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Whispers of the Heart

by Maggie

For Gabrielle ...

Can You Tell?

Can you tell how much you mean to me?
I fear you'll never know
How much our kinship uplifts me
And make my spirit glow.

Do you know the thanks I've sent
The gods that you are here,
To guide my heart, your soul and mine,
The bonding strong and clear?

Can you tell the healing calm
When gentle words from you
Can clearly light my darkest days
And bring my smile anew?

Do you realize how dear
Your friendship has become?
Without your safe and secure faith,
I surely would succumb.

Can you tell I'm most unsure
When trying to 'speak the words'?
I often feel my deepest thoughts
Are themes best left unheard.

Do you recognize the fear
I fight at dawn's pink light,
That my silence will confound you so
And make your heart take flight?

Can you tell how much I value you?
My demons you defeat.
I finally feel I've found a home.
My soul is now complete.

As Always,

For Xena ...

What Counts Most?

What counts most between a 'two',
A 'them', a 'they', an 'us'?
What's important to them both?
What causes bliss or fuss?

Do we know, the fear of one,
Will make the other brave?
That counting on the 'we' of 'us',
Makes failure true love's slave?

Is it whose "I'm sorry" that's
Said first when they disagree?
Is it very consequential
To hear 'you' instead of 'me'?

Is it necessary that,
When one is feeling blue,
The other moves to make it 'them'
And turns things bright and new?

Are we sure that two hearts beat
Together with one pulse?
Or is it more determining
That they beat true, not false?

What counts most counts not at all
Between a happy pair.
The thing that makes them what they are
Is that both of them care.

Just to remind you that I do ... and will forever.

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