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.......But Can She Rollerblade?
Disclaimers: story mine, Characters not.

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We all know that Xena can do flips, use a sword, cast a chakram,etc.

But can she use roller blades???????

Xena and the Gabster have had a small fight & aren't talking to each other right now (they will have probably made up before they eat lunch).

Xena and Gabrielle enter a tavern.

"Hey, look I'm really sorry for what I said before!!!!" Xena and Gabrielle said at the exact same time." Then they started laughing together.

Then a short old lady with bright red hair and light blue eyes came running up to the friends "Are you the Warrior Princess?"

"I'm Xena" the taller woman said. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, about three days ago, a crazed woman who went by the name Callisto, said she was a goddess. Then she sweet-talked Ares into putting a spell on this whole village. He said we have six days to find you and see if you could figure out how these work. If you can't figure out how these work you and this whole village will be rats for as long as we live." She held up a pair of stone age Rollerblades.

"Well, lets get to work!" Xena said.

"Oh, excuse me my name's Melissa, sorry for not introducing myself!!!"

"I'm Gabrielle." Gabrielle said.

"THE Gabrielle? Gabrielle of Potedia? The famous bard?" asked Melissa.

"That's me," Gabrielle said.

"I own this tavern and my last bard quit. Would you like to take his place? You two can have a room and half the food for free!!"

"OK "Gabrielle said.

"OK" Xena said.

"Now to get that thing taken care of." Xena said.

She began to take off her boots. Then Melissa handed her the roller blades.

Xena put them on her feet and stood up.

She then fell on her butt.

"I need some practice." she said with a grin.

The next morning Xena hobbled into Gabrielle's room on the rollerblades.

"I did it," she announced loudly.

Then Ares popped up behind her, "Xena, good job" he said.

Everyone was happy after that.

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