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General copyright/Disclaimer: That Xena Warrior Princess and all the other characters that appear together with names,titles, and backstory are the sole copyright property of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures, no copyright infringement was intended in writing of this fan fiction blah blah...

Sex/Love Warning/Disclaimer - if the story of love and lust between 2 consenting adults offends you and you are under 18,illegal in your state country etc..don't read on,for the others continue!

No Nightmares
by Cheynon O'Dowd

"I am dreaming again? .... But it feels so real this time...even the warm breath in my ear as I hear her whisper my name " Gabrielle..." The heavonally and yet...seductive tone in her voice....

I can feel it this time....I don't move in case she case its not real. Laying quietly I enjoy the heat escalating from her body into mine. A warmth flushes through me as those muscular arms of hers wrap themselves tightly around my waist and chest. Those powerful calloused warrior hands that gently begin to kneed through my clothes..into my soul...

Her demons aren't battling within her tonight..for the gentle touch on my body. Sometimes her crys from a nightmare rocket through her hands as they clasp me more desperatly..and tremble through to my very soul.

But tonight peace has lent its hand , she is protectful but not in a fearful way.

I can smell that musky leather tunic which presses harder against my body, her toned thighs are naked against my skin as she wraps one over my two legs pulling me closer into her. Again her warm breath teases me sending a chill through my bones, aching between my legs.

"God how I want this woman...this amazon goddess" She moves the hair off my neck and leans in towards me. I move back ever so gently...Then those beautiful full lips of hers are against my neck.....grazing it ever so softly-

I can't help it.."ohhh Xena.."

"Gawds .. did I say that out loud?!"

"Yes Gabrielle" she answers before I have time to think about it..."what is it?"

"ohhh..ummmm"stammering in embaressment.."Nothing, I must have been dreaming... goodnight" I say quickly,closing my eyes to hide the fact that I was awake and enjoying her protective love.

"ok little one, sleep then.." she says hugging me all the more tighter...

She leans over me kissing my forehead, smiling like a devil.

The Devil trying to entice the Angel.........

She settles back against me. I can feel her breathing settling into a rythmical pattern..her chest rising and falling against my back.Her arms relax around my body..yet she never lets go.... and I hope she never does - forever bound, her strength, protection, love embracing me forever.

Peacefully we sleep - no nightmares for either one of us.

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