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The Wonder of a Gift


by Gabrielle

I had a gift all picked out before we got involved in the Solstice escapade

I know you would have liked it for it screamed "you " all over it

And I even wrote a lovely verse to go with

The wonderful black and tan pouch, and I was going to have

It customized with our initials, all intertwined

So you would always remember in the event we separated

And then you handed me a treasured piece of my childhhod as a gift...

And told me I was a gift when I protested

I was speechless ("remarkable, amazing," I can hear you now) and true

I am a gift?  I knew you raged when I died

I know we value our firiendship, but still, in the back

Of my mind, in the dark recesses, when my insecurities want

To leap out and grab me and wrestle me tothe ground,

I still feel like a tag-a-long, a burden...

Well, love...I am glad you got what you wanted

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