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Xena's Song

by Tim Wellman

The unspoken things between us,
the quick glance, the chanced smile,
are things I will always remember.
Oh, Gabrielle, if you only knew.
You are my saviour, the hand that stills
my soul, the words that fill my songs.
In you, the battle melts to silence;
innocence destroys the rage.
I hold your face in my hands
and see myself in your eyes,
somehow reborn, content to remain there

My sweet, flittery bird, I can not bare
to restrain you, but am so afraid you'll fly;
and someday, I know, your enchanting spell
will be cast toward someone else,
and I'll watch them melt in your arms;
and silently, a warrior too afraid to speak,
I'll watch you leave.
The thought cuts deeply;
but with all my might,
I can not walk away.
I am caught in the web of your stare.

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