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The Xena Characters are not mine they all belong to Universal the story is mine. Thanks to my proofreader Ginny.

It's Bedtime

by Donald Scott


Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer were sitting by the evening campfire.

Xena: "Well, it's time to go to bed you two."

Gabrielle got a mischievous grin on her face and then, all at once, she said, "Tell us a story Mommie Xena."

Xena gave Gabrielle "The Look" which would have made even Ares back away from her. The only thing it did to Gabrielle was make her say, "Please we'll both go to bed right after the story. We promise, won't we Joxer?" Then she elbowed Joxer in the ribs knocking him off the log that he was sharing with her. As Joxer got back onto the log he caught onto what Gabrielle was up to, then he said. "We want a bed time story, Mommie Xena."

Xena: "All right! All right! I tell you both a story but you both must promise that you go to bed right after the story, promise?"

Gabrielle, Joxer: "We do."

Xena: "All right here it goes here's the story of the three pigs. . . . . ."

Gabrielle, Joxer: "No we want a better story."

Xena: "All right here's the story it's called "My True Love. "There once was this prince, and his name was Theodore. He was searching for a princess because his father demanded that he must marry on the next full moon, which would be in thirty days. He traveled the land many girls clamed to be princess. For the whole land has heard that the prince was seeking a bride, especially this one blond girl. She was beautiful. Her name was Hudson. . . . ."

Joxer: "Hudson sounds like a guys name. Oww!"

Gabrielle gave Joxer another elbow in the ribs again knocking him off the log, saying. "Be quiet I know of a couple of girls name Hudson and I think the name is beautiful. Please continue Xena."

Xena: "Now where was I, oh yeah, Hudson was young and smart but very crafty. She knew what she was doing. She followed prince Theodore everywhere he went. When Prince Theodore came to the next village, she was there watching from a distance. Always aware of the prince's every move. Finally the prince came upon a quiet village, his servant said there is no princess here."

Prince Theodore: "I seek a young woman who loves me for what I'm, not as a prince. Now stop calling me Prince Theodore, and just call me Theodore. I will call you by your first name which is Bruce, is it not?"

Bruce: "Yes, Prince Theodore. I mean Theodore."

Theodore: "By the way, Bruce, no more stealing anything. Do you hear me?"

Bruce: "Yes, Theodore but I've never been caught I'm like The King of Thieves."

Then prince Theodore saw her. She was the most beautiful woman in the world. She had strawberry blond hair and her eyes were like emeralds. She was walking beside a much taller woman, who had jet black hair. Her elegance and beauty matched the beauty of the smaller woman. The prince went up to the two ladies.

Theodore: "Hello, my name is Theodore. This is my friend Bruce. Bruce?"

The prince turned around and saw that Bruce was about to steal some apples and he called out. "Bruce get over here now. " Bruce turned and saw the prince had caught him again. Then said. "I'm coming."

The tall woman spoke first. "My name is Lucy. This my friend Renee."

Renee: "Hello."

Hudson saw that the prince had fallen in love with Renee. She wanted the Prince for her own. She took out her sleeping darts and shot Renee with one. Renee collapsed on the ground Lucy spun around trying to find out who had shot her friend with a dart. The prince knelt down at the sleeping girl and vowed to get revenge for her.

Lucy: "No, we must find a way to wake her up instead of revenge. There is only one person I know who could help us and that is Prince Theodore."

Theodore: "That's me, but how can I help?"

Lucy: "For the only way to wake her up you must go through Dragon's Pass and bring back a flower. A flower that rivals her beauty for it is called Callisto-Xena. . . . ."

Gabrielle: "Hey why do you and Callisto have a flower named after you?"

Xena: "Because it's my story and now be quiet or I won't finish it. Now where was I, oh yeah, the flower that rivals her beauty. You must go through Dragon's Pass and pass the black dragon Ares. Callisto-Xena flower is guarded by the dragon Ares. You will need a good thief to help you."

Theodore: "Don't worry I got the best right, Bruce?"

Bruce: "Yeah, right."

Theodore: "Well, lets go."

As Prince Theodore and Bruce made there way into Dragon's Pass they heard a great roar. They turned around and saw that there was a rock slide that had sealed them in. The pass was blocked and then they saw who has done it. It was Hudson, Lucy and Renee.

Theodore: "Why did you do this to us?"

Lucy: "Because you're both pains in the rear, but that's not the main worry. Look behind you."

Theodore and Bruce turned around and it was Ares the dragon. He was twenty feet high and his hide was like five suits of chain mail armor laid on top of each other.

Ares: "My thanks ladies. I was wandering when you were going to feed me again."

Renee: "Ares! I'm hurt. Did you think I would forget to feed our true love?"

Theodore: "What about the dart? Hudson shot you with the dart and you fell asleep, didn't you?"

Lucy: "My idea. Your dad thought you both were pains in the rear, so he said he would give us the kingdom if we got rid of you two pains. Bye.

Theodore: "I thought you loved me?"

Renee: "You must be joking. I love my pet dragon Ares."

Theodore: "What about you, Hudson?"

Hudson: "Get real."

Hudson, Lucy, and Renee: "Later our true love." The three of them blew a kiss to Ares.

Then the three of them went back to the kingdom, arm in arm, listening to the screams of Theodore and Bruce as Ares ate them.

Hudson: "Who do we feed next to Ares?"

Lucy: "Well, I was thinking of Kevin and Michael."

Renee: "Do we have to feed Michael to Ares? He is kind of cute you know."

The other two looked at Renee like she lost her mind.

Renee: "Ok, ok! Will give him Michael."

Xena: "Well. What do you guys think?" She saw shocked expressions on Gabrielle and Joxer face. "Now you guys did promise to go to bed after I told you a story didn't you?'

Gabrielle and Joxer both sat there still shocked as Xena got into bed.

Gabrielle:I thought it was supposed to be a love story?"

Joxer: "Me too

Then Xena turned over in her bed and said. "Paybacks! Now get to bed its bedtime."

Joxer and Gabrielle both went to bed but were grumbling about the story.

Gabrielle to herself. "Last time we let her tell a story."

Joxer: "Goodnight Gabrielle, good night Xena."

Gabrielle: "Goodnight Joxer, goodnight Xena."

Xena: "Goodnight Gabrielle, goodnight Joxer."


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