to face with Xena and looked up into her partner's face.

"How do you know who works in the basement?" she asked, following the question with a light peck on the warrior's neck.

"I've been here once or twice before," her lover confessed.

"I see," the bard replied. Tracing her finger over the intricate design of Xena's breastplate, she replayed the events of the last few minutes, and finished by slapping the leathered stomach playfully.

"I can't believe you just did that to me," the bard admonished.

"Gabrielle," the warrior chuckled, "you haven't seen anything yet."

Hearing a knock, Gabrielle finished tugging her skirt back into place and walked over to the door. She opened it to find a, now, much more sheepish looking host rocking nervously from one foot to the other. She dropped her eyes to his trembling hands, which held two necklaces like the one the hostess at the front door wore. Their passes, she assumed.

Turning around and pulling the door open behind her, she let the penitent man follow her quietly into the room. Jumping onto the bed playfully and propping her head on one hand, she readied herself for the entertainment she knew was coming.

Xena had yet to turn around to acknowledge him. Her boots sat on the floor next to the bed, and she stood next to them, every few seconds dropping a piece of armor onto the floor. The servant glanced nervously from the warrior to the bard, and back to the warrior, and waited. Once the statuesque woman was down to just her leathers, the bard reached out and lightly brushed the back of her companion's thigh. Xena turned to face her, and smiled lightly as their eyes met.

"What is it?" Xena asked.

The bard pointed towards the frightened little man. Xena took an unconcerned glance over his way. "Oh, it's you." Turning her back again to the bard, she pointed to the laces on the back of the leathers, which Gabrielle began to loosen.

"I'm busy," the warrior yelled over her shoulder.

"I have your passes," the man replied, the terror not contained very well in his voice.

Gabrielle could feel Xena inhale deeply as the leathers loosened. The bard knew that as much as Xena valued the protection the leather gave, it sometimes made breathing a chore.

"Good," she heard the intimidator reply. It was now only Gabrielle that held the clothing around her. Stepping forward, Xena let the laces run through the bard's fingers. The leather fell to the floor and she turned to address the man.

"Put one around her neck."

Gabrielle could see the man's hands tremble as he walked over and looped the necklace over her head.

"And now me."

His eyes never left the ground as he spread the necklace between his hands and raised them towards the warrior's head. Standing at least a foot taller than the servant, Xena refused to bow her head to take it, making him stand on tip-toe to finish his task. When he finished, he stood silently.

"Well?" Gabrielle heard Xena ask. The bard was really beginning to feel sorry for the guy, and she wanted to get on with the rest of the night. But, she knew Xena still liked to play the role of the dominant, the intimidator, and didn't want to spoil her fun.

"Mistress Calliope would be honored by your presence tonight. I am truly sorry for the disrespectful manner in which I treated you. The establishment wants you to be certain of the fact that I will be fully reprimanded."

Xena smirked. "Do you know who I am?" The statement was more of a warning than a question.

"Yes, I do."

"Good, then don't fuck with me again."

As the man rushed out of the room, probably for the outhouse, Gabrielle looked over to a grinning Warrior Princess.

"That was fun!" the naked brunette smiled. Taking the bard's hand, she pulled Gabrielle to her feet.

"That was mean," the bard corrected, "now hurry up and get dressed. I want to see what's so special about this basement."

"What, are you nuts? I'm going like this," Xena replied as she began walking towards the door.


"Gabrielle, you aren't going to be in those clothes for five minutes down there, trust me. Just take them off and leave them here."

The bard didn't even take time to consider the advice. "That's okay, I'll think I'll just ease my way into this," she said as she followed Xena out the door and down the stairs.

Hardly anybody gave the tall naked warrior a second glance as the two made their way to through the inn, which surprised Gabrielle. At almost everyplace else they went, the presence of a fully clothed Xena was enough to inspire awe, but everybody here seemed more preoccupied than in other inns, she noted. After showing her necklace to a formidable looking bouncer at the bottom of the last flight of steps, Gabrielle followed Xena into the basement.

The first sensation to hit the bard was the overwhelming smell of opium. Putting one hand to her nose, and the other on her lover's back, she followed Xena into the semi-lit underworld.

Every sight imaginable greeted the bard every which way she looked. Men and women in pairs and groups. People were bound, gagged, held down, and tied up. A catcaphone of moaning and laughing bombarded her ears. She could feel herself beginning to sweat, the air even thicker than in the tavern above.

Feeling Xena stop in front of her, the bard looked around the warrior's shoulder and saw who she assumed must be Calliope. The woman was up on a platform facing the small crowd Gabrielle soon realized she was a part of. In front of the Mistress was a young woman, younger than herself, bent over some sort of bench. The surface was sloped, so the young blonde woman's ass was higher than her head. Every second or so, her body bounced forward and back, in sync with Calliope's hips. The bard could hear the slap of the two bodies meeting with each thrust.

Gabrielle stared. The Mistress' hair was a shiny, straight black mop that fell well down her back, which contrasted markedly against her creamy, almost ghostlike skin. Her breasts were voluptuous, and Gabrielle noticed the nipples standing at attention even in the humid air. Gabrielle started as the Mistress lifted one hand off the girl's ass and brought it down with a hard slap. The little blonde moaned deeply, and smiled at several people taking notice of the performance.

Stepping around Xena, the bard stepped up onto the stage and walked slowly towards the pair. She could feel the puddle growing between her legs as Calliope looked at her, smiling. Standing along side the women, Gabrielle saw the leather straps encircling Calliope's waist and legs, and the shaft that slid in and out of what Gabrielle now realized was the blonde woman's ass.

Lifting both hands to Calliope, Gabrielle took the Mistress by the back of the head, and pulled the woman's mouth to meet her own. Not waiting to be gentle, the raven haired hostess forced her tongue into the storyteller's mouth. Gabrielle could feel Calliope's body rocking back and forth, as she continued to fuck the other woman.

Breaking the kiss, the bard slid her right hand down to Calliope's breast. Quickly, she slipped behind the taller woman and pushed her crotch against the leather clad ass in front of her. Slipping her other hand around Calliope's waist, Gabrielle pulled back, and held the taller woman from thrusting forward again. Kissing the woman's midnight hair that cascaded down before her eyes, the redhead rocked her hips forward, pushing the Mistress into her blonde companion. The bard could feel the resistance of the cock sliding into the woman's ass even from where she was. Gabrielle took control, pushing forward with her hips, and pulling with her arms, fucking the prostrate blonde woman through Calliope's body.

She could hear the blonde woman groaning, as if from far away. Feeling her own excitement grow, Gabrielle pushed in hard, feeling the impact as she violated the young woman ahead of her. The groans grew louder, and Gabrielle pushed harder, faster, until the woman finally shrieked to a roaring crowd. Not wanting to stop, the bard tried to push forward again, but the taller, stronger, Mistress, quickly took control again and finished the performance, pulling the bard around her for a deep, lingering kiss.

As the small crowd began to disperse and entertain themselves, Gabrielle was lead by the hand back to Xena. The bard felt a twinge of jealousy as the two hugged and kissed. Excusing herself after a some small talk, Calliope left.

Xena looked down at Gabrielle with astonished eyes. "What made you do that?"

The bard shrugged. "I thought it would be fun," she smiled. "What now?"

"What do you want to do?"

The bard grinned. Putting her hands on the warrior's hips, she leaned into the warrior, and covered a taught nipple with her mouth. Lifting one hand up to knead the breast gently, the bard rolled soft circles around Xena's nubbin with her tongue. She smiled to herself as she felt Xena's sigh escape. Biting down, she pulled her head back, letting the breast pull against her teeth, till it snapped back to its owner. Then she felt Xena's gentle hands on her shoulders keep her from making another pass.

"Come with me," the warrior said, taking her hand.

"I hope so," the bard laughed as she let herself be lead over to another platform. Turning on the bard suddenly, Xena hooked her thumbs into her companion's skirt, pulling it down in one smooth stroke. Before Gabrielle could respond, firm fingers took her wrists and pulled them up over her head.

"Keep them there," the warrior ordered.

Obeying, Gabrielle watched, astonished, as Xena lifted her top over her head and tossed it aside. Taking her charge by the shoulders, the warrior took her and stood her under two ropes that dangled from the ceiling. Without a word, the bard's wrists were fastened far apart above her head, stretching her upper body wide.

The bard was grinning uncontrollably, until Xena turned away and walked over to the discarded clothes, picked them up, and stepped off the platform.


"Just a minute," she heard from somewhere in the crowd. The bard could feel the hot air cooling against the trickle she felt matted in the hair that covered her mound. The warrior came back almost instantly, minus the bard's clothing.

"What are you doing?" the bard asked nervously as Xena approached. The warrior smiled, and leaned in for a kiss. Closing her eyes, the bard waited for the touch against her lips.

She could feel the warrior's breath on her lips. She waited.

"Xena?" she whispered.

"Yes?" she heard whispered back a fraction of an inch from her mouth.

"Kiss me."

She could feel Xena's chuckle against her face. "No."

Opening her eyes, Gabrielle saw double as her lover's face was mere centimeters from her own. The bard pushed her mouth forward. Xena pulled back, grinning wickedly. Straining against the ropes, the bard stood helpless as Xena began to torture her.

Keeping her touch feather light, the warrior grazed her lover's skin with the backs of her fingers. A brush over Gabrielle's collar, a line traced lightly over the breast. At all times, Xena's mouth was close enough to expel hot air on the redhead's skin, but never touched it. Kneeling before her, Xena brought one of the bard's legs over her shoulder, and brought her mouth up to the prisoner's swollen labia, and stopped. Gabrielle almost cried in frustration as Xena's tongue and nose teased the red, curly hair that surrounded her mound. Calculatingly, Xena accidentally brushed the skin next to her lover's swollen lips several times, and giggled as the bard cried out in aggravation.

A light step on the wooden platform caused both women to turn their heads. Gabrielle looked on in horror as a young blonde woman dressed in her clothing approached them. It was Calliope's partner, Gabrielle realized, as the impostor came up and put her arm around Xena's waist.

"Mmmm. Hello, Gabrielle," Xena purred just before her mouth was taken by the blonde's. Gabrielle watched as the warrior slid her hand up under the green top that held her double's breasts in. The woman responded by wrapping her leg partially around the warrior's thigh.

"No way!" the bard shrieked as the women began to explore themselves inches away from her. She watched as the two lowered themselves slowly, Xena pulling the smaller woman down on top of her. The aching in Gabrielle's legs was unbearable, and panged with every moan from her lover. She watched as her double slowly made love to the warrior's breasts, her stomach, her legs. Every inch of Xena was kissed or fondled, and the warrior let her pleasure be heard by anybody who would listen.

The bard jerked as she felt a gentle touch along her ribs. She over her shoulder into the eyes of an amused Calliope. She looked down the Mistress' body and saw another attachment, a different one, a thicker one, sticking out from her pelvis. "Oh, shit," the bard thought to herself, as a smile forced its way onto her face.

The Mistress leaned down and took the bard's mouth in her own. Powered by the various tortures of the evening, Gabrielle fought the Mistress for control of the kiss. She felt a pair of fingers graze over her nipple, before pinching it hard between them. The bard felt a shock jolt through her body, and surrendered to her captor. She could feel her juices running down the inside of her legs as Calliope's touch and Xena's moans overtook her.

Gabrielle barely noticed being untied. Her arms came down and wrapped themselves around her Mistress' neck and the two explored each other. She felt the dildo brushing along the outside of her leg, and the thought of what was to come fed the bard's excitement. As she leaned in to kiss her raven haired beauty's neck, she felt her head being forced back by the hair. Her eyes met Calliope's. "Get on your hands and knees."

Obediently, Gabrielle got on all fours, facing the Warrior Princess and her sidekick look-a-like. She watched as the now naked blonde nibbled her way up the inside of Xena's thigh. Feeling Calliope's dildo brush her ass, the bard looked over her shoulder to see the Mistress kneeling behind her.

"Eyes forward!" the Calliope commanded with a slap to the bard's backside. Looking forward, Gabrielle saw Xena looking back at her with interest. Then the bard felt it. She felt her folds be pushed apart slightly, and then the feeling was gone. Then it was back again, the gentle nudging against her pussy. The bard lowered her head and closed her eyes, praying that the ceaseless teasing would end.

It did. She felt herself spread open. She felt herself spread open wider, and wider, as she was filled. Calliope gently pushed forward into the little bard until her leather straps butted against the bard's butt and legs.

Feeling Calliope's fingers guide her hips, Gabrielle rocked back and forth, back and forth, creating a rhythm with the woman she didn't even know. She looked to Xena, and noted disappointedly that the warrior was no longer watching. Xena's eyes were clamped shut as she squirmed against the face between her legs. Gabrielle watched the warrior tense and relax, squirm left and right. Xena caressed herself as her pleasure built, and the sight made the bard start her own climb.

Reaching down between her legs, Gabrielle slid her finger through the wet matted hair and rocked a finger back and forth across her clit. She felt a hard spank as Calliope punished her, an act that made her rub all the faster.

Another slap. Gabrielle could feel the heat radiating off her skin.

"Stop that!" Calliope ordered with a swat that make the bard shriek. Reluctantly, she brought her fingers from her sex and reached out, slipping the wet finger in Xena's mouth. The warrior sucked dutifully on it, nibbling the bard's finger slightly before letting go.

Gabrielle watched Xena begin tugging frantically on her nipples, a sign that her lover was close. Pushing against the floor with her hands, the redhead shoved herself back hard against her Mistress, driving the cock in savagely. Gabrielle laughed as Xena came in a cry of released anguish, and rocked her body faster.

Gabrielle reached between her legs again, and was punished before she even touched herself. Bringing her fingers to her breasts, she pinched hard on her nipples, digging her nails into her flesh.

"Gabrielle?" she heard Xena say.

Breathing hard now, the bard lowered her head and fought the wave, making it come as hard as possible.

"Gabrielle, I want to hear you come, please?"

And she came. And she came again. Throwing her head up, she screamed as the blessed pain shot through her, and again. Feeling her Mistress' strong hands holding her back, the bard stopped rocking. She could feel her cunt muscles gripping the pole unrelentingly. As the final wave crested, she lowered herself to the platform.

She felt Calliope slide out of her. She smiled inwardly as gentle fingers, her real companion's fingers, stroked her sweaty red hair from her face. Lifting her eyes to meet Xena's, she laughed at the warrior's grin.

"That was absolutely fantastic," the bard said.


The next two hours Gabrielle either watched or participated in every sexual activity imaginable. Exhausted, hungry, and sore, she gingerly walked over to the wall to grab what she needed for her last adventure of the night. Hanging on the wall was the strap-on Calliope had used on her. After a few minutes of negotiating the unusual fitting contraption, she went in search of her target.

She found Xena leaning against a wall, covered head to toe in sweat. The warrior held a small pipe in one hand, and passed it off to someone else as the bard approached. As the warrior saw her lover, a smile spread across her lips, and her head started shaking.

"Gabrielle, I don't know if I can..." the warrior managed before the bard kissed her. Taking the warrior's hips in her hands, the shorter woman maneuvered the pole between her taller lover's legs. Rocking her hips slightly, the bard rubbed the contraption across Xena's mound.

The warrior moaned, and lowered her mouth to the bard's neck. They lingered over each other, touching the spots that months of practice taught them would set each other on fire. Pulling the warrior down, Gabrielle lay the woman on her back, and straddled her thigh.

The bard lowered her mouth to Xena's breast, as she slid her fingers up the inside of Xena's muscular thigh. Biting softly on her lover's nipple, Gabrielle shook her head back and forth gently, keeping the warrior's breast in her mouth. The ploy easily distracted Xena from her roaming fingers, which lightly separated the brunette's labia. The young, innocent storyteller began to nurse on her lover's breast, as she slid her fingers inside the warrior princess' warm, wet opening. Gabrielle felt the strong muscles resist her, and she pushed against them, pumping her fingers slowly in and out.

Gabrielle felt Xena melt at the touch, letting herself relax and enjoy the pleasure. The bard traveled up and down the length of her lover's body with her mouth, never stopping the attention she directed towards Xena's sex.

Thinking herself ready, Gabrielle slid herself nervously between Xena's open legs. The bard could feel her heart pounding in her chest. She wasn't really sure what to do, but curiosity and desire drove her to move without hesitation. Bringing her body up and over Xena's, she angled the tip of the rod at her lover's lips, and pushed in.

"I can't believe we're doing this," she heard Xena gasp. Gabrielle put her hands on either side of Xena to hold her weight over the warrior, and began to fuck her raven haired princess.

Xena looked up into the face of her friend, her companion, her lover, her salvation, and desire filled her to the core. Wrapping her legs around the bard's body, she tried to pull Gabrielle all the way inside her.

"Harder," she pleaded.

Gabrielle began to buck her hips deeper, reveling in the smack as their bodies met on each push. Xena matched her rhythm, and the two moved as one body.

Xena was close. Swallowing a groan, she looked into the bard's eyes. Gabrielle could feel the sweat dropping from her forehead onto the warrior's chest, and her knees ached on the hard wood floor. But she had to give this.

"Gabrielle?" Xena whispered.


"Do you love me?"


"Say it."

The bard waited a little, smiling, before she spoke again. "Xena."

"Mmm hmm."



"I love you."

The bard stopped moving as she felt the muscles resist her, clamping down hard. She watched as the warrior shudder over and over as the orgasm finally took her. Waiting till it was finally over before she slipped out of her lover, Gabrielle removed the strap and lay next to the crying Xena. They let the pleasure fade, and the fatigue return before forcing themselves to their feet and back up to their room.

The next morning, they slept in.

The End

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