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The Golden Tiara of Hestia

by NightBard

 Part I



All characters of Xena are property of MCA/Universal Studios.

No warrior princesses or bards were harmed in the making of this story.

Any reproduction of this owned property means immediate death.



Setting: Outside the Temple of Hestia

" I donít care what you say Gabrielle, you cheated!" replied Xena as they passed the entrance stairs to the Temple of Hestia.

Gabrielle sighed and turned to Xena, "I did not cheat! You're just angry because I beat you and this is your pathetic way of becoming the winner!"

Suddenly the doors of the Temple swung open and out came a beautiful hestian virgin with a bright gold tiara on the top of her head. The virgin ran down the stairs screaming and she took the tiara off her head and placed it on Gabrielleís head, and ran off into town.

Gabrielle, took off the tiara and looking extremely confused turn to Xena. "What in Tartarus was that all about?" Gabrielle questioned.

Xena shrugged and looked at the tiara when suddenly priestess Leia came out from the temple and looked to Gabrielle holding the tiara, her face a ghostly white.

"Gabwielle! Of all pweople, stealing the pwiceless Golden Tiara of Hestia, I thought you were a hero not a thief! That tiara is an imwportant symbol of the bweuty and wove of Hestia, and for swomeone like you to stweal it! It cwertain death." Leia murmured with her usual speech impairment.

Gabrielle slowly yelled back, "But I didnít steal it, this hestian virgin handed it to me and ran off without any response or reason. Xena and I were just standing here arguing over a race that I supposedly cheated at, but I didnít, I mean I didnít purposely push her into the mud, it was by accident, she is always..."

"Enwough!, all thwese lies, and bwaming it on a poor innocent virgin! Gwaurds!, awest Gabby for stwealing the Tiara of Hestia, she shwall die tomorrow!", Leia replied nodding and shook her head as she snatched the tiara from Gabby.

"But! I did not do anything! You have got to believe me!", Gabrielle yelled as a few guards came and dragged away screaming.

Xena thought for a second and suddenly her eyes widened as they always do when she has a plan. "I must find that hestian virgin and get to her free Gabrielle before tomorrow or Gabby will die for stealing, But she did cheat and all!", Xena signed and backflipped and landed on Argo.

YA!!!, she snapped the reins and the horse rid into town and the quest for the virgin began!

To be continued........




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