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by Donald Scott

THE CHARACTERS BELONG TO UNIVERSAL. Special thanks for my proof reader Ginny.


Xena: "No more living for you," as she plunged the dagger into Callisto's belly killing her.

Xena: "Damn you, Ares, get down here now or else."

Ares did not appear Xena waited all day with Joxer staring at the pit. Earlier that day Gabrielle had thrown herself and her evil daughter. Hope, into the pit.

Joxer: "I can't believe that, she's dead."

Xena: "I'm sorry, Joxer, but she is dead. Let's go."

Then they heard a voice coming out of the pit. "Would one of you two guys give me a hand here." Both Xena and Joxer turned and ran to the pit's ledge yelling, "Gabrielle!" at the same time. They saw two hands grasping the ledge. Both Xena and Joxer grabbed a hand and pulled up a small blond woman. Xena grabbed her in a big bear hug crying.

Xena: "I thought I lost you. Oh, finally, the Gods did something right."

When Xena looked down at Gabrielle she saw what Joxer saw, it was not Gabrielle but Hope.

Xena: "Curse you, your mother died because of you. Can't you stay dead?" as Xena reached for the dagger with Hinds blood on it.

Gabrielle: "Xena, it's me. Honest. It's me."

Xena: "Liar. I lost your mother because of you. Now you're going to stay dead."

As Xena raised the dagger to kill Hope, the dagger went flying from Xena's hand and embedded it, self into the wall. Then Artemis appeared in a blinding light.

Artemis: "No! Xena, that is Gabrielle. Hope is dead. Her spirit is in Tartarus along with her followers forever. Hades gave you back Gabrielle but we had to use Hope's body. I swear to you in my fathers name, that this is our precious Gabrielle."

Xena: "Oh, thank you Artemis."

Joxer: "Gabby you're back. Oh how I missed..... Oww! Oww!"

Gabrielle had grabbed Joxer by the nose and said, "What did you call me?"

Joxer: "Gabby Oww, Oww."

Gabrielle pulled harder on the nose and said, "What was that?"

Joxer: "Gabrielle, Gabrielle."

Gabrielle: "That's better." and released the hold she had on Joxer's nose.

Xena: "Yep, that's our Gabby."

Joxer: "Hey, how come she's allowed to call you Gabby and I'm not?"

Gabrielle: "Because she's my partner."

Joxer: "Ok Gabby, oops Gabrielle, Gabrielle."

As Gabrielle grabbed Joxer by his shirt saying, "Xena, would you turn around for a couple of minutes please."

Xena: "Ok I'll just go and retrieve the dagger out of the wall over there."

As Xena went over to the wall to get the dagger out, she did not notice what Gabrielle was doing. She was giving Joxer a most passionate kiss. Joxer collapsed on the ground because he was dazed from the kiss. When Xena turned around and saw Joxer on the ground she said, "You didn't have to hit him that hard."

Gabrielle: Well, that should stop him from calling me Gabby for a while."

Xena and Gabrielle helped Joxer up to his feet. He was still dazed from the kiss. He turned to Xena and said, "She kissed me. "Xena looked at Gabrielle and said, "Next time don't hit him so hard. He's delirious."

Gabrielle: "Ok, Xena I won't."


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