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John 8:9-11

a poem by Joe Murphy


Hitting the water hard, I feel the coldness, the blackness, engulf me.

Strong hands take hold of me and pull me down. I fight against the will of those I've wronged in the past, but they will not have it.

I keep sinking.

I try to scream out, and my lungs fill with water. I'm going to die.

The time has come for me to pay for my crimes.

Then I feel your hand take mine and pull against the throng. The hold they have on me loosens, and they slip back down into the bottom of the abyss. I continue to rise. I hear you calling my name.

As I break the surface of the waters, I wake. Those who would condemn me are gone. I am surrounded only by the eyes of the one who has forgiven me.


This poem © 8-26-97 by Joe Murphy.

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